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Greatest UK Player Ever Tournament: Antoine Walker vs Chuck Hayes


Now this is the matchup that I have been looking forward to. Out of all the matchups in the Adolph Rupp bracket, this is likely the tightest and one that involves two players that everyone knows and remembers. But before we get to it, the last matchup between Alex Groza and Dirk Minniefield was well…..the fan vote was close….

Matt Jones: Groza
Rob Gidel: Groza
Larry Vaught: Groza
Gregg Doyel: Groza
Fans: Groza

Thus the competition continues to advance and now we have Dan issel, Jim Master, Pat Riley, Melvin Turpin, Rick Robey and Alex Groza into the next round. Now it is time for a battle that we can all get excited about….


Antoine Walker:

Arguably the best player on arguably the best team of all time. That is a pretty good introduction for a player wouldnt you say? Antoine Walker is one of the most talented players to ever put on a UK uniform and his short career at Kentucky found him part of two great teams. He came to Kentucky from Chi-town and was all attitude and basketball talent. Walker was one of the best at taking the ball to the basket and finding a way to score. On a team full of stars, Walker usually drew the other team’s best player and found a way to put up big points. Walker’s career started strong as he was the SEC Tournament MVP his Freshman season and he found himself playing crucial minutes down the stretch of the 95 Cats tournament runs. But he really found his groove on the special team in 96, scoring over 20 against rivals Indiana and Louisville and a career high 32 against LSU in the beating in Baton Rouge. He was First Team All SEC that season and made the All Regional Team as the Cats stormed through the NCAA Tournament. Walker was known for his aggression, confidence and moxy. When asked why he took so many threes in the NBA, he once said, “cause there arent any fours.” (at UK he did only shoot 25 percent on the long ball). The college Antoine loved being on the court and while he and Coach Pitino butted heads, he genuinely loved the UK uniform. Championship ring and key member of the best team ever…..pretty good I would say.

Here is Walker doing his shimmy….


Chuck Hayes

Maybe the most beloved player of the last ten years, Chuck Hayes is to many the epitome of a hardnosed Kentucky player. Undersized (he is 6’5….maybe) and at times seemingly underskilled, Chuck Hayes worked himself into the position of being the player that every coach from another team wished he had on his team. Hayes was a workhorse underneath, getting every big rebound, making the smart pass and being in the odd position of being a team leader at the power forward position. Many thought he wasnt a great shooter, but he finished his career with a FG% over 50 percent. He was a starter on two straight #1 overall NCAA Tournament seeded teams and the heart and soul of another that lost one of the great Elite 8 games ever against Michigan State. Even at his height he finished his career 7th all time in rebounds, 35th all time in scoring and 16th all time in assists, the highest finish for any big man not named Larry Conley. Hayes also had the knack for playing big in big games, scoring in double digits in every NCAA Tournament game in his career but one. On and off the court, Chuck represented UK well and took his work ethic to the NBA where he is (unbelievably) a starting power forward. Below is one of Chuck’s classic moments…..a willed victory over LSU in the SEC Tournament his senior season.

So there you go…..Chuck and Toine. That is a good one. Who ya got? Give your picks and your thoughts on the two guys. This one should be close…..

Article written by Matt Jones

349 responses to “Greatest UK Player Ever Tournament: Antoine Walker vs Chuck Hayes”

  1. ukylover


  2. ET

    Walker has the ring

  3. Web

    Walker, you said it “best player best team” Hayes was great, but not on Walker’s level at UK

  4. Tardinals


  5. UKBlueBodyBoy

    Walker…though my favorite between the two was Chuck, Walker was easily the better player.

  6. frito bandito

    This should be fun…Chuckie has a special place in my heart..

    Antoine was the reason I started playing basketball though.
    Give it to ‘toine.

  7. GoCats

    4 year players should always win over 2 year players–Chuck Hayes

  8. WPF

    It would be a farce to believe Chuck was anywhere near the player or talent Antoine was. Walker by a country mile!

  9. David Roselle's Coniption Fit


  10. skirck2

    while antoine might have been a better talent and has a ring, chuck had a heart of gold and is one of my top 3 uk players…chuck gets the vote!

  11. Intern

    Chuck Hayes

  12. wstewart

    walker no doubt

  13. Drake

    This one is tough for me, if we were voting for the most valuable UK player, i’d have to go with Chuck. He meant everything to UK his junior and senior seasons. However, Antoine is one of the most talented UK players ever. I wish I could vote for both.
    Chuck never torched anyone the way Antoine did LSU in Baton Rouge!
    I vote for Antoine!

