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Griffin twists knee, Anthony Davis recalled to Team USA training camp

News out of Las Vegas today that Anthony Davis has been asked to report to Team USA’s training camp “immediately” due to an injury to Blake Griffin. Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports:

Davis was named an alternate to the roster last weekend. Witnesses say Griffin twisted his knee during the scrimmage and expects to undergo an MRI as early as this afternoon.

So you’re saying there’s a chance…

UPDATE: Jerry Colangelo was seen turning this on a few hours ago…

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32 responses to “Griffin twists knee, Anthony Davis recalled to Team USA training camp”

  1. Jacob

    USA! USA! USA!

  2. mocha

    London Bridge is browing down, browing down…….

  3. Musehobo

    I’ve been told it’s wrong to wish an injury on someone. Shame on all of you! 0_o

  4. Bicycle Seat Sniffer


  5. UK_Greg


  6. Rocky

    Isn’t it weird that a Griffin basically robbed Davis (ESPY), while a Griffin hands him an olympic gold?

  7. Randy Marsh

    Go get ’em Anthony! Finally, a reason to truly care about watching those games.

  8. C'mon now

    Feel terrible for Griffin because he would actually be great for the team physically, but what an opportunity for Davis, if this happens.

  9. douggercats

    #2 – you should trademark that! And put it on a Catucky T-Shirt.

  10. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    Wonder if Davis will possibly play in the Vegas scrimmage tonight?

  11. MN CAT

    Griffin better offensively. Davis better defensively.

  12. James K

    I don’t know why, I just knew this was going to happen.

  13. UK Blue Is 4EVER

    mocha, That’s some good Shit right there !!!!

  14. huh?

    11.) No way Griffin is better offensively … He is about 900 times stronger and much more athletic, but he shoots about 25% outside the paint.

  15. D

    For sure now, this team is better than Dream Team. . . right Kobe?

    Can I get a . . Sir Anthony!

  16. Bradley

    Hope Griffin isn’t hurt bad, but he never should have been on the squad to begin with. He brings nothing to the table other than a cool dunk here and there.If AD takes his place then the team just got better.

  17. Bradley

    9. He can’t trademark it. Didn’t you know Blue Zone came up with that idea? They came up with every idea that had already been out for a month.

  18. MaammaKin

    10 blocks for AD….

  19. UK Blue Is 4EVER

    Sir Anthony !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lincoln Park

    That picture is AWESOME.

  21. chief_cat

    Gold medal for Anthony would have to complete the best year of an athlete has had in a long, long time.

  22. Mack

    One step at a time, Boogie next, as long as Davis is not hurt. Wonder if he hurt himself attempting to guard or dunking on Boogie?

  23. UK chik

    The brow signal!!!

  24. Ryan D

    Another example of why Davis is the best male college athlete… ESPY

  25. Ryan D

    It won’t be long till the Olympics will all be UK former players with Cal as the coach. Wall Cousins MKG Davis still waiting for that top shooting gaurd. Try and stop that line up world

  26. UK in Clearwater

    Woulda been funnier of colangilo had to ask (beg) Boogie to join the team…

  27. Dud Wash

    So if AD does play tonight, will Cal ‘run’ some plays to get AD some blocks?

  28. Rambo

    I love the Brow signal. What next, the Brow-mobile?

  29. UK Chik

    The Brow Cave

  30. Rambo

    “Ka-Brow” “Block” “Dunk”

  31. Head Bussa

    Holy Holes in The Doughnut, Browman, the USA needs you!

  32. Dave Ball

    now AD can block a Spanish 3 pointer with time winding down to win the Gold for the USA…and Colangelo will look like a genius (albeit forced upon him by injury)…go AD