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Florida fans are organized

These were distributed at the game…

(via @lacyrdruen)

Article written by Drew Franklin

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95 responses to “Florida fans are organized”

  1. MHFaulkner

    I just got douche chills from reading that.

  2. cig107

    Hahahaha nice…man they suck.

  3. DB11


  4. Ridge Runner

    Shame they are too ignorant to “remember” what they were supposed to do and had to keep looking back at this handout depending on which UK player had the ball.

  5. Ghorn

    And we ALL heard “GO BIG BLUE” again and again from the opening tip…

  6. big papi

    makes me so pround

  7. big papi


  8. WhupAssNDaBluegrass

    If it weren’t for these chants we would have probably won by 18. Way to have your player’s back Florida.

  9. L1C4L0L

    Doron Lamb is afraid of needles. I learned something new today, and knowledge is power!

  10. Topper Talk

    If anyone is intereted in WKU (which youre prob not) go check out WKU’s KSR

  11. Cam newton

    They are Pathetic!

  12. strange brew

    Florida fans should stick with football. The Go Big Blue chants were louder than anything their fans chanted. Sad that Florida fans allowed so many UK fans in their “home” on senior day. Florida fans won’t be a problem during the SEC tourney.

  13. Mayhem

    Thats cute

  14. mdd34

    Funny, all I heard was GO BIG BLUE on Florida’s home court.

  15. Jerry Tipton

    This does not bode well for Kentucky. There is now a blueprint for how to beat this team. They even have Eloy Vargas thoroughly covered. Kentucky beat UGA on Thursday night by 30, but just bested UF by a mere 15 (and really that margin is inflated due to MKG’s garbage bucket). At this rate, Kentucky is guaranteed to have a close game next time out, with a 15 point drubbing the game following. Without major adjustments to overcome this blueprint, UK’s run for #8 will definitely come up way short.

  16. Lousiville says

    So this is what they have to resort too? Why not try vodoo next!!

  17. DoronSheep

    The talking points are pathetic, but I’d trade UK’s lame student section for the energized gators any day.

  18. Eric K

    Good win!! F–k the GAYTORS fans!! GO CATS!!

  19. Big Diesel

    What I find hilarious is that AD actually embraces the unibrow. Opposing fans chant this and it seems to give him “superman” power.

  20. BigBlue88

    4, ridge lol. I was thinking the same thing. they were busy trying to read this and no wonder we drowned them out

  21. Upper Section Student

    “Do it unless he starts making them.” <—Haha, that's pathetic.

  22. brad in mississippi

    This is bad ……very bad…. we did not lose… we cannot win a national championship

  23. Upper Section Student

    I know that out of all the times I’ve been in the eRUPPtion zone, I’ve never been told instructions on how to drown out the opposing fans chants… #BBN

  24. joey bagadoughnuts

    CLAP: Do this when a Florida player (you can tell he is a Gator if his jersey says “Florida” on it) does something positive.
    Positive things include but are not limited to; making the ball go into the hoop, retaining position of the ball when a blue jersey player misses

  25. roydillard

    #22 i hope ur joking! dont buy in to that crap.. you sound like espn “devil”……

  26. Digger Phelps

    Did Eddie Muster approve this list?

  27. mdd34

    @24 – I laughed out loud!

  28. BPinTennessee

    “Go make a lame-ass collection of cheers & taunts that aren’t even that funny.”
    “Go shoot yourself out of a game with hurried 3s”
    “Go Irving Walker.”
    “Go Gators”

  29. topshelfyaknow

    well that worked out well for them…not

  30. BigBlue88

    23, thats the truth. besides thats what #4 was saying as well, they have to look up to see who has the ball and then look back at this to see what to say. by that time, the ball is in someone elses hands.

  31. Ktmiln2

    Listen to me! This was supposed to be Floridas day and our fans ruined it with their Go Big Blue chants.

  32. MKGMVP

    Check out for updates on all the pro wildcats and other insanity.

  33. Bender

    #9 – That was Needles from “Back to the Future”. Florida got confused.

  34. suz

    most ridiculous thing I have ever seen

  35. BlueGal

    Awwww. If only the Florida crowd could read this might have worked.

  36. Blue Jesus

    Haha, I like that they had to remind them to be loud “REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE.” It’s like they knew they had a whooping coming.

  37. coby

    why do i feel like the person that wrote this up was a law student?

  38. Roggensak

    I like in the first half, Teague called out a play and it appeared Florida knew the play because they signaled it to each other, yet.. Kidd-Gilchrist to Davis alley-oop.. That was cute of Florida to study our plays…

  39. Mudcreekmark

    I guess you have to find something to yell about at the other team when there is nothing to cheer about when it comes to your team.

  40. UK Wildcat

    Hahaha and they still lost by 15.

