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Happy President’s Day! (Monday Show Thread)

Most of you have the day off to celebrate whatever it is we’re supposed to celebrate on Presidents Day, so we’re expecting a lot of listeners on this morning’s edition of Kentucky Sports Radio radio. Just keep those PJs on, fire up the radio, sit back and let Matt and the gang get all presidential for the next two hours to kick off your holiday Monday right.

Give us a call at (502) 571-1080 or send a text to the resurrected TEXTING MACHINE at (317) 385-5148.

Today’s topics include:

— Kentucky wins

— Mike Tomlin’s grumpiness

— Nerlens Noel’s visit

— Mississippi State

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

386 responses to “Happy President’s Day! (Monday Show Thread)”

  1. Kentucky State Police

    There have been recent reports of a predator operating under the alias “Mr. Dude”, making contact with hundreds of young children across the state through emails. “Mr. Dude” lures the children into conversation with promises of tickets to sporting events and Van Halen concerts. ”Mr. Dude” has shown aggressive tendencies towards women, and questionable taste in allegiances. Parents are urged to contact the KSP if their child has had any email contact with Mr. Dude.

  2. Paducah Patty

    Anybody else see Bopper and Mark, Clay Countians, on the The Amazing Race last night? They were hilarious and fed into every stereotype. They sported UK gear. Matt you need to get them on the show!

  3. GBB

    How is Linsanity affecting Jortsmania?

  4. Paducah Patty

    #1 LOL!!

  5. Keyzer Soze

    Matt, what ever happened to Ric Flair being on the show?

  6. Mr. Obvious

    Go to and vote for Coach Cal for COACH OF THE YEAR!! He’s currently in 2nd in the early voting!!

  7. mj

    #1 that is hilarious

  8. Travis

    #1’s Post >>> Anyone who says, “FIRST” and thinks they’re cool #BeOriginal

  9. McGhee

    8- except you just ruined it by typing “first” in your comment and giving it attention. Fail.

  10. Beth B

    #1- Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. Laker Cat 18

    Ryan, good meeting you yesterday man. Sorry for the delay in the game.

  12. McDougal

    Why no love for Darius on Sportscenter??

  13. Paducah Patty

    Ryan’s exuberance is great on a Monday morning!!

  14. cats r back

    You’ve got to talk about the Amazing Race. Clay county at its finest.

  15. Jordon

    What did Coach O say to Darius in the timeout prior to Darius’s huge dunk in the first half? Also what were they yelling back and forth to each after the dunk?

  16. fb>bb

    #6 They know we will vote for a Kentucky coach to win so they are just trying to split the vote between Prohm & Cal.

  17. KingTut

    Beef in the butts???

  18. Paducah Patty

    Tom Leach had a nice interview with Mike Tomlin!!

  19. KevininDallas

    Beef and Butts and 6 inches all mentioned in the first 5 minutes of the show. This could be top 3 show.

  20. Travis

    Tou-che…but I was just trying to make a valid point. Ya know? 🙂

  21. Wildcat4life

    #1 lmao

  22. line 4 says

    get me fixed

  23. Paducah Patty

    Tomlin said “You know what you did to Nate, Matt JOnes!!

  24. Al's IndiCats

    Tomlin’s a good guy, stoppen in the middle of Pittsburgh’s airport and gave a high 5 to my grand daughter who was wearing a Steelers jersey.

  25. Echo 1

    Does Mr dude drive a van with a sign advertising free candy?

  26. slingblade carl

    I see’d that flat top feller on the t v . Saturdee. mmmmmmmmmmmm
    Is he a comin here? mmmmmmmmmmm

  27. ryan

    Laker Cat 18 – a wild scene for sure. i called a bunch of my friends to tell them what happened. the northern pulaski bookkeepper was not going to quit until it was resolved, was he?

  28. wicked

    Tomlin is still on msn’s front page

  29. kyrobman

    WORK- Give an interview, he makes how many millions of Dollars.

  30. Bkidd

    what are the uk/ncaa records for dunks in a season because anthony davis has a million dunks?