  14. Anonymous

    Chuck will always be a favorite, but if it’s the best of all time, you gotta go with Walker.

  15. Daniel from the Mall

    Walker and it isn’t even close.

  16. Intern

    You take Toine off the ’96 team, and you still probably have a Final 4/NC team. Take Hayes off any of the ’03 or ’04 squads, and I think you’d see a pretty different team…and I’d guess a handfull of SEC coaches would agree. It’s simple, Hayes wasn’t as gifted as Toine, but his consistently tough four years at UK make him the superior Wildcat.

  17. goonies 24(also known as boof)

    Jody Thompson…

  18. Jaime


  19. wacat


  20. Anonymous


  21. MakeItRain23


  22. JKW1974

    I know Wlaker was the better player on a better team. However, for just one time I am going to be illogical and vote for Hayes….

  23. uofkcats

    Walker and like #15 said, “it isn’t even close”. Hayes was a workhorse that we all loved but shined on teams that under achieved. If we are talking about best player, Walker. If Hayes played on the 96, 97, 98 teams he wouldn’t have seen the floor much. There is no team ever at UK that Walker wouldn’t find his way to the starting lineup.
    Oh like one person already stated; Walker has the RING. Walker has a RING and a RUNNER UP. Hayes has NCAA losses to Marquette and UAB.

  24. jeffukmd

    I love chuck…but toine was the better player.

  25. CatScratchFever

    Chuckie poo!!

  26. Patrick

    Give it to Chuck.

  27. Jason

    Walker…unless he has to guard Geno Ford from Ohio U.

  28. Matt's Sphincter Muscle


  29. WildcatRick


  30. Derrick

    ‘Toine….this is best player…not most beloved…

    Antoine would and could run circles around Chuck.

  31. Crawfords Corner

    Heart says, both. Brain says, Antoine in a landslide. The sad thing is….Antoine Walker never really lived up to his NBA potential. We are talking about a guy who should be headed to the Hall Of Fame someday. However, I’ve always heard he did just enough to get by. If he had Chuck’s heart and work ethic, we would be talking about a 10 time All-Star and HOF’er.

  32. fathertime


  33. Keith


  34. Cat Fan


  35. uofkcats

    #16 you seem to miss the point. Your right about what you say but you don’t seem to see it from the other point of view.
    You put Hayes on the 96 team he doesn’t even see the court and UK still wins a title. You put Walker on any of the 03, 04 squads and they are a much better team. You put Walker on the 04-05 squad, they beat Michigan State and go to a final four.

  36. gossie21

    I feel bad because I think what’s keeping Chuck back in my mind is not his fault at all. Tubby’s inept coaching ability kept Chuck out of the final four and he never made that deep run in March which is going to hold him back in this one.

    Sorry Chuck, but Toine has a ring. And he was amazing while at UK.

  37. f-u

    Chuck ! That clip was one of my favorite sequences in any game… ever.

  38. Brian

    easily the toughest pick…i only say Walker because I loved his attitude (a badass one that believed he would never be stopped). I still have much love for Chuck but I choose Antoine Walker and his shimmy after a big dunk.

  39. ukcats20


  40. Intern

    #23, do you honestly consider back-to-back overall #1 seeds underachieving? Hayes was a little more than a workhorse: 7th all time rebs, 35th points, 16th asts, that’s a little more than a workhorse, that’s pretty special.



  42. BirdyG

    yea, chuck will always be a fan favorite, but like with the R Farmer vote, this is about GREATEST players.. so Toine gets my vote

  43. UKFanatic

    gotta go with my boy chuck hayes…. biggest heart i have ever seen in a player.

  44. Anonymous


  45. NYC Cats FAn

    Antoine Walker…sorry Chuck.

  46. schizm42

    Chuck Hayes, no question. If anything, Walker was helped by having an insane cast of teammates like all american Delk, McCarty, DA… 11 guys on that team went pro.

    Who did chuck have? He basically made the team good solo – a tremendous Overachiever.

    If nothing else, Chuck embodied the epitome of Kentucky over the years. Not as much sheer NBA talent as UNC, but a whole lot better at winning when it counts.

  47. GoCats

    I loved antoine but I gotta go with Hayes, his crying on Senior night cancels out all stats, rings, etc. Did antoine cry on senior night? no, he was already in the NBA for 2 years.

  48. Metalocalypse4ever

    Walker is the better talent, Chuck is Chuck. Chuck by a nose.

