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Four Practice Notes from Today


John Calipari told the Big Blue Nation that he was giving them a Christmas gift and I admit I was skeptical. I assumed it would be a coupon for Papa John’s or an inspirational reading from the book of Robic. However I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that he would steam a UK practice LIVE online, a decision that paid real dividends today. UK fans flooded the internet to see how Calipari does his magic behind the scenes and if our LIVE BLOG was any indication (up to 4,500 people on at one time), many took the chance to see how the sausage is made. A few thoughts from the practice:

— The public today got to see what the media sees in these sessions, which is Calipari is full of energy and coaching from minute one. To those that believe he simply rolls a ball out and lets the players do what they want, a film of today’s session should be mandatory viewing. Calipari stops play constantly, instructing players on what they did well and what needs to be changed. Assistants chime in, but Calipari is the main voice and he overpowers everything else. He is constant instruction and the idea that he doesn’t know and teach basketball is foolish.

— Calipari is focused on making this team better in the halfcourt offensively. Whereas in past practices, most of what I have seen is Calipari getting the team to learn to score in one on one situations and in the open court, today Calipari spent a good deal of time going over the scoring principles in the half court. This is obviously the focus of his time now and is understandable considering the performances over the last couple of weeks.

— Without question, the subject of most of his ire was Twany Beckham. He spent a good deal of today’s practice letting know Beckham know how and when he was screwing up and was very frustrated at Beckham’s attempts to talk back to him. After a couple of negative plays and excuses, Calipari said “why don’t you just tell me what is correct since you know everything?” That led to Ryan Harrow telling his teammate the quote of the year (informing him he needed to pay attention) and begat a soliloquy from Calipari in which he talked about complaints from players that they needed to play more, with some being “delusional” as to their abilities. It was all aimed at Beckham and was a harsh critique.

— Calipari let fans see exactly how a UK practice is undertaken, in every form, warts and all. He cursed often, just as most coaches do, and was biting in his criticism. I think it was great for fans to see that all is not rosy when a team is being put together to go for a Championship and there were certainly some PG 13 moments throughout.

There was no free throw shooting, but the live stream did end with individual shooting drills with the coaches. Kudos to Calipari and his staff for doing this, the first such instances of a live streaming practice that I have ever seen. It is just another example of how Calipari is ahead of the curve and was a real treat for the fans who were able to see it. If you missed it…well I am sure there will be an Orange Leaf coupon you can console yourself with in the near future.

Article written by Matt Jones

39 responses to “Four Practice Notes from Today”

  1. Old Henry Man

    I did not get to watch the practice.
    Did Jones Practice”

  2. catfan68

    Great to see practice…thanks

  3. catfan68

    I think Jones’ injury may be worse than we have been lead to believe

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    good ass post. saw some of it. right on the money.

    Cal needs to open up an Orange Leaf in Fl. Menchies blows balls.

  5. Boogie

    Jones did practice

  6. uk class of 2013

    can someone tell what Harrow said to Beckham and why is was the quote of the year? Thanks.

  7. trublu22

    Where are you at in FL? I just heard they are opening one up less than a mile from my house- Sarasota, FL.

    What did Harrow say to Twany?

  8. Lil Whoa

    Harrow told Beckham “Listen, my n—a!” while Cal was instructing Beckham what he needed to be doing. You couldn’t see Harrow say it, but his voice is easy to distinguish between the others.

  9. sangaman

    “can someone tell what Harrow said to Beckham and why is was the quote of the year? Thanks.”

    +1. I caught the first half of the practice and think I missed this.

  10. lumberjackcat

    we steaming practices baby

  11. Makers Man

    Anyone know where there might be a reply available of this? Surely someone recorded it…. I’ll hang up and listen.

  12. Ukalum05

    Will there be a replay of the practice available that we can watch for those that couldn’t watch live?

  13. @jrodwhalen

    Yeah will there be a replay?

  14. James K

    This was a great recruiting ploy… like most everything Cal does.

  15. Versailles Cat

    I saw someone cleveland steam somebody live online once.

  16. Yo Dawg

    Anyone have a link to a replay for me?

  17. bluecat

    Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before the NCAA re-writes the rules to make this illegal? Cal is always ahead of the game. I was intrigued by the live feed of the practice and couldn’t make myself leave the computer screen.

  18. Daryl the Dad

    I hope to God that my son’s high school coach watched this to learn how to run a practice. My son and I both learned a great deal from watching coach Cal in action.

  19. bluecat

    Btw has anyone said where Wiltjer was at today? I never saw him at the practice.

  20. bluecat

    BTW has anyone said where Wiltjer at today? I never saw him at the practice today.

  21. Radio Ron

    Wiltjer was sick and was held out of practice.


    Damm… i miss John Wall, no one, could take the ball to the basket like WALL>>> sic…

  23. NotInsertNameHere

    If you want to watch it again I believe you can just go to the same link it was broadcast on and all the past streams are there.

  24. bluecat

    Thanks Radio Ron. I was a little concerned when I didn’t see him at practice. Hope he’s back healthy soon.

  25. GO CATS

    Can anyone tell me how to get the free NBA pass untill Jan. 8th. I went to NBA league pass but couldnt make it happen, I also called Dish and they never heard of such a thing. Miss watching big cuz, can anyone please help. Thanks and GO CATS

  26. Iverson

    Practice we talking about practice not a game but practice lol

  27. SexnNursinHomes

    7- i’m in orlando. no Orang Leaf here. at least none that I know of

  28. Just saying

    27. since when did UL team members have access to when Jones will be back?

  29. billy

    Calipari is one of those cussing catholic christian coaches I see.

  30. Steve Landram

    I thought the practice would be just a few shooting drills. I was very surprised at the open look at a complete practice, warts and all. Anyone who has practiced and /or coached the game of basketball could relate to what was going on.

  31. nolablue

    Dear Billy, Please leave your religious prejudice out of this. Most human beings
    in the real world cuss. Grow up and accept that fact without the
    smug self-importance of a prim li’l Mama’s Boy.

  32. Blue4ever

    Cal needs to institute Coach Rupp’s silent practices. Players did not speak unless they were spoken to by a coach first. This included the media. Anyone who spoke other than Rupp was kicked out. Including the media.

  33. 3 fan

    Sounds like Twany needs to learn his role and shut his hole. Or leave.

  34. CPACAT

    #17) Agree completely. NCAA whore-mongers…er..rule makers, will have this outlawed before the end of the season. Reason: They are Pimps and are not getting a cut; there is no money flowing into their accounts, so they will pontificate an “unfair advantage” (like every other school with electricity and the internet can’t do it too!!).

  35. Test test


  36. kycatfl1

    #17-My thoughts exactly! I figured TN, IU and Dirty Bird fans would have already been screaming that Cal was cheating by doing this!

  37. ukfan83

    #33 exactly! Beckham is a practice, late game role player and needs to understand that.

  38. Larry721

    TWANEY, don’t take it to personal….RESPOND ON THE COURT with your Talent. As with everything, ” Actions Speak louder Than WORDS “, Coach Cal gave you Words and the ability to respond with ACTION, take that wise opportunity…ACTION, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

  39. Rob Hardy

    What is the link that the practice was on?