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Free Enes! Thursday News and Views


Its been a crazy day around KSR land, with fights with major newspapers, probably our best radio show, meetings with a tv coach (yes they have those) and general running around all over the place. It has calmed down tonight and we are ready to hit the ground running again tomorrow. One new thing that has developed is the growing FREE ENES! movement taking place around UK land. After Demarcus Cousins got the trend going on Twitter last night, the Free Enes! movement has taken hold in the Bluegrass, with the phrase being repeated all over the state. The above t-shirt puts the slogan out there and I believe you are going to be seeing it more and more around the city. We had a tremendous response to the t-shirt yesterday and my hope is that UK fans support Free Enes! at the UK football games over the next few weeks and that everyone (outside of BTI who would just hurt the cause) will get on board. If you are interested, order the shirt below and they begin shipping today. If you get a Free Enes! shirt, wear it to a big event, put it on a UK Fan of the Day girl or have someone famous (I am looking at you Boogie, P-Pat and Josh Hopkins) put it on and we will put the pictures on the site.

Get your “Free Enes” shirt here

To the news:

— The big news today was the national media circus that was brought about by the Enes Kanter story. It is only UK basketball that can top PTI in September, but the Cats were the lead story as the duo discussed Kanter. Both agreed that UK had done nothing wrong but both also said he was a professional. That conclusion seems to be the common sportswriter thinking, not because it is based in fact, but because most have only read the Thamel story and not the Decourcy one that should accompany it. As far as college basketball writers, the opinions seem to be mixed, with some thinking he wont play and some thinking he will miss some games and have to pay some money back. Either way, UK was topic #1 again in sports today…and it seems to just continue to happen.

— My concern for Kanter’s eligibility is the effect the publicity could have on the situation. As Mike Decourcy said on the radio with me today, the actual facts in the Thamel story were not new to the NCAA or UK. But now the public knows those facts and the perception (aided by shows like PTI and Around the Horn taking superficial looks at the story) is that Kanter is a pro. Whether that makes the NCAA feel it has to justify the decision more is a question that I really wonder about now, even more so than the actual facts. Before the Thamel story, I was confident he would be deemed eligible at some point. Now the question is whether the NCAA will make the same decision with the public watching.

— An interesting perspective on the whole thing came from this article by a former pro player in Europe, the thesis of which is that having played in Europe, the author doesnt trust the Turkish team to tell anyone the truth. Because the team has an incentive to lie and the dealings in the Euro League are notoriously bad (with players often not being paid what they are owed, etc), there is a huge distrust factor from players about all actions of the teams. Thus trusting the Turkish team in this case would be misguided according to the author. A very good read.

— In our neck of the woods, the big story was the accusation of quote fixing by NY Times author Pete Thamel from the Assistant Coach he quoted in the piece. Rodney Crawford talked to me late last night and said that the quotes attributed to him were made about another player, not Kanter, and then used by Thamel to reflect on Kanter. The charge is a serious one and has gotten some national attention, with Gregg Doyel, the Yahoo College Basketball writer and others picking it up. It also had some traction on the college section of USA Today, which wrote about the controversy as well. As of now, Thamel and the Times havent answered the criticism. Our movement to try to make that happen heats up a bit tomorrow.

— Speaking of media, a local writer got himself into this fight in ways that he probably wished in hindsight had never happened. John Clay took a break from telling people to get off his lawn and turn down their music by going after KSR on two different occasions, in a Live Blog and on his Sidelines section of the Herald Leader website. He suggested that the potential Thamel issues with the quotes were no big deal and that the KSR stories werent important because we were a “cheerleader site” for UK. This of course led to a great deal of criticism and soon thereafter, Clay stopped talking and became silent on the subject. What is interesting is that today likely brought his blog the highest number of hits and comments on the site in its history, showcasing how the tables have turned. It used to be that we went after the HL and other entities to get attention and traffic and now he has to do it in order for people to read his site. Ultimately it is actually somewhat sad that Clay’s natural tendency to take up for his fellow writer would overshadow his journalistic integrity on the issue of using quotes correctly, but we shouldnt be surprised. If this blog has taught me one thing, it is that with a couple of exceptions (Doyel, Whitlock, etc), media doesnt go after other media. Anyone could have called as I did and checked up on the NY Times sources in their story. The HL didnt…instead it defended Thamel. What does that tell you about their priorities?

