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Hearns says UK is his favorite, may commit this weekend

Last night, we shared the exciting news that 4-star linebacker James Hearns decommitted from Florida and will visit Kentucky this weekend. Hearns told Rivals’ Justin Rowland that not only are the Cats his favorite, but he very well may commit this weekend:

“I would say they’re my favorite,” Hearns said. “There’s definitely a chance I’ll commit this weekend because of Coach Stoops there.”

Hearns said that he decommitted from Florida because the Gators were unwilling to wait for him to qualify, something he said is in the process of and only has a few classes left to finish. He said Stoops promised to work with him as long as he kept his grades up to qualify by the end of the school year.

Come on down, James.

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24 responses to “Hearns says UK is his favorite, may commit this weekend”

  1. I Say


  2. Atl Blues

    You guys have got to find a way to get Justin Rowland to write for the site. UK football recruiting news right now is basically everyone following his twitter account.

  3. cracka

    could be a big domino while these other high defensive recruits are on the fence

  4. Crazy

    If you watch the video of him, it’s unbelievable. He literally is in on every play that they show. You’d think the other team would realize this and run away from him every now and then. Or just throw it since running is definitely not working. I noticed they even tried changing uniforms to throw him off, but it didn’t work at all.

  5. Big Blue 66

    The Stoops hire was huge…I know he has to prove it on the field, and I know it will take a couple or 3 years to build up to a respectable program, but my goodness has he placed UK in a completely elevated level within the national football community.

  6. Drake

    What is Justin Rowland’s twitter handle?

  7. A little birdie told me...

    that UK sucks at basketball this season! Whooooop!

  8. Chris

    #6 it’s @rowlandrivals

  9. Thanks for Your Input

    Thanks for your brilliant post #7. I just read it but it has already transformed my Life…

  10. UK Football fan

    This is absolutely huge!! Please let this kid get qualified…

  11. Jack Nicklaus

    #4 Crazy….that was dang funny.

  12. Dave

    Come on down James Hearns….

  13. what's the real story

    Hearns says the Gators were unwilling to wait on him to qualify, but he “only has a few classes left to finish”. Something doesn’t quite add up. Why would FL not wait if it appears that it is going to be easy for Hearns to qualify. I’m guessing its not such an easy road for him to gain eligibility. Not saying UK shouldn’t take a chance on him, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him have to go the JUCO route even if he does commit to UK. FL must not think he’s going to be on the field next year.

  14. Crazy....

    11….Just when I was feeling under-appreciated….

  15. Ukalum

    Hearns was have to qualify to get into UF but he went on visits while committed, and their is another Florida prospect out of Daytona that Florida really wanted I figure the new DC thought if he isn’t 100% for UF that it was better to try and get the other prospect. According to a South Carolina blog heavens will visit UK but will decide between SC UL and Houston. They are so full of themselves.

  16. Pleasse

    Im guessing (hoping) that florida just had a bit of a log jam and found somebody else they wanted to use scholarships on at positions of higher priority (hopefully not timmoms or hatcher). Im hoping muschamp and co are just using academics as a way to get off the hook and not grt a reputation for recruiting over prospects and pulling peoples scholarships. (Like petrino always did to jefferson county guys while he was at UL).

    Im not saying this is the case, just saying that simce he sounds so certain he will make grades that this is hopefully what happened. Because the other scenario that im in denial about is that hes actually unlikely to make grades. Go stoops!

  17. NL

    I really hope this guy can qualify…he had offers from Florida, Alabama, LSU, and Notre Dame. This kid can really play

  18. Bird in Kentucky

    This would be awesome!

  19. please let this be true

    Hope we get this kid, can we go ahead and nickname him “hit man”?

  20. I Say

    I really dont get it, high school is a cake walk, at least mine was anyways. Meade Pride!

  21. Alan

    Didn’t Florida just get a 5 star linebacker that decommited from Notre Dame after Brian Kelly visited the Eagles 2 weeks back?? Could that be the reason for a log jam at linebacker?

  22. Ol' Ball Coach

    If this kid can’t get it together academically he can always go to the Juco in Alabama known as Auburn. I hear they’ll take anybody!

  23. MadTex

    You’re all a bunch of numb nuts – the kid is going to VMI!!!!

  24. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    4 lol