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Gillispie: UK fans would “run all the coaches out of town” if they lose to UofL

This game is so big that even our old pal Billy Gillispie is weighing in. Gillispie went on a Lubbock sports talk show and said that the Kentucky/Louisville rivalry was “100 times more heated” than the Texas/Oklahoma rivalry and that “Kentucky fans would want to run all the coaches out of town and get rid of all the players” if they were to lose.

Don’t believe me? Listen here.

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79 responses to “Gillispie: UK fans would “run all the coaches out of town” if they lose to UofL”

  1. uk3k

    I’m suprised he wasn’t sleeping off a round of night golfing.

  2. Billy Gillispie


  3. macsauce13

    Whatever you say, BCG.

  4. yitbos

    I know many UK fans who would have rather have lost to Baylor than lose to UL in the Final Four….so I really can’t say anything bad about this.

  5. Wu Tang Financial

    I absolutely can’t stand Gillispie. I wish he would just crawl in a hole and not come out. What a waste of oxygen!

  6. uk3k

    he also added “i’m too drunk to taste this chicken”

  7. Wall2Cousins


  8. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Coach Gillispie, the last time you & me were side-by-side somebody stepped on my tongue.

  9. Chicago Chris

    No but we’d run them out of town before they went 8-23 on the season. Oh, wait, that was BCG’s record this year?

  10. Drew

    Who’s Billy Gillispie? 😉

  11. Don

    Then he said the next round was on him…

  12. paul

    Not sure if this has been on the site yet but here is a video of UK Celebrity fan Josh Hutcherson talking about the Cats on CONAN

  13. average fan

    Hoof Arted!

  14. Caywood Ledford

    I hate to say it, but Billy’s right. If we lose to UofL, then Cal has to go

  15. kyrgaines

    Doesn’t he mean all of the twenty-something walk-ons he took in?

  16. floydfan

    Who pulled G’s string?

  17. 3 fan

    FU BCG, you stupid drunk

  18. Chokecal

    Lol..I remember when he was first hired,the Bbn thought he was the savior after running Tubby out of town! A few years later they ran him out! Uk fanbase, smh I wonder if Cal is next when the cards pull off the upset!

  19. Insider

    Davis is only 50% healthy. Should be enough to be the tards though.

  20. Melanie Hood

    I just went to just to see what was there and it actually took me to a pretty cool Kentucky site. What’s up with that?

  21. MC Hammer

    Yeah what’s the status on Davis?

  22. BobKYCats

    18: The only problem is, the Cards will not pull off the upset Saturday. They are far inferior. Good ride for the Dirty Birds, but it comes to an abrupt stop the first time AD swats Dieng aside.

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    Billy G is drunk. He’s mixing up UK fans with Alan Cutler

  24. Sammydog

    BCG really doesn’t get it. That’s why he isn’t here anymore. Cal gets it. That’s why UK fans have his and this teams’ back.

  25. Ray

    Irrelevant losers need to STFU

  26. REAL BLY

    BCG was biggest mistake in UK history….


  27. stevie

    #4, only an idiots would choose to go out in the elite 8 rather than the final 4. You might think about switching friends.

  28. 1Wrightboy

    Losing to UL won’t get you run out of town…but losing to Gardner-Webb will.

  29. stevie

    I hate to say it, but Billy’s right. If we lose to UofL, then Cal has to go


    I say your sorry arse needs to go. Pervert.

  30. Chicago Chris

    Cal will be fine either way. More titles and FF visits will soothe the burn of a loss (unlikely as that is).

  31. Rae

    Ah Billy, the man who thought a team should be satisfied with an NIT quarterfinal.

  32. SteveM

    Why didn’t he put Eddie Sutton on the phone after he made these comments to get Sutton’s perspective?

  33. Adam

    This is stupid. Lose or win, we love Cal. He’s taken us to places no other coach in America could have over the past few years. If we keep knocking on the door, we will get #8 much sooner that #3 will come to the tards…

  34. Wes

    If there were ever a man that knew about loosing

  35. Truth

    4. You are either a bold face liar or an idiot. Or both- which would make you a tard fan.

  36. SuperTroy

    Actually listening to the interview and BCG says a LOT about how great UK is and how he hopes they win it because he wants the best team to win and that he really loved his time at UK. Now…he is still BCG with every answer pretty much starting with “I don’t know…”
    Radio guy actually asked him if he had any investement opportunities in horseracing. BCG also says how he loves horseracing…(aka gambling?)
    Also says “It isn’t fun to get beat as many times as we got beat.” when talking about his first season at Tech.
    Good interview for a tough person to interview. I really look back on his time here and I am just sad at how it turned out. For UK of course, but for a man who really wasn’t ready for that job.