  49. The Truth

    This tournament is only slightly less a waste of time than Who’s Now.

  50. 420grover

    I love Chuck Hayes, he is my one of my all-time favorites. Antoine is also one of my all-time favorites. For some reason I can’t live without the shimmy. I gotta go with ‘Toine.

  51. GoCats

    #50 i tend to agree with you on that point, is there any doubt that all the #1 seeds will be up against each other in this tourney and the who’s now tourney? But it sure is fun to talk about old UK players!!

  52. John from Harlan

    Walker was a wonderful player, and one of the best. However, Chuck is one of those players you HAVE to have. Chuck didn’t care about stats, and did all of the dirty work.


  53. 420grover

    #50 – Don’t read it or post.

  54. Chuck Hayes

    Vote for Me!!!

    I vote for Chuck!!!

  55. Wayne Turner


  56. GoCats

    this is going to be one of those where the fan favorite is different than the no-it-alls.

  57. cat enthusiast

    i wanna vote for chuck because he had the heart of a champion… but walker IS a champion— give it to antoine

  58. GoCats

    that is a great line by the way from Antoine about why he shoots so many 3′s, but im still voting for chuck.
    Has anyone noticed how antoine shoots 3′s by sticking his butt out? cant vote for that!!

  59. Rick Pitino


  60. Jason

    47 – 11 guys? I’ve got walker, nazr, delk, mccarty, pope, mercer, anderson. Did Oliver Simmons get drafted and I missed it? Let’s not overstate things. I can’t believe anyone can hold being part of the ’96 team against someone. Being on that team should get Walker extra points. You can’t talk UK Basketball for ten minutes before thinking about the ’96 team. This isn’t a slight to Chuck, it’s a credit to Antoine.

  61. Tubby Smith

    Chuck…He kept my job intact for a short while.

  62. Doug


  63. Memphis Cat


  64. GoCats

    by the way what are the seedings for Chuck and Antoine?

  65. LizzieB

    I gotta go with Chuck Hayes. Walker was very talented, but being the “best” means more than that, to me anyway.

  66. YankeeCpt

    Antoine Walker- NO QUESTION!

  67. Malone

    I hate to do it but I have to go with the shimmy man.

  68. Dwayne Schintzius' mullet

    Going with the “black hole of the post” as Celtics fans liked to call him.

  69. philstat

    Walker, many forget the literally countless chip shots Chuck would miss in a game, it was amazing at times. Walker was a bona fide star, hence the long NBA career.

  70. Cats9698


  71. drew

    i vote chuck hayes… more heart, better attitude, nicer guy…

  72. KM

    Hayes. You have to consider Toine, as great as he was, only played 2 years. Chuck’s collective 4 year effort was greater than Walker’s 2. Glad Matt pointed out his assists. His interior passing with Erik Daniels was tremendous.

  73. NoDoubt

    Who would you rather have be known as a representative of UK, ‘Toine or Chuck.

    In a landslide, Chuck Hayes #44 in your programs, #1 in your heart.

  74. Easyduzz

    Compared to Walker , Hayes was a stiff. Walker

  75. GoCats

    Im telling you guys, if you cry on senior night you automatically should advance.

  76. GoCats

    #74 good point, Does Antoine have the UK pride that Hayes had? no way!!

  77. ChicagoCatFan

    has to be #44 chuck hayes.

  78. Anonymous

    chuck is the sentimental pick…but walker was and is the better player. walker would win in a blowout.

  79. speedy26uk

    Chuck Hayes, I believe he was more important to his teams. Thats why he gets my vote.

  80. Chris




  82. villecat

    Gotta give it to Toine. This is the best player, not best representative. Let me see a clip where Chuck goes on a run like this ( ). And don’t tell me Walker didn’t play all out while he wore the blue. I love to think about when him and McCarty shut down Duncan on the way to the chip. Walker all day!

  83. Boski

    Gotta be Chuck.

  84. MM101


  85. Anonymous


  86. no name


  87. Ryan


  88. PuddingTime

    Antoine “I Just Got Robbed” Walker

  89. A Player in AZ

    It’s gotta be Walker–thank god for Chuck hayes though or Tubby,s tenure would have been MUCH worse!

  90. GA Hill

    Not to beat a dead horse, but Chuck is in my top three favorite players ever (and probably #1, or at least 1b with Wayne Turner), but Walker was certainly a better player.

