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Florida fans at it again with #UKHateWeek

I’m not even mad about this, it’s kind of funny.

Last year, Florida fans put together the #UKHateWeek Twitter campaign leading up to their game against the Cats in Lexington only to be walloped by 20 points. This year, they’re at it again. Here’s a sampling of their top #UKHateWeek tweets, with a little bit of commentary, just because I can’t help it:

Sigh. Let’s not go there. 8 > 2. Hey Gators, just two titles ever? That’s really cute.

By my count, Kentucky has 21 players currently in the NBA. Florida has 11:

Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards)
Matt Bonner (San Antonio Spurs)
Corey Brewer (Denver Nuggets)
Udonis Haslem (Miami Heat)
Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks)
David Lee (Golden State Warriors)
Vernon Macklin (Detroit Pistons)
Mike Miller (Miami Heat)
Joakim Noah (Chicago Bulls)
Chandler Parsons (Houston Rockets)
Marreese Speights (Cleveland Cavaliers)

This is close, but from top to bottom, I think you have to give the edge to the Cats. Florida’s best are Horford, Noah, Bonner, Beal, Haslem, and yes, David Lee. Kentucky’s best (up for debate) are Rondo, Wall, Knight, Cousins, Prince, Davis, MKG, Patterson, Bledsoe, Meeks…I could go on and on, but you get the point. Ex-Cats > Ex-Gators.

How original, an incest joke.

Yes, he was just an honorary colonel, named such by Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon in 1935, but I bet you still eat his chicken.

That’s just kind of rude. What did Ashley do to you except provide decent action/adventure/thriller movies in the late 90’s?

Oh dear, he sealed his fate on this one.

Check in on the latest #UKHateWeek tweets by clicking here.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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50 responses to “Florida fans at it again with #UKHateWeek”

  1. Jon

    What’s funny about their incest jokes is that Florida is the most backwards redneck place on the earth and it’s not even close. The most screwed up stuff happens in Florida. Check Fark.

  2. wait! what?

    Bourbon is just cheap whisky? That’s funny **takes a sip of 20yr Pappy Van Winkle**

  3. TD

    crossed the line with the bourbon comment.

  4. Go4It

    Someone please show these to the players right before the game!

  5. David Lee

    David Lee is one of the best Gator alums. He is an All-Star.

  6. KSRgraduateschool

    Ms Thompson – as a whole UK NBA guys win out because of pure volume, but the best Gator in the NBA is David Lee he’s been a 20 / 10 guy for the better part of a decade. NOt sure how you omitted him from your “Florida’s best” list.

  7. o'boro catfan

    Anyone have any 20 year Pappy?!? If you do hold on to it

  8. Walter sobchak

    David lee is definitely the best ex Florida player in the NBA right now. And Matt Bonner is definitely not in the top 5. And soon Anthony Davis will be better than all of them.

  9. njCat

    suprised you missed David Lee TT.

    Have to say, the UF players have done better in the NBA so far. But I think it has to do w/ how long they’ve been there. Most of UK’s players are in their first thru third years and are must getting established. In a couple more years the numbers will be ridiculous, and Bledsoe, Wall, Cousins and Davis will be allstars.

  10. Stumps

    At least some of these were pretty funny. Hateweek comments from the loosier and dirty bird fans were, fittingly, much less witty.

  11. ThatsAShame

    TT may not be watching a lot of NBA thus the oversight and rankings. I will cut her some slack though as she is the best contributor on the site.

  12. LeX

    Not gonna lie. The helicopter one is pretty funny.

  13. LeX

    Also, Yeah Ill give Florida the nod on current successful NBA players.

  14. A moderate

    It is the state of Florida’s fault that GW Bush was president at all. If that state doesn’t screw up so bad, Al Gore would have been president, and honestly the Republican Party would be stronger today, but the extreme right ran it into the ground.

  15. Matt Jones' Barber

    The kid in the flat top picture looks like Gilbert Grape’s little brother.

  16. Freak Stuff

    Florida fans were done after that first picture….. “I photoshpped it on my 10 gigaflop processor in my parents basement when I was hopped up on mountain dew… good times!” And a fan named “Sterling Gould” should be rooting for the Florida debate or chess teams….really?….

  17. chad

    #9 Have you forgotten about T. Prince. He has been pretty successful in Detroit and oh yeah, he was also on the U.S.A. team. How many gators have done that?

  18. ktmiln2

    I’m going to fark and tweeting all of the Florida headlines I can find.

  19. ChiacgoCat

    My jaw literally dropped at the bourbon comment. Not cool and unequivocally and empirically false. I will go to war over this.

  20. chad

    I also know that there are more NBA championship rings on former cats than gators

  21. njCat

    You could also have mentioned PPat and TJones’ teammate – Chandler Parsons. He’s doing very well for a second year guy and much better than most expected. Hard to say that any of KY’s players have exceeded expectations to this point.

