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He’s at it again

This morning on Mike and Mike, Bobby Knight was asked about the best teams in college basketball. He listed five and guess who wasn’t among them? Kentucky. You know, the number one team in the country.

Has the rest of the world gotten to the point where they can no longer ignore his ignorance? Because I was there forever ago.

UPDATE: On the Mike & Mike Podcast, Knight seems to have just mentioned Syracuse as the best team, but we’ll keep looking into it.

UPDATE x2: According to CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel, Knight did indeed list these five teams as the best in the country this morning on Mike & Mike: Syracuse, Duke, UNC, Missouri, Kansas:

Knight was on the Mike and Mike show today, and he was asked for his top teams in the country. He listed five: Syracuse, Duke, UNC, Missouri, Kansas.

None of them was Kentucky, which is odd considering Kentucky is No. 1 in both polls. Of the 96 available votes in the two polls combined, Kentucky received 94 this week. Kentucky is the leading candidate not just for a No. 1 seed, but for the No. 1 overall seed, and is the overwhelming favorite of Vegas oddsmakers to win the title.

But Knight won’t concede that the Wildcats — coached by John Calipari, whom Knight has verbally attacked in the past — are in the top five.

You go, Gregg Doyel.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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131 responses to “He’s at it again”

  1. Chris


  2. King Kelley Coleman

    Turd Burglar!

  3. BBN

    bobby knight is jealous

  4. Monstermash

    When will ESPN say enough and can his sorry a$$?

  5. Tony

    What a total d-bag. How does he honestly keep his job anymore? Does anyone really think he is good in any way for college basketball? I sure don’t.

  6. NCCAT

    True, but why didn’t Mike & Mike call him on it?

  7. meistro

    I feel dumber when I have to listen to him on ESPN.

  8. Bobby Knight's chair

    I have more intelligence than this idiot.

  9. uk22

    Bob Knight is not mentally stable. Ignorance is an understatement for this nut case.

  10. J Bird

    BBN, let’s not make a big deal out of Bobby’s comments. Doing so only makes it seem like we care about his opinions.He will eventually embarass ESPN enough that they will fire him.

  11. jp15

    Everybody at ESPN walks on egg shells around him. They don’t dare question anything he says. If the Mike and Mike folks were pros they would have noticed his oversight and brought it to his attention. They are all wimps. I pretty much refuse to watch any game that he is working.

  12. NJCat...

    Knight doesn’t bother me that much… we all know he’s a biased idiot. What does bother me is that other commentators let him get away with it. Maybe Mike/Mike’s question was intended to let the guy make a fool of himself yet again.

    No wonder Indiana fired his fat ass.

  13. BK

    Who were the 5 teams? KU, DUKE, SYRACUSE, UNC, ?

  14. No shit

    He should go be an assistant @ Lamar

  15. D bag

    Please do not use Bob Knight’s name and mine in the same sentence…it is too embarrassing for ME!!!

  16. Conference Call

    That’s fine. He isn’t making the list of raising a son with INTEGRITY either. EAT S*** AND DIE BOOBY KNIGHT.

  17. nassau65

    11. agreed. ESPN will cut the cord eventually with the kermudgeon.

  18. TrinityPills

    6) Because they don’t even know College Basketball is going on right now…what with the combine, and the….combine and… know…..a couple hundred days until the start of the NFL season and everything.

  19. Give'em Hell Cats

    Its not ignorance, its pure spite. You cant be less objective than he is about UK and its gotten to the point now that he shouldnt even have a job as a college analyst if he is unable to even acknowledge the #1 team in the country.

  20. Hunter12

    What will he say when we hang #8?

  21. Walsh IS Gay

    Ole boy needs a swift kick in the azz, or punch to the side of the head…

  22. Conference Call

    Thanks for the bulletin board material as if these kids Really needed it though….. Please GOD let us draw IU in the bracket so we can MURDERBALL them. PLEASE!!!!

  23. Mark Bryant

    Blast him on show today!

  24. ESPN

    I dislike Bobby Knight as much as anybody else but I’ve heard that ESPN has told him that since he dislikes Kentucky so much that he can’t say anything about them at all. That’s why he doesn’t. Should he even be employed if he can’t man-up and get over the beatdowns he took by the Cats while he was a candy stripper and acknowledge UK exists without blowing up? That’s a Bobby problem but in this case I think more of an ESPN problem for letting him call the shots like when he was a head coach.

