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Guess Who’s Back! Thamel Returns With More


They say you can’t keep a good man down. Well the same is also likely true of a troll, as tonight we witness the return of Pete Thamel on his “All Cal, All the Time” pursuit. The latest story is, by Thamel standards, rather tame. Thamel writes that Nerlens Noel has two NCAA investigators looking into his eligibility. Apparently two people with the NCAA went to Noel’s high school and asked questions about his background and those around him. The school’s principal describe the visit by saying, “It was a conversation, very collegial. That was really it. They didn’t ask me any investigative-type questions.” Thamel notes that a “person briefed on the inquiry” says that the NCAA will also be looking into Noel’s personal finances.

All in all, the story seems at this point to be much ado about nothing. Breaking news…the NCAA is investigating the #1 player in America to see if he is eligible after Thamel himself wrote a story (that included no concrete facts or allegations) saying that Noel might need to be looked into. Thank you Pete, it is great to have you and your smug grin back in our lives.

Article written by Matt Jones

105 responses to “Guess Who’s Back! Thamel Returns With More”

  1. Ricky Bobby


  2. Ricky Bobby

    Read the article and still got first

  3. Thameltoe

    I have no life!!

  4. The Train

    It will one day catch up with you Mr. Jones hence your posting of a little article. Some things are too just too good to be true. Sleeping with one eye opened waiting for someone to take away your precious number 8. Man this must tiring defending something that will soon not exist. Think Columbia House 10 CDs for a penny right?

  5. Horny UK fan

    Screw him…..he is a DOUCHE with nothing better to do. Love the hate Thameltoe!

  6. BTI

    We need to get Hunter McClintock to transfer. Kid reminds me of a white Allen Iverson who tries in practice. He has integrity that even the mighty Thamel will appreciate.

  7. The Dude

    For his next article, Thamel investigates Coach Cal’s ties to organized gambling, following Cal being seen at Churchill Downs on Saturday.

  8. GrumpyOldDude

    I’m not necessarily worried about us, but IS there anything to it? Thamel is toll, make no mistake.

  9. Roofus Howls

    Would he be eligible for an academic scholarship?

    Did he ask the same principal if the valedictorian of Nerlens’ class made the Jordan Brand game or was offered a full ride in basketball at a D-1 school?


  10. Weightloss Jason

    I think he actually envies the Wildcats and wishes he could be part of the #BBN! Well he can but we have to do an investigation with his preschool teacher bc there is questions that he used a regular sized crayon and not the large ones to color with!

  11. Ricky Bobby

    @thetrain 8 is still hanging and doesn’t look like its coming down yet. Shut up go cheer for a team that doesn’t win national championships “L1 seen the final 4” only to lose

  12. BTI

    Matt Jones bringing clarity in an unclear world. Burrrr.

  13. IndyKat

    Hmm….Thamel targeting a story on a UK recruit or player, that seems odd!?!?! So you are telling me the NCAA verifies a players eligibility!?!?! I did not think they had any rules!

  14. GoCats2010

    8. common place. They investigate players all the time, they just don’t normally leak it to their top media troll. NCAA does this regularly…notice no more word on the Shabazz investigation…BECAUSE HE’S NOT COMMITTED TO UK

  15. weems

    9. and Matt: It doesn’t say he was asked if he would qualify for an academic scholarship. It said he was asked: “if Noel would qualify academically for a scholarship.” That means if he would make the academic requirements to be eligible for Div I play.

    It’ll be fine. Coach Cal knows that Thamel and Tipton are constantly working to take him down. So I’m sure he and Sandy Bell have everything sorted well before the trolls start feeding.

  16. Killaman72

    Usually when I think of someone as a troll I don’t follow them on Twitter. I guess if Thamel had been a UK fan he may have changed his mind about Calipari.

  17. The Train

    Why is that your the only school that is questioned after you win? Not Duke, not UNC, not L1C4 if we won would we sit here and have to answer these allegations the answer is no. We would celebrate it and KNOW we won it the right way. No your right you all will probably never get in trouble with the NCAA only having 55 employees and 5 in the department of enforcement. All probably all on your payroll because winning is everything right?

