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Five people #BBN doesn’t need

Remember, these idiots on Twitter are a VERY SMALL percentage of Kentucky fans. Most of you are the best.

But these guys…






Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

175 responses to “Five people #BBN doesn’t need”

  1. Houston Wildcat

    Don’t give them anymore publicity that they’re already getting. Just post the twitter handles and let the good guys do the rest.

    Best of luck to you Andrew.

  2. Brink

    Good for you Drew. Now if anybody out there know any of these idiots, kick their ass.


    Thanks Drew! Turn in your #BBN cards when you leave.

  4. STEVE!

    Idiots. Thanks for outing morons like this.

  5. OwensboroDavid

    Looks like a bunch of young kids letting emotion get the best of em’. Good job calling them out Drew. It’s a harsh lesson, but one that will better serve them going forward.

  6. Noel4Pres

    Losers like this hurt future recruiting…. sigh…

  7. NotFirst

    These idiots need to die in a fire.

  8. tuxedo park

    I am pissed that we waited SO LONG to hear that he picked Kansas, but whatever. He’s now just another basketball player, and not even really a rival. If we do meet up with Kansas in the tourney, great. My money’s on the cats, we’ll get him back on the court. Otherwise I hope he achieves his goals in Lawrence.

  9. jrc333

    Doubt they are even real Kentucky fans. Probably UL. I think I will start a UNC twitter account and do the same.

  10. Rei

    Wiggins is messing up though.

  11. MattP

    That’s right Drew! Out these guys so we can make an example out of them for the future. The BBN does NOT need fans likethis and we need to make sure that everyone knows it. This is what makes the 99% of the fan base look like idiots. Time for that to stop. I think we should devote a whole show to these losers and blast them as publicy as we can!!

  12. TennCat

    people like this are probably why he didn’t come to UK. Turn in your blue and pick up some red because BBN don’t need ya!

  13. Bryan in Houston

    Dumb people. Please don’t #bbn in your tweets. You don’t represent us.

  14. Chicago

    And there go some of next year’s recruits…. Thanks guys. Classy.

  15. yeesh

    I, for one, applaud KSR publicly shaming these idiots.

  16. prpcat

    Sad people sad posts be happy that we have who we have its’ not like the cupboard is bare

  17. TheAnswer

    Bill Self offered Wig an opportunity to be the next Xavier Henry. Who could resist?

  18. gossie21

    That is a special kind of stupid.

  19. ktmiln2

    10. So what? It’s no excuse for what these dumbasses are doing. It’s people like them that give ammo to other fan bases.

  20. seth


  21. Lcat

    What a bunch of sorry ass losers!

  22. BillyBobThornton

    I’m glad you called them out. BBN is too good to let a couple morons give us a bad name.

  23. JEREMY

    dumb people that do not represent the fanbase a bunch of true idiot’s

  24. D Biz

    #7 SMH

  25. Chris

    Here we go again.. Are they all real UK fans looks like 1 might be.. why show this we know there are a few idiots in every fan base..Ignore them shaming them doesnt seem to stop it.. And im always curious as to if they are real UK fans ..Cause i know UK fans who write stuff under the cover of Duke fans lol ..Just something to think about ..seems like weve been calling out these people and it doesnt stop them, maybe ignoring them would be better and less annoying for all

  26. CC

    Someone should start a twitter account called “Recently Kicked out of BBN” and repost all these idiots. How pathetic.

  27. ukfastcat

    The decision is over.
    Dumbasses are everywhere.
    Don’t give them or any haters another nanosecond of publicity.
    WE ARE UK.
    Be proud. Be loud. But, be classy.
    We’ll be fine with Number Nine.

  28. Adam Boulden

    Hopefully the afflictions these kids wished on Wiggins will befall them instead. Show some class. We’re the BBN and there is no need to act like Louisville fans.

  29. Chris

    Even more stupid is Drew for even repeating thier posts. Pretty stupid.!

  30. Women Everywhere

    I see 5 guys getting no sex and taking it out on AW. Heh! Get used to it. Hating is a huge turn-off.

  31. CatDave

    Eric Medlin apparently likes to 69. And it is so much a part of who he is that he felt it neccessary to put it as a part of his twitter handle. Wiggins may have made a bad decision but that twitter handle is up there with it.

  32. SeoulCat

    #6, and so does giving them a forum by posting their comments on KSR. Bad move, Drew.

