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Hey Chris Fowler……

FREE ENES!!!!!!!!!




Article written by Thomas Beisner

57 responses to “Hey Chris Fowler……”

  1. FreeEnes

    Couldn’t believe it when I saw this sign on College Game Day first thing this morning….the BBN IS everywhere! Enes rocks!

  2. Endowment

    Yeahhhh man!

  3. Evan Rowe

    That’s my brother Ron Rowe holding the sign! Go Big Blue!

  4. duhville cat

    Free Enes!
    Free Meiners!
    Free Karen Sypher!
    Free SexnNursinHomes!
    Free Beer!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kanter? i barely know her!

    gotta love the bbn.

  6. Coach K

    Way to go with the sign, pretty awesome!!

  7. Yo Believo

    Only Kentucky fans…

  8. Owen

    Over/under on Mark Richt being fired at noon tomorrow?

  9. KYStout

    haha that is AWSUM

  10. tenacious_j

    First Freedom Hall. Now Columbia, MO. The BBN is taking over.

  11. Sham

    Simply awesome!

  12. Daniel Tosh

    The BBN is like freakin Dead Head’s, we are everywhere!

  13. Kramer318

    Whoever that was, buy that man a steak dinner. That was awesome!

  14. Gay Kentucky Mason

    Free penis!!!

    I mean FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  15. StratCat

    I literally cannot believe that those signs were at GameDay.

  16. bluemoses

    it’s beginning to be like the guy with the rainbow hair who used to get tv face time at all major sporting events

  17. bbob

    Enes 3:16

  18. bbob

    or is it Enes 11/6?

  19. We Believe!!!!

    With all this free enes talk, u act like there’s not a very important football game today. Come on BBN…let’s give the football Cats the support they deserve!! FREE Locke! Free Dequin! Free “a Bulldog a$$ kickin”!!!!!!!!

  20. Fin Butley

    I’m a patient man, but by God I want this Enes boy freed.

    And soon dammit

  21. Zagnut


  22. bluemoses

    sets my enes free

  23. UKBigDaddy

    We are really gonna have to take the ridicule when the NCAA doesn’t FREE ENES. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I hope we aren’t hurting his case with all of the FREE ENES postings everywhere!

  24. Go Cats

    Need some help not going to be able to make it to commonwealth until about 7. Where would be the best place to park at that time?

  25. john

    why would that be hurting anything?

    I highly doubt the NCAA cares about the signs

  26. KentuckyHouse

    Nice try, Zagnut. But nope, those screen shots are real. Kudos to the guys that did this!

  27. alex

    anybody got link to ballgame tonight

  28. blindsided

    My ex-girlfriend was always saying “Free Enes” Thats why she’s my ex-girlfriend

  29. Marmaduke

    28 — So your ex-girlfriend turned out to be a dude?

  30. CatFanInKC

    I live near Kansas City, surrounded by Jayhawks and Tigers fans, and this makes me extremely happy. It also makes me wish I was 2 hours away in Columbia so that way they’d have an extra dose of big blue awesomeness!! Go Cats!!! (and by extension, go Tigers, beat Oklahoma!!!)

  31. "Inside Info"

    I have direct tv and we our not getting the game does anyone have a link? Please help I love my WILDCATS GO BG BLUE

  32. rjnz77

    Hey glad everybody caught the Free Enes sign.. I was one of the people holding it up me and Ron Rowe and no its not photo shopped we were there. Both of us are Law Students at Mizzou.

  33. red lobster hostess

    Free Cheddar Biscuits!!!

  34. Uk All Day

    Is the game on insight??? Anyone with info it would be much appreciated

  35. rich brooks saggy sack

    32. good job dude!

  36. Mathew Hit His Dougie

    34- ch. 14 and 503 on insight (in lexington anyway)

  37. rich brooks saggy sack

    34. its on insight in northern ky on channels 99,422 and 503. hope that helps

  38. tdog28xxxxx
  39. GeorgeCostanza

    34) 15 and 503 in Louville

  40. JTisawesome


  41. Jake_GOCATS

    24. Park near lex. Center and Rupp. Go down to the bottome of lex. Center and by a 5 dollar downtown shuttle ticket to commonwealth. My dad and I did that last week vs. USC and it worked our great. Hope this helps! Go Big Blue! FREE ENES!!!!

  42. jymbo in Florida
    Go Catssssss

  43. Uk All Day

    Thanks guys!.. Go Cats!! Free ENES!

  44. BlooBloodCat

    Hope you all enjoyed the Free Enes display at GameDay. It was a blast and I hope others will take up the torch for future sites. FYI, the last pic here was taken right before the show producers told me I had to move because I was going to hit their camera. Free Enes in YOUR LIVING ROOM!!! 😉 GO BIG BLUE!!!

  45. CatfaninWichita

    #30..glad to have a fellow cat out here in the Midwest!!

  46. goatville502

    Free Enes and put him on probation with the rest of wildcat nation! Go Cards!!!

  47. SagaciousMind

    That is crazy though, just shows you that there are Big Blue fans every where. I really dont think there is another fanbase so spread out like that of UKs.

  48. KSR Spy

    And Moses said unto Pharoh of Egypt, “Let my Enes go!”

  49. duhville cat

    46) Don’t make me sick Tony Woods on you.

  50. Mathew Hit His Dougie

    44- That is so cool I love BBN!

  51. iWantToGrowUpAndBeTheDrewFranklin

    44. That’s Fn awesome. #FreeEnes

  52. AnotherCatFaninKC

    CatFaninKC……….I can’t believe there is more BBN out here!! I have gotten taunted ever since I moved to this god forsaken place!! Sure would love to have the Cats play at the Sprint Center, Cat Fans would turn this place upside down!! Enjoy the season & maybe I will catch you out at one of the local drinking holes during a game!! GO CATS!!

  53. Brian

    @rjnz77 and @Ron Rowe – dudes that was awesome! I’ll buy you a beer anytime you are in Dallas.

  54. Scott

    I love the Free Enes campaign. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to find the connection with this squad that we all felt with last year’s crews. Enes will join Boogie, Wall and PPatt as fan favorites very quickly.

  55. michelle lee

    Free World B Free

  56. CatFanInKC

    45 & 52) it’s always nice knowing you’re not alone out here, especially with the many Jayhawk fans
    That are out here. I’m actually down in Harrisonville, but when I make my way up to KC again, I’ll probably be in Westport. I’ll make sure to wear my UK2K shirt so I can be easily ID’d. Haha!!

    P.S. Sprint center would look damn good in Wildcat Blue. 😀

  57. Chris Cross ova heeh

    that is my former roomate with the sign, he lives in Mizzou, went to UK