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Herald Leader Falsifies Question…Making Tipton Look Bad in Process

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By now, you have probably read the bizarre interview done by the Lexington Herald Leader reporter Jerry Tipton with UK Freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The interview in its original form is printed below after the Herald Leader did (once again) what it does when it makes mistakes…deletes them and hopes you forget. Here is how the interview was originally printed:

Question: Your father died of multiple gunshot wounds when you were 2 years old. How did that affect you?

Answer: It wasn’t just me. It was me and my mom. She didn’t know what to do. We had my grandma, too. My uncle Darrin (Kidd) was there, too. I want to play this game for him. That’s how it was.

Q: Wasn’t your father a good player?

A: I think he won a national championship (for Camden High School in New Jersey).

Q: You legally added “Kidd” to your last name. What influence did your uncle Darrin have in your life?

A: He was like my father in life. He taught me a lot.

Q: What stands out when you think of the lessons he taught you?

A: Family is first, and just stay humble.

Q: What led you to add your uncle’s name?

A: I had two fathers, basically, so that’s why I did it.

Q: Your uncle died of a heart attack the day you signed with Kentucky. What do you remember about a day of such highs and lows?

A: I woke up, (and) I was very excited. Then around 11 o’clock, I went (to my uncle’s house). I walked in, and he was laying on the floor. And my little cousin was right there.

Q: Your uncle had taught you how to perform CPR. Did you try to revive him?

A: I did. I dropped to the floor and was doing CPR.

Q: What happened?

A: No response.

Q: You asked UK to give you No. 14 because your father was born on April 14. Why?

A: I wanted to try something new. I wore ’31’ my whole life.

Q: Why did you wear No. 31?

A: He had that number in high school.

This morning, the Herald Leader changed the story in order to showcase the context of the question. Here is how the story now reads:


Now that makes a lot more sense doesn’t it? Husky Jerry is trying to relate to the kid and acknowledges a mutual held difficulty and asks how he has handled that adversity. In that context, Tipton actually looks like a reporter that cares, rather than someone who leads off with a question about death. However in so doing, one things becomes clear:

The Herald Leader CHANGED the wording of a question from what was actually asked before publishing it!

Think about that for a second. Jerry Tipton asked a question…Gilchrist answered it. Then an editor changed what was asked, without acknowledging that in the paper. That means that we got an answer to a question that wasn’t asked! The Herald Leader can respond by saying the edit was “for space”, but it turns out that the actual question was SHORTER THAN THE ONE THEY PUBLISHED! Why would they make such an edit? Probably because it was about Jerry’s personal life and they didn’t want to inject that in the story. But in so doing, they make Tipton seem heartless and take away the context of the question. And if they did it on this question, how many times has the Herald Leader changed a question for “space” edits? Here, it clearly changed the context of the interview. Have they done it before? And in what context? We don’t know.

We know newspapers are digging their own grave. Rick Bozich’s column earlier today was absurd and his arguments were made for a 3rd grade logic comprehension level. But at least he got the quotes right (even if leaving out their origin). The Herald Leader can’t even get that correct, and instead changes quotes and meaning without even so much as an apology or a mea culpa. In so doing, they played loose with the facts and made Jerry Tipton collateral damage. Keep up the good work Herald Leader…every decision seems a bit worse than the last.

Article written by Matt Jones

30 responses to “Herald Leader Falsifies Question…Making Tipton Look Bad in Process”

  1. Sexington

    That was a decent and respectable question asked by Tipton. Why would the HL change it? Are they trying to play up his villain role?

  2. Let's Get Real

    so what. i still say screw tipturd.

  3. kyhank

    Matt did the family make this call, and the school is just backing them up? or did U.K make the call

  4. Tobias Funke

    LHL has some splainin to do

  5. WestWorld

    Never a dull moment in the Big Blue Nation; that’s for sure.

  6. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Yellow journalism FTW!

    Remember, they don’t have to be profitable to do the job they are there for.

    Journalism has been controlling peoples paradigms and view points for years. This is the profit they are interested in. Just ask the owners who keep the sunk ship afloat.

  7. kyhank

    Matt did the family make thi call? or did U.K

  8. lexslamman

    Okay. I think this has gone too far. Tipton and the editor responsible for writing the story need to be reprimanded and perhaps fired.

  9. Magically Delicious

    Aside from the day of the Thamel article, I have never seen KSR and their minions so butthurt… Between the 12 louisville posts and the whole Herald Leader nonsense this is getting comical. Stop crying wolf already. KSR rubs more people’s names in the dirt than all of the news critics combined.

