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Former UK Players Aren’t Impressed With Joker

Sam Maxwell, Zipp Duncan, and Christian Johnson aren’t afraid to express their feelings about Joker Phillips. The three former UK football players sent out some tweets during Saturday’s loss to South Carolina that may raise a few eyebrows:



The two tweets that really stand out to me are Sam Maxwell’s “I still bleed blue, Rich Brooks blue” and Zipp Duncan saying Joker handpicked Newton and asked Mossakowski to transfer. The poor play we’re seeing at quarterback makes the loss of Mossakowski sting even more. The Cats could really use a quarterback competition right now and it doesn’t look good for Joker if he indeed told Moss to transfer.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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56 responses to “Former UK Players Aren’t Impressed With Joker”

  1. Charles

    Joker is in WAY over his head. I wish I could trust Barnhart to cut his losses with Joker and hire Leach.

  2. GoCats2

    Every positive Basketball post is followed quickly by a Football post. Cant you let us at least be happy for a few hours with a basketball post before you bring us down again?

  3. JPhelps

    I thought the football posts you guys were downgrading… BBN is done with football for this year. I don’t care what they are tweeting. There’s only so many times you can beat a dead horse! UK football=dead horse.

    Sidenote: I know posting this stuff gets you hits. But please, you could write what Ryan Harrow had for lunch today and I’d be more interested in that than I am football posts. Enough with football already… Once or twice a week! One for the a**kicking we take and another about the supernova seat Joker is sitting on. That’s all it requires. We’re done… Seriously… DONE! I’m not joking at how done I am… Really, you guys need to be done too! UK football = charred steak (DONE!) (This is called beating a dead horse!)

  4. bluesince66

    I will say this one more time. Randall Cobb and Derick Locke chose to leave school during an NFL strike with no ideal what was going to happen, if there would even be a season much less where they would be going. Tells me everything I need to know.

  5. stevem

    I agree that football is done for the year but what isn’t done is keeeping up the pressure to try to force Barnhart into finding a new coach. Keep it coming.

  6. bigbluedisaster


  7. wildcatjr

    #4 – Locke was a Senior when he left.

  8. Bro-ittos

    Joker is a perfect example of the Peter Principle.

  9. TheNewOriginal

    3/ So ignore it if you don’t like it.

  10. UKMathCat

    #4 – Locke was a senior.

  11. lldjr

    LIKE MIKE!!! @
    Let’s see how many “likes” we can get for Mike Leach !!!!

  12. SagaciousMind

    4, Brandon Knight and DeAndre Liggins left knowing a lock out was looming so does that mean something is wrong with Cal? I dont think so. Randall Cobb simply learned from other players mistakes. Lindley came back, got hurt, hurt his draft stock some. Johnson, came back, got hurt, didnt even get drafted. Locke, came back, got hurt, didnt get drafted. Cobb is he was on the team this year, he would be hurt by now because of depending on him. But, Cobb definitely didnt get the touches he should had during the end of the season, especially that bowl game. I just dont get our coaches. Zipps comment about attitude and leadership nail it for me. Joker shows 0 passion on the field and so do his players. Newton absolutely kills me. And they are right, Moss was told to kick rocks. Being handed a starting spot doesnt make you appreciate. Take Woodson and Pulley that year, before Pulley got in trouble.

  13. BBN


  14. bluesince66

    Liggins leaving was a family thing and Knight would probably be the 4th player drafted from this years team much less in the top 10 of the draft, that’s whay they left. Was wrong about Locke he was a senior and I agree part of Randalls leaving probably had to do with the fear of getting hurt, but also could have been who was going to be throwing him the ball this year.

  15. Z.Rex

    I am now firmly in the camp of changing coaches, particularly if we can get Leach…. but my questions are:

    1. If we continue to nosedive – say we don’t win another game all year (entirely possible): is there any real reason to assume that Barnhart would fire Joker? Even with that horrid season?

    2. Is there legitimate reason to believe that Leach would be interested in the Kentucky job? I keep seeing “Hire Mike Leach” but it’s obviously not that simple.

    Just wondering if anyone on the “inside” can shed some light on these 2 issues. If either or both are outside the realm of reasonable possibilities, we may as well focus on any positive we can find instead of assuming sweeping changes are coming.

  16. El Dude

    #11 – yeah, because Mitch Barnhart will make a decision based on that. It’ll work against Leach if you do that stuff.

