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Bruce Almighty?

From one of our fine readers.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until this account is said to be “hacked” or a UK fan in disguise…


Article written by Thomas Beisner

77 responses to “Bruce Almighty?”

  1. WhAT????

    This has to be a joke.

  2. covenantcat

    Well, that’s about the most awful thing I’ve read in a long time. Comparing your husband to Jesus! Yikes. So we now for sure that lightning did not immediately crash down after she wrote that? Pretty sure Jesus never lied and cheated.

  3. Wow

    Wow, to equate this with Jesus’ crucifixion. Bruce cheats, lies, and tries to cover it up, and this is a “crucifixion?” If so, Mrs. Pearl, for whom is Bruce taking the fall?

  4. WTF

    REALLY, Brandy? REALLY, you’re comparing Bruce Pearl to Jesus? REALLY? It turns out the only people more delusional than fans are the wives of coaches.

  5. Tom

    What I find funny is all the support that the Tennessee fans are showing for Bruce and their athletic department. I like the way they believe he has done nothing wrong, even though he has came clean on his own accord. (Selective hearing)

  6. ihatetennessee526

    Could we get any more melodramatic?

  7. TrinityPills

    Speaking of Pearl and Tennessee, Trevor Lacey just went Jodie Meeks in his 3rd high school game of the season here in Huntsville. He hung 54 on West Limestone last night. Kid has gone for 50, 39, and now 54 in his first three games (averaging 47 or so). Seems like he is a scorer.

  8. wh

    didn’t we call john wall blue jesus?

  9. Brandy's Pearl Necklace

    Look at me glimmer!

  10. old-school

    8 – I was thinking the same thing. UK has the greatest fans in the world – as evidence by the showing of blue at the game in the middle of the Pacific last night – but also some of the most hypocritical as well.

    Any criticism of Cal – warranted or not – has been and will be defended in like manner by UK fans.

  11. David

    Yeah, the only difference is that one did something wrong and the other didn’t. What a moronic skank.

  12. SexnNursinHomes

    She is smokin hot. what she sees in that sweaty pig other than money is besides me. she definitely bangs other guys. but she wouldn’t bang jesus, cuz he was poor. so techinically bruce and jesus are kinda different.

  13. Eric

    7) You said “here in Huntsville”. I’m from Huntsville too (Monrovia area), what part are you from?

  14. TrinityPills

    13) Southeast. Go to any of these games?

  15. Tom

    Okay I am also missing something here. The Jewish people I know do not believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead. (That is for you Tammy Garber, so you may not want to say that around a Jewish person)In fact the Jewish people do not believe Jesus Christ is who Christians believe he is. To the Christians, Jesus is the Son of God. To the Jews he was a heretic.

  16. really ...

    who in the hell follows bruce pearl’s wife on facebook to even know this?

  17. bigclubswinger

    I’d say there is quite a bit of difference between being nailed to a cross and what Mr. Pearl is going through. I guess there is one thing I can say is pretty comparable. “It is Finished” applies to both God’s plan and the integrity of Mr. Pearl.

  18. tdog28xxxxx

    Why does espn say we already played Washington and Lost 106 to 63 WTF

  19. Matt

    Haha I saw that about an hour ago 18.

  20. bolognaweiner

    Bruce Almighty

  21. MIDDAY

    Holiday Special! thru Friday: by one color, get a free trim at Alimonies.

  22. tdog28xxxxx

    Yhea and according to ESPN it was not even a game

  23. Cousins Fake Teeth

    18) where? I dont see it

  24. Legggo

    Tammy Garber called it “wise words”, and she is friends with Cam Tatum, UT’s favorite jailbird.

  25. MIDDAY

    For how much did that girl’s father pawn her off to Brucy?

  26. tdog28xxxxx

    NCAAB scoreboard

  27. FB suspension

    Somebody’s going to have their facebook privileges suspended just like Jorts twitter account….

  28. MIDDAY

    16. Andrew Busa, Jessica Baird, Cam Tatum, Tara Dyer, Annie, Amber Mills and 287 others.

  29. Common Sense

    Holy Shit! Pearl = Jesus ??

  30. UKfanNKY

    Ok, Bruce you DA you are now suspended for the yr!!!!

  31. Computer Blue

    It’s a miracle Bruce still has a job. I can’t believe she’s complaining.