  25. Jezz

    I didn’t hear it but one of my friends tells me he did mention Kentucky along with Syracuse as the top 2 teams.

    So, where’s the truth ?

  26. Roland

    I think it is part of Knight’s contract with ESPN that he doesn’t have to say the “k” word. side note: Wonder how much ridicule Knight receives behind his back at ESPN. Good thing radio is not visual b/c I think both mike and mike “Rolled their eyes” on his comments today. Think about it. Mike and Mike b4 the program probably discussed getting Knight to make a fool of himself on air.

  27. Roland

    Didn’t see your post, 24. I’ll read the other posts b4 I post next time. My comments just popped into my head and had to say it.

  28. Cdawg

    I listened to it this morning. He was basically asked who he thought had the makeup to win the title. The only team he mentioned was Syracuse.

  29. BP

    Knight is a total bigot/idiot. He has been ran out of every place he has been, the game passed him totally by in thye 90’s. He is an embarrasment to himself and ESPN and it is stupid that ESPN allows it, I have very much less respect for Mike and Mike after noit having enough balls to call him out on the top five this morning, it belies logic and reason to tolerate this bigots petty jealousies and prejudices!!!!! Knight is an ASSHOLE

  30. StoneColdSteveAustin

    If you really wanna know what up with Booby Knight you just need to ax my boy Creekbank. He said he ran into Booby knight at a Boat and RV show in Nashvegas back in January. He said Booby was slurring his words. Said he sounded like Fred Sanford. Said he smelled like he was using beer for cologne. I guess while they were talkin some dude in a UK shirt walked by (cuz the bbn spreads faster than crabs). Anyway, Booby said “look at that stupid UK fan”. My boy creek said “whats up Booby? (he really called him “Mr Knight – he didn’t want to get choked) Why do you hate UK so much?” Well I guess Booby didn’t want to discuss this so he just shook his head, turned his back on Creekbank, grabbed his gay lover by the hand, and sauntered away like any gay man would do. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  31. Scott in Tally

    Can we take both him and Digger out to pasture and do the human thing, shoot them?

  32. Michael

    I was listening and didn’t hear him mention 5 teams as title contenders. He talked about what he thinks it takes to win a title, and he listed a bunch of qualities. Then they asked him what team has those, and he mentioned Syracuse and no other teams.

  33. You didn't hear it from me

    Once this guy kicks the bucket, don’t be surprised to see his plot covered in UK gear.

  34. Michael

    Repeatedly when he’s calling games his partner will mention something UK related (especially Big 10 games when they’re comparing Davis to Robinson) and Knight never utters a word. I think it’s clear that he has either chosen himself or has been banned from mentioning UK stuff. Mike and Mike probably didn’t want to stoke the fire, just like his broadcast partners don’t.

  35. jtownjt

    This is just getting comical now. Even the people that interview view him must be thinking “is this guy serious?”

  36. Scout23

    He’s been devolving since he hit Coach Hall in the back of the head. And we know how that ended for IU in March, don’t we?

  37. Rambo

    aaahhhh!!! People who love to hate! Feels good don’t it!

  38. The bee's knees

    Can we send him on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney? Please?

  39. Bubba Earl

    WOW! There is an audience for that so called show?

  40. uk3k

    so did his royal d-bag lift over UK?

  41. davescott1

    even better, uk fans should photoshop a big head of bobby in uk garb for the georgia game. How great would that be to see waving around in the stands on espn

  42. kentuckyjoe

    Everyone should read A Season On The Brink by John Feinstein. If you do you will start to gain an appreciation of the depths of the douchebagginess that this guy possesses. A total scumbag and worthless piece of shit for sure.

  43. uk3k

    so who did his royal dbag list over uk? (sorry my phones auto correct)

  44. Jezz


    I just listened to the podcast. He never mentioned 5 teams. At the question “which team has all the characteristics of a champion ?” he simply answered Syracuse and not one else.

    WHY WOULD YOU POST FAKE BLOG POSTS ? Just to get hits…? It’s sad.

  45. kyjetblue

    If I’m the head of ESPN, I would have to get him off the network. It hurts their credibility. They’re already so biased it’s ridiculous but Knight is just an embarassment.