— In non-Kanter news, Lee Todd announced he will step down as President of the University of Kentucky. Todd is beloved by the students at UK and was popular amongst the alumni, but there had been a feeling that he didnt do what is necessary to make the “Top 20” goal for UK (which has always been farfetched) become a reality. Todd was a huge supporter of all things UK athletics and his departure is a blow to the Athletic Department that trusted him to such a large degree. It will be interesting to see who the new board picks and what direction is taken. Athletics and School Presidents at UK have generally gone hand in hand. We will see if that continues.

— Finally, in “they must never come to Rupp Arena” news, Tony Greene was named the Naismath Award Winner for Outstanding Official for 2010. I have sometimes said that Tony Greene is the most inconsistent official I have ever seen and his reputation for frustrating UK fans is so strong that it spawned the KSR screen name “Tonygreenedoesthestankylegg”, one of my favorite in site history. The victory just goes to show that when it comes to members of a profession judging each other, you cant explain what they do….other examples include Howard Stern is not in the Radio Hall of Fame….Jerry Tipton is in the college basketball journalists Hall of Fame. Go figure.

More all day as we get ready for football on Saturday and the Bledsoe report before Friday….

Article written by Matt Jones

73 responses to “Free Enes! Thursday News and Views”

  1. Kentucky14

    Kanter’s future is in the hands of the NCAA. No way that can be good.

  2. syrin23

    The NCAA no longer cares (if ever) for the student athlete. This is pretty cut and dry. He showed no interest in going pro and wasn’t paid any outlandish amount of money. Prep school tuition here in the states can be $20,000/year. Throw in the AAU travel, food and lodging expenses and you get into some serious money. Plus, all the top AAU players now have “handlers” that are little more than unofficial agents. If/when the NCAA acts like the PGA and hides behind its shield of inflexible rules, we once again will know that they could care less about the student, AND have an anti-UK sentiment.

    *gives finger to NCAA*

  3. syrin23

    Seriously, does ANYONE think the NCAA is:

    1) Good for the students?
    2) Does anything besides maximize cash revenue off sports for colleges?

    No one I know of has anything even remotely good to say about the NCAA. Why hasn’t the NCAA been busted up because of anti-trust laws? If there ever was a amonopoly, the NCAA is it.

  4. duhville cat

    Good job today guys, thanks. And #1 give it a rest.

  5. Blasphemy

    She’ll be eating Whale blubber alright, just as soon as I free Enes.

  6. The Kanter Article

    The Kanter article that was written by the former ball player was good until he said this: “A no brain-er right? Kanter obviously has no interest being shackled by a Turkish club that will overwork and underpay him, hell he can make more than $6500 a month playing for Calipari at Kentucky.”

  7. Hard Hittin' CAT

    Georgia’s WR A.J. Greene got suspended for 4 games today! If Georgia doesn’t straighten up UT will have somebody to make fun of.

  8. duhville cat

    #1 got deleted. Good. Now block that troll.

  9. Wildcobb Salad

    10. If that’s true, I don’t really care. Our class for 2011 is the best as it is, and we still have someone else to add. How about that? THE BEST already, and it’s not even complete.

  10. Straightbent

    Great stuff today Jones! Keep the heat up on Thamel!

  11. macon_volfan

    #8-The UGA arrests far outnumber the UT arrests this year. People down here (Georgia) are ashamed.

    That being said, the AJ Greene situation is absurd. Clay Travis said it best: if is steals 4 jerseys he doesn’t own, he gets a 1 game suspension. He sells 1 jersey he does own and gets a 4 game suspension.

    The NCAA is a bunch of crooks.

