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Hey America, What Do You Think Of Recruits Decommitting?


ESPN’s SportsNation recently asked America, “What do you think of recruits decommitting from colleges?”  The poll results are broken down in this map by state, with the red states all agreeing on it being “dishonorable”, and the awesome state believing that it is “fair” for recruits to back out of commitments.

As you can see, Kentucky is the minority here. So, why is that? Maybe because we’re glad to have the services of Demarcus Cousins, who decommitted from Memphis to follow Coach Cal. Big Cuz will likely be a star this season for the Cats, therefore, his relocation is very “fair” to the Bluegrass. Plus, everyone in Kentucky now has the optimistic outlook that Calipari has a legitimate shot at landing any recruit he wants. So anytime a five-star player has a change of heart at another school (see Selby, Josh), I think we all agree that it is “fair” for them to suit up in the blue and white.

On the other hand, the state of Tennessee should’ve been given the option “it’s bull#$%!” rather than “dishonorable”, after every decommitment they’ve been through. Memphis lost out on Cousins, Xavier Henry, and Nolan Dennis in the class of 2009, and 2010 recruit Josh Selby recently backed out of his commitment to Tennessee. I guess that explains why Tennessee had one of the most lopsided results from this poll.

So, now that it’s out there, anyone feeling like they made the wrong college decision should take note of these results. You know where you’re welcome. It is very “fair” to back out of your commitment and come to Kentucky (if you can run the Dribble-Drive.) The other 49 states don’t know what they’re talking about.

Go Cats?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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23 responses to “Hey America, What Do You Think Of Recruits Decommitting?”

  1. BleedBlueOrBleedAlone

    As long as the good ones come to UK who cares?

  2. Old_Pogue_Bourbon


  3. Dennis

    BREAKING NEWS; Will Barton has decommitted from Memphis and is rumored to be in talks with UK coach John Calipari.

  4. veeper

    This is Emrika — I can quit any danged job I want – when I want. And I can go to any school I want to go to- and become educated and run for President (with than nice emblem on the jacket). It is the Emrikan way!! Freedom Lives! Just wait till Coach Cal starts taking those commie boys from their rice paddies in Shazwan province in China and has em doing wind sprints in Memorial coliseum. Dagnabbit, This is the stuff that ole Georgie Washington crossed the Delware on that river boat for — to chose, then change your mind.

    Imagine is they don’t allow decommit’s – then Hillary would still be running for President!!

    Enuff Said.

  5. UKBoo

    Look! The whole band went the wrong way!! Except my little girl.

  6. BourbonSouth

    Actually, I would think Tennessee would be more on own side. The poll doesn’t specify the sport, and Tennessee football benefitted from a number of decommits on signing day (Janzen Jackson from LSU, NuKeese Richardson from Florida, and Bryce Brown from Miami).

  7. gossie21

    Darnel Dodson also decomitted from Memphis.

    Demarcus Cousins was originally committed to UAB before he backed out of his verbal and chose Memphis. I don’t remember the Memphis fans calling that dishonorable. Not to mention that the practice of backing out of commitments in football is commonplace and schools like UT are often the beneficiaries.

  8. Indycatfan

    Not to say anything negative about our neighbor to the south…..BUT it’s a sad day when you commit to a college out of high school only to find out that you’re already smart enough to teach at said University….Just saying……

  9. Basteballer

    Yeah… so much for the idea that Coach Cal can pretty much have any recruit he wants.

    Barnes, Barton, Henry, Irving, Payne…

    I have a sinking feeling we may not see another class like this one for a while.

  10. Secretariat

    This map makes it look like we are drowning in a sea of Card fans.

  11. Dennis

    Maybe Payne will de-commit from MSU

  12. BigCatDaddy4263

    Will Barton backing out of his commitment from Memphis, WOW? What an amazing shooting guard he will make…

  13. Indycatfan

    9 Look at the best possible scenario, we take it all this year and all kids with the exception of Mr.PP come back for a repeat performance. Now I don’t believe this but you CAN wish!

  14. UKSoCalCampus

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with recruits decommitting from colleges. The NLI only binds the kid to the school, does absolutely nothing to bind the school to the kid. How is that at all holding the best interest of the kids in mind? Plus if a kid commits to a school their junior year, there is nothing stopping that school from not giving them a scholarship if they get hurt their senior year. The whole system is completely unfair to the student, the ability to decommit is the only thing they have going for them.

  15. Bluebloodtoo

    It is important to point out that this demographic is a bit misleading. The overall results were 58% dishonorable to 42% fair. This was a much closer poll than the demographic shows. This is an great example of how media can lead you in any direction that they want with the data they collect.

  16. Bluebloodtoo

    BUT…at least the state ended up being the right color…lol… GO BLUE!

  17. BigBlueFan

    This poll is bogus, there aren’t even 196 people in the state of Wyoming at one given time.

  18. HanOfTheBluegrass

    3) Link or it didn’t happen.

    14) My thought has always been that if coaches can leave a school without having to sit out (which they can, though they sometimes owe money), then it’s hypocritical to prevent students from doing the same. As for commitments, while it sucks that players changing their mind causes recruiting/planning problems for coaches, we know coaches make promises to kids that they don’t follow through on (“You’ll get 20 shots a game…” etc), and these are only 17-19 year olds, after all. How many students change their mind on schools or majors multiple times, particularly in their first couple years?

  19. HanOfTheBluegrass

    17) I’m always surprised when we’re not winning a poll in Alaska. Ramon needs to tell his family to vote. There’s usually only 2-3 votes from up there.

  20. UKSoCalCampus

    18- I love what Memphis did with the NLI adding in the if the coach leaves the commitment is voided clause, so of course the NCAA is cracking down on that.

  21. Jenny

    20) Actually no matter what “clauses” are added to an NLI, they aren’t valid to the NLI. The school can certainly willingly accept or agree to it, but there is no specific legal binding from an NLI “clause”. The NLI is not run by the NCAA, the NCAA just participates in the program.

  22. jdog2

    After the NCAA and CCA crackdown on the NLI, I’ll be surprised if recruits even bother to sign it. I know I wouldn’t. The NLI benefits the schools with no corresponding benefit to the player. They will commit, keep the commitment or decommit. It won’t matter. The only proof a kid is coming will be when he enrolls in school.

  23. Shamrock11

    Very rarely do top 100 players go to a school because of the school. They go primarily because of the coach. If the coach leaves they should be allowed to follow. It’s their life, their career at stake. College institutions are supposed to be about enabling the future’s of their students are they not? If a coach leaves who are they to try and force a player to come to their school and play for who knows what coach they hire as a replacement?