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Go behind the scenes with

Of course Anthony Davis shops at Blockbuster

Ever wonder what it’s like to go on a roadtrip with the Cats? Well, you’re about to find out. Chad Hobson of posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the team’s trip to Baton Rouge last week. We can’t embed the video here, but click on the picture above to check it out.

The video includes these must-see moments:

– The new gem in Doron Lamb’s sweet hat collection
– The super nice TAC Air Terminal
– Marquis Teague and Doron Lamb flashing three goggles
– Anthony Davis’ in-flight entertainment: “Soul Men”
– Someone doing their homework on an iPad (kids these days!):

– Coach Robic Cam!
– Eloy speaking Spanish and rubbing his belly!
– Coach Robic teasing Brian Long about getting into “Jersey Shore” shape
– Cal’s speech to the team about talking smack and backing it up, ala Muhammad Ali

Part Two will be posted tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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14 responses to “Go behind the scenes with”

  1. mocha
  2. Michael Kidd-Langford

    Uh… huhuhuh… he said “Tap ’em on the ass.”

  3. Hoss_Cat

    catspause posters beat you to this. just like a lot of the posts on here. I have no problem with that, just pointing it out : )

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    3- wow. didn’t know it was a contest.

  5. Hoss_Cat

    Never said it was.

  6. UKFanInCincy

    what is the tea bag thing matt was talking about? I must have missed the show when he talked about it.

  7. Jerry Tipton

    I will be doing an investigation as to whose Ipad that is, and how it was purchased.

  8. Hoss_Cat

    #6 a louisville fan working for a pizza place posted somewhere that he should tea bag matt’s pizza. He eventually called matt and apologized saying he never actually did it.

  9. Fat ninja

    Kyle macy should stick to tennis not commentating

  10. Hoss_Cat

    #9 Macy is fine at commentating. Baker is the one that needs to go. He doesn’t know crap about basketball and tries to argue with Macy about basketball lol. He actually said this in one of the games this year, “You know Kyle? I think he gets it” RIFLMAO. Kyle laughs and says, “You think? You think? uh let me say that again… think? This is cals 3rd year here. I believe everyone knew soon as Cal got here that not only does he get it, he owns it lol. Baker is a dweeb

  11. John Denver

    Jerry Tipton’s headlines tomorrow…..WWW supplies player with IPad

  12. Floyd the Barber

    I gotta agree…..SOUL MEN is one funny-ass movie!

  13. Go Cats

    How does Noel transferring to 12 effect the 2013 class? Do we go after Chris Walker now?

  14. Shawn

    13 – One less offer out In 2013 would make you think that Walker might be the one to get that offer moved over to him.