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Here Are Some Links to Articles that You Might Enjoy


1. While you were sleeping, #1 UNC fell to the UNLV Rebels 90-80 in Las Vegas. []

– Yes, this means means Kentucky will be the No. 1 team in the country come Monday morning.

And Harrison Barnes left Orleans Arena on crutches. [Sporting News]

– John Clay, from his Sidelines, asks whether the loss helps or hurts Kentucky. [JCS]

2. Kentucky football defeated Tennessee yesterday 10-7. [SDS] HD Highlight Videos Here.

Derek Dooley: “Our biggest fears were realized.” [] Click for the story; stay for the comments. They sure don’t like losing to Kentucky very much.

– As an editorial note, GVX does a great job and I’m not advocating for Kentucky fans to gloat. I subscribe to that old adage, “Act like you’ve been there before,” especially after the season we just had.  BUT when you beat a team for the first time since Reagan’s first term, it is entirely permissible to find amusement in the subsequent meltdown inside that team’s camp. And they are really torn up down there.

– Good line from Clay Travis:

Some people think I dislike Derek Dooley. That isn’t true at all. In fact, I like him. I just wish he was better at his job. But, let’s be clear, he just isn’t a very good coach.

3. UK Topped the Portland Pilots 87-63 last night. [ESPN]

– The Kentucky Kernel’s Aaron Smith is very good. From his “3 Things We Learned” post:

2. UK has to find a way to rebound better – against a team that had outrebounded its opponents by less than one per game, UK was outrebounded 21-16 in the first half. On the important side of the court, it allowed Portland to grab 8 offensive rebounds while getting only 13 defensive rebounds. (The flip side wasn’t much better, as UK got three offensive rebounds and Portland got 13 defensive boards.) I liked Anthony Davis’ efforts on the glass. But moving forward – especially against North Carolina and in the SEC – UK will need more rebounding. I remember that being one of Calipari’s preaching points early in SEC play last year, as he urged his team to “gang rebound.” This team might have to adopt that same mentality. (UK ended the game getting outrebounded 39 to 38.)

4. Check out this Incredible GIF of the Michigan punter botching a snap. His face is priceless. []

Article written by Tyler Montell

26 responses to “Here Are Some Links to Articles that You Might Enjoy”

  1. Just saying

    Im sure Shabazz watched that UNC/UNLV game too 🙁

  2. tdogg4033011

    #1 team in all the land !!! Not that it really matters being voted #1, I just like
    to hear all the ESPN guys have to talk about it ….

  3. Just saying

    make fun of UT fans all you want, but change the name “Kentucky” to “Vandy” in those comments, and it would be the comment section on this site. “Fire Joker”, “were not watching anymore”, “when are we gonna get a big name HC?”

    we have nothing to even grin about. The Streak ended, GREAT, we beat a horrible UT team on probation with virtual interim coach that knows he will be fired after next season, for a real head coach. They at still have that over us

  4. Price is wrong biatch

    3. please stfu

  5. Truth

    UNC losing is not a good thing for us. Would much rather play an undefeated and number 1 ranked UNC squad. We can win the game, no doubt. But that game just got a little tougher.

  6. Al's IndiCats

    2, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they kept UNC at #1. You know how that LOVE fest goes to UNC and Duke at ESPN.

  7. Good point

    5) I agree 100%. At least we know they are beatable.

  8. KYStout

    I was wide awake during the UNLV/UNC game. UNLV could have beaten most teams in the nation last night with the exception of Kentucky :-).Seriously though, UNLV is an _excellent_ team and played out of their minds.

    North Carolina will lay right down against any team that consistently smacks them in the mouth, like UNLV did. Roy Williams is not a great in-game coach and made little to no adjustments against UNLV.

    I came away from the UNC game thinking we simply have a killer instinct that Carolina lacks. We will have two assassins that UNC won’t have an answer for – Miller and Lamb. I think those are the X-factors and both will need to be throwing daggers from behind the arc.

    Jones, Davis and MKG will need to neutralize Hensen, Zeller and Barney.

    The next thing we will need to neutralize will be the excellent passing ability of Kendall Marshall. Does Teague or Lamb guard him?

    Off the bench, Mcadoo was not impressive last night and that kids indicates to me that Cal get’s a kid ready for the next level better than Roy does. The Hairston kid can shoot off the bench, but Roy in his infinite wisdom decided not to use hm when he had the hot hand.

    UNC is not the shoe-in everyone seems to think they are.

  9. Come on now

    UK was #2 but did not recieve a single #1 vote, but teams like OSU and Duke recived a few. I wouldnt be surprized to see OSU jump us

  10. barn

    it doesn’t matter as long we’re ranked #1 April 3d, 2012

  11. big tim

    the greatest weekend in uk sports beat ten won in basketball and basketball going number one since unc lost

  12. NCcat

    Tarheel fans are saying UK will only be #1 for a week. I’m gonna make them eat that next week.

  13. Coach K

    Duke Sucks….#3 STFU!

  14. LOL

    quick somebody make a T-shirt

  15. KYStout

    #3 please STFU, get off our board and go back to Inside duh-Ville.


  16. KYStout

    #5 UNC losing didn’t make our game in Lexington even a tiny amount tougher for us. Fact.

  17. LOL

    15. Truth Hurt?

  18. tdogg4033011

    7) of course UNC is “beatable” …. UK beat the same team last year, with less talent

  19. ruppmaster4000

    I think we was a more physical team last year, I think we was a better shooting team then last year. I flat out think we had a better team last year.

  20. tdogg4033011

    19) I flat out think you know nothing about basketball

  21. KYStout

    #17 here’s the truth: you are a bird fan on a UK blog, signing in under multiple aliases and enjoying the anonimity of the internet.

    I’m convinced you’ve never even had a girlfriend. Truth hurt?

  22. bluesince66

    Who ever above that said it’s a toughness issue for UNC is 100% correct. Roys’ teams have always had a toughness issue even at Kansas, he always has elite talent, but they normally lack in the toughness catagory, and #19 should never be allowed to post on here again.

  23. tyrus

    Agree on the old adage, “Act like you’ve been there before” but guess the 17th ranked Mich St. tossed that saying out the window when everyone ran on to the field after beating an unranked OH St.

  24. Seriously

    Go easy on #19. He is obviously new to the English language.

  25. GapToothDanny

    Stevie Johnson just caught a TD pass, finished his prolonged celebratory dance with 3 goggles LOL!

  26. uk fan in ut land

    I live about 30 miles north of Knoxville..they really are tore up down here..It’s like the rapture has came and they all got left behind..its crazy..I dont understand..cant they let us enjoy one victory in 26 years..and it’s all about the fumble replay..