  12. Recarded

    Just like I said yestersay, everyone act like this Turkish GM is a saint. At the end of that article he states that Kanter wouldnt be a good student, or work hard on the court anyway. The GM is prejudice towards Kanter. A lot of sources think that Kanter will not sit more then 15 games, and could very well sit 6-10. Kanter is in the same situation that he was in 3 weeks ago, the NYT’s Article is a bunch of hear say.

  13. Ryan

    Lee Todd wasn’t beloved by any students I know.

  14. duhville cat

    10) Who cares? Bottom line is he was recruited over. When Wiltjer commited Chane knew he wasn’t gong to get playing time with Jones, KW, Davis, Vargus Etc, ahead of him.

  15. wh

    this isn’t a cheerleader site? since when?

  16. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    thamel is going to become a punch line. kanter will play for uk. next baseball season / dead period he will have “sources” claiming gilchrist received improper benefits by getting larger scoops of mashed potatoes in the high school cafeteria.

    meanwhile we are assaulted by UL fans screaming foul over a possible non qualifier while they actually had 2 of them in 2010. you cannot stop the ignorance of a tardinal, you can only hope to contain it.

  17. Basteballer

    #wrongonpurpose says unequivocally that Dodson is gone. Truth?

  18. BCO

    14) me either. in fact when i went to UK, he was pretty damn unpopular among students. always hiking the price on everything, from parking passes to admission to room and board, all the while building new multi-million dollar faculty facilities.

    i say UK will be much better off without him.

  19. truth

    UL fans are complete idiots…

    “Matt Jones story is stupid, he’s such a homer”

    “Do you deny that the ass. coaches words were twisted by Thamel.”

    “Yeah, Matt Jones reported it”

    “Matt Jones printed what the man said, yes, he did report it, so, the guy lied to Matt?”


    “So his words were twisted by Thamel?”

    “Matt Jones is an idiot, he’s a UK homer”

    WHY OH WHY?!?! do UL fans have to be sooooo stupid?!?!?!?!?

  20. truth

    17) I believe both of those players will play this year…it’s the “David Padgett is out for his career” tactic, Pitino speaks, he lies…mark. it. down.

  21. fatcat

    mm reporting dodson gone for good

  22. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    21 – yes. the ncaa ruling 2 of your players academically ineligible is indeed a pitino ploy.

  23. Dixon25

    Great day of coverage Matt. KSR has gone from you guys goofing off to being the #1 source for all things UK.

  24. Young Alumni

    14 & 19) The small dream of UK ever being a top 20 university ended when the Commonwealth began to cut funding to institutions of higher learning. The tuition hikes were the cause of Frankfort and also Bush’s No Child Left Behind which geared the shrinking education budget towards K-12.

  25. CalifCatFan

    #12: Macon Vol Fan, finally we have something we can both agree on. 🙂

  26. BlooBloodCat

    I would buy a Free Enes shirt…..but I am not paying 8 bucks for UPS ground!! New slogan: Free the Free Enes shirt from ridiculous S/H!!!

  27. nassau65

    You can continue to bash the LHL and their writers all you want, but i’m not buying your sincerity, as long as you continue to allow Aaron to link the LHL (especially Tipton) articles in damn near every post he makes. This site has done as much for their click count as any one other source. So now, they are returning the favor and KSR has received it’s boost in clickies today from LHL readers. Why don’t you call it even and hide Aaron’s keyboard?
    I enjoy KSR as much as anybody (even more than the tard trolls), but throw me a bone here.

  28. tdogg4033011

    27) LOL ….. dont blame ya man

  29. catfan68

    I wonder if Thamel and Pitino are connected somehow? This would explain his agenda against UK. He at least needs go retake Journalism 101 and learn how to correctly report a story, quote sources etc.

  30. catfan68

    I wonder if Thamel and Pitino are somehow connected? This would explain his agenda against UK. He should at least take Journalism 101 and learn how to correctly report a story, quote sources etc.

  31. tdogg4033011

    Tell em Matt … so wo got the intern positions???