  18. The Train (Wreck)

    17 – Go trim your line beard and get another tattoo troll boy

  19. Bradley

    17. Ironic name for a Card fan considering we’ve run a train on your team 4 times in a row. Have a little self respect and make us work for it for a change.

  20. PJ

    Amazing, this comes out at the same time there are academic fraud questions raised with UNC basketball…No guess which one gets the most coverage.

  21. weems

    17. (a) You should have stopped with “Not Duke, Not UNC”. Your argument was still flawed, but it at least wasn’t pitiful. But when you say “L1C4 if we won” then you’re honestly trying to argue what you MIGHT have done IF you had been investigated IF you had won the championship. It just seems sad and makes me think: “Aw. Bless his heart.”

    (b) Your = possessive pronoun. You’re = a contraction for you are. Just doing what I can.

  22. Dawn

    Just call him Ahab.

  23. Real Cats Fan

    17, I heard your momma was the locomotive in a train one time. Whoooo-hoooo!!

    So you are going to try to tell us that you were not sweating some bullets back in the 90’s with Samaki-gate? If not for a slick lawyer with former NCAA ties getting Louisville out of hot water on a technicality, they would have faced a post season ban and possibly worse.

    Other schools get investigated by the NCAA too. It’s just that the spotlight is a bit brighter for UK. Haters are gonna hate – you should know that.

  24. kaboom

    If the ncaa has time and resources to waste investigating a lead from a crackpot reporter like him, they better as sure be looking into whatever BS is going on in at UNC.

  25. sensor

    Why was this post move from its original 10pm slot? I’m confused.

  26. Gaver

    Just like the NYT, Thamal is a non factor. I would expect all the top recruits get looked at. Cal is no fool and he knows Kentucky and has always known Kentucky will be under the microscope. Since the Emory package day, thanks Eddie, we will always be a target for losers like Thamal. Cal wouldn’t want the demise of the greatest program in history on his resume. Let the good times roll. We have the best coach and team. That breeds jealousy. GFY Thamal!

  27. The Train

    You beat a team with no NBA players on it by 9. You had 6 NBA players and one of them was a superstar. Your whole history of existence has been tainted. But again I believe that good will win out. Next year is 12/31/12 win, number one overall seed and win in Atlanta. Let’s get ready for round 3 shall we

  28. JBR

    Where are all those idiots that harassed Bennett on twitter? Why don’t we box them up and send them after Thamel every time he does this.

  29. 6th Grader

    #17 The Train. Do you even know English and how to put a simple sentence together?

  30. Cory

    @27 for Louisville “there’s always next year”

  31. Hahahaha

    @TheTrain, to think that Louisville is the embodiment of good is just laughable. If The state of Kentucky was a western, UK would be the good, and Louisville would be the bad and the ugly. UK represents the state and UL can’t even hold on to their city in which there is a majority of UK fans. The good guy always wins, and haven’t you seen the movies? The good guy has the flashy gunslinger mentality and the new shiny pistols. That would be Coach Cal and UK. Louisville would be the old civilian killing lawless outlaw with a posse. UK wins every time and all the time. It just makes sense.

  32. Brent

    26 Gaver has it right in saying, “just like the NYT, Thamal is a non factor.” There is absolutely no need to waste my time with anything that comes from Thamel. Just one of several that tries to build a name for themselves by hating and writing an article full of misleading half truths.

  33. Chi-TownCat

    Get the Twitter bashers out on this little piece of rat sh*t

  34. Usernametaken

    Train – Good will win out? Tainted history? At last count Louisville has had just as many probations as Kentucky, including the more recent one. And when is this good going to win out? UK has been kicking ass for most of the past 80 years now.

  35. bigredbleedsblue

    Train, you are a fool! Idiots like you are perfect examples why ul is one of the biggest jokes of a fanbase there is!

  36. Pete Thamel

    Ohhh, ohhh, I’m in ecstasy getting all you guys riled up. Come here and rub my nipples. Ohhh, ohhh, I’m so excited!