    Jones and Teague went 2-4 today from behind the arc. Well done, Florida.

  41. DavisBrow

    I read #15 and was ready to be pissed. And then I saw the name. And I laughed. Well played…

  42. baker

    to bad FLO-RI-DA lost by double digits

  43. UK BABY

    Florida sucks…no team in the sec can beat UK.

  44. Tom Blevins

    Wonder how much rent whoever wrote that Kentucky chant guide pays to live in their dream world.

  45. Al's IndiCats

    Well,LMAO that worked out well for them didn’t it? Leaving for the “BLUE Orleans” Wednesday……Can’t wait!!!!!! Go CATS!!!!!!!!

  46. Bigcat4453

    Officials are calling entirely too many technical fouls on dunks. These boys are going in very fast. IF they dohn’t catch themselves on the rim they could really get hurt. Just because 90% of these refs couldn’teven get to the rim means they don’t know what it’s like ot be a high flyer. Cut the players a little slack!

  47. Huntin chickens

    Haters be hatin. Only means you’re the best

  48. SagaciousMind

    Jones hit his only 3 and Teague hit one of two. Guess their stupid antics didnt work.

  49. Holler Baller

    That’s OK I give UF credit. UK is just better right now and they proved it. On to what really matters!

  50. Huff

    This really worked out well for them. Especially their hopes of drowning out “GO BIG BLUE!” which was easily heard at least half a dozen times during the game. Gator-haters. Love it.

  51. Suffo-Cats

    If they had spent as much time coming up with a gameplan as they did coming up with crappy cheers they might have only lost by single digits? Anyone else catch the Steve Kerr and Marv Albert had no idea what they were talking about? “Kentucky only plays 6 players” (Miller/ Wiltjer plus starting 5 make 7!!!!!). “They should’ve scheduled tougher out of conference opponents” (Kansas, Lville, UNC- 2 which might be #1 seeds and Lville was ranked top 10 when we played them?). IDIOTS!!!!!

  52. SkyAntoine

    Needles? Afraid of the dark? Please tell me they never got this chant going. Ghey…

  53. MarvAlbertsToupay

    I was too busy dress shopping for myself to do research so I might sound like I know what I was talking about! Give me a break?

  54. Chris

    Kerr suggesting we haven’t had many close games was my favorite. Hes clearly only read the final score of our recent games.

  55. SEC

    Will UK be the only SEC team ranked in the Top 25 after today??? GEEZ, this league is RIDUCLES!!

  56. Kiym

    #31 bahahaha Good grief you sound like ESPN on Gameday now! Don’t cheer louder and ruin their day! Boo Hoo Hoo
    So ridiculous!! This is sports people!!!!!!!!!!

  57. SEC?..

    GEEZ . . . HOW WEAK IS THE SEC.?? UK will be the only ranked team come Monday!!!

  58. Digger Phelps

    “Listen to me… Hey, hey… Listen to me. Today is Florida’s Senior Day. You all had your Senior Day Thursday. Today is about Florida. We don’t want any nonsence going on here today. Respect Florida. Oh, and here’s some random military personnel.”

  59. Kiym

    Yes random military personnel…that fought for everyone’s freedom of speech….geez

  60. Kiym

    Also about that list…that truly cracked me up when I read it! PRICELESS!!!!

  61. Al's IndiCats

    The agytors looked tired in the last 9 minutes and that when these CATS started smelling blood. Even my wife who knows very little about basketball, said to me. Florida barely got off shots without a Cat smothering him. One helluva game BUT even More ONE HELLUVA SEASON.

  62. Uk hemingway

    I think this is awesome…great work by Florida…that is some funny stuff..this is why fans of college basketball make the season fun. UK forever and props to florida for giving it all, on the floor and in the stands. The game and atmosphere only made uk better today. Thank you florida.

  63. ukfan033656

    Is there any place I can watch a replay of the game, dvr didnt record it.

  64. L

    Not surprised at this. Living in floriduh with all these gatuh fans, not too swift when it comes to basketball chants.

  65. Chris

    I was at the game and didn’t hear any of these chants at all. All I heard was BBN.

  66. Linda Taylor

    63 – Check out CBSSports if you have it on cable or satellite. They are supposed to show it at least 4 more times.

  67. JimBobCooter

    Chant “Needles?” Really? Because supposedly Lamb doesn’t like being stuck with one?!

    I hate West Virginia fans, but by golly they would set themselves on fire before they were reduced to screaming out “Scary Spiders!” or “A Really Dark Room with no Light!!” to get under a player’s skin.

    However, this list reveals 2 things:

    (1) There is no universally hated, douchey player on our team, thus Florida’s lame “DIRT.”

    (2) This is PROOF that MKG has no known weakness!