  17. Charles



    Hows about we hire Paul Petrino brother of Bobby Petrino. Paul is the offensive coordinator at Illinois, and was OC at UL and Arkansas. The irony would be pretty cool

  19. JG

    We need to hear from Mossakowski. If he was asked to leave by Joker, Joker needs to go because he obviously doesn’t know what’s best for this program. Newton looks worse than he did Freshman year…and he looked bad then!! There is NO WAY Moss is worse than Newton!!!!!!!!!!


    how about Kevin Sumlin head coach at Houston, he can probably do a good job recruiting in Texas, his offenses are ranked at the top and he has a good year going down there

  21. jpay

    Barnhardt needs to be the first one shown the door. I don’t want him anywere near when the new hire is finally made. How many times did simple common sense dictate that the ball should have been in RC’s hands. The coach wasn’t smart enough to see that. Its my opinion that RC left because he felt that Joker was an idiot…

  22. Manbearpig

    #18 Go for Zook, Illinois is undefeated and he hasn’t done too bad there. I think UK could be seen as maybe a little bit of a step back, but with the right cash he would probably listen. There’s a chance he may want to get back at UFL and I’d be okay with that. Leach has to many skeletons working against him mainly from being here from the Mumme era (not saying it’s a good/bad pick for coach just throwing what probably keep him from job).

    When players that just left the program from the last few years are already throwing the team/HC under the bus it says something to me

  23. Paducahfan

    If Randall Cobb had stayed HE would have been an idiot and I think he’s pretty bright.

  24. Don

    I posted weeks ago @ speaking to a player that left the team. He said that you would be very hard pressed to find a player that likes/supports Joker. He actually used the word “hate” a whole lot, and to reiterate even said guys like Trevathan etc were looking to transfer out, and only didn’t because of time they would lose on field.

  25. SagaciousMind

    14, I know everyone says Liggins leaving was a family thing, but in an interview at the Craft Center he straight up said he felt the new guys coming in would get playin time over him. So to me, it says he was afraid to come back and work hard. I understand he has a family, but the NBA is now missing the 1st two weeks of the season and Liggins technically isnt even on a team. So it’s gonna take him even longer to see if he will make the Magic team. And if the NBA locks out the whole year, he could have had his degree in that amount of time so enlighten me on how it was a smart decision. If he was a 1st rd pick, I would completely agree.
    19, only time Moss will ever make a comment is when he is done with college, at least thats usually how it works. Or, if Joker is fired. But I’m like you, I want to hear it from his mouth what happened.

  26. obama

    Joker is racist!

  27. mores

    20- I think he’d be a great choice.
    22- Zook has been on and off the hot seat his whole time there. His last 3 seasons were 5-7, 3-9, 7-6. Before that he made a miracle Rose Bowl thanks to Rashard Mendenhall and Arrelious Benn, but the two seasons before that they had 2 wins seasons. After Spurrier left he inherited a goldmine in Florida and had two 8 win seasons and a 7 win seasons before getting fired. He’d get smoked in the SEC.

  28. Hopeful4UK

    Brent Venables at Oklahoma would be a good choice to replace Joker, as would Leach or Rich Rod or Chris Peterson at Boise State…. pretty much anyone at this point. It seems like we have a Billy Gillispie situation on our hands with Joker, just maybe not quite as extreme.

  29. OwensboroDavid

    I’m totally in favor of Mike Leach. However, I’d probably be a little more excited about Rich Rodriguez. Either one would be fine. I don’t think Mitch can afford to strike out again. I also think Mitch needs to pull the plug on Joker. I’ve never pulled against the Cats, and I won’t do so now, but if the Cats lose out Joker would prolly get the ax at the end of the season.

  30. Jacob Adam Brooks

    Utah state coach
    southern Mississippi coach
    Houston coach
    Mike Leach

    don’t know much about first 3 but they are all winning at smaller programs and ate in the top 20 in ppg. Utah state averages 300 rypg whereas southern and Houston throw a lot more but all 3 of those teams are winning and put up a ton of points. joker can’t get tds against central Michigan so I’m thinking they’d all be upgrades and inject some new life… but like I said that’s just a quick look at scoring stats with out knowing much about each coach

  31. John from London

    I’m not out for Joker’s job, but if we are going to hire someone else, I say give Gus Malzahn a shot! I really don’t know if he would take it, but this guy has to be the next great head coach! He plays a style of offense that players love! His offense is equivalent to the Dribble Drive!

  32. Lex07

    Those are some damn interesting twitter comments, coming from former players.

  33. SexnNursinHomes

    I’d like to see someone dig up Vince Lombardi. Yeah, I know he is dead and probably decayed, but prop him up in a wheelchair and throw him a playbook. Better than what we got now.

  34. ElliottB

    12/sagacious Stevie got drafted by the bills in the later rounds. I get your point tho with the rest of the players that stayed and should have left.