  31. Renardo Sidney

    I’m gonna eat Davis for dinner Tuesday night.
    Literally….I’m gonna eat him.

  32. Travis

    Is Tomlin as big in person as he looks on the sidelines? Dude looks like he could have played fullback.

  33. Jirvin

    Drew, I need some Taco Bell coupons!

  34. line 4

    get line 5 fixed

  35. kyrobman

    You get enough?

  36. ryan

    KingTut – always a good show when you can start by talking about beef and butts

  37. ThankfulCat

    Indiana lost to Iowa!!!!!!!!!!!




  38. kyrobman

    I thought it made him look like a JERK.

  39. bung

    cotton nash had 30 rebounds against ol miss once

  40. Paducah Patty

    He was there to support the CATS so the local folks should back off!!


    Win by 12 Tuesday night.

  42. kyrobman

    Must have been a PMS day.

  43. ryan

    Kentucky State Police – best first post in the history of first posts on KSR!


    Get over it Tomlin was just wanting to watch the next champs!!!!

  45. UK Alum 02

    When do we get to hear the story about Ashley Judd’s Publicist?

  46. The Big Blue Needle

    Drew would have had a very similar reaction if someone would have put a camera on him while digging into a Double-Decker at his local Taco Bell.

  47. ryan

    i really like Mike Tomlin, and I feel bad he’s getting all this negative publicity, but he’s gotta be responsible for his actions, don’t you think?

  48. Paducah Patty

    Maybe Tomlin had just got a text about Big Ben hanging out in women’s restrooms.

  49. kyrobman

    Ronald Regan- was the mans man.

  50. Paducah Patty

    Ronald Reagan first and best President I ever voted for!!

  51. UK ALL DAY

    Miller will play in the

  52. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Will John Short’s reporter hat be like Tomlin’s? I think he could pull it off.

  53. BEAVIS606

    Liberal Sports Radio!

  54. ktmiln2

    No one knows the exact origin of “In the Pines.”

  55. big tim
  56. ryan

    kyrobman – a man’s man! i feel better about my choice now that John Short backed me up

  57. Give me a break

    Matt get off John Short’s jock strap
    Gee weez

  58. Laker Cat 18

    27. He’s a nut, but we all are at times LOL. He means well and honestly, if it weren’t for his intensity, nothing would have been done about the issue. Hated to not have a true championship game though.

  59. Tres Googles

    2012-1967= 45 Kurt is shaking his head. Vandy fan, not alum, right?

  60. Paducah Patty

    That dude used his free speech to slam the word Santorum because Santorum used his free speech to give his opininon

  61. ryan

    Paducah Patty – me too! I should have said that was my reason. Did you hear your shout out from Matt?

  62. Jimi Garden of Eden

    48…nice one Patty…

  63. Give me a break

    Can we talk about basketball???

  64. kyrobman

    Try and do that with Obama and see what happens, he is like teflon nothing sticks to him.

  65. kentuckycarter

    FAVORITE PRESIDENT: President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman Independence Day)”I saw their thougts, I saw what they’re planning to do. They’re like locusts……”

  66. truefan

    Someone did the same thing for Romney

  67. Turkish

    What was Darius saying to the bench after he posterized Buckner? I thought I caught a “leggooo” but what else was he spraying? Seemed angry.

  68. Paducah Patty

    Yes I did Ryan!! Thanks Matt! Thanks #62!

  69. line 4

    get that flat top fellow

  70. Mr5Below

    The frothy mix of lube!! LMAO!!

  71. Paducah Patty

    #64 Not even a glob of santorum

  72. The Sandinista's

    We loved Ronald Regan!!! Viva La Revolucion!!!

  73. srwhit4

    Matt I could not disagree with you more about Noel and Syracuse

  74. Give me a break

    If I was Shabazz I wouldn’t go to UK
    To much racism. The only time white people in UK like African Americans is when they dribble a ball wearing a UK jersey

  75. kyrobman

    I want Noel and Bazz both. That will be some fun basketball.