  68. barn

    needles in the dark? damn, that even scares me. fla has really ebbed to a new low. there’s really noone on their team worth hating anymore. i miss teddy, joaquim, matt..

  69. Chuck

    Pretty pathetic. So, Florida fans are so stupid, they need instructions? Weak.

  70. Sam

    This is pretty weak sauce.

  71. Chuck

    57- go drink your urine. Tard fans suck.

  72. Sir Charles

    That list is turrible….just turrible.

  73. 2020

    67) I heard Syracuse fans rattled UL yesterday by yelling with scary chants of “Term
    Paper” and “DUI checkpoint”. Just kidding. UL just sucked.

  74. Han

    Just lame. Every single one of those.

  75. Fake Truth

    When you start chants about a player’s fear of needles, it just proves there isn’t a lot of material out there for criticism. Think about it, what could you really come up with beyond “unibrow?”. Davis has embraced it to the point that UK fans could chant it out of love for him! The Florida student section gets credit for organization, but they failed on the quality of the material, much live Donovan’s game plan! Part of what I like most about this team is that they do not get shaken by anything; a hard foul, a bad call, a team cutting their lead, Vandy not giving up the lead for most of the game at Vandy, Bobby Knight’s rejections, flatheads of moving unibrows on Sesame Street characters, Matt Jones’ hair on press row, Darius’ senior night, living up to the expectatuons of John Short, and the going after a teammates deepest fears of needles.

    Here is a little advice for the Florida student section, go in another direction and make full body cutouts of Erin Andrews in all of her Dancing with the Stars outfits and bring in your hottest students to fill in the first 5 rows of seats. Now, it will still will not keep you from getting beat, but it will make the beating so much more enjoyable for you and for us! Go Cats!

  76. hippie hobbes cat

    “#20 Doron Lamb has a fear of needles and the dark. ASK HIM ABOUT IT.” That is the funniest way to get in a player’s head I have ever heard of. I keep picturing a BASEketball type moment where Doron gets psyched out by the mentioning of a needle in a dark room.

  77. Big Clifty

    It’s so good to be on top and hated by everyone.

  78. WildcatFan

    FU, UF…this is the dumbest list I’ve ever heard of!

  79. Kiym

    Amen #77

  80. D bag

    @67. MKG = Chuck Norris. #NoWeakness

  81. wabaco

    ‘unibrow’= lamest attempt of an insult.

  82. Florida


  83. tratpat

    UK uses cheat sheets like this to from time to time and they are not much better. Erupption zone for the John Wall team’s UNC game was filled with papers with instructions like: “When Roy gets excited, yell out, ‘sit down roy!!!!’”

  84. nassau65

    55. we can’t help where the rest of the teams in the conference rank, only us. UL has seen the last ranking this year, i hate that. Can you say Murray State? i know that you can. Because you can say Morehead state and Drexel too., and now Florida st as well. What’s that record again this year tard? oh thats right-point blank period.

  85. Greg

    3 SMH?

  86. Scott in Tally

    As someone who was at the game, they didn’t use the guide very well, we knew we were out yelling them very early and with few exceptions like when they got within 2 they never did out yell a widly dispersed UK crowd. I will say that we made up at most 20% of the crowd and out yelled even the student section.

  87. Scott in Tally

    Also they may claim it was a sellout but you could not tell by all the empty seats they had

  88. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Zoology tells us ,factually that gators have a limited ability to reason…this list is living proof of this fact…

  89. BGeezy

    TJ can be selfish all he wants if he plays like he did today!! Gonna take more than a fan cheat sheet to stop these CATS!!

  90. Cat

    31, Who cares if it was Florida’s day? It was a game. If they wanted their own day without any other cheers, they should have held a pep rally.

  91. Dirk Digger

    Listen to me! How dare you ruin Florida’s special day! You UK fans always ruin it for everyone and now you’ve got your team doing it too. It’s just not fair!

  92. Jenny Craig Pitino

    I think that it is funny that it was a home game for Florida and they are worried that they would be drowned out by UK fans. Great job BBN, the “GO BIG BLUE” was loud and often on tv broadcast.

  93. GoBigBlue

    Well, they’ll get us back during football season.


  94. Catsrule101

    Our sheet would say
    Remember, all Floridas players are afraid of Anthony Davis. Whenever he gets the ball don’t say anything. He will take care of it.
    You can insert any team into that one. I’ve never seen players tremble in the post like when they drive in and see Davis staring them down. I’ve laughed so hard a few times at how bad an opponent panicked when they were five feet from the hoop and couldn’t shoot the ball or find someone to pass it to fast enough.

  95. Charlie Warrior

    The paper was a good idea… those Florida fans need a “cheat sheet!” LOL But really, I think the UK players embrace it all when they play on the road. The more rowdy the home team’s fans are, the better UK plays! Go Big Blue!