    I think people forget that, although pretty much a d-bag who would rather hack up a three than play to his real strengths, he was perfect at UK. He played within the system, played team ball, and was a great, great player.

    So, sadly, the only rational choice here is ‘Toine. (Not sadly, just sadly as a Chuck Hayes fan. You know what I meant.)

  91. Alex


  92. Pfox98

    Hayes no doubt.

  93. Catfan9282

    Cmon why put two Titans of Cat basketball against each other in the first round! That would be like putting a # 1 seed vs a #2 seed together in the first rd of the dance!! NOT COOL! That being said Talent: edge A. Walker
    Heart : edge Hayes
    Team success: edge A. Walker
    Work Ethic: edge Hayes
    Rings: edge A. Walker
    So by the splitting of hairs and with much disdain toward the seeding commitee in forcing this decision early in the tourney I choose Toine in a hotly contested matchup! But mucho love for C. Hayes

  94. crazycat91

    Walker may have been the better player but he only played for 2 years. Chuck was a 4 year guy that put his heart and soul into the team. Go to vote Chuck.

  95. PacMan Jones

    Walker was the most talented; However, Chuck was the best UK player.

    Chuck Hayes gets my vote!

  96. RandolphMorris'Hustle


  97. ELcat


  98. nascar hater

    70. why did Chuck finish at over 50% FG shooting if he missed so many easy shots? What shots did he hit? 3′s?

  99. GoBlue

    Love Chuck Hayes, but vote goes to Walker. Walker’s overtime performance in 1995 SEC championship game against Arkansas a classic. National Championship in 1996.

  100. Bo

    Walker was the better player.

  101. Mattcat

    If we were voting on heart and intelligence, Chuck would get my vote. However, we’re voting on the better overall player, and Walker was the better player.

    Walker (even though I don’t care much for him, and love Chuck Hayes).

  102. KentuckyKyle

    Chuck Hayes was probably my favorite player of all time, but Antoine was simply better.

    I gotta give it to Antoine Walker.

  103. Steve Jobs

    Give it to ‘toine, with a shimmy-shimmy-shake!

  104. Brandon

    The way I see it, it should be based on the contribution that each player made to Kentucky Basketball. Without Antoine Walker, that ’96 team would have still been elite, likely still winning the championship. Without Chuck Hayes, we would have been horrible from 2002 to 2005, and the Tub would have been gone a long time ago.

  105. Brandon

    Oh, and in case it wasn’t obvious, my vote goes to Chuck.

  106. Rasputin

    Walker-Two seasons
    Hayes-Four seasons

    If Walker would have stayed, he could have been possibly the greastest UK BBall player. Given that he left early, I’m going with Hayes.

    Showed up every night, played hurt and never complained.


  107. Gungadin

    HAYES…by a broken nose.

  108. Blue Blam

    antoine walker wins…no offense to chuck

  109. Chi Daddy

    This matchup is a joke. Chuck Hayes was the most overrated, underperforming member of 2 of the most overrated, underperforming teams in UK History (Thanks, Tubby). Toine wins in a LANDSLIDE.

  110. Wick

    110 – Kiss our collective asses. Chuck Hayes is the last person in the history of Kentucky basketball to ever have earned your disrespect, irrelevant though it may be.

  111. flop

    Walker. Although I like Chuck more, he’s just not on the same level offensively.

  112. p-mac

    chuck all the way.

  113. CarloTheDon

    Walker…but Chuck was one of my all time favorites.

  114. King

    As hard as it is to vote against Hayes I gotta vote for Antoine, he was one of the best of all time. I could see him possibly winning this thing, him or Mash.

  115. Shagari

    Tough choice. Walker was a stellar offensive player and Hayes was a stellar defensive player.

    Walker took a lot of bad shots, but he hit a lot of huge shots.

    Hayes didn’t always shoot well, but he found a way to score when UK needed him most and more importantly, he played lock down defense. Walker had a better handle, but Hayes made smarter passes. Walker had more talent, but Hayes had more heart.

    I love defense, so my vote goes to Chuck Hayes.

  116. Greg


  117. Fly on Wall at UK Circa 1996

    Toine: “Who’s ***** is it?!?!”
    Toine’s Girl: “Ahhhhhhh!! It’s your *****, Toine!!!!!!!!!!!”

    That legendary story alone is enough to earn Toine a vote from me!!!