  46. Cdawg

    Talk about being a hypocrite. How can KSR go on weekly rants about others reporting absolute inaccurate statements and then do it yourself? I love the web site and love the radio show but this is ridiculous.

  47. Scout23

    Also just listened to the podcast. At the end of his segment, he really seems to be talking about UK, even though he starts out saying Syracuse has the characteristics to take it all. It seems everything he says describes UK. He gives generic statements on what kind of team it will take to win it all. As #44 said, there is no mention of “5 teams.”

  48. Really??

    Does he have a corncob stuck up his a$$ or is he just that stupid?

  49. Long time, first time

    With the duplicate posting of the Sean Woods piece and the blatant misinformation about the Knight intervew, I can understand why some journalists dislike the site. It just looks really poorly done. I generally enjoy the material on here, but stating that Knight listed 5 five teams other than Kentucky is just not true. He only identified Syracuse. You can disagree with him about his opinion, but you can’t report false information (when the truth is fairly easy to ascertain) and expect to carry credibility

  50. whatatool


  51. whatatool

    haha at the corncob guy :p

  52. Bacon

    First he doesnt mention Anthony Davis, now Kentucky. Obviously this dude needs mental help before I give it to him.

  53. knighthater

    This is the place for complaints to ESPN:

    The form allows for compliments, complaints & questions. You select network, Satellite/Cable Provider, Category, Item, Topics, Commentator/Host/Analyst & Subject. Then they provide 1,000 characters of rant space, although it doesn’t take 1,000 characters to describe Bob Knight, only about seven letters, but be nice.

    Get to it BBN! Make Knight’s day.

  54. Real Cats Fan

    I portrayed how I feel about Bobby Knight in this photoshop job that I did last year:

  55. Micah

    Knight and Digger need their own show. They’re the Bob Vila of tools.

  56. Mack

    Did Mike or Mike question the booby knight leaving out the CATS?

  57. kacey

    I guess I understand now why people say “link or it didn’t happen”. What is written in this post didn’t happen and there is no link to prove it did.

  58. bmt22033

    They asked him this question: “How would you define the characteristics that all championship teams share?”

    His answer:

    1. Good players

    2. Able to play against different types of defense

    3. Rebounding
    – UK avg 39/game
    – Syracuse avg 35/game

    4. Making most of possesions and fouls
    – UK avg 77 points/game and 72.4% foul shooting
    – Syracuse avg 75 points/game and 69.7% foul shooting

    5. “The most important factor of all is that it’s a team that doesn’t give up points easily. It’s a team that’s a difficult team to score a lot of points against.”
    – Opponents avg 59.8 points against UK
    – Opponents avg 60.6 points against Syracuse

    Then they ask him “So are there one or two teams that stand out to you that have those qualities?”

    He says Syracuse. If that doesn’t absolutely prove how much he hates Calipari and Kentucky, then nothing does.

  59. Al B. Sure

    How can ESPN continue to employee someone with such a clear bias as an “analyst”? Bobby Knight puts the “anal” in “analyst”.

  60. minton

    Who’s Bobby Knight?

  61. GrumpyOldDude

    Anyone have a LINK to this story?

  62. BillGar

    So, what is the truth? A lot of people saying they didn’t hear any list of five teams, but Tyler is usually on top of things. Miscommunication? I really would like to know because I have family who worships Bobby Knight (IU fans, they’re from Indiana, poor souls) and I like to keep my facts straight when the subject comes up. I can’t listen to the podcast to check for myself, so I’d like to know Tyler’s source v. the other commenters.

  63. gocats

    I just listened… didn’t hear 5 teams either.

  64. furdturgason

    Maybe it was on TV?

  65. Rematch

    Exactly right. If we don’t get the chance to run roughshod over those crimson chumps, I’m gonna be p’d

  66. bluebarnes

    He probably believes his son Patty will be one of the greatest coaches to ever sit on the bench one day.

  67. Yep

    Bobby knights mom & dad are brother & sister. That’s why he’s a total idiot!

  68. Tom

    Just the other day I was watching a Big 12 game and Knight was on the call and somehow Vanderbilt got brought up and he mentioned them hanging tough with UK one of the best teams in the nation.