  37. Chi-TownCat

    #27 The Tranny keep wishing that they find something on us we have dominated you with and WITHOUT NBA players excuses dont win championships hence why you have plenty of excuses and we have 8 championships

  38. Cszukis

    Another jacka– , find something else

  39. UK Freshmen

    If ya can’t stand the heat……

  40. trouljaboy

    Haters gonna hate

  41. BTI

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. Just sayin’.

  42. Rae

    Gotta love tradition, right?

  43. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark! bark! bark! bark! yap! bark! yap! yap! bark! yap! bark!

  44. Lisa

    What a complete jerk! his face makes me sick!

  45. scott_72

    thamel is a bitch why dont he come here to good ol state of ky and show that smug little grin.

  46. Usernametaken

    This has now made ESPN’s basketball section. Gee, and no mention of North Carolina’s academic fraud issues…

  47. UKBlue

    Every so called reporter is trying to make a name for themselves, win a Pulitzer, and bag a trophy catch like trying to take down a UK or whoever. Thamel is too stupid & greedy to understand that Cal & Sandy Bell are just begging to take out & take on a douche bag like Thamel & make an example out of them.

  48. Head Bussa

    46 — I just laugh when I think about how Kentucky is always in the news, whether its their doing or not. People are just so damn interested in Kentucky. Pete Thamel should be ashamed of publishing Nerlens’ personal matters before anything official has been made of this “story”. The idea of “investigating” teens just kind of rubs me the wrong way.

  49. incalwetrust

    I swear I saw this guy on the playground the other day scopeing out first graders, he must be a registered sex offender….looked just like him. You read it hear . It mist be true.

  50. incalwetrust

    This just in…”Thamel licks Kangaroo Ass…film at 11:00″

  51. CalifCatFan

    Even BTI is more tolerable than Thamel.

  52. Believeblue

    Anybody else find it odd that a short time after Cal makes comments about Emmert at a fundraiser…..investigators are knocking at the door??? #thamelsadouche

  53. soggyUKgrad

    I absolutely love it when other team’s fans come to KSR and attempt to talk sh*t while using the grammar of a 2nd grader.
    you’re means YOU ARE….
    your means YOUR.

  54. Kim

    What about that Shabazz thing? The NCAA warns schools about him (when he was considering UK) but yet nothing has happened since. Come on NCAA, get a life. Why don’t you investigate the top 10 recruits?

  55. Joe

    Nothing to worry about here. Remember he reclassified from the 2013 to the 2012. To do so, he has to have the credits to graduate. They are checking into this. But Sandy Bell is already on this. He wouldn’t reclassify if he didn’t have the credits. Much ado about nothing. But, of course, since it is Kentucky and Noel, they have to spread it to the newspapers. Btw, as #54 asked, what happened to the Shabazz thing? The NCAA all but warned schools about him. Did that go away when he didn’t pick Kentucky?

  56. Beavis

    The fact that the people on this site pay any attention to what Thamel has to say makes him get his rocks off. He is totally irrelevant. If there was anything to this,,,,do you think coach Cal would openly criticise that idiot Emmertt. Come on people,,,,don’t let bottom feeders like this guy pull your chains.

  57. hood

    How many losses to we take without noel?

  58. BTI

    57) We need to get Hunter McClintock to transfer. If we can get him or some similar players then we don’t need to worry about losses. Kid reminds me of a white Allen Iverson who tries in practice. Burrr.

  59. REAL BLY

    Is Thamel eligible to write a article worthy of reading??? NOPE!!!

    Dude is a clown!!!

  60. Wildcat Willie Says

    Glad he’s back. We can let the NCAA do all the checking for us. Then when they clear him twice we’ll be good to go. OOPs, maybe not!

  61. Real Cats Fan

    #55, it doesn’t surprise me at all – just like last year when the NCAA made UK rescind the “award” they gave Cal for his 500th victory due to the wins that were vacated at UMass and Memphis, yet they ignore at least a half dozen other schools who are including vacated wins in their “official” documents. UK is forced to live with a completely different set of rules than the rest of the schools in the NCAA. The fact that Cal constantly calls them out for being the hypocrites that they are makes them that much madder.

  62. Bledsoe's Biceps

    As usual with Thamel….Nothing to see here. Move along.