  33. DT in DC

    Hopefully these were UL fans trying to make UK fans look bad. Please let that be the case…

  34. We won the 2013 National Championship while you lost to Robert Morris in the NIT

    Typical reaction from classless UK fans!! You idiots have built Wiggins up as the SECOND COMING and now ALL OF SUDDEN you are trashing him and saying he should burn in hell, get hit by a car and tear his ACL!!!!! Then you wonder why people who aren’t UK Fans hate you so much!!!!

  35. realme

    Thanks for making an example of these fill-in-the-blanks. I like #26 idea a lot. Officially banning people from the BBN.

  36. Jen

    1) Three of those don’t claim a UK allegiance. 2) Why repeat any of them, much less attribute all of them to UK’s fanbase?

  37. Deepblue

    Love the public shaming. And wow if you look at the genius these intellectuals are generally spewing on twitter…it is a painful reminder of the rampant stupidity of uneducated and insulated youth.

  38. JoeMoney333

    The bottom guy has already deleted it.

  39. Radio Ron

    Yes, I did predict that Barker would choose UK and Wiggins would choose UNC.
    I was 50% right or wrong…as you interpret.
    I wish the young man much success and satisfaction with his choice.
    UK will be just fine next year.
    Cannot WAIT for Midnight Madness!!!!!!

  40. Steve Fitts

    Tweets like this just hurt UK’s chances of getting other recruits!

  41. tuxedo park

    GAAAHHHH!!!! It was there in front of us the whole time, Usual Suspects style!!!

    the recruit’s name is Andrew Wiggins.

    Bill Self WEARS a WIG!!!! And the coffee mug crashes to the floor…

    “The greatest tick the devile ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, he’s gone.”

  42. Chris

    #9 EXACTLY didnt see your post earlier.. Yes ppl do that they pose as a fan of a team they hate and make that fan base look aweful.. Its take 1 second to do its the internet afterall…Kindof shocked almost none of u realize ppl do that and u get all butthurt at UK fans and someone who may be a Uof L fan maybe doing it.

  43. Spot-a-Hypocrite

    We’re talking about keeping classy, while throwing jabs at Louisville. Way to represent our UK hypocrisy, guys. Shame on you. Kentucky’s Shame.

  44. PW

    I’m on board as loving the “public shaming” aspect of this post. Every fan base has these kinds of fans; it is a great exercise to post some of this hate and say “this is not OK.”

    I hope that some people who know them give them hell. What rotten people.

  45. Chris

    READ # 36…Yes exactly 3 of them dont appear to be clear UK fans why connect us to this

  46. Imactastic

    Are these people serious…. We have to find a way to show we do not support this trash

  47. Zdubya

    Your site is an enabler and encourages this crap.

  48. dumba$$

    Now more idiots will tweet something ridiculous so they can make it on KSR’s website, stupid move!!!

  49. Otis

    They represent the vast majority of BBN, the rest just don’t have Twitter accounts

  50. Oogie

    Agreed… get lost dirtbags!

  51. Paducah Patty

    Good Drew keep calling them out!

  52. We won three championships in the time it took you to win the 2013 National Championship

    Oh please, I see Louisville fans saying worse things about Kentucky players, Cal and his family on Twitter everyday.
    Congrats on that title, only took you 27 years.

  53. H.A. Milton

    Isn’t this calling more attention to them, a la Matt’s statement about the Harrison Vine video? Good work Drew! He’s going to have to get used to this kind of talk, Kansas fans are the worst…

  54. wes


  55. 49 says it best...

    most annoying fan base in college sports.

  56. Maxbps8

    WHO are the REAL idiots? The ones making those comments? Or the ones further broadcasting and advertising them on their website???

  57. GetSome

    These jackwagons have the whole nation crushing BBN on twitter and the net. The words of few punks has done damage.

  58. Louisville Fanbase

    And if there’s any fan base in America that would know something about a lack of class it’s us. Believe me, we’re so jealous and classless that even after winning a title we’re still obsessed with lurking Kentucky sites and trashing UK, their players and their fans on our Message boards and Twitter Accounts.

  59. Hoptownsbeast

    [email protected]#% these guys! We still BBN! Good luck Wiggins! Go Cats, Go Wiggins!