  69. ooooh my

    Little bobby knight does not exist. period….

  70. hmmm..

    regardless it doesn’t change the fact that Bobby Knight has made it clear that he doesn’t like Kentucky and it keeps him from being able to do his job. Unlike Jay Bilas who played for Duke. Jay has the ability to speak about the game accurately without being bias. Jay Bilas is a great sports personality Bobby Knight sucks! Occupy Bobby Knights head, its empty besides the occasional cob-web or bust ball.

  71. Rematch

    That clip had to be edited or Matt Jones made it up, LOL

  72. 96cats98

    Ms Tyler, I usually back up your posts and generally enjoy them, but you’ve crossed the line this time. What a stupid, useless post. Go listen to the podcast people. So they ask him who he thinks has the tools to win it all and he says Syracuse… BOO F’N HOO!!! We already know he doesn’t like Kentucky. So what if he doesn’t identify us as a title contender. I’d say Syracuse has just as good a shot as we do. Maybe Ms Tyler heard it on something else, but there was defiantely no mention of 5 teams with UK not being one of them. And now our idiot fanbase is probably killing Mike and Mike on twitter and blasting them for no reason, all thanks to this bimbo’s inaccurate post.

  73. Peter North

    Bobby Knight is so full of himself it makes me sick. He will not even talk about Kentucky. I saw him last year on Gameday and they were all talking about Kentucky and he just put his arms around his chest and sat there and when it came his time to talk he just shook his head at his partners and they moved on…He doesn’t like Coach Cal because he recruits one and dones and says it is ruining college ball. Then change the damn rules. It’s about winning and getting the best recruits and $$$$. Screw that prick. I will bet he will never step in Rupp again..EVER…..#12 hit it exactly right. Other commentators act as though they are scared to death of him. Get him off tv please!

  74. nassau65

    I listened to it this morning. Not defending Knight at all (last thing on my list), but i didn’t get that from it. He is still an ass, and i don’t like him, but he didn’t say that.

  75. Uh...What?!

    #72–Agreed. Everybody who is in BBN KNOWS all about Boobie Knight and his anti-everything UK. But if he didn’t actually say the statements you’ve reported, you owe an apology to everybody.

  76. Uh...What?!

    **Update** for 76: “YOU” as in this site, not you #72!

  77. TrashCanMan

    72. Wow dude. Calm it down a bit. Bobby is an idiot and it sounds to me like you are defending him. so if you are a UK fan then shut up and join the team.

  78. turkeyblue

    I would like to say that Bobby Knight is a f*cking dumb ass, but that would be an insult to f*cking dumb ass.

  79. TrashCanMan

    If you listen to the interview he gives 4 teams that have a shot without mentioning KY. Basiclly, He sucks

  80. Mattgray

    I mean I really wake up everyday wishing to hear bob knight say how much he likes/loves UK. Seriously, who cares if knight likes our program.

  81. Bob Knight's Big Mouth

    Kentucky barely cracks my Top 150. 24 of their 28 wins are mere flukes. The other 4 were really their opponents giving the game away.

  82. Scott

    He feels the same way about us as we do about him! I could care less, except that some of the games he does for ESPN I would really like to watch but I can’t. He makes me gag so when he comes on TV I have to quickly turn away. Go Cats!!

  83. Again

    We can all agree that: (1) we dislike Bobby Knight and he dislikes UK, (2) we disagree with anybody who thinks Kentucky won’t win it all, and (3) Bobby Knight didn’t mention Kentucky as a potential champ.

    But I challenge anyone (Tyler, Matt, the Pope, etc) to identify the 5 teams he purportedly listed and when in the interview he does so. I listened to the interview when it aired, and he mentioned Syracuse as the team he thinks has what it takes to win. If he mentioned 4 more teams, please tell me who they were and when he said it.

    Again, I strongly disagree with the merits of Knight’s opinion and I am certain he has no inclination to say anything nice about Kentucky.

  84. Scott

    I think it’s great that we have that effect on him! It’s a sad reflection on him –

  85. oatsee

    just go back to March 2001 issue of Playboy and read his interview the man is Crazy and has hate issues and anger issues. I still can’t believe ESPN pays him and I also will change the station and will not watch any game he does or show he is on.