  22. Bitness

    UK NBA players are better than Floridas. Rondo= NBA champion….. Prince=NBA champion.. enough said!Both of whom actually were key players also

  23. Niceville_CAT

    living around a bunch of idiot gator fans…. this about sums it up…

  24. InvalidPoint

    22 We can’t say any of KY’s players have exceeded expectations because the expectations for UK players are already set high. Parson’s had no where to go but up, can’t say the same for UK players.

  25. njCat

    18. Didn’t forget about TPrince. He’s had a pretty steady, but average career overall. He did get one ring and a gold medal, but never made an allstar roster. Lets see what he does this year w/ some better players around him. Will be fun to see at least one UK player start for a playoff team. (PPat has a decent shot as well.)

    Overall, the UK players have generally underachieved. Bledsoe and Wall may be getting ready to break out and Cousins could be special if he ever gets his head right. But overall, the KY players… meh.

  26. Just Saying

    I really enjoyed the Ashley Judd tweet.

  27. inlinefor9

    UF has a UK Hate Week? Who cares? It’s Florida. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a rival, but not in the same sense as UT. I have really disliked some of their players but never even bothered to worry about their bball fanbase, b/c generally it doesn’t exist.

  28. some players

    @ 22

    Chuck Hayes, Keith Bogans, Tayshaun Prince and Rajon Rondo have all exceeded expectations for them coming out of UK.

  29. TDbigcat

    Awww isn’t that cute. All six Florida basketball fans have twitter accounts.

  30. MadCatter

    As of 1:45pm ET, the ratio of Cat fans to Gator fans using #UKHateWeek is almost 3 to 1. Way to rally the troops, swamp dwellers.

  31. struggler

    Florida – some nice places just like Kentucky… i know they are trying to hate… but likely half these tweets are coming from people high on bath salts or being filmed for an episode of “COPS”. Douchey Florida students and grads are poor man’s Duke people. They feel entitled and elite… superior in intellect, culture, appearance and now apparently basketball passion. They are none of these, and produce for the world the likes of Bob Vila and Joe Scarborough… enough said. Football – go ahead and brag. Basketball… you are trying hard and have a good team this season, but you are no UK when it comes to basketball.

  32. MS Paint

    Wow. Somebody needs to teach photoshop kid how perspective works. I’ve seen more realistic perspective in MC Escher prints.

  33. I pooped in my pants

    UK >>> Florida
    Florida has always sucked and always will.

  34. SexnNursinHomes

    cheap whiskey? what a MF dumbass. I seriously hope he chokes to death on crown royal.

    And the other stuff, I live down here with these jack asses, it’s a big false. Florida people have group sex with their own relatives, and the one title tweet? shut up just shut up

  35. Al's IndiCats

    Good God….Here all these Gay-tors are busting our chops when in face they had their collective asses handed to them in the Sugar Bowl? I know Uvel beat us, but they were supposed to. Little brudder smacked that Gay-tors ass like a kid getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar!

  36. SexnNursinHomes

    36- man, has KSR ever had a florida hate day? I can’t recall, but I think we should now.

  37. Laker Cat 18

    Are all these tweets supposed to be jokes? I really didn’t think any of them were too clever. BBN could do better.

  38. Ross

    A century (from the Latin centum, meaning one hundred; abbreviated c.) is one hundred consecutive years. If you mean 1901-2000 then Ky has 7, Florida 0. If you mean 2001-2100, Ky has 1, Florida 2.

    If you mean the decade 2000-2009, then Florida had 2, Kentucky 0. If you mean 2010-2020, Ky has 1, Florida 0.

  39. Confused

    Is that a guy or a girl?

  40. UKOnMyMind

    Where’s Arnie? Say it! Say where’s Arnie?

  41. Beth

    These are neither funny nor clever. Is this a representative sample of UF students? Weak.

  42. Bmac

    There are 25 states where it is legal to marry your cousin and Kentucky is not one of them. Guess which state is? Here’s a hint, they have plenty of trashy beaches to honeymoon at.

  43. jim tom

    *35*are you talking like 1st/2d cousins or like bro/sis?

  44. Wi1dfir3

    Just 2 players in this year’s Jordan Brand Classic? That’s cute.

    5* > 2

    *Not counting a potential Andrew Wiggins or Aaron Gordon

  45. Jeff

    Rondo. Enough said.

  46. SexnNursinHomes

    44- bro and sis, and mother too. daddy watches

  47. kingrex

    I will not even piss in Florida. The most horrific, mind numbing events and people live in Florida. Anyone remember Adam Corolla’s game he used to play on Loveline? It was called “Germany or Florida”? His theory was the most bizarre and awful things happened in either of those two places. Callers would call in with the weirdest, stupidest, sickest crimes or interactions between people and he would have to guess if it happened in Germany or Florida. It seems he never missed.

  48. jacob

    hey florida fans, an average of 50 people at home games now that’s cute

  49. Grich

    I’d take Ashley Judd over Casey Anthony any day of the week