  60. Dogwaller

    I hope and pray that each one of these world class idiots apply for a job some day and this comes up in their interview. I know, I’m giving them way too much credit as we will more than likely be supporting these numb nuts the rest of our lives!

  61. GoForIT

    Stay off twitter.

  62. CatsfaninFL

    Love the public shaming… if they’re UK fans they need to realize it won’t be tolerated… if they’re not UK fans they need to be shamed for trolling. Works well in the end.

    5-10 years ago people may have thought this was bad publicity, but I think most rational people know now that idiots exist so posting this stuff doesn’t hurt us… it let’s other people know we won’t put up with it… even if they do claim to be one of us.

  63. KidsTheseDays

    With your tweeters and you Faceboogie woogie. Can’t you see how ‘social networking’ is affecting your mind? Write your own communication/sharing app for yourself and your friends. Don’t subscribe to the govt-run mind control ones. I guess all that fluoridated water and GMOs are finally melting your brains.

  64. Chris

    Best way to handle it is not encourage it these people are internet trolls.. They wrote such hateful mean things on purpose thats what trolls do and the reponse that they want is getting posted on KSR and having ppl hate back on them..The thing these people hate the most is getting no attention for there stupidity..

  65. Otis


    UK has 10,000,000 fans with we’ll say 5% that are complete idiots; or 500,000 fans
    UL has 500,000 fans but only 100,000 of those fans are complete idiots.
    Which is better?

  66. Exactly!

    #65…Tell em!

  67. wky

    A guy named Zach and a guy named Cody. LOL

  68. kybigblue

    Everyone knew there would be a few idots making hateful and crude remarks after the announcement today. It wasn’t necessary for us to read them here. It makes it even easierr for others to use this against UK.

  69. Exactly!

    meant @Chris, wierd how the comment numbers change…

  70. Lol@lilbro

    55 so you came to a UK fan site to hang with the “most annoying fan base in college sports”? How pathetic is your life.

  71. tltaworl

    Agree, with this post. If you tag BBN, then keep this filth off of the internet. And understand this is a person, come on!

  72. Otis

    Wiggins did to UK what Trae Golden did to Jenny Wright

  73. Can't say

    In a family meeting about three weeks ago wiggins told his parents he had made his mind up to go to UK. They forbid it. Flat out told him if there was one school they did not want him going to it was UK. Wiggins then said well I’m not going to FSU. At that point he had to pick between UNC and KU. Between his brother and his parents pushing he finally ended up at KU. His heart was not in the decision and he will regret it I think. His parents said it did not matter where he went no team would compete with him for a title he could win it by himself even at FSU. Don’t believe me? I don’t care this is from a family member.

  74. Chris

    People hide what team they really support to give themselves some kind of weird credibility..See Otis my apology if im wrong but it seems clear Otis is a Uof L fan acting like a UK fan because he thinks it will give his posts more cred if he bashes UK as UK fan.. Point is dont think every dumb twitter post or blog signed UK fan is actual authentic

  75. Medlin is a UL fan

    The last four appear to be UK fans or no allegiance whatsoever. However, Eric Medlin IS A UL FAN…he lives in Fern Creek and he’s bragging about making it on KSR. Everyone go give him hell!! and take his post off here…he doesn’t deserve any credit!!

  76. mike and ike

    typical bbn fans…wishing death on a kid or calling him the n word??? really???

  77. tdr76

    People need to understand that most of this negative trash is not from UK fans, but from other fans who want us look bad. Most of the UK fans are classy, but there are exceptions to any rule, specially when there are so many of them.

  78. Otis

    if UK doesn’t win another national championship and Louisville continues at their current rate, we will pass you rednecks in just 162 short years. L yeah!

  79. Otis

    I like to pay more attention to UK related news than UL news

  80. William Kerry Skaggs

    Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. Thank you for exposing these toxically stupid bigots.

  81. CUK02

    You post their twitter accounts on your main page and blast them? Yeah way to NOT give them more publicity. KSR is dumb these days.

  82. tdr76

    What I meant was “When there are so many UK fans”.

  83. sayitaintso

    UK has the best fans in the world. Unfortunately, we also have the worst.

  84. idgi

    Can’t we just ignore these people? For every one person tweeting hate at Andrew Wiggins, there are 100 other UK fans wishing him good luck. No one wants to talk about the classy fans, though, just the ones screwing up and it makes us look bad. Ignore these people, they clearly shouldn’t have access to the internet.

  85