  76. Mrrykismis

    Pardon my ignorance, but how does Noel get to sit behind the UK bench on an unofficial visit?

  77. 502Cat

    If we get Noel and not Muhammad, could we still be the #1 recruiting class?

  78. Walden

    Matt, give me your thoughts on the advantage of playing the SEC tourny in the same building the final 4 is being played in. It’s got to be huge for the cats to get 2-3 games under their belt in the superdome a month before playing deep in the NCAA tournament, your thoughts?

  79. no spin

    stay off the damn politics,i tune in for uk bb and getting sick of it!

  80. Andy P.

    Wise up, Matt. When you say Google to their credit does not engage in censorship it all depends on whose ox is being gored. Trust me, if someone had created something offensive and called it obama, it would never have seen the light of day on Google.

  81. bballjoker

    Hey, what was that song that had the guitar riff going into the commercial break just now (10:30)

  82. McDougal

    Wayne Turner has 131 wins, Darius has 112.

  83. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Dorky Geng would scare anyone away,he can tell you this in 5 languages…

  84. bung

    good to see a fiddler at Rupp

  85. Paducah Patty

    Come on no spin, the varied topics are one of the reasons this show can’t be missed everyday!

  86. srwhit4

    78 – Yes we will still have #1 class. If we lose them both we have a shot at #1 still if we were to land like Bennett, Pollard and the center on Poythress’ team. Maybe even just two of those.

  87. ktmiln2

    Led Belly was crazy. He killed like two people and kept getting pardons because he was such a good songwriter. He wrote, “House of the Rising Sun” “Black Betty” and “Midnight Special”

  88. ryan

    Give me a break – you can’t fix stupid, and you are stupid!!!!!

  89. Paducah Patty

    Several Presidents have landed at the Barkley Field, the Paducah Airport!

  90. LynchMobJr

    The reason that the front court does matter Matt is because the more quality big men you have, the more the minutes are spread around. I know that Noel will start for the Orange if he goes there, but if he were to have some struggles as a freshman, there are 3 McD All American big men (for the most part, Melo, Coleman, and Christmas) right behind him ready to step in and take advantage. At Kentucky, he might stuggle some as well but he is more a need and will have to learn while in the game. Now I could be wrong, but I think it does matter who is one the team.

    Think about all top recruits who wait til spring to decide who leaves and stay……Lamb, Knight, etc…

  91. BEAVIS606


  92. The Big Blue Needle

    Nerlens Noel cares about Gorgui Dieng like I do an avalanche causing fart in Bell County

  93. Paducah Patty

    Loving the Murray State Talk!!

  94. Mr. Obvious

    Go to and vote for Coach Cal for COACH OF THE YEAR!! He’s closing in on Prohm for first place!!

  95. 502Cat

    Matt said something about Huhammad going to UCLA and them having the #1 recruiting class. I was just wondering how, even if we get Noel which is the new #1 player in the class.

  96. Paducah Patty

    Nate you know what you did!!!

  97. ryan

    in this day and age, i believe noel won’t want to share his minutes with anybody. i think noel sees nobody looking over his shoulder at uk, and sees Melo and Coleman ready to take some of his minutes at Syracuse

  98. wicked


  99. The Truth

    Listen To Me! Listen To Me!

  100. Paducah Patty

    What the hell is Nate talking about???

  101. oh baloney

    matt’s gettin spanked!!

  102. UKSoCal

    87- Did you not read that link? Google wouldn’t remove it. The site operator took it down…

  103. 502Cat

    Nate is really mad!

  104. Bleed Blue in Nashville

    Nate is not real

  105. Another Perspective

    Jay Bilas said that Murray State was “in” before that game with St. Mary’s. He said there’s no way a team with their record with wins against Dayton, South Florida, and Memphis is not gonna make it in.

  106. Paducah Patty

    Nate back off!!!

  107. The Big Blue Needle

    I know for a fact that Nerlens Noel was texting derogatory things about Nate’s family during the game Saturday.