  32. Guru

    Maggard is saying “no worries” … Kanter’s father was very meticulous with documentation. However, an “insider” on Cats Pause is saying two b*tches on the board for NCAA hate Cal, and we should expect at least a 10-game suspension.

  33. wtf

    Hey matt, what’s ur opinion on ul stealing our bball intro music and using it in football?

  34. Fred

    25. Since when was it the job of the federal government to fund state public schools?

  35. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #28 – nassau65 – Your right nassau, only problem is Matt Jones is taking a page from the WWF play book in regards to his site and it’s popularity.

    By playing the good guy/badguy game, he’s one upping Jerry Tipton’s perpetual turd machine two fold.

    Matt Jones doesn’t want the Herald Leader to disappear… think about it. Then the only person left to kick would be Marc Maggard, and that guy is as legitimate and stable as a Used Car Dealership on North New Circle Road. It’s too easy and Matt ends up looking like a guy picking on the handicapped.

    By continuing to feed the circus (link to HL and Tipton articles), it pays everyone (Matt Jones, Herald Leader) and keeps Matt relavent as the consistently more credible source for UK sports news analysis.

    Matt also knows the HL isn’t what was initially percieved as his competition for revenue. It’s mainly 2 different demographics. There’s room for both, and the HL will survive as long as the sheep keep buying the paper for all the other things it offers various individuals.

    What is nice for the fan, even though we’re getting played by KSR (with the lipservice that the HL sucks (which we already know)… yet is not to be ignored) is that…

    1. We do have a liason (KSR) looking at what the national media offers and objectively butchering it for market (substance).
    2. The best one stop shop for accurate up to date relavent information concerning our basketball program. It’s the epicenter for a reason, and that’s because it’s proven itself more consistently than the competition.
    3. A. Thomas Beisner, B. Drew Franklin, C. Tomlin

    That’s the truth.

  36. BPsycho

    “Jerry Tipton is in the college basketball journalists Hall of Fame.”

    * Exorcist Projectile Vomiting *

  37. BPsycho

    #37 You better hide, you discovered the secret….

    BTI is on his way to kill ya!!!

  38. Alumni

    14) Correct. I just graduated and Lee Todd is unanimously hated by just about everyone I’ve ever talked to. His Top 20 plan was and continues to be a complete sham—the faculty hate it because the plan totally excludes academics as a priority. There needs to be more administration changes in addition to Todd’s exit. It’s time for the pendulum to shift.

  39. tdogg4033011

    are SEC home football tickets face value at 50.00 bucks per seat?? anyone

  40. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Can you imagine? What a gift the Herald Leader really is to Matt and KSR.

    These guys are the most laughable clowns and they are completely convinced they aren’t.

    Ego has a way of protecting the host, especially with credentials, job titles and past won awards. But in the end, it’s a gravy train. Like a conveyor belt of material to correct and highlight as “news manufacturing salted with a negative slant for increased consumption and spreadability”.

    The Herald Leader sports writers are clear that if somethings not “made” offending or upsetting, then your less likely to tell your friend about it. Then John Clay says KSR is a cheerleader site instead of a news site. Yea John, the issue is we no longer trust your (or the HL’s) view of what “news” is, so you lost your audience with the most important word you could use. I’ve seen 3 decades of it from HL. That’s plenty for me to come to this conclusion.

  41. wtf


  42. nassau65

    37. There is usually more than one way to view anything. I appreciate your opinion, and i thank you for the time it took to write it. I won’t say i am in complete agreement, but it never hurts to listen. I still believe there would be plenty of people left to kick around besides MM (although he does make himself quite the target) if the LHL and tipturd were to disappear. I do agree however, with your #3- and in that order.

  43. Calipari'sInYourEar

    The State of Kentucky – 47th place out of 50 in population percentage suffering from depression.

    A key factor in this study was environment. The Lexington Herald Leader is the most widely distributed newspaper in the state with a reported circulation of 100,327. The Courier Journal has more readers (162,776) yet that readership is primarily in Jefferson County.