  32. What?

    Tell them Brandy and all other UT fans. It is a simple case of Antisemitism by the SEC and the NCAA. The only reason Bruce is being punished is because of his Jewish faith, and not the fact that he broke several rules and lied about it.

  33. Big Blue 66

    So I guess that means even with someone equal to JC they could still only reach the sweet 16

  34. mj

    I’m pretty sure the first Jewish guy to be crucified didn’t commit adultery, with Brandy or brandy.

    Just sayin’.

  35. brucepearls_jock

    she’s a ho…fo sho

  36. IndyAlum

    Yeah and they’re both frauds. Imagine that!

  37. MIDDAY

    Brandy and I have a mutual FB friend. small world

  38. Soothsayer

    7 and 13

    Huntsville resident here as well, in the southeast. I go to several of Columbia’s games as I help coach Baseball there and my wife teaches there.

  39. lexslamman

    You mean there’s going to be a rabid cult of extremists that surrounds a legend of Bruce Pearl?

  40. Jesus Christ

    But I’m not a cheater.

  41. Citrus Christ

    and beneath me they cast lots for my orange blazer. Bruce 27:35

  42. JordanHaffley

    Did this dumb whore put Bruce pearl and Jesus in the same sentence. Someone please push her off a tall building.

  43. NKY_UK_fan

    You shittin me, Clark?

  44. Jewblue

    15) not a heretic, just not the messiah

  45. Joseph

    I think we can all agree Bruce Pearl and Jesus remotely being compared is kinda crazy…

  46. MikeinLex

    #12- haha…. She’s a moron or on crack.

  47. Doubting Thomas

    I don’t believe this actually came from Bruce Pearl’s wife. She couldn’t be that dumb, I don’t care how hot she is.

  48. Jonah Hex

    The Romans killed and cruicified many jews. That was one thing they were excellent at. Killing people in painful ways. One of their favorite ways was to make a man sit on a very long sharp pike…think about it.

  49. Roofus Howls

    How many messages is this moron going to get from enraged UK fans that have read this blog? Don’t have to be FB friends to send FB messages.

  50. GeorgeCostanza

    See… stuff like this made me convert to Latvian Orthodox.

  51. Volsfan2020

    You think Coach Cal did nothing wrong? You’re an idiot. He has screwed over UMASS and Memphis and he will eventually do the same to UK. Once things start getting a little hot he is going to tuck and run and fast as he can to another program. I am a Memphis fan and a UT fan and I can say that both committed wrongs and I would have stood by Cal but he darted and I hate his gut. I think Pearl screwed up and he is more than making up for it. There are worse things in the world to worry about. Nobody complains about Vick’s dogfighting anymore. Give it a rest.

  52. Legggo

    Hinsight is 2020. Being a volsfan is being blind.

  53. Megan

    51 – Has the NCAA ever charged Cal with a violation? No, forget charges, has the NCAA ever implicated him in any wrongdoing? Ever? If you’ve got something, now’s the time to step up to the plate and deliver.

    Haters who can’t find a single charge of wrongdoing or violation of NCAA rules have to resort to something like, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” But where there’s smoke, there’s usually someone blowing it. And you blow.

  54. TRUTH

    her identity is what is being harmed, she’ll divorce him after he loses his job, it’s what women do, they attach themselves to what the man does, not who the man is…

  55. Han

    47) She married Bruce Pearl.

  56. tangledupinblue

    20 that was genious lol .

  57. SexnNursinHomes_IS_GAY!

    The name says it all!

  58. tdr76

    If she is comparing Brucie to Jesus we should all be praying for her.

  59. SexnNursinHomes

    57- hhaha- good one! your wife didn’t think i was gay.

  60. C A T S  Cats, Cats, Cats

    51 – you are a moron. UMass involved Camby, not Cal. The NCAA cleared Rose to play and even Vitale has stated every Coach in America would have played him. Cal has never been accused of one wrong doing. Sour grapes is your problem.
    53 – You go Megan. Tell them like it is!
    Everyone is quick to jump on Cal and he has never been accused of any violation. Yet, those same people are defending Pearl and he admitted to cheating, telling families not to tell, and lying to the NCAA. Calhoun is not vilified. Self is not vilified. Lavin is not vilified. Heck, not even Kelvin Sampson has been vilified like Cal. Comparing your husband who is a cheat to Jesus is idiotic. Those responding to her post are even dumber. Hang in there poor little Bruce. GAG!!!