  35. ElliottB

    12/sagacious Stevie got drafted by the bills in the later rounds. I get your point tho with the rest of the players that stayed and should have left.

  36. Doug

    Joker Phillips coaching abilities = poop on a stick

  37. Doug

    Joker Phillips coaching abilities = poop on a stick

  38. Manbearpig

    SNH so we would have Weekend at Commonwealth instead of Bernies. Can we put him under a voodoo curse to where he dances when random music plays?

  39. SexnNursinHomes

    38- HAHAHHAHA! YES! dude, you have to admit, it would be a good time. Everybody had a good time with Bernie.

  40. Jacob Adam Brooks

    ya not a fan of zook. we need to go get an up and comer not a retread imo. no way big name coaches come here so we need some one young and itching to get a crack at the sec but someone who has also shown that they can win albiet at a smaller school. we could’ve gotten urban
    Meyer from bowling green but at the time UK fans would’ve called him unprepared. a lot of great coaches come from small schools but you gotta get them before they’re Mega stars cause once that happens were out of luck

  41. The Preacher

    Everyone is talking how great Boise State is but no one really saying go after their coach. Chris Peterson would be my first choice to replace “The Joke.” Everyone is amazed with the job he has done at Boise St developing a lower talented team and making them competitive. He may take the job at UK as they are in an automatic qualifying conference, lord knows he has battled to get to the BIG game and with the same record anywhere in the SEC he would have been playing for the Title!

    My call order would actually be

    Urban Mayer (but money says he says NO)
    Chris Peterson (might just take it)
    Mike Leach (sure he would take it)

    None of them are bad choices and I would be stoked to have either of them!

  42. STEVE!

    Any good Athletic Director will have a list of five names and numbers of coaches he will call if he has to make a sudden coaching change. I wonder who is on Mitch’s list, if he has one.

  43. tank


  44. Wildcat_fanatic

    Why not Jim Tressel?

  45. ebell55

    Are there any tweets of former players who support Joker? It’s easy to kick a man when he’s down!

  46. Bigbluecalizone

    When asked about Newton in the pre-season, Joker said he was “Night and Day” from last year. I had no idea he meant he looked like he was passing in the dark.

  47. JPhelps

    5. Because silence speaks volumes. If you act like they don’t exist, its a more powerful tool than screaming about it. Kind of like not attending games is a better motivator than going to the games and screaming at Joker is. You are doing exactly what Joker needs to stay. Filling a seat. You hit them in the pocket book if you want change and the only way you do that is through non attendance and watching from home if you want to follow!

  48. Laker Cat 18

    These guys can say what they want. I’m not ready to throw Newton under the bus. I want receivers who can catch the ball before I dish all the heat to the QB. THERE HAVE BEEN MANY CATCH-ABLE BALLS THROWN. They have to make plays and they haven’t been.

  49. BBN Matt

    I think someone like skip holtz is a possiblility, he seems like a good motivater and gets his players to play for him, plus he would be a pretty good recruiter

  50. SagaciousMind

    34, I shoulda specified Micah Johnson, I know I just said Johnson. Stevie was a senior though.

  51. Hal Mumme

    When you lose 68% of your scoring and arguably the best football player to put the UK jersey on you should expect a rebuilding year but the real reason why fans are so upset is because they were lied to in the off season. I heard rumors that when Joker was named HC in waiting there were grumblings amongst some of the upperclassmen… these tweets just make you wonder how many current players and already transferred players felt that way. I wish Mitch had the ability to see the big picture. NO ZOOK! I could coach the gator’s talent and he did not exactly capitalize on the roster he inherited. I think Stoops, Peterson, and Gus would be nice targets. Leach would be a nice choice if he had a Charlie Strong for DC.

  52. Fort Worth Cats Fan

    First, it disappoints me to see our native son fail so completely so soon as UK’s HC. There external factors that hasten the sands of the ol’ hour glass with a large segment of the UK fan base with Coach Phillips. Realistically, he has assisted with his own downfall. Opportunities for men such as him are greater than himself, and make the failure sting much more for the rest of us. Draw your own conclusions.

    Chris Petersen(Boise State), Mike Leech, Kevin Sumlin(Houston), June Jones(SMU), and Skip Hotlz are the five names, in order, that would quickly and credibly fill any football coaching vacancy. That’s it, that’s the list.

    The late great Al Davis said it best, “Just win baby!” Joker didn’t….

  53. joe

    Anybody that thinks Uk is going to a big name coach is dreaming.

  54. markp

    Mike Leach

  55. UKFan

    Guys…..That is really, really bad.

  56. erniecat

    I need tics for the next game if anone has some,would love to take my 8yr old to game or 2.