  108. Adam

    “LOLOLOL why’d America assassinate my character?” – Kanye West, Watch the Throne.

    Nate and Kanye. Both brilliant.

  109. FakeJoeBHall

    Why doesn’t Lamb Dunk ?

  110. Wildcat4life

    Nate about ready to put the smack down on Matt

  111. Laker Cat 18

    This is great. Don’t question this man’s intelligence.

  112. Paducah Patty

    Nate and Kevin slap nuts in a cage match!

  113. Echo 1

    Nate is about a sentence away from an epo.

  114. thegoosewasgolden

    matt this is when you need to hang-up

  115. wicked


  116. 502Cat

    Nate doesn’t even know what he is talking about.

  117. KingTut

    Nate, go back to smoking crack. At least we know that they didn’t read anything Matt wrote about him…

  118. David E.

    Nate, you’re an idiot. Wait? What am I thinking? There’s no way Nate can read. lol

  119. Zack

    REPORT: Local radio host found murdered in roadside ditch in rural eastern kentucky.

  120. srwhit4

    Does anyone know wtf happened? I do agree with Nate on a few points… about Matt attacking some peoples character on the show.

  121. KCK

    Nate is REALLY pissed off. Wow. Better watch your back, Matt. And avoid the hills of Eastern Kentucky.

  122. Shawn

    I got your back Matt.

  123. Mark

    Matt Jones v. Nate at WrestleMania, in a steel cage!

  124. JJB

    Nate, BRING IT!!!

  125. Communist Carl

    That may have been one of the strangest call’s I’ve ever heard

  126. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Wow…Nate is pissed…

  127. fake barney

    That interview went really well

  128. ryan

    The Big Blue Needle – ha! best post of the day so far

  129. jetblue

    Don’t worry Matt ill

  130. KateKat

    Nate sounds unhinged!

  131. The Other Amy

    Hey, I don’t like Nate. I admit it. He is a redneck idiot.

  132. DDB

    Nate whatever Matt said or didn’t say, you just verified it.

  133. Paducah Patty

    Shannon the dude and Drew, make sure Matt gets to his car safely today.

  134. dave

    i think a couple weeks ago u did compare Nate to Ernest T in some sort of manner, cant remember specifics

  135. Echo 1

    I suddenly hear dueling banjos.

  136. Bleed Blue in Nashville

    His voice was cracking, I think that he is scared

  137. Rick Roy

    Nate- You and your family are a bunch of imbred chicken fookers!

  138. Nate's son

    hey matt jone you know what u did and we ALL gon fine u and git u when u come up in here my daddy aint no ernest t. he uh otis.

  139. CatsFanInKnoxville

    Maybe Matt can meet Nate for It’s Just Lunch!

  140. Give me a break

    I came on your Matt Jones ego filled website to raise awareness of the blant racism that exists at your university. This is black history month and have you said one thing about African Americans contribution to UK!!

    Go elsewhere Shabazz and Nerlens

    The KKK on the side of Rupp should have been you first clue…

  141. JJB

    I told Nate you wanted to meet him behind the bleachers after last period. Good luck.

  142. The Big Blue Needle

    As far back in the woods as Nate lives, he doesn’t see 25 people in 2 years time.

  143. Shawn

    After that call I’d like to spit some Beachnut in Nates eye.

  144. Turtle Man Fan

    hey matt meet with nate….its just lunch

  145. ak40099

    i was just about to get on here and tell matt to stop being a jerk to ryan today, but i think you got your comeupins lol nate is pretty upset

  146. Big Red

    Matt, you know what you said about my son. signed, Ms. Gilchrist

  147. bigcatelswick

    Nate will be at the Cracker Barrel in Middlesboro on the day of the Grand Opening..

  148. BCO

    i loled at 147…

  149. ryan

    i married an eastern KY girl, so I know for a fact that you don’t mess around with folks from the mountains. they know how to kill a person and hide body where it will never be found.

  150. Andrew

    #140, Can we get a definition for blant racism whenever you get a chance?