  118. Muffinman16

    CHUCK HAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all i have to say

  119. Ganjaman


  120. bcgobsession

    I am trying to look at this comparatively: Had Walker stuck around 4 years, he would have run circles around Chuck’s stats. Since this is supposed to be about the best player, not who tugs the heart-strings the most, I’ll vote for Antoine. He contributed to the greatness one of the greatest teams to ever step foot on a college basketball court. Just can’t deny that whole team was special. We should have a 3-peat from that era.

  121. wildcat69410


  122. bcgobsession

    Forgot to say that I love Chuck’s heart & that I am thankful we had him to lead those years. He is a great ball player and a tremendous asset to have as a former Basketball Cat.

    Dammit! Watching that video showcasing Hayes reminded me why I HATED TUBBY BALL! I’d like to know how many of Tubby coached games were decided by a 5 point margin or less. I understand that some games are going to be close & often that makes for the best games to watch; however, it always felt like Tub’s teams could not put away games. We’d go into halftime behind by like 20, come out fighting, pull way ahead, then lose by 1 or 2 or 3 points. BCG– no more Cardiac Cats please!

  123. ol dude

    ‘Toine oeven tho my heart is w/Chuck. so ‘Toine it is…

  124. steve_perry

    toine was enough of a player to win a championship…chuck was not…question answered

  125. CalifCatFan

    Tough one. But I have to go with Walker.

  126. steve_perry

    dont get me wrong, i love chuck, i almost cried on his sr. night…he cared about this program more than anyone in the last 10 years,,,,i saw him at two keys tonight and he had nothing but good things to say about lexington

  127. Steve Quattrocchi

    Chuck. By the way, he measured 6’6 3/4″ without shoes at the NBA Predraft camp coming out of college not 6’5″

  128. steve_perry

    also, for what its worth, i spoke with derrick jasper tonight, and he told me his rehab was going better than expected…he also told me about how much the team was excited aboud-t the new coach and his willingness to run with the balll..just a little fyi from someone still on campus

  129. Bigbris

    I think that Chuck was the better player because he provided more to Kentucky than just about anyone has in the last 10 years. I also met this man and he is one of the nicer people you will ever meet that has national status. CHUCK HAYES #44 gets my vote.

  130. Snoopy


  131. BigBlueBloodhound

    Walker. That was easy and painless.

  132. Ran


  133. T Svoboda

    chuck while at uk

  134. sckat

    chuck… without a doubt, he knew what it meant to be a Cat and Walker never really cared. Chuck will always be one of my favorites. I’ll never forget him crying with Izzo consoling after MSU game. One of the proudest/saddest moments I can remember as a Cat fan.

  135. nooni


  136. Paintsville

    Chuck pulls an upset over the more talented Walker.

  137. Eyewear Man

    Shoulder Shake Walker wins this one!

  138. WettCat


  139. chase


  140. dlamb1954

    Walker more talented.

  141. boots45

    If we are talking talent then Walker must go through.


  142. Nate

    Easily the hardest vote yet…… to go with Chuck Hayes…his overall career was slightly better eventhough he didn’t win a
    championship like Walker.

  143. Larry Redmon

    Toine, he did have the shimmy dance

  144. JB

    Walker … hands down on this one.
    I loved Chuck, but you can’t compare these two

  145. slam858

    Walker, without a doubt. They were each the strongest on their respective teams, but the level of teams’ abilities was no contest

  146. chevymtncat

    Going with chuck the four year man.

  147. Delk00

    Antoine Walker

  148. Herbie Verstank

    Love Chuck, but Antwenty was much better.

  149. Caveman


  150. jdl


  151. bthendren

    The Chuckster. He played all four years and was one of the winningest college players of all time. ‘toine was great also.

  152. wtd


  153. SimCAT


  154. Mr.2Klean


  155. Catnik

    C. Hayes

  156. RobCary


  157. Anonymous

    Chuck, no question

  158. UKhoov

    Gotta go with Antoine. I really like Hayes but he never did the Jello Man shake after a dunk, and not his fault but Im pretty sure the picture you posted of him had that damn Skuches from Vandy. Cant stand that guy…..F**king Skuches!

  159. Cat Fan

    Chuck was the symbol for everything that was right with college basketball.

    Vote for Chuck!

  160. wildcatadam6


  161. Fred


  162. Derek

    Ill go with Antoine, but going up against Chuck in the 1st round, thats tough!

  163. RaleighCat

    Wow! Nice voting turnout.
    Walker is the better player, by far. Chuck Hayes is a Kentucky legend for many reasons, especially in the past 10-years. But he’s not the player Antoine Walker was.
    If we didn’t vote John Pelphrey through (and I didn’t) then I’m not voting Chuck Hayes through. Walker gets my vote. Talent + Ring = Vote.