  86. oatsee

    ARUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH more I think about it….I want to throw a chair at him!!!! Hit him with a whip….kick him in the shin….grab him around the neck and chock him….slap him on the back of his head….sound familiar???

  87. thats budda

    He is instant turn the channel whenever he is on. Thank God he doesn’t do any Wildcat games

  88. Katzilla

    Who cares what this CUM-DUMPSTER says or thinks…we are way to thin skinned! Bottom line he is a ‘HAS BEEN” & doesn’t matter. Why give him any discussion @ all, we are playing right into his game…..Are you reading this Matt?? STOP acknowledging his idiotic ways.

  89. Al B. Sure

    72 – Knight absolutely did name four teams that he thought had a chance to win it all. One of those teams was not Kentucky. When I heard this, was the questions phrased as “Who do you think are 4 of the top 5 teams in the country?” No, but he DID name four teams that he thought could win the NT and did not mention UK. So maybe you should calm down with your f’n name calling if you don’t have the facts.


    this is absolutely amazing. what a jerk. if you are going to be one of the top espn analysts you cannot have your own personal agenda. the fact that he refuses to recognize kentucky in just about anything is unreal. this is why he will never be on the same level as the likes of jay bilas and dicky v. while I’m sure they have their teams that they love and are their favorites they do not reveal that by making extreme statements like this. can’t wait to see what knight has to say when we win #8.

  91. Roberts

    Knight named 4 teams other than Syracuse, which he picked as his favorite, that had a chance to win the tournament. UK was not one of them.

  92. theWomac

    The nation can disregard this. Bob Knight has been senile for a while.

  93. V

    I really do not want the name ‘Kentucky’ coming out of that jerk, so it is best that he does not mention our team. Why are we giving him space and acknowledgment on this site anyway.

  94. Deleted Posts

    Clearly the site doesn’t want you to know that Knight did not name 5 best teams, nor was he asked to do so.

    Easy to find and listen.

  95. AJH

    Ms Tyler, please be careful how we word some of these post’s. Knight is just describing what it takes to win the tournament and didnt mention UK. Not a big deal. Maybe worth posting but word it right please. For as many jacka$$ fans we have as it is, they dont need more misleading material to look even worse.

  96. Tom

    I have always tried to respect and appreciate Knight for what he has done as a “coach”. But I am soooo sick of him just being a F N idiot! I can no longer respect him or take him serious. Was a miserable/jealous/bitter old man he’s become!

  97. Not really nate

    He just keeping our name out his filthy mouth! like i told him too.

  98. Tom


  99. oatsee

    last night on PTI the good five Minutes was with the Kansas coach Bill S. and he said clearly the best team is Kentucky mentioned Kentucky couple times in the interview as the best #1 Best…!!!!!

  100. Han

    Frankly, if someone is that biased that they can’t mention the top team, they shouldn’t be allowed to discuss the topic on national media. He is negatively impacting our image when he speaks during nationally-broadcast games.

  101. OleMissFratBoy

    I don’t know what Doyel listened to but Knight only mentioned Syracuse in the broadcast

  102. brad hellman

    i hate bobby knight and jeff greenwood

  103. thegoosewasgolden

    i have registered a complaint on the espn website, and urge others to due likewise.

  104. christian laettner

    knight and greenwood would not survive the duke stomp!!!!

  105. SeattleCat

    Let’s start a twitter hash tag #FireBobbyKnightAgain !

  106. Jeff

    On ESPN’s straw poll of analysts for Player of the Year, only one analyst didn’t have Anthony Davis on his ballot. I bet we can all guess who that is.

    “Robinson was the only player on all 59 ballots. Davis made all but one ballot.”

  107. bobby

    Bobby Knight is about as cool as death. And about as senile as lou holts.

  108. ed davender

    i just googled jeff greenwood and a pic of a mustache popped up. wannabe!!!

  109. Ocean View

    In the course of conversation in this particular interview, the teams mentioned by Mike Greenberg are: Duke, NC, Syracuse, Michigan State, Georgetown. Greeny comes off as scared, weak, & clueless by the teams he brings up. Syracuse is the only team Bob Knight mentions & talks about extensively. By the way he phrases things, you know he has other teams on his mind but for whatever reason he won’t bring them up. Knight also says a number 1 seed is nothing. Says it might be the icing on the cake but more like the cardboard box the cake came in & whether you’re a 1 or an 8 you have to play hard. –You do have to play hard but to say the seeding means nothing is perhaps why he hasn’t won an NCAA game in awhile.