  151. KateKat

    Typical redneck idiot ready to fight and doesn’t even know why. I really hope he never calls the show again. Feeds into every bad stereotype there is about Kentuckians!

  152. Zack

    You guys better start traveling in pairs

  153. Hoss

    Nate’s too stupid for his own good.

    “They Said” is all you need to know, Matt.

    3rd-hand info and he’s too stupid to discern that. Move on.

  154. Paducah Patty

    #135 I hear someone squealing like a pig

  155. KCK

    I think we should sponsor a Tag Team rasslin’ match, pairing Nate and Bill Lamb against Ryan and Matt. Talk about the Pay Per View revenue.

  156. bigcatelswick

    140 — What are you talking about? really? 2012 bub

  157. bung

    i hate when thangs are blant….

  158. srwhit4

    141 – stfu and get the hell off the show thread you idiot.

  159. JB

    I think Nate’s daughter, Bambi, just had a baby girl and named her Candy.

  160. BCO

    Hey Matt,

    Bell County’s ATV Park (Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park) will be again featured on the most popular ATV show on television in Fishers ATV World on the Outdoor Channel on Feb 27 a 4 and 9 PM.

    If youll help us promote this a little…its a big thing for Bell County…Ill go fight Nate for you.

  161. Jared

    I think Matt and Nate should have an Its Just Lunch and hash things out.

  162. Dave Ramsey

    Nate’s friends heard me talking about “doing stupid with zeroes on the end”
    and thought I was talking about him.

  163. Jamal Meeks

    I think Nate needs a good ass kicking. Don’t know why Matt bothers with the jerkoff.

  164. Tres Googles

    Nate is a huge Kurt Cobain fan. He’s upset you said Kurt would have been 46 today.

  165. David E.

    People get offended when you talk politics because they’re too uninformed or stupid to keep up.

    Politics are relevant to everyday life, including sports. Lighten the hell up, join in, or shut the hell up whining about the show topics.

  166. Nate's a Fake

    Nate doesn’t even know what the crap he’s mad about, BULLCRAP. And how in the heck does Nate know the word Deragatory????? That was frightening that he even pronounced the word correctly.

    He’s just trying to create one of those “characters” built up for the show. I thought you didn’t want that Matt? smh

    15 minutes of fame.

    Not worth talking about, move on! Doesn’t Ryan have some political viewpoints to share or something?

  167. Nathan

    It’s obvious that Nate can be influenced by circumstantial evidence.

  168. FakeJoeBHall

    If Matt likes anybody I’ll sale you a Volvo dealership in Shively.

  169. Give me a break

    Where “Darkies” are happy and gay…WTF??

  170. The Other Amy

    Matt and Ryan being too nice!! Forget about him

  171. pissedoff

    i got nate for $10, first round knock out!

  172. Mr. President, dis DeMarcus Cousins

    Nate, get your faycts straight. Lol.

  173. Rusty Shackleford

    you don’t know who I am but I know where you live even if I don’t know what you said

  174. ryan

    KCK – i’ll go spider-monkey on someone if they say something derogatory about my family!

  175. Paducah Patty

    140 you have a right to your opinion even if it is stupid!!

  176. cat nasty

    have listen to you Matt since the early pod cast days..You have over the years rubbed people the wrong way in a fun way..95% of people take it in fun but there are “thin-skinned” people who take everything personal..I still like Nat but he needs to grow-up a little..

  177. theTruth

    go back to the podcasts over the holidays and find out what was said.

  178. Kenny H

    119 Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch. Switch to Direct TV.

  179. HugoCabrera

    Fake Barney, where are you? Things are getting intense…we need a song.

  180. Big Red

    Matt, Nate must thnk you asked Romena to it’s just lunch?

  181. Nates uncle


    You better go back and listen to your recordings before you declare your innocence.

  182. Nate-Redneck

    You know what did Matt!!!!!!!I don’t know you did, but you know.

  183. Foghorn Leghorn

    Nate, I say Nate’s got Matt confused with someone he heard on the Fox noise. That boy’s about as sharp as a bowlin ball.