  164. Seth

    chuck, its so refreshing to see somewhat have such pride in wearing the big blue

  165. Damn

    I really want to say Chuck, but the video on this site a week or so ago of UK beating the tar out of LSU, and seeing how dominant Toine was in that game reminds me
    he was one of the best, albeit only for 2 years.

    Vote for Toine.

  166. wildcatmatt

    I never knew how good Chuck was until he graduated. The team went downhill quickly after he left with no leadership and low post presence. Most talent = Toine Most Valuable to his team = Chuck. I gotta give my vote to Chuck, just because I’d rather put him on this years team than Toine. Valid?

  167. gtowncat

    Walker was the better player but Hayes was more important to the program. Hayes was and is everything UK stand for so Chuckie gets my vote.

  168. issellfan

    I loved the heart and effort of Chuck during his time here but this is about the “best player” in UK history. As much as I love Chuck, I must vote for Walker.

  169. Anonymous

    Go with Toine

  170. neil

    I will have to give my vote to Walker. He was the better player but Chuck will always be my favorite.

  171. Three Bux

    Mr. Hustle – Chuck Hayes!!

  172. Crazzedcats22

    Better player-Toine, not even close.

  173. adaircam4

    I’m going with Walker because he was a better player, but Chuck is one of my all time favorites..very tough decision.

  174. UKCatnNC

    Chuck Hayes.

  175. BristolCat


  176. Cincy Kid

    Walker is probably my most “unliked” player ever at UK but I would go with him over Hayes.

  177. BDinSC

    Love Chuck but Antoine gets the vote

  178. Chad

    Toine is a total mismatch for Hayes. Walker can shoot, pass, rebound, drive and run the floor. This my friends is a no contest. Toine should shimmy his way to the next round.

  179. tm

    Chuck Hayes…..Voting for the heart

  180. Tom Seaver

    Am I wrong in my memory of Walker dunking over Corliss Williamson in the 95 SEC Championship game? Walker gets my vote.

  181. UKBALLA

    There is only 1 of them guys that is TRULY KENTUCKY, only one of them has a big spot in their heart for the state of Kentucky and for UK and UK Basketball, vote has got to be CHUCK HAYES!

  182. Hammerbisquit

    If Richie couldnt advance then Hayes shouldnt either he was of course another fan favorite but he was outplayed by Walker.


    I vote for CHUCK HAYES 180 times!!!!


    Cany you think of the reams he played on without him? They would have sucked royally.

  184. stagger



    How can you vote for a guy that only stayed 2 years? We dont even know antoine walker, he thought he was bigger than the school and the program and wound up leaving. Chuck Hayes has wont more hardware and more games for this school than Antoine Walker, Chuck is what every UK Player should be, Antoine is the type of player us UK fans always say not to get cuz he dont have the true passion of UK Basketball its just for himself and thats not a UK great. Look at the history, Chuck Hayes without a doubt.

  186. Hollywooooooood

    Chuck did more with less, both physically and around him on the court.


  187. BobV

    My heart says Chuck but my head says Antoine. Walker too much talent.

  188. kyisgreat22

    two words…CHUCK HAYES

  189. NashvegasCatsFan

    Chuck Hayes is everything that is good about Kentucky basketball. I have to give it to him.

  190. One for the Third Finger on the Other Hand


  191. Stranded in Green Bay

    I love ‘Toine but I gotta vote for the guy that summarized UK while I was in school.

    Chuck Hayes!

  192. CatFanJ

    The name of the game is Best UK Player Ever.

    In this matchup Walker while at UK would have owned Hayes while at UK…..

    Love them both… but voting for Antoine Walker!

  193. mswildcat

    Antoine “Shimmy” Walker. He brought the championship back to Kentucky.

  194. Big Jules

    Chuck Hayes. If Walker wins this thing is a travesty. Toine’ was great, but he had alot of help on that team. Hayes was a stabilizer and just won games.

  195. Bo Lanter

    This isn’t fair to chuck.

    Walker, easily.

    But Chuck, nothing but heart for ya, big guy.

  196. M. Vick

    This is a HORRIBLE first-round matchup. Two players of this caliber shouldn’t be matched up against each other so soon.

    This is a hard call for me because if you consider only Antoine’s accomplishments in 2 years vs. Chuck’s entire 4 years, they are fairly even match. But even if Antione had stayed through his Jr. season he would be a far and away winner IMHO.