    #butthurt #butthurt #butthurt #butthurt

  10. jaaaayyyyyyyy

    Still completely inappropriate and weird for Tipton to ask in that session, in my opinion. I don’t remember hearing about Deandre Liggins’ family deaths until his junior year. Those aren’t the only UK players who’ve had family deaths early in their lives either. If the HL wants to cover such a story, they should request permission to talk to the player so they can prepare for it. Also, UK staff should better prepare players to feel comfortable declining comments to questions that they don’t feel are appropriate. Often these kids just go ahead and answer whatever is asked. Teach them how to politely dodge or refuse certain questions.

  11. bmt22033

    “Rick Bozich’s column earlier today was absurd and his arguments were made for a 3rd grade logic comprehension level”

    Say what you want about Bozich but he knows who his audience is! 😉

  12. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #9 – Magically Delicious – Crying wolf?

    If you don’t see how a local newspaper posting interview transcripts that are fictionally modified and subequently further modified once posted through deletes without indicating “Edit” at the end of the story (BTW Matt, KSR has done this… – yet your not a newspaper that call’s itself journalism) then you don’t care about factual accuracy at all.

    You care about an agenda. Either as a HL, Louisville supporter, or anti-Matt Jones.

  13. Poco Chang

    How do we know the LHL is telling the truth now? They have been caught lying before. Maybe they are lying about Tipton mentioning his own father.

    Which is more likely?

  14. bluebayou

    9 You obviously don’t get it KSR has never denied what they are while these journalist have been waving the we’re professional and unbiased bs

  15. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #13 – Poco Chang –

    “It is far better to be trusted and respected that it is to be liked.”

    Call it a hat trick for the Yellow Herald

  16. Lori M

    #10, Liggins didn’t legally change his name to honor an uncle who raised him. If it had been written by Rivals, Scout, Andy Katz or others it would have been called a “touching” article.

  17. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #16 – FourThinInches – Let Gilchrist come out with this stuff when the time is right for him. When he’s ready.

    Our first Q & A with freshman college players is not surgical extraction and classless dissection on a biology class frog carcass.

    Your view is polarizing,desensitized, and raw. Maybe a bit caught up in the media?

  18. ThankfulCat

    Still doesn’t justify the rest of the interview.

    Asking about the CPR and then asking what happened?

    He died Jerry, which is what needs to happen to your career at the LHL

  19. Big Blue 4

    KSR: Give it a rest. Viewers come to this site to get UK sports NEWS. Not to read about your pissing match with the Herald-Leader & the Courier-Journal. Leave it to your Twitter account.

  20. Hal


  21. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Does the Herald Leader have a few more interns that can log in an post today?

    That paper is defenseless in this and the continued employment of Jerry Tipton.

  22. HuntsVegas

    much ado about a hairdo. Move on please…..

  23. Hooter

    Tipton is a tad bit douchey, Rick and Rick are jealous, and Louisville SUCKS!!! GO CATS!!

  24. bubbles

    Even beyond that…i feel the whole for questioning was out of line.

  25. jetblue

    Perhaps UK should just make all student athletes unavailable for interview.

  26. Rest in peace Mel Turpin

    Matt is right. The LHL is representing themselves in an unprofessional way. They claim to be journalists and operate by the established practices of a newspaper – which undeniably includes certain ethical standards. In this case, the LHL has been caught unethically changing the story. They are guilty of actions that rightfully degrades their credibility. They are hypocritical and incompetent. The LHL is a dying business that resorts to bending the rules in order to salvage its ability to continue serving customers. However, lying or falsely representing facts is NOT an acceptable approach.

    Tipton should be fired.

    The editor should be fired.

    An apology should be issued to Michael and his family.

    An apology for misrepresenting the interview should be issued to all Kentucky fans and LHL readers.

    Then I’ll let them off the hook. Otherwise, we should support Michael and UK the best way we can – protest LHL and cancel subscriptions. They should be punished for losing the public’s trust in this way.

  27. mitchdoesntcare

    this is Barney way of pay back for last week articles about him

  28. Some Guy in Kentucky

    Maybe, UK should have a UK employee standing right be side any of the players being interviewed, to keep questions relivant to basketball?

  29. Katbluefan

    It is a shame that the LHL, Pitino, L’ville CJ, will use such Low Down Dirty reporting and ways of interviewing players to try and Hurt the UK basketball program and the players. Just because Pitino doesn’t known how to keep his pants on and his buddies think he is alright for such LOWDOWN actions they can attack the Ky players and coaches for not be like them.

  30. TT

    The questions ask to the players should be basketball oriented. Not about the worst experience in someones life. Someone will or should kick Tipton’s ass. I wish Cal and all other UK staff and players should ignore Tipton’s questions. When he asks them a question just simply say, “next”. He is a disgrace.