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Gregg Marshall sees two of his former commitments on Kentucky

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In his postgame interview with Andy Katz last night, Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall admitted he knows very little about Kentucky’s team, outside of the fact two Wildcats were once committed to be Shockers.

“I’m familiar with a couple of their players because two of them committed to us before going to Kentucky,” he said. “But anyway, they got them and good for them. We got who we got and we’re happy with them.”

Mychal Mulder is one of the two, which you should know, and if you don’t, read my story on it here. The other is Isaac Humphries and I didn’t know that little factoid until Coach Marshall dropped it last night.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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17 responses to “Gregg Marshall sees two of his former commitments on Kentucky”

  1. ReedyCreekBuc

    Sounds like he is bitter! He can have them both, and we will still kick his butt!

  2. Kevin C

    If Isaac ever had any real interest in playing at Wichita State, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up transferring there after this season.

  3. Big DAWG Loggin

    The Shockers will give the CATS all they can handle and more. This game will be uncomfortable for 40 minutes. Wichita St. players may get as ugly as the Razorbacks were last Sunday.

  4. hersheyisabear

    I love it when Coaches act like they have no idea who our players are. Adabeyo? is that how you say it? Come on man. You know damn good and well who he is.

    1. ClutchCargo

      He’s better figure it out quickly!

  5. shelby

    Greg marshall is a very good coach imo. WSU will kick our butt if the cats don’t show up to play with focus and intensity. Monk has got to get it going; yes, i know, he had 17 and 20 in two sec tourney games, but he was still not himself. We desperately need him in freak mode to be elite.
    On a side note, i like how ky mr basketball carson Williams isnt good enough to get an offer from UK, but he’s good enough to put up 21 and 9 on us in an ncaa tourney game. Just seems strange to me.

    1. JusSayin

      Just because someone gets up and drops a bunch a points us when we play them doesn’t mean they can help us win consistently.

      Tubby offered every in state talent and only a few of them ended up contributing.

    2. 4everblue

      JusSayin is right on the money on this one!

  6. blackmilk23

    Yea Anthony Hickey was good for LSU… but who would you take off our 2011 class to get him? Davis? MKG? Teague?

    1. blackmilk23

      (Meant to reply to the thread about in state talent scoring against us)

  7. maximumscott

    I think this game could be close but I really think the Cats come out on fire with intensity. The game wont be in doubt and we get the W by 9

  8. EkyCatFan

    I am late to this party but I didn’t realize how big of a weirdo Greggg Marshal is.

    1. Steady

      Tom Crean Light.

  9. DelrayCat

    No doubt in my mind Indiana will open up the bank and Marshall will be the next coach of the Hoosiers.

    1. Rick_S

      No..It’s Alford and a deal has been made.Alford knows he’s 1 bad year from the hot seat in LA…

  10. Shawn

    He can totally take Isuck Humphries If he wants him.

  11. Rick_S

    He is bitter for sure..He knows all about UK..We’re on TV 2x a week so he knows every player id bet on it