  63. Zack

    I wish boogie would a beat his ass when he had the chance last year

  64. Big J

    Petie, why are you not writing about shabazz taking money? Now that’s a story.

  65. Kidnut

    Hope the NCAA doesn’t look in Nerlens Noel’s t-shirt drawer, I am sure it is overflowing.

  66. The Train's mom

    For the last time son, get off the computer, I need you to take me to the abortion clinic! If I have to tell you again, you’re grounded!

  67. Al's IndiCats

    With Thamel “looking into Noel’s eligiblity” I’m wondering why we haven’t heard more about the Syracuse fiasco? You know the one they have a player that’s eligible, then he isn’t for 3 weeks, then he is again and play for a top seed in their conference and a #1 seed in the Tourny, then BOOM he isn’t eligible for the tourny. Why hasn’t he looked farther into this other than it’s like “the good ol boy from the East thing”.
    This nonsense is getting rather old I must say.

    On a other note, I’m reading Loserville and IBLEW were negotiating for a home and home series, and then it was off, is it because someone was chicken? This is all I’ve heard when UK and IBLEW series was canceled, UK must be chicken, what’s Cal trying to hide? Total bullshit. One of them was scared to play each other at their home court, soooooooo who was it? That’s what I thought, they both were plain and simple.

  68. kywildcat

    67 I agree

  69. BlueVoodoo

    That possum-eyed hack needs to move on to a real scandal………..IU and its exploitive, sleezey AAU connection. Time to give Klappy The Klown the hook!!!!

  70. Flyingfishman

    Funny how you now hear anything about Shabazz since he did not commit to UK.
    Thamel and Forde are still butthurt over their Bledsoe fiasco.
    That makes them the Douchiest Douches that ever Douched!

  71. Apathetic Andy

    Ah, Pete Thamel. The dingleberry of turd journalism.

  72. Flyingfishman

    On the plus side… UK is still in the spotlight.
    The more these idiots fail… The less attention they will receive in the future.

  73. Al B. Frank

    Funny that “The Train” is spending all of his time on a UK site and not one of his own team’s. Notice how the UK fans are here and not on a UL site? Do they even have one? Does anyone care? No.

  74. rhsiv
  75. Sexington

    Shoot her!

  76. Flyingfishman

    From the article…”NCAA officials also planned to inquire about Noel’s finances … He flew on unofficial visits this year to Kentucky and Louisville that were not paid for by the universities.” 
    Wow! The NCAA is investigating his Louisville visit! Now we know why Richard Pitino left for Florida.

  77. gr8ness

    Good, now we have some sports news. At what point does some UK fan just by chance run into Cameltoe and just whip his ass?

    This is just bullshit1t. #55 nailed it.

  78. Dee

    I really disdain this guy….he is quickly moving up the list…he is #3 on the list….#1 is that damn Duke player who shall not be named….followed by….skip bayless….

  79. Roofus Howls

    Train – who is the team with no NBA players that UK beat by 9?

    UK beat UL by 8 in the final 4. UL should have at least 3 or 4 NBA players in Behanan, Blackshear, and Sosa on that team – and if Dieng doesn’t go to the NBA he has a career in soccer where his flopping skills will be truly appreciated. If those guys don’t go to the NBA it’s the fault of the coaching staff. But, here’s the rub – recruiting is a free market. UL hired an assistant coach with ties to Teague specifically to bring him to UL then fired him when he went to UK.

    If UL beats UK next December? I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll understand that it’s a game in December against a non-conference rival. Just do us a favor and don’t be like IU and build a shrine if you win a game in December.

  80. Blue4ever

    Let’s hope Sandy Bell earned her raise?

  81. cpt. stinkpickle

    is amazed Louisville has fans.

  82. lolCards

    79 Sosa? Siva maybe?

  83. not the real joel pett

    Thank you ncaa!! Thank you pete thamel!!! please dont send me any more e-mail bbn!

  84. Terry

    Just get alive!!!

  85. Ryan

    Is that his mug shot after “golfing” with Billy G all night?

  86. warrior

    warrior says— Thamel can suck it.