  61. SexnNursinHomes_IS_GAY!

    #59, Oh the wife jokes. How original. On the contrary, the only sex you seem to be getting is from the elderly. How much did you pay grandma anyway? Or was it grandpa?

  62. bluetexan

    She needs to stick to pole dancing!

  63. SexnNursinHomes

    61- naw- i banged your wife- your grandma was too feeble for this.

  64. Musehobo

    I’ve been ranting on here for a while about the “Blue Jesus” thing, and several writers here wore it out at times; this is equally as bad. It doesn’t matter whether John Wall has done anything “bad” or not, no man should be compared to Jesus, from Charles Manson to Billy Graham.

  65. Law Dog

    Only stalkers have facebook. Well, that might not be true. It is a site specifically designed for chicks, people with no friends, no life, criminals, and of course stalkers. If you don’t think you fit into one of these profiles than you are a lost cause.

  66. pvtpilot

    What are you guys gettin’ riled up about? If Calipari recruited and Pearl coached, you guys might’ve won a NC last year.

  67. Houston's left Nutt

    Scum, pure scum. No wonder she is married to the biggest sleaze bag in coaching. They are perfect for each other. One question – does she sweat abnormally too? I’m guessing yes to that. Those responses to her status are sick as well.

  68. jimi

    Tammy Garber says….I’m just gonna wait for him to rise again!

    Now thats just nasty…

  69. Houston's left Nutt

    51 – got any proof you stinking tool? No? STFU! Go lick the boots of your sleaze coach.

  70. pvtpilot

    69 – can’t wait until your sleaze coach drops your program like a used condom. He’s about as Kentucky as a winning football program… just a mercenary making a brief stop in the armpit of the country.

  71. SexnNursinHomes

    70- hahahah, tenneesee is the worst state in the U.S. If Lex is an armpit, it’s the arm pit of a Victoria Secret’s model.

  72. cabethy

    51, your argument has been rejected due to your polygamous claims of being both a Memphis and UT fan. That and because your comment was stupid.

  73. catsnjags

    yeah, pray…. that’ll work.. Bwahhhahahahaha.

  74. Dembert

    Look, you guys have great tradition, top recruiting classes every year, and good teams. But if you think Calipari is the innocent victim of the NCAA, and just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time over and over again, you guys are delusional. You’re like a little kid that puts his hands over his ears, and recites the same line over and over again until you believe it’s true.

  75. UKoverALL

    You all assumed that she meant Jesus as being the first to be crucified which is probably not true as Jews do not believe that the Messiah has come yet. She probably was referring to herself as being the first one for marrying a womanizer and a liar.

  76. UK Alumnus

    Did you notice the second reply that says the money in TN should read “In Bruce we Trust?” It’s a coup to dethrone God in Knoxsville and replace him with Bruce LOL. That would make Hell a lot more fun!

  77. j-man


    1John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    That’s right! The Jews were and still are anti-Christ!!! Christians are yet to realize this was the first century Jews who murdered not only Jesus but also His disciples. This is why the Kingdom was taken away from you and given to a people that “did not know God”. You are rejects. How do I know you are anti-Christ and it was not a single man?

    1John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

    That’s right! Only Christians have not figured out that you are the anti-Christs and try to cover this up by a anti-semetic scam that is really just you being anti-Christ. When Christians realize that the reason Paul (a Jew himself) said the Jews were our enemies “for the gospel’s sake”, then this immoral delusion you live under where anything a Jew does is ok as long as he does it to non-Jews, then you wont be so anti-Christ anymore. You have become the “goyhim”, a people without covenant and without hope. This is why God so completely abandoned you every time people get tired of your corruption and do something hideous to you. You have NO covenant. You have NO king! It was prophesied that the throne of Solomon would never lack a king. It hasn’t. Only you people are too stupid to know it. It has a King who you blaspheme. You have the morals of alley cats. Nothing is too corrupt for a Jew. Look at how proud you are of Pearl! Nothing! You better stop being so anti-Christian. You see what history has done to you over and over while God turned a deaf ear to you. BTW: You need to thank Christians for bailing your butts out of the ovens of Germany!!!! We don’t owe you! You owe us, big time!!!!!!!!