    One of the most pertinent contributing factors to depression highlighted in the study was environment. What does this say about the environment the newspaper is cultivating?

    Now before anyone comes to defend the HL by saying the depression in Kentucky is primarily a side effect of poverty, take into consideration studies on the happiest countries. Nigeria and Costa Rica are consistently in the top 10, winning the awards at times. Neither country has significant wealth. But what both do have is a positive environment supported by a foundation of community of positive, kind, and respectful people, news businesses, and government.

    So next time you think the Herald Leader is just trying to make a buck, think about what your supporting with your 50 cents.

  44. Calipari'sInYourEar
  45. mattcat68

    If Kanter is truly on the level, which I believe he his based on all of the trouble he’s gone to to play college basketball, he or UK should release his financial records to the public. This would difinitely have an impact on public perception and would also serve to trump the Thamel article. Obvioulsy the people with the UK compliance office believe (I’m assuming) based on his documentation that his case has merit. Why not use it to fight the battle in the public arena too?

  46. buh-bye

    I agree with 14, 19, and 40. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  47. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #47 – mattcat68 – The public as a whole doesn’t know the new laws that the NCAA implemented regarding European player concessions.

    And none of us know how the NCAA will interpret it, since Kanter is the first case (that I know of) to come before it.

    IMO The court of public opinion is really not as relevant in this case as many are playing it out to be. Thamel is still going to doctor his articles and publish them but there’s no precendence here. The only people shocked by his report are people looking at it and basing it on the old rules, which we now know is otiosity.

  48. Alan Cutler

    Billy G for UK President!!!

  49. SexnNursinHomes

    eff Pee Todd, the guy looks like Larry from the 3 stooges.

  50. Uk employee

    F Lee Todd and I was dancing when he said he will resign.

  51. dave

    Well at least in the 2011 football season we will not have to see the shameless self promoter Lee Todd in the end zone.

  52. SexnNursinHomes

    although, Pee Todd did have a hot daughter. that has to count for something. i’d love to be her maxi pad.

  53. Indycatfan

    47 that would be a great idea to go fight this in a public arena, execpt one thing. If you’re thinking of maybe going to court, Enes grand kids might get the verdict. We all know how slow the wheels of justice turn. And if you fight the battle in the media, well we’d all have a better chance of pissing up a 20 foot rope to the top as to get any type of sympathy through out the nation, because WE are UK. Lets just keep bashing MM and LHL and let Clay and Tippy be a ledgend in their own minds. We Will be OK this year.

  54. doresearchksr

    someone with the time and resources needs to take a serious look into into pete thamel’s huge ties to the university of florida. uk and uk supporters are being lead into a false assumption that thamel(himself) has a desire to bring down calipari and uk for journalistic pride or for the exposer. thamel is the puppet(writer for the agenda), this network is not that complicated, and sole agenda to cause serious complications to uk basketball and project a negative light on the program and to bring down popularity among elite talent. pete thamel is writing in connection with billy donavon and rick pitino, the two coaches and programs uk affects the most with its re-emergance as a national power, especially in recruiting. this is not a conspiracy, this is what is happening, and a little research would expose all the players. pete thamel was recruited, florida has used thamel in the past to spread their views through the national press for their benefit. the bledsoe transcript was only the beginning, but kentucky does have a opens records act, and the last time i checked the university of louisville is in ky, and they have basketball players past and present, like samuels maybe(hint), there is more than one reason why he left ul, sypher deal had minds elsewhere this spring and summer. so do some research ksr, b/c they are determined and they will eventually find something, if they havent already.

  55. That's what She

    For sideline seats the SEC games are $41 per game and the other 3 games are $36 per game.

    For endzone seats the SEC games are $36 per game and the other 3 games are $31 per game.