  87. www

    dont worry i got this covered. fire up the fax sandy. its on baby

  88. CardsSuck

    87 yeah, bc everyone uses fax machines these days. how old are you, 60?

  89. JMF

    This dude seriously has a hard on for going after 17-18 year old kids.

    Thameltoe is the definition of a douchey dirtbag.

  90. Big Blue B-Rad

    It cracks me up how everytime you mention to a Cal hater that two sanctions against Calipari’s teams have had NOTHING to do with anything Calipari did, their response is, “when there is smoke, there’s fire.” My simple question to these people is… Where’s the fire? The NCAA has been breathing down Calipari’s neck for years, they haven’t found anything. Innocent til proven guilty.

  91. 49 Chevy

    Wonder why no major outlet has picked up and tore apart the academic fraud going on at UNC? One would think this would be peaking the NCAA’s attention since this is what Derrick Rose was accused of.

  92. Tim

    Train is the perfect name for someone who is a fan of a commuter school.

  93. LexDoc

    I think the ‘investigation’ is to determine whether or not he had enough credits to be eligible for the reclassification… Just my $0.02

  94. navin

    i just re-subscribed to the LHL and NYT

  95. IndianaHoosierHypeSquad!!!

    Yo Yo Yoooooo! Musik to my ears baby! First, ya’ll scare of us whoopin’ up on that cute home winning streak, and now Nerlens alredddyyyyy in truble. C’mom Cats holla at yo boi! Hypesquad OUT

  96. The Train

    Im a tard. A fan of that ghetto commuter school which is OWNED by UK. While UK racks up final 4s and NCAA titles, we tards think about the last title we had back when Reagan was prez. But at least our coach cheats on his wife and bags bimbos on restaurant tables. L yes.

  97. IUsetobe Hoosiers.

    We are the proud meth capital of the world. We know UK owns IU in sports and has dominated us in basketball. We just got off probation but our coach Clappy the Clown continues to cheat by contacting players when he isn’t suppose to. We built a shrine for our meaningless victory over UK in december that we worship. We have a proud history of cheating and choking our players. As far as titles, we haven’t done jack since 1987 when our bloated choke artist coach was assaulting our players.

  98. IndianaHoosierHypeSquad!!!

    Haterz Gonna Hate all day! Crimson & Crean, every UK woman’s dream! #ZellerOwnsNoel2012-13

  99. JEREMY

    Isn’t Thamel toe a syracuse alum? The same team that was final three for Nerlens? Syracuse recruits pretty much the same kids UK does. Difference is, we get the best of them. except the PF coleman this year… So thamel has to whine and make up some sh*t, you really almost can compare him to the crazy tweets by our fans after we don’t get a recruit. Its his way of trashing a recruit by acting like his school never recruited them or just cause syracuse didn’t get them then there is something fishy going on… He just obviously hates UK and has a life mission to get UK for some reason. And I really don’t know why the rest of the media won’t call him out for it and just take him for what he’s worth! He is immature idiot!

  100. Sheeeeiiit

    95 – yo, Damn dog. Your so Kul. I wish I could join a hype squad. What does your squad do besides post brilliant comments on rivals webs sites? Maybe you guys should audition for America’s Got Talent. Squads do pretty good in that show. Especially squads that are easy to make fun of.

  101. IndianaHoosierHypeSquad!!!

    100 – To that, all I have to say can be summed up by Principal Anderson’s speech to Adam Sandler in “Billy Madison”. lol Holllaaaa!!!

    Hoosiers: Ain’t just a movie, but a lyfestyle! #HypeSquadOUT

  102. Kernel Krispy

    Thamel…..why don’t you drive north and investigate Syracuse.


    you know your squad is the poo, when half of the comments on every post come from jealous fans of OTHER squads? “he gotta be cheating”, “no way they can be that good, legally” Does IU even have there own site? If so ive never been on it! What about L1C4 do they have one? Again, never seen it, kind of like how Howie Lydsey has never seen his ‘lil howie!!!!!! fat ass

  104. Chris

    I’d like to see thumbnail sally hit by a tarc bus traveling at the speed of sound.. What a Blow Hole !! Pete Thamel for circle jerk captain !

  105. BEBO