  37. Typical U of L fan

    He’s wrong. Beating the Cayuts means nothing to me

  38. Rae

    18. You’ve been asking that question for three days and haven’t gotten the answer you’re looking for. We like Cal; he has had great success so far. He has as many FF here as your coach does at UL. It took Pitino six years here to win the big one; Cal has only been here for 3. If people expected him to be bringing us #10 right now, that’s unrealistic. People have a higher standard for him than they do for other coaches. Why is no one talking about Thad Matta right now?

    Either you are trying to make us not trust Cal or you are waiting until you get the one answer that you can copy/paste onto CardChronicle.

  39. okso

    people are blowing this omg what if we lose to u of l thing a little out of proportion. the fans would be disappointed for a while until they remembered we have cal and will prob be in a great position to win the championship again next year. shabazz and nerlens would def help soothe any pain that would come with a final four loss

  40. catcrawler

    #14 WRONG. Regardless of the next game or 2, I’m very happy with the status of BBN and PROUD OF OUR PLAYERS AND COACHES.

    BCG “doesn’t get it”

  41. billy

    Some one told me that Pitino said that if Kentucky loses to Louisville that that fences will have to be bilt on all the bridges in Kentucky to keep people from jumping off them.

  42. 00BBN00

    at this point i just feel sorry for him

  43. nassau65

    If we lost the next game (which we won’t) or the final game (which we won’t), this has still been the most fun i have ever had watching the Cats play all season long. Cal is here for as long as he likes as far as i am concerned. The BKG years were boring at best. No comparison to Cal as far as fun factor for a fan. Can’t wait till saturday afternoon. It’s gonna be fun watching the tard fans pile out of the dome by the hundreds, with about 10 minutes left in the game. Smack talk now tards, because saturday we gonna blister datazz. Red feathers (or orange if they match those uniforms) will take days to sweep up out of the dome. Make sure Porcini’s is open for business on tuesday, cause 15 second Ricky is gonna need a consolation prize.
    GO CATS!

  44. nassau65

    ^ BCG, see i already forgot

  45. Billy Clyde


  46. wildbluefan

    #41- They don’t havenear enough funds to put fences on all the bridges up here in No. Ky…..soooo, it’s clear sailing up here into the Ohio River !

  47. KingRex

    That was great to hear Billy G in this interview. It really reminded me what a douche he is and how lucky we are that he’s gone. The guy is still clueless and will never get it. Texas Tech is going to regret the day they hired that train wreck.

    Now keep our name out of your filthy mouth…

  48. NotFirst

    I disagree with Billy, but I never hated him. He was just a bad fit. Some of the finest people I know have drinking problems. As for CRP, we know Rick can be a great coach when he is at the right place. He just needs to keep his mouth, zipper, and wallet closed from time to time. Some of the finest people I know are sex addicts.

    As for what’s important, our current coach is fantastic, I love our team, and if they lose in the final four, we’ll just have to wait another year. But I do like our chances…

  49. 3cats

    no one can run as fast as you Billy Boy….

  50. Blue28

    #20 I think someone must have forwarded to their own site. Great idea by them, and that site is well done.
    #22 I couldn’t agree more.
    #45 that’s funny.

  51. Maxbps8

    BCG demonstrates yet again that, while he understands our passion for The Game, he completely whiffs when it comes to understanding our love and appreciation of the young men that play for KentuckY. No matter what happens come Saturday (and/or Monday), the UK-faithful and ALL of the True BBN will forever LOVE these young men for the way they play The Game. MKG, AD, TJ, DLamb, DMill, MT, and Co. play the game it was meant to be played: AS A TEAM. Which many, most if not even ALL national sports-writers also fail to get! No matter what, we love these kids for their heart and passion and love of The Game. (The coaches??? Well, that’s another story. BCG just might be right about that one. IF…IF Coach Cal and Co. whiff. We will have to give them the what-for as they would deserve it.) Go KATS!!!

  52. needle nose

    Sounds like he was VERY VERY happy for the cats. He was VERY VERY VERY excited for his friend Bill Self. He VERY VERY VERY much didn’t enjoy the Kentucky Derby. He is VERY VERY VERY much looking forward to verbally abusing his new recruiting class.

