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Former Cat Desmond Allison murdered in Ohio

Terrible news tonight regarding a former Cat as an Ohio television station is reporting that Desmond Allison was shot and killed outside an apartment complex in Columbus.  The 30-year old Tampa native played two seasons for the Cats before leaving amid a number of violations and popping back up as a college football player in South Dakota.  At the time, the St. Pete Times wrote this story about how the shooting death of a Vanderbilt football player and friend had changed Allison’s perspective and helped him get back into sports.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and those close to him.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

18 responses to “Former Cat Desmond Allison murdered in Ohio”

  1. mocha


  2. Computer Blue

    Terrible news

  3. SexnNursinHomes

    man that sucks. down about the news. use to see him on campus. just a damn shame. RIP my man, RIP. terrible terible news.

  4. Manbearpig

    Wow, RIP once a cat always a cat

  5. flacat22
  6. A damn shame

    Started as a fight between 2 women?? He had 99 problems and a bitch was the last one.

  7. frank drebin

    RIP Desmond

  8. What could have been

    Man, such a shame.

    When UK instituted the ridiculously strict alcohol policy, he was the first (and really, the only) person to have the full letter of the law brought down on him. They kicked him out of school and his life spiraled out of control so, so quickly.

    It’s a lesson in knowing who you are dealing with…an 18 year old kid made a mistake, and rather than help him learn from it, they tossed him aside. It made me mad then, and it certainly makes me both mad and depressed now.

    RIP Desmond. So, so sad to hear. I just hope both the UK athletic department and the NCAA learn from cases like this.

  9. expatkyfan

    This is so sad. And is an example of why zero tolerance policies are unfair and often have disproportionally bad consequences.

  10. DuckButter

    Totally agree. Zero tolerance does nothing but hurt people, more often than not good people, just so a school can thump its chest.

  11. Lincoln park


  12. StratCat

    Wow, guys. To suggest that the zero tolerance policy led to Desmond Allison’s death is just IDIOTIC. Shame on anyone for even alluding to something like that.

  13. P.L. Wallingford, III

    “And is an example of why zero tolerance policies are unfair and often have disproportionally bad consequences.”

    How do you know it wouldn’t have happened earlier if he’d been given a wink & a nod?

  14. Shields Eyes

    The zero tolerance policy had nothing to do with his death but seeing one game suspensions now for drinking offenses, it would seem like Desmond got a raw deal at UK. RIP Desmond

  15. PillowTalk

    That zero tolerance thing was silly. If they enforced that all the time nobody would be here.

  16. secretagent0014

    So sad. RIP DA.

  17. SeoulCat

    I had a class with Desmond my first year at UK. Even though he had his off-the-court troubles, he was, whenever I saw or talked with him, a super nice, affable guy. This is a damn shame. Last summer we lost “Dinner Bell Mel,” and a year later Desmond’s demons caught up with him…too many Wildcats passing before their time these days. RIP #32.

  18. Test