    41# tdogg4033011 Says:
    September 9th, 2010 at 1:47 am

    are SEC home football tickets face value at 50.00 bucks per seat?? anyone

  56. Bigbluecatfan

    John Clay exemplifies what is wrong with the media today. They have no journalistic integrity and have no ethics or values either, they are completely clueless, just like Clay and Tipton. They write their garbage with an agenda based motive in mind trying to influence the masses instead of reporting the truth of the story. It is all primarily agenda driven just like Thamel story in the new york times. What a sham! It is beyond me why anyone would believe anything they write. They must be completely clueless.

  57. SexnNursinHomes

    59- Cal has been microscoped at every move he has made since being here. How can you say that Cal didn’t count on the media calling him out? That’s absurd. I guess this time the media has finally made an impact. John Clay, you suck balls.

  58. Jimmy

    poasted on john clay’s blog… no one will get to see it there LOL

    I’m embarrassed for you, John Clay. To think that you would shrug off a journalist allegedly knowingly misusing and abusing quotes is horrific to me. Were you ever taught anything concerning journalistic integrity or have you just abandoned the idea that finding the truth and doing so honestly should be a newsman’s primary goal?

    Pathetic, in my opinion.

    Although I see you are facebook friends with NYT writer Pete Thamel which I’m sure wouldn’t have influenced your extraordinarily lame attempt to justify and sweep under the rug what is SUPPOSEDLY the worst crime a reporter can commit.

    Facebook friend as in…

    pre-existing relationship

    as in…

    my opinion is probably skewed.

    As in…

    If I’m honest I’ll announce such a relationship exists so that when the relationship later comes to light it doesn’t make me look like a big fat hypocrite.

  59. Oddsmaker

    Chances the Turkish GM is lying to protect his monetary interest by ensuring EK never plays in the NCAA:

  60. Ale81

    You should make a trip to Turkey for an interview…

  61. mattcat68

    If the court of public opinion has influence on the NCAA (because they’re human), then it’s time for Enes to tell his side of the story. Any journalists (or bloggers) out there willing to interview Kanter?

  62. catinhat

    Karen Sypher can get free enes whenever she wants, apparently.

    (I’ve been off the boards, sorry if that’s a repeat.)

  63. bluebloodedgirl

    66-good point…wasn’t there a minor issue last summer with a camp using Darius Miller’s pic on their promotional material without his permission? He had to sit a game or two if I remember correctly. Wouldn’t want to add additional games out for Enes if we’re lucky enough to get past all of this BS.

  64. FemaleWildcatFan

    I gotta agree with #7 (The Kanter Article). Surprised no one else has commented about it. Anyone else out there have an issue with the comment saying Kanter could make $6500 a month playing for Cal at Kentucky?

  65. tdogg4033011

    57) Thankyou

  66. Fraudfighter13

    Tony Greene????? He reffed my games in college–A D-III school here in the south. He was the laughing stock of our conference then, and a terrible ref now. He even T’ed me up once for simply saying “Are you sure?” when he called a foul on my big man…

  67. I'm Just Sayin

    I will say again and again. If you subscribe to the Lexington Herald Leader you are part of the problem.

  68. Hey tdogg

    They aren’t quite $50 but they might as well be. I bought 2 tickets to UK-Auburn and UK-UGA and after the ticketmaster fees they came out to $48.50 apiece

  69. Laettner4Life

    How exactly can you profit off of t-shirt sales by using a student-athlete’s name?

  70. knowledge

    Bold faced letters above: growing Free Enes!
    That alone should catch your attention. Lol.
    Extry, Extry, Read all about it! University of Kentucky Growing Free Enes!

  71. Paul

    Matt jones again says something is his favorite of all time, what a surprise. Your writing is the same blah blah over and over. Good for you chasing your dream and catching it but your head is bigger than MM now. Tone it down a little hillbilly. Go CARDS!

  72. Richard

    The thing that makes me upset about this is the fact that if deemed ineligible, we are left wanting for a big man. It seems to me that if coach Cal was gonna put all of his big man eggs in one basket, we should have been 100% sure of his eligibility. My take on the situation is, with Enes we have a chance to be a great team. Without him we will be a good team. Hoping for good news soon. Go Cats!