  53. J From The Milky Way

    Nice, Billy said something correct

  54. Tang

    Sour grapes make sour wine, Billy. Just because you got run out of town on a rail doesn’t mean every coach would be. It’s just that, well Billy, you seem to suck real bad.

  55. Wildcatman44

    Dont understand why you guys are being so hard on #4. If I had a crystal ball abd it said we were going to lose to the cards in the final four, I would rather just have lost to WKY, Iowa St, IU, or Baylor. Most if you are way to young to remember 1983 and dream game 1 in Knoxville in the elite 8. Still not over that loss. Worst loss of my lifetime. I have to always hear from card fans how they won that game. This would be 1000000 worse trust me. This is an absolute cant lose sitiuition.

  56. Earl

    All I know is it took two years to long to run Billy g out of town. Does he think anyone from KY would care what that moron thinks.

  57. Earl

    I thiiink dat Dey will buuuuuurp!! Anna nutter ting burrrrrrp pass me my ah ah ah burrrrrrp drink. No ociffer I have not beeeen buuuuurp drinking. What a jackass!!!!

  58. Silly ole Billy

    Odd for BCG to say that since that is exactly what we did with him, we ran all of their coaches out of town and a big portion of his team, what was it like 8 or 9 players were told to go elsewhere? Not including committed recruits who decommitted.

    There was some criticism for Cal doing this but you can’t expect Cal to succeed with players who can’t get the job done, he can’t hit the shots and play defense for them.

  59. Carl

    Who is Billy Gillispie?

  60. thefan

    Billy ran himself outta town, drunk bastard. Learn how to coach.

  61. Dr. T. Jones

    NO … Just you you drunk dumb ass NIT son of a bitch

  62. Jeff Foxworthy

    If you’ve ever been too drunk to fish, you might be Billy Gillespie.

  63. kfund

    Yeah, no.

    Cal is the man either way.

  64. Beavis

    Everyone is on Billy Clyde’s case,,,he is such an easy target. May I suggest everyone should be on the case of the AD that hired him.

  65. Flask filled with Makers

    Anyone seen my BCG?

  66. Flask filled with Makers

    #28…Right on, right on…

  67. Clyde

    At the end of the day I do not even matter.

  68. Fake Ed Wilson

    WWEWD? Forgive him and hope for a Cats victory on Saturday

  69. LuvDaCats

    Win or lose this years team is awesome. Other two teams under Cal were awesome. What a great time to be a Wildcat. Thrilled Cal is coach no matter what.

  70. marty m

    This arrogant, self rightous jerk really needs to shut the &^%$ up. His contribution to UK basketball regretfully speaks for itself. He needs to concentrate on Texas Tech and leave the real basketball teams alone. Still cannot we were all duped into thinking we had gotten a real winning coach when he was hired. He may be the biggest blemish on this program and that includes the Sutton-Casey-Mills situation and even the Bill Sivey fiasco.

  71. boomdaddy

    A certain eyewitness told me a few years ago that he witnessed a certain coach who hailed from Texas doing more than the two step in the back seat of a car in a down town Lex parking lot. This is not the only crazy story I have heard. But, that being said, after Billy Clyde lost to podunk U, I knew the AD made a huge mistake. My biggest suprise was tha the AD was smart enough to ask a former player to reccomend the next coach for hire, who happened to be my first choice all along. Go Cats….and by the way…I think all the 18 yr old girls are a little safer in Lex now that a certain coach is not in town any longer.

  72. John Ellis

    The only thing to be said to BCG is – give back the $3 million you extorted to not coach and then blew on a scam. Cal has been great but you do wonder how Barnhart survived after hiring him.

  73. John Ellis

    The George W Bush of coaching.

  74. Glass half full

    Look at it this way. Putting up with BCG for two years set us up nicely to hire Calipari. Now we have the best coach in college basketball. How coach Cal doesn’t get mentioned for national coach of the year the past two seasons are beyond my me.

  75. Tom Selleck's Stache

    Louisville’s good, we’re better. Frig off and E.A.D. Bout it bo! I mean cooooooooooooooooooooooome oooooooooooooooooooonnn!

  76. Tom Selleck's Stache

    Where’s Matt Vaughn when you need him?

  77. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Louisville SUCKS,always have,always will…

  78. 7&Counting

    Run you out of town even quicker if you don’t even make the tournament and lose to a bunch of jr varsity teams to boot.

  79. Laughter Ensues

    Was he sober when he said that?