    Sure, Antoine’s surrounding cast was a star-studded, NBA-bound posse of players rarely seen before and never remotely assembled since at UK ——— but I still gotta go with:

    The Shimmy-Master

    He lent personality, flair and the physical dominance on the 1995 and 1996 squads that gave them much of their perceived indestructibility aura that is continued to be discussed even today as college basketball fans from all teams look back and discuss the great champions of recent memory.

  197. Drew in ChiTown

    Purple Hayes baby!

  198. One of the guys who robbed 'Toine

    I can’t beleive this is even close. I liked Chuck’s heart and determination, but he really wasn’t that good. He was just all we had his last two years. Am I the only one that remebers Chuck getting his shot blocked most of the time in the post? Cause it happened, and I mean often. Go back look at some old films. This isn’t a Chuck bash, just the truth. Antoine was head and shoulders above Chuck. Literally.

  199. GoCats77


  200. Chuck Norris

    Antoine Marrywalker gets two snaps and a twist

  201. Gimel's Mustache

    Am I mistaken or is this a greatest PLAYER bracket? Because if it is, this matchup is not even close. I’ve noted people giving Hayes the nod because he stayed four years and cried on Senior Night. You know who else did that? Matt Heisenbuttel, Brandon Stockton, Steve Massiello, Lukasz Obrzut, the list goes on. Big freakin’ deal, you think anyone from UNC in this situation wouldn’t take Jordan because he didn’t graduate the program? This is about TALENT, and Walker, while he was at UK, probably had more than any other player to put on the uniform, with the possible exception of Mashburn. It’s Walker here, and there’s no real further discussion.

  202. no1cat

    Antoine was a better scorer and equial rebounder than Chuck

  203. UKfaninAlabama

    Walker is definately the better player. I love Chuck as much as anyone, but this is a greatest player contest, not a beloved player contest.

  204. freshjiveallcity

    Walker, contest over.

  205. WillWheeler

    Hate to go Antoine, but Chuck meant more to the university than any player of the last ten years. Things havent been good since he grauated.

  206. WillWheeler

    Hate to go Antoine, but Chuck meant more to the university than any player of the last ten years. Things havent been good since he graduated.

  207. Abud4me

    #202 pretty well summed it up, however it seems instead of a great player contest this has turned into a popularity contest.
    While Chuck is one of my favorite players of all time at UK there is no contest as to who was the greatest player, this one isn’t even a contest…Walker by a mile in a mile and a quarter race…

  208. Big Jules

    Chuck would have avgd a double double on any of those teams Walker played on.

  209. Big Jules

    “Greatest” player in my opinion doesnt mean “the best”

    More along the lines of Bill Russell type of player than say, Dominique Wilkins

  210. Knott Co. Auditor

    Best “Wildcat” Chuck, but this is a best player contest so the vote has to go to Walker.

  211. Anonymous

    Walker takes him, no doubt. I love chuck, but walker is the real deal

  212. veeper


  213. B.A. Baracus


  214. voice of reason


  215. bluekarma1965

    chuck hayes was unquestionably a better college basketball player – “all he does is win”, best overall skill player – Walker; i cannot imagine the UK record while chuck was here if he wasn’t – he WAS the program his last 2 years; Walker got a ring and a banner, but Hayes kept it together during the Fall of Tubby – Chuck Hayes

  216. Hink

    All Hal Chuck Hayes
    It hard to cheer against the guy with lesser talent, but more heart.
    The guy lead a young team to an elite 8.
    Thanks Chuck.

  217. wildcat crazy

    Definitely CHUCK HAYES. He played for the name on his chest.

  218. sktech

    you guys make this so unfair!
    i like ‘toine a lot and this is tough, but i’m gonna go with CHUCK HAYES!
    c’mon the guy stayed in school 4 years, had amazing work ethic, all the heart in the world
    and represented the cats with a lot of class!


  219. BMAC

    anyone who picks Chuck over Walker is a complete idiot

  220. Anonymous

    Sorry Hayes, I have to go with Antoine Walker.

  221. Buddah

    Anyone who would pick Chuck Hayes over Walker, who in my opinion was one of the greatest players ever at UK, shows their silly bias….. Chuck Hayes was one of the most over rated players ever to play here…. all of the players at UK directly or in directly play for what is on their chest… Chuck is over rated and couldn’t handle Tonie’s jock…. Similar to Tubby couldn’t handle Rick’s.

