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Hey Chris Early, tell us how you really feel

Meet Chris Early.

The Chattanooga senior forward is averaging seven points and six rebounds for the Mocs this season. He’s also a former high school teammate of Patrick Patterson and O.J. Mayo at Huntingon in West Virginia. That’s your ‘Boone’s Butcher Shop Fun Fact of the Day.’

Now I’ve never met Chris Early, nor have I seen him play basketball, but he seems like a very outgoing person. Ya know, the type of guy who isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on his mind, regardless of the consequences. I’m assuming you don’t know him either but I think you’ll feel the same way about his personality when you see what he has to say about his head coach on Twitter. Here, take a look…


That’s real. How he is still on Twitter, or on the team for that matter, is beyond me. Early crushes Chattanooga head coach John Shulman and his team for five solid days worth of tweets.

My personal favorites:

— Dec. 17th we are going to get smacked.

— I hate this man with a passion, each and every day I have to see him I become more and more miserable

— I would run through hell in gasoline draws than to play for this man another year

Tell us how you really feel, Chris.

(I bet Coach Shulman sees this.)

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

67 responses to “Hey Chris Early, tell us how you really feel”

  1. RidgeRunner


    Coach Cal just called Jorts & apologized.

  2. mason co high school student

    wow. that’s awesome.

  3. capnmonkey

    While this is funny, and the guy might deserve any consequences of his twitter actions, I hope this doesn’t provide the scrutiny that results in his smackdown

  4. Smiffanator

    sounds like a big cry baby.. grow up quit being a b*itch your suppose to be a man now

  5. Dr. Wildcat

    I read the tweets before reading the rest of the post, and I thought for sure it was going to be a Texas Tech player…

  6. DoubleZeroMostel

    At least he’s not delusional about what’s going to take place tomorrow…

  7. Jefferson

    Does this kid even play or does he just ride the bench, I haven’t seen him mentioned in any game previews.

  8. Blue haze

    1) lol

  9. WV

    Huntington High School not Huntington Prep…

  10. kyrgaines

    For a minute there, I thought we were talking about a player for Texas Tech.


    Need some help on those tweets Chris. Try this one, “Yo Coach, Yo Momma’s so fat I can’t hear the stereo when she sits on my face!”

  12. Jimmy

    Wow. Whata hoe.!!!!!

  13. Hunter

    It has to be a fake.

  14. Onions

    Sounds like he should transfer to me

  15. NoJortsNoProblem

    I think he needs to get bitch slapped along with the coach. Even if it is the case, have a little more class and respect. I can’t wait till he gets helmet dunked on tomorrow.

  16. DavenderCatTheSequel

    I think this was the guy who originally committed to Oklahoma then cold-cocked a dude right in the face his senior year during a game.

  17. yeah boy

    This coming from the kid who got kicked out of Oklahoma for theft. Stay classy!

  18. John Shulman

    Can anyone help me prepare my team for tomorrow? I cant get the team to work as one for some reason…

  19. lwkndflf

    This kid’s life just got more interesting. His tweets are protected, and in the small-time (not-much-media) world of UT-Chattanooga basketball, he probably thought his coach would never read these. Now a radio show caller sends these tweets to Drew, and his coach will certainly read them. Ouch…….

  20. Slappy The Beaver

    Maybe he’s just that good that the coach doesn’t care.

    how come the comments section for
    is closed? i finally decided what i wanted to say.

  21. Yeah

    I’m with you 17. I don’t Tweet, but I can only assume the little lock means his tweets are meant to be (and remain) private. I wouldn’t appreciate someone posting my private messages on a public forum. And I wonder if he’s the type to go after someone who does. Look out!

  22. Token2 Extreme

    Bench or not to bench … that’s no question. If he is benched, will UK win by a greater margin?

  23. UK Wildcat

    Drew Franklin strangled to death by Chris Early.

  24. RP_McMurphy

    Replace Early with Trinia errrrrrrrr Terrance Jones and you get his real touhts.

  25. john4uk

    Too bad they did’nt have twitter when Gillispie was coaching the Cats.We may have had a real experience reading how the Cats really felt about him.

  26. kyeric

    I believe this kind of thing is scientifically called “twatting”.

  27. Matt in Franklin

    Wow. He is that unhappy bout playing a game in exchange for a free education? Can’t wait to see how he feels when he has to go out into the real world and get a real job. But at least he says this stuff on Twitter, instead of moping around the court during a huge rivalry game played on national TV…

  28. Holler Baller

    That’s poison for the kids working hard everyday to improve. Sounds like he needs to find a new home.

  29. Jax Teller

    Sounds like somebody is about to run some extra gassers.

  30. Dave in Kabul

    “I’m for anything that gets you through the night, be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniel.” –Frank Sinatra

  31. Charlie Day

    hate to tell you 25, but it was Cal that told Orton to go back to the locker room. But don’t let facts get in the way of your “arguements.”


    Can’t believe that friendly, happy go lucky, innocent looking young man in the picture above sent those hate filled tweets.


    26 – ouch!

  34. tubby knows

    26 is right

  35. Bluez

    Hey, it’s a free world. Coach has every right to yell at the top of his lungs on his time. Player has every right to tell anyone he chooses how he feels about it on his time.

  36. Chicago


  37. Jefferson

    You would have to be a homo to give a crap if Cal is fat. His NC ring is gonna be real Fat though.

  38. Al's IndiCats

    36, actually 29s is Sandusky’s mentor, and he’s graduated to REAL men.