  184. Paducah Patty

    Matt don’t stop being you! Nate does not represent the majority of your fans!

  185. BEAVIS606

    Mark sounds so exciting.

  186. it's just nate

    bring it on big boy

  187. wicked

    Damn forgot about amazing race

  188. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Give me a break is Nate…

  189. Digger Phelps Cousin

    Nate vs. “Handsome” Jimmy, Loser Leave Town Match!

  190. HugoCabrera

    I can’t believe Nate would be so threatening on this day, the day 50 years ago that John Glenn first orbited Earth.

  191. BCO

    While we’re talking about southeast Kentucky being on national TV…Bell Countys “Mountain Drive” area (aka Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park) will be on the Outdoor Channel on Feb 27 at 4 PM, 9 PM, and 12:30 AM.

    We need help spreading the word so everyone tunes in, bud! Its good anytime southeast KY gets good PR instead of bad.

  192. Jay In Lyndon

    Packer/”Handsome” Jimmy vs. Dickie V/Nate, Steel Cage Match!

  193. Dave Ramsey

    #153 Well, it is National Love Your Pet Day.

    Paducah Patty Says:
    February 20th, 2012 at 10:44 am

    #135 I hear someone squealing like a pig

  194. Amy with a Y

    I’m kinda concerned for Matthew’s safety. Seriously. He was very upset. Plus, if Matt has never met that guy he could walk right up to him and he would never even know.

  195. Brian

    I think you compared Nate to Howard Sprague… not that is offensive.

  196. Give me a break

    I feel bad for the slaves that dribble that “cotton” I mean basketball for UK

  197. Paducah Patty

    Nate is Kevin’s brother from another mother!

  198. thegoosewasgolden

    i hate to admit it but i love slap-nut’s calls

  199. dave

    First time i have agreed with Slapnuts

  200. Mark

    Kevin’s excited about that huge win over DePaul.

  201. wicked

    i dont think nate will accept your apology

  202. KingTut

    Uh, Slap Nuts, I don’t think you’re Nate’s kinda people brother…

  203. The Big Blue Needle

    Worse? Being compared to Kevin Slap Nuts or Ernest T. Bass?

  204. Kenny H

    Hey Slap Nuts u had a tough game at Depaul – Louisville First to go OT with Depaul.

  205. Jamal Meeks

    Matt the only way to solve this is you need to go one on one with Nate.

  206. Give me a break

    Great another shoe shining UK caller

  207. Jax Teller

    Can’t believe I missed Nate’s call. I’ve been in meetings all morning, guess I’ll have to make sure I listen to the podcast today.

  208. thewaitfor8

    Nobody goes to the Depaul games up there. A friend of mine went there for the game and said close lowers were 15 dollars. It’s a fun trip and only a couple more hours than Nashville. Easy game for a lot of the UofL fans to go to.

  209. ryan

    brian – we used your Howard Sprauge line. good one!

  210. DDB

    Matt, I hope you don’t wake up tonight with a horse’s head in your bed.

  211. Paducah Patty

    I watched a great Documentary on HBO this weekend, the Loving Story. It was very good, however it is rated NFN, not for Nate.

  212. Sir Dunks-A-Lot

    Watch out Matt, Nate’s uncle-brother and aunt-niece are gonna be waiting for you after the show. The fact the Nate would call the show to publically threaten you for something that he didn’t even hear for himself is ridiculous. Screw Nate and his backwoods crap. He needs to apologize and get that chip off his shoulder. I enjoy when Nate calls but he needs to get over himself.

  213. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Surprised ul fans could even find Chicago…

  214. BEAVIS606

    Tossing salads

  215. The dude

    Angeo’s Commercial sounds like it should be done by Pitino.

  216. Nate's an ass

    Nate is ole dumb redneck that has no common sense. And 139, you’re a piece of trash!

  217. Paducah Patty

    I think Nate and Matt need a couples counseling session with Fake Barney!!

