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Here is your ‘Worst Human Being of the Week’

This Oregon State fan said some awful things about Kyle Wiltjer and Kentucky on Twitter, following Wiltjer’s 26-point performance at Ole Miss last night.  It looks like ‘B Miller’ lost some money on the Cats — my guess is it’s less than $100 — and he took it out on Kyle with some of the worst tweets you’ll ever read.

It’s sad, but people like this really exist in the world…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

91 responses to “Here is your ‘Worst Human Being of the Week’”

  1. mark


  2. BBN

    Can a brotha get a UK football recruiting update?

  3. BigLeffler

    You stay classy Oregon State.

  4. Maxwell

    We sure as hell don’t read things like this after a loss!

  5. Duck Butter

    Twitter brings out the worst side of the worst people

  6. calmB4storm

    This should be entertaining…my bet is his account is deleted before 5PM

  7. GoCats2

    Can someone please tell me why on Earth we are giving this guy any attention?

  8. Gavin S.

    That twitter account should be closed about now.

  9. Matt

    Well someone is not in a good mood just because of losing a couple hundred dollars.

  10. bluetooth

    b miller … the bbn wishes you rotsa ruck in your future wagering

  11. rainman

    What do you expect, his girlfriend is a beaver!
    And NOT in the good way!

  12. BobKYCats

    Someone’s still butt-hurt Wiltjer didn’t stay at home.

  13. alafavers

    #7… Im sure it was brought to our attention so that the BBN could discuss with @BeaverBob28 the issue at hand and how we disagree with his assessment.. :o)

  14. ILCatsFan

    I think the reason we have so many problems with behavior today is because of the passive nature of America. I’ll just say it: this guy needs his ass beat! Plain and simple! One good ass-kicking and he would think twice about making any comments like those again. He knows he can make them right now without any repercussions.

  15. imnotthefiveo

    sounds like some more unsavory members of the big blue nation need to make this guys online life hell..

  16. Polson down to hood, hood, out to wilter, three is good!

    Oregon state… that’s cute.

  17. snoopaloop

    Beaver Bob logic: “Ole Miss is ranked and Kentucky isn’t so that means Ole Miss will win. I should bet on this even though I know nothing about either team aside from the number next to their name.”

  18. That Guy

    I’m sure ESPN’s really glad he’s using their logo in his twitter handle as well.

  19. Al's IndiCats

    I guess we can safely assume this wasn’t a tweet from any of Kyle’s relatives. My thoughts are that BeaverBob has a slight anger issue and should be put in timeout ASAP!

  20. Cat97

    Shouldn’t he be mad at the team he bet for??….or how about Marshall Henderson for sucking so bad??

  21. Replay is on ESPNU right now

    LOL – Kyle retweeted him.

  22. TheNewOriginal

    Exactly this > ILCatsFan “I think the reason we have so many problems with behavior today is because of the passive nature of America. I’ll just say it: this guy needs his ass beat! Plain and simple! One good ass-kicking and he would think twice about making any comments like those again. He knows he can make them right now without any repercussions.

  23. BobKYCats

    @ 21: Dude, for those of us who are not on the Twitter, do you have the text?

  24. Big Blue Coming at You

    Twitter is the worst thing to happen to the internet.

  25. Replay is on ESPNU right now

    BeaverBob has already apologized on Twitter. Account deletion averted.

  26. Chicago

    “Brothers?” … Racist?

  27. hossamassey

    Bigger douche, Marshall Mathers Henderson or BieberBob? Kyle retweeted it, so I’m just assuming BBN is lighting this guy up right now.

  28. Attention Whore


    People like this are amazing.

  29. brain

    Why would ksr give this guy another forum for his bs?

  30. ky_99

    In the last 5 minutes he is probably trending by the amount of tweets I see coming through.

  31. MMM MMM Good

    Something tells me thats as close to a Beaver as that Campbells Kid lookin scrub has ever been.

  32. Cats in the NBA

    23.) I do not have twitter, either. But from what I understand a “retweet” is just a copy of the original tweet, which is at the top of the post.

  33. Bob

    From what I can tell, his hobbies include buying shit and tweeting obscenities at athletes.

  34. Sara

    His twitter handle is Beaver Bob. What do you expect?

  35. Troy

    Must be a liberal, sounds like something Bill Maher would say.

  36. Bus

    lol, I managed to get a look at his Twitter profile a few seconds before he deleted the whole thing. Either that, or he got suspended. As soon as I got to the page, each tweet “didn’t exist”.

    He was apologizing, but that doesn’t make him any less of a scumbag for saying what he said.

  37. ktmiln2

    Account is deleted apparently.

  38. HeHateUK

    and he has deleted his account

  39. Bus

    And apparently, it wasn’t the first time he had said that about a team. Do a search for him on Twitter and you’ll find

  40. SHekherdsvilleKAT

    I think we blew up tweeter!

  41. JVice

    “You done goofed”

  42. ktmiln2

    35. You must be retarded, sounds like something Rainmain would say.

  43. The artist formerly known as BeaverBob

    29 – Why?…because in less than an hour, he has been forced to delete his account. BBN, on the internet, with one common goal. Forget about it.

  44. @the_colter

    Looks like his account has been deleted. He probably received more threats than he’s ever made after that stunt.

  45. beaverbob

    he didn’t even have any money bet on the game. He was near the top of the leaderboard for a chance at $2500 on ESPN streak.

  46. dude

    haha dude already deleted his twitter

  47. Garrett

    Looks like Marshall Henderson’s yellow teethed twin.