  39. Al's IndiCats

    Sorry to the Now 29 they be edited him.

  40. Walter White

    Whoecer sent these to Drew better watch out! Gypsy LN!

  41. Dane Brammage

    John Shulman will be changing Chris Early’s name to: “Mudd”

  42. Gus

    Chris Early to whomever sent these to Drew: “I will kill your wife, I will kill your son, I will kill your infant daughter.” watch out dude!

  43. Jesse

    If you kill him, I’m done… He’s gone I’m gone, got it?

  44. SwingYourSword

    I just laughed out loud for a solid minute. Thanks.

  45. ak40099

    wowwwwwww! i’m sure that this acct will be shut down soon

  46. John7

    Why did Drew even write this? Seems like he is just trying to get this college student in trouble.

  47. Terry

    Wake up BBN stop showing our Kentucky education. Doe’s anyone beleive for one minute that such words from a player he’d still be on the team.

  48. Wildcat Kyle

    Who knew Billy Clyde had a illegimate child playing for UTC?

  49. Scarn

    @47. I don’t understand it either. Clearly the guy shouldn’t have sent the tweets (if it even his account to begin with, who knows these days?), but what’s the point in publishing it on the KSR website? Why pounce? There doesn’t always have to be some type of dirt dug up for a game for the lead-up to be enjoyable.

  50. huntington

    This kid has always been a head case. He also hated his high school coach and didn’t start even though he was clearly the 3rd best player on the team besides Mayo and Patterson.

  51. John

    Chris Early has been suspended indefinitely.

    He’s been a major underachiever in his time in Chattanooga. Very disappointing. He has never given consistent effort. Again, really disappointing.

    I had not seen these tweets until today.

    Shulman is a great guy but is in major trouble with his job. The Mocs have underachieved for a long time. He always seems to redeem himself when you least expect it though.

    I’m a Mocs fan who lives in Lexington and write a Mocs blog. (

  52. Chris Early

    i’ve been suspended…

  53. Lovely

    KSR: Apparently you get players suspended.

    The dude had balls though.

  54. Joe

    Tony White Jr. used to play at College of Charleston (@datwhitedude32)

  55. cmcolts

    KSR crossed the line in this case. This kid didn’t want these tweets to be public and now he has been suspended. What’s next for you guys – hacking college kid’s email accounts?

  56. 13th. Grade

    55, Hey McFly, what Tweets aren’t public? Who did he think was reading them?

  57. UK Wildcat

    Dick move, Drew.

    The guy is a Senior and prior to that time he’d been a starter. Then a new coach comes in and puts him on the bench for a few games and he gets angry and sends several very ill-advised tweets. Things seem to have gotten better since he hasn’t said anything in a month about his coach and his playing time has doubled since he sent those tweets. He’s from Huntington, WV and was going to get to play in front of his family in Rupp Arena, but he was told AFTER he’d already arrived in Lexington (with family already in town) that he couldn’t play for tweets he sent out a month ago on his private twitter account.

  58. UK Wildcat

    Didn’t mean to include new coach part, so disregard that. I thought I’d erased it. Still, my point is the same. I don’t think Chris Early deserved it.

  59. cmcolts

    56, His account is locked so only people he ok’d could read his tweets. KSR only got them because one of his twitter followers called the radio show & was asked if he would email them to Drew.


    I feel bad for this kid. it was stupid of him to write that. some spaz called in on the show today and told the KSR fam about it. That was enough, but this post went to far. Damn, after this season we will be the most hated fan base in the history of sports. We’ll have to pack a frig gen handgun with us to go any road games. I hope they don’t kick the kid off the team for this. I knew after the call today, there would be a post about it.

  61. Kelly

    Ya know…I”m sure Drew feels bad but…the kid still was stupid for ever Tweeting that. It was bound to be leaked eventually.

  62. Will

    Big deal. The kid has to know better than put this stuff out there. Even if it is “private” it will never be private. He got what was coming. At some point the administration would have found out. At least it is better now before the end of the season, for his sake.

  63. Dane Brammage

    Chris Early’s tweet-rade occurred pre-Thanksgiving. Thanks to Drew, Shulman’s hand was forced to suspend Early for the UofK and Hiawassee game Wednesday. I feel sad for Early. He now needs to kiss (ass) and make up; or, be true to his own word(s) and tell the coach to F-Off. Then, the true issue is that he still must finish his education. Its Early’s choice on how he does that.

  64. Another Perspective

    Don’t kill the messenger. The kid shouldn’t have posted those. And he had plenty of time to delete them. Blame him; not Drew for sharing them with us.

  65. UGAFan

    KSR and Drew be some low down, dirty snitches.

  66. Hoss

    agree #56.

    Why, Drew? KSR is making enemies by the second. It seems you can’t make a post w/o trying to turn the screws on somebody.

    Good luck to you if anyone ever uncovers your dirt. I’m not hating on you, I just don’t understand your motive.

  67. Moe

    Hey now, lay off of ole Drew here. If that boy didn’t want anyone to know how he felt about his coach, he shouldn’t have posted all those things. Maybe (and thats a big maybe) if he would have posted it once, but he did it numerous times. Evidently he wanted someone to know. People these days post stuff on social media sites, then they through a hissy fit about when they have to face the consequences. Drews doing his job. If you don’t like what he has to say then click the little X box in the right hand corner, and stay off of KSR. As adults, I would hope that you would have enough common sense to not blame one of KSR’s best writers for this kids suspension. He had it coming. Grow up…. Oh, and GO CATS!