  110. Andrea

    Honestly, I expect nothing less from Bobby Knight. I find his ignorance amusing. I’m just glad a National Columnist publicly called him out on his stupidity. I have never liked Bobby Knight and I most certainly don’t care about the “legacy” he supposedly carries. When it comes to the CATS his opinion would most certainly never matter and his blatant lack of an opinion shouldn’t matter either. Bobby’s a joke and I love laughing at jokes.

  111. mr ed

    who is this turd jeff greenwood?

  112. ed davender

    jeff greenwood is trending now on yahoo. check it out!

  113. occupy kentucky

    should we drive to bobby knight’s house?

  114. Dent44

    The more people like Bobby Knight deny that UK is back, the happier I become. As with many of you my greatest sports passion is UK Basketball. Stop and think about something for a minute. The greater our joy, the greater Knight’s hatred, frustration and angst. I can think of no better way to put a smile on your face. So the more Bob Knight shows his ignorance, lack of class, and obvious bias towards Kentucky; just keep smiling and know that you are taking a little of Bobby’s soul each time you do. GO BIG BLUE!!

  115. jeff greenwood

    who is this brad hellman?

  116. lance "the eating machine" mcarvey

    is the jeff greenwood who struck deion sanders ????

  117. Bram

    He’s obviously making the point that he thinks UK and Coach Cal are cheating, thus the silence on them is his personal asterisk. Get over it.

  118. Coal keeps the lights on

    #95 Ifyouhate this site so bad why do you read it Cowherd just said on his show that bony knight hated Kentucky and had nothing good to sY about us

  119. My 2 year old

    If you go to mike and mike espn page, there is a link to listen to the Knight conversation/recap or whatever. But also, at bottom, there is another link to listen to the conversation but you have to be an ‘insider’ on espn. Wonder if that link contains info that was left out of the ‘free’ streaming version? Anybody an espn insider and can check it out?

  120. Coal keeps the lights on

    Bobby knight talks about Cals recruiting but a saint he ain’t neal reed hitting his own son and that is just what we know about. So he hates cal for advising his players. To go be NBA players Knight physically and mentally abused his which do you think is the worest.

  121. jeff greenwood

    Love thy neighbor. But don’t get caught

  122. truebluejim

    Bobby Knight…you need to get completely out of basketball, enjoy your retirement, your family…because when you talk basketball sound like a very, very, very old grumpy man that is not up with the times…your time is retirement time sir.

  123. Bergerjacques

    We all know perfectly well that UK is a lock on a number one spot. Bobby Knight does too, (UK has an 18-15 advantage with that win in 1975 still sticking in his ass, just like a certain Duke team continues to haunt UK) Knight has way too many personal and emotional issues of being number 2 to Kentucky’s number 1 status throughout his career to be able to talk about them objectively. Neither can Digger Phelps nor could Billy Packer. Therefore, I don’t put much stock at all in anything they have to say about basketball. I’ll listen to Charles Barkley and Clark Kellogg.

  124. johnnyb

    ESPN response to complaint about BK:

    Thanks for writing.

    Being a national network, we do our best to select announcers who are fair and neutral to the games that they cover, yet offer insightful and entertaining analysis.

    We’ll be sure to address your thoughts and concerns with our producers.


    ESPN Viewer Response

  125. Bluegrass Jimmy

    Little known fact, Knight and Digger got brains transplants last fall. They both got brains from jack asses! Enough said!

  126. Kentucky boy

    Where’s update #3, since it’s been proven this was made up?

  127. JC

    127: You will never see update 3 because they want it to go quietly away. This whole thing was a sham and very bad reporting.

  128. Kentucky boy

    If bad reporting means just making stuff up you’re right.

  129. Mike

    I am not a UK fan, I am a UT fan. But Bobby Knight is a total has been/idiot. For your info you dip stick, UK has beat Kansas and UNC, 2 of your top 5. Knight should be fired and sent home for good.

  130. John

    Update 3: We are sorry to inform you that Gregg Doyel made a lot of that up. I know you’re outraged at his sloppy reporting. Carry on.