  222. Ashcampboy


  223. Daniel

    Chuck Hayes all the way, hands down. I only wish Chuck Hayes could’ve played 40 years for us, not 4.

  224. Stethen

    This one ain’t fair you guys…I’ll take heart over skills…Hayes.

  225. CadizCat

    Heart over talent everyday — Chuck!!!

  226. GummyBear

    Chuck Hayes – He was a lot more talented than what everyone’s giving him credit for. Every SEC coach, at one time, had said they would take 10 Chuck Hayes’. Even Tom Izzo said that one of his favorite players of all time was Chuck Hayes. Besides, my wife would kill me if she found out I voted against her Chucky.

  227. GummyBear

    #222 To call Hayes overrated shows your ignorance, just look at the wins UK amassed under his leadership. And to say Tubby couldn’t hang with Rick is even more ridiculous, just look at their head to head matchups. Just because you swing from Rick’s ballsack doesn’t mean we all want to hear about it.

  228. UKZacK

    This is by far the hardest vote for me…I love both of them! Walker was the better player but my heart just wont let me vote against Chuck!!! Chuck’s HEART get’s my vote!!!

  229. lovemycats


  230. getrealpeople


    Without him, we have no 96 title. He was the catylst. And his years in the NBA outdo Hayes as well.

  231. UKinIL

    CHUCK epitomizes Kentucky basketball. Blue collar, doesn’t care about statistics, team-first. Toine was too much of a showman. Picking Chuck as an all-time great shows what Kentucky fans appreciate – leave-it-on the floor, hardnosed basketball. Chuck makes you proud to be a UK fan – not always so with Toine.

  232. Brady


  233. Jenny

    I guess I look at these matchups as something of a one-on-one game. In that sense, it’s Antoine Walker without a doubt. It’s been said, and I’ll say it again – I loved Chuck and the heart he played with…
    but talent wise Walker is way ahead.

  234. Robby

    Chuck Hayes

  235. derek

    i LOVE chuck, but if this is a tournament of talent, It would have to be WALKER

  236. fuzzy zeller

    One time I saw Antoine Walker make 3 layups in a row. This alone eliminates Chuck from the conversation. I vote for Walker.

  237. mailman85

    Walker and it’s not close


    This is a greatest player ever tournament not a most talented player ever. Greatness can be defined in many ways and in my book Chuck Hayes is GREATER than Toine.

  239. UKHOOPZ

    Chuck by a (broken) nose.

  240. Anonymous

    Long live chuck hayes

  241. RabidUKFan

    This one should be reserved for a later bracket. NOT FAIR! Walker had more talent, Chuck was more important to his team. I give it to … Antoine Hayes! No, Chuck Walker! No… uh… ok Chuck Hayes it is.

  242. dwightperry

    The poll isn’t for favorite player, it’s for greatest player. Sorry Chuck, Antoine was better.

  243. uofkcats

    INTERN – you make very good points. I agree with you on your points. However, I just wanted to point out the other side of your opionion. That if you put Hayes on the 96 team UK still wins a title but Hayes would have contributed alot less than he did during his time. You put Walker on the teams Hayes played on; UK might not have gotten upset by UAB and/or Marquette. Hayes might not even have started if Walker played. Daniels might have started over Hayes. You put Walker in the 05 Michigan State game and I would bet that UK is in a Final Four.

    Walker was a difference maker. So what if he played on a team of superstars. He stood out on a team full of superstars.

    Walker was the better player.

  244. instaG8r

    Walker, love Hayes but this one isn’t even close.

  245. Somervillain

    Tough draw for Chuck. Gotta go with Toine.

  246. Big Dub

    walker would eat hayes uop alive

  247. teach

    202 & 208 — My understanding is that this is the greatest “UK PLAYER” contest.

    While post college some players may be better or may have had a better physical skill set while in college, adding “UK” to the definition & title of the tournament allows for a more wholistic view of eachplayer’s entire UK career (both subjectively and objectively) and does not limit the decision to just “TALENT”. Follow?

    Thus, it is neither improper nor overly sentimental for voters to choose Chuck, who carried the team for 2-3 years over Twoine, who had more “talent” but basically played an NBA team at UK and left as a sophomore.

    That said, Chuck, as a player meant more to UK Toine could ever dream.

    CHUCK hands down is the better KENTUCKY player

  248. AMH

    Walker, and although we all love Chuck, it’s not really that close

  249. Dusty

    Better talent is Antoine.

    Better UK player is Chuck.

    Chuck gets my vote!