  48. Future Employer

    well this will stick with you for a while, now that your future employer will use the internet to research you this will show up and tell them all they need to know about what kind of a douche bag you are. simply stated, you are the douchiest douche of all the douches in doucheville…..

  49. BobKYCats

    @ 48: Wow, that’s pretty dang douchey.

  50. Larry

    I remember my first beer …

  51. rainman

    If someone was going to try and dis someone, you
    would at least think they could try and spell it
    right wouldn’t you? DUMB@ZZ!

  52. Truth

    He didn’t even bet, he was playing the ESPN Streak for Cash game where you pick the winners of games and if you get a certain amount in a row you win. I have gotten within 3 wins one time so i feel for him lol but it is even funnier that he would be so pissed when he didnt even really bet.

  53. Body by Eloy

    His hatred tastes delicious

  54. bob

    And just like that the Big Blue Nation has made this guy shut his twitter down. That just shows everyone that we care about our team.

  55. Spicoli

    Wear his ass out, BBN. Make this clown regret his existence.

  56. wny cats

    Anyone know how to use that face recognition program thru google now? Would love to find bob’s real name…so big blue nation can make sure his employer or professors know what kind of classy character they have on their hands. The best way to educate someone on how to act like a decent human being, get them fired or make them feel very uncomfortable, at the least.

  57. RealCatsFan

    Man, that is one big, ugly beaver. And that douche standing next to it fits in perfectly.

  58. UKfanNKY

    I heard he sucks beaver wennies……and builds dams with thier turds………..GO KYLE & CATS!!!

  59. Hoot

    He already deleted his account.

  60. ukfreak31

    Haters gonna hate……..add another to the list… not to have 8 banners hanging up in ur arena!!!!! #DONTHATEUSCAUSEUAINTUS!!!

  61. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    He already deleted his Twitter account.

  62. asdf

    Hopefully Wiltjer gave this guy the level of respect he deserves and just laughed about the idiot.

  63. Brilliant Stuff

    #56 Brilliant! Simply brilliant I say!

  64. Kenny

    How many b-ball Championships does oregon state have you freakin loser!!! You must be rekated to freakin Marshall Henderson!!!

  65. crazycatfan


  66. BCO

    He shoulda spent that 20 bucks on some teeth whitener to fix those sticks of butter in his grill.

  67. Facebook

    Facebook used to recognize faces… when you uploaded pictures it seemed to know who to tag. I wonder if that works when they’re not your friends?

  68. ak400_99

    I really want to kick his ass

  69. Laker Cat 18

    This is a guy that has probably never left the state of Oregon. Sad life to live. Probably just pissed cause Kyle got out.

  70. Tom Blevins

    My advice to B Miller: Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. In gambling, there is no absolute sure thing. My second bit of advice: If you ever come to Kentucky, don’t let anyine knw who you are. Nuff said.

  71. Justin

    70 – I agree completely! Don’t bet money you don’t have.

  72. John F

    He should just take this as a lesson to not bet against the cats

  73. Stan

    I just wish we could find out how to contact him so we could”invite” him for a picnic….We don’t take kindly to people wishing bad things on our Cats.

  74. justanotherUKfan

    Who TF does that guy think he is??? He’s a OSU fan, who are they again? do they have a Basketball team?… Becareful what you wish for buddy, b/c that shit’s gunna flip back on to you!!

  75. dCAT

    A bad tweet (like this) is like a raunchy & stinky fart…

  76. Bev

    Kyle’s playing on one of the nations highest ranked teams, what is beaver boy doin????
    Well, I guess the best revenge is the game score!
    Good luck Beaver Boy! you sure need it

  77. Internet Sleuth

    56 – It took 2 minutes of sleuthing around to find this guy. Robert “Bob” Miller – employed (probably a grad student) as a research scientist at University of Washington. I’ll leave the rest to you.

  78. Wes

    Thats what the idiot gets for betting against UK LOL Keep doing it and you will be in the poorhouse soon and someone will be feeding you free cheese

  79. UK4ever

    “whenever you gamble my friend eventually you lose” – Qui-Gon Jinn Star Wars episode 1.
    By the looks of it your a born loser.

  80. UK4ever


  81. Wall2Cousins

    whats his obsession with plane crashes???


  82. Wall2Cousins

    can we go play Oregon State and beat them by 40?

  83. dubuas

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if his current employer saw his Tweets? Unfortunately, I haven’t yet located him on the internet. I keep coming up with an elderly lecturer, who is apparently a decent human being.

  84. ?

    should i buy the nike platinum warm up jacket from last year, even though the championship years on the back are now outdated? Or should i just buy the regular white uk warm up jacket?

  85. Blaineman

    Haha, love the power of bbn!! Se ya chump!!

  86. Gene

    IDIOT!. No farther comment

  87. David C.

    What a bottom-feeder! Morons abound.

  88. David Patrick Bryan

    B Miller, should remember this: “Little man talks big while the big man don’t talk at all!” Kyle, your “no response” says everything.I’m very proud of you Mr. Wiltjer. You have really helped us this year and I hope you stay on but I do want what’s best for you! People like B Miller are so common, and they should listen to this saying, ” When the skillet is hot the beans start jumping!” And Kyle you are on fire. Keep it up young man, U R GREAT!

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  90. mike alan

    feel bad wcs is out but with wiltjer in more weve been lookin really good . suck it beaver boy , come to uk so you can get ur ass beat .

  91. King Ghidora

    Hey rainman. I think you have the wrong one as the gf. I don’t think the beaver is the girl in that picture.