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Goodwin Ready To Make An Impact


Archie Goodwin is still months away from suiting up as a Kentucky Wildcat, but the Sylvan Hills (Ark.) guard is already breaking out as basketball star, according to SLAM Magazine.  In a brief profile of Goodwin, they reveal that doctors have told Goodwin that he may grow to 6’8″ and call him the best player to come out of Arkansas since Atlanta Hawk Joe Johnson.  But that’s not the only comparison he’s heard.  Bruce Pearl called him “Rajon Rondo with a jump shot” and Rick Barnes called him Michael Jordan.  I’ll take it.


Article written by Thomas Beisner

27 responses to “Goodwin Ready To Make An Impact”

  1. barn

    looks like a substantial number of empty seats in the lower section of the chikken coop tonite

  2. lakesidecatfan

    Drew looks higher than giraffe balls in that picture! Priceless

  3. BPsycho

    “Rajon Rondo with a jump shot”

    Strong words.

    Rick Barnes called him Michael Jordan.

    Rick Barnes knows nothing!!! lol I don’t know **** about coaching, but I could coach his players farther than he has! Don’t commit to Texas!

  4. darryl isaac

    big shoes to fill, hope he lives up to it.

  5. ktmiln2

    Ramon Rondo with a jump shot is Pete Maravich without the white boy knees. Let’s hope!!

  6. ktmiln2

    Rajon Rondo. I know what I meant Apple!!!!

  7. Hoss

    LSU @ MSU is a dunkfest right now. Fun game.

  8. Chuck

    Drew always, and I mean always, looks stoned. The look works for him I guess. If he gets a dog, he should name it Jackal.

  9. Uk fan

    Is anyone watching the Louisville game? They are getting ready to beat a turrible team and they are acting like they just won a championship. I just can’t stand them.

  10. BigBlueSkyDog

    9. I was watching until they went up by nine with a minute left. I’m only interested in watching them lose.

  11. MemphisCat

    Come on down to the NBA development team, Archie!!!

  12. Mr. Obvious

    O.K. I’ll buy the 6’8″ part but, how can the Dr.s tell if he’s going to be the best player to come out of Arkansas since Joe Johnson?

  13. Genoscats

    I’m with you #10. GO BIG BLUE!

  14. guest

    UK’s current SEC statistical rankings:
    PTS-2 FG%-1 3P%-3 FTM-1 FTA-1 FT%-1
    ReboundsPG-1 ORPG-1 DRPG-1

  15. nassau65

    13. that makes three of us.

  16. I hate people who hate on Teague

    10 every Kentucky fan feels that way. I really like goodwins game, ok shooter and great driver gonna be our 2 guard next year and I expect great things

  17. Zeek

    Whos’ the drunk guy to the right of Goodwin?

  18. TheDecker

    watching the duke game..duke just got two TERRIBLE calls

  19. Bleed Blue

    I love Drew’s face in this picture. In Drew’s mind “Does that guy have a bottle of Makers Mark… and Orange Leaf?”

  20. Brucebigblue

    Hey Matt. Hooked on radio show podcasts. Can’t listen to show at work so I need me some podcasts.

  21. WKU Hilltopper

    Commenters of Kentucky Sports Radio were mentioned on the front page Yahoo! story about the new platinum uniforms. Good job guys, we’ve made it nationally!

  22. Rixter

    Louisville has 5 wins, against the bottom 5 teams in the conference. Yay Cards.
    I haven’t hear anybody mention Jorts injury… bad break, literally:
    “Josh Harrellson was scheduled to undergo surgery to repair his fractured right wrist on Tuesday, according to the team.

    He suffered the injury Saturday night against the Nuggets and is expected to be sidelined for six weeks.”

  23. Cherith Cutestory

    Can’t wait for this guy to suit up for the CATS!!!!

  24. Durantula

    #3, I’m pretty sure Rick Barnes coached me and I’m one of the best players in the NBA. Oh, and Lamarcus Aldridge is also a starter and star on a solid Portland Trailblazers team. That being said, Rick may not coach teams to win, but he can develop talent.

  25. Ktmiln2

    21. You’re welcome. I’m pissed they didn’t use my name though

  26. Han

    22) It was posted on this blog the other day, among many other places.

    24) Durantula is one of those guys who was good despite the coaching. But don’t worry, Rick Barnes has withdrawn his name from consideration as the reason Durantula is good at the basketball. My money’s on the backpack. I think he has a leprechaun in there. When you catch one, it has to grant you a wish. Most people wish for the pot of gold, but Durant thinks bigger.

  27. Durantula

    Oh, so Aldridge, P.J. Tucker, Daniel Gibson, D.J. Augustin, T.J. Ford, and Tristan Thompson are all fantastic players who decided to be coached by someone who doesn’t know basketball? I’m sorry, the only point I’m trying to make is that Rick’s opinion is worth something whether #3 admits to knowing nothing about coaching or not.