  218. Tobias Funke

    Nate is typical for close-minded right wing nuts. He is angry at the world he sees changing around him and blames anyone that’s not a white male for his troubles. Bet he loves Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

  219. Give me a break

    Wake up my people the only time the people of Kentucky care about you is when you pick their cotton=dribble that ball

  220. Paducah Patty

    Great show and thread so far today. So glad I had President’s Day off.

  221. wicked

    Look at all the redneck and hillbilly comments, that is the reason he is mad in the first place.

  222. Lakesidecatsfan

    Nate must of been married to Annie, and matt got her out of her drunken funk. That’s when she left ole Nate. He is just mad his best drinking buddy is gone.

  223. Paducah Patty

    Let’s just ignore a certain person on the thread, that is what I do in my classroom when a child is constantly trying to get negative attention.

  224. Rixter

    Nate sounds like he missed the casting call for ‘Deliverance’

  225. David E.

    Give me a break – get off line. The unemployment office is open now. Go pretend to look for a job.

  226. The Big Blue Needle

    After further review… I am near concluding that Nate is a “fake” caller. You can’t sound that dumb and possess the ability to use a cellular device.

  227. bung

    which Presidents were born in Ky and were President at the same time?

  228. Mr. President, dis DeMarcus Cousins

    Drew, you mentioned last week on the show thread that you have western Kentucky connections. Are you from here and/or did you work in this area?

  229. Sir Dunks-A-Lot

    @Tobias Funke- close minded? You don’t know Nate’s politics. You are the close-minded fool here. Nate is making a stupid mistake, but his politics has nothing to do with his issue with Matt. Take your liberal crap to another site.

  230. Nate's an ass

    219, he is a redneck and a hillbilly. Maybe the truth hurts.

  231. Andrew

    Something tells me that Nate knows the hill from the holler, that burley is tobacco, and that Athens is pronounced Ay-thens.

  232. Kenny H

    211 they took 60 buses and one broke down before it crossed the Ohio.

  233. Zack

    219 you really think Nate reads this show thread, or knows what a show thread is for that matter.

  234. BEAVIS606

    This louisvillehelpwanted ad is sexy

  235. Lakesidecatsfan

    Amen patty, it’s sad that kids have to get negative attention, just so they get attention. Makes ya feel sorry for them when they aren’t at school, cause it’s the only place they are truly cared for.

  236. bung

    nate sounds like a nice normal ky feller to me…he just got a little mad…

  237. Hoss

    Jax- Do it. You have to. It’s gonna be pre-req for KSR starting this summer.

  238. Don Hobbs

    168, Since you are in the mode of reading old state songs lyrics and not using Spell Check, have you considered reading this one? I hope for your sake you are not an ACC fan.

  239. Mr. President, dis DeMarcus Cousins

    Classy move to give the tickets to the kids for the Ole Miss game. Kudos to UK for giving the kids some extra stuff, too.

  240. Biggass Hungguy

    Maybe you should have pointed that little 8 y/o girl out to Mike Tomlin so he would stop being such a jerk and appreciate the fact he gets front row seats to the game.

  241. bluebiscuit

    #215, Paducah Patty you are getting some good lines today. Fake Barney could turn Matt and Nate’s conflict into a teachable moment.

  242. Kidnut

    Sounds like he is complaining

  243. wicked

    Matt making fun of the way some ky people talk, is not very professional at all.

  244. jjjjjjjjjj

    There IS not holiday called “Presidents Day”. The official name for this day is “Washington’s Birthday (Observed)”. There’s no such thing as President’s Day. Look it up and see.

  245. Jimi Garden of Eden

    230…that explains the overtime…I guess?

  246. Give me a break

    Ignore what you want Paducah Patty
    But we are know the tree that hung black people still grows in front on the Fayette county court house…I hope UK goes down on the first round of the tournament so you can no longer exploit Black People…

    There’s a KKK on the side of Rupp for a reason


  247. Hoss

    239- waste of time on a waste of a human.

  248. Petethamelslazyeye

    These guys are not robots.

  249. Zack

    Send drew out first

  250. wicked

    And he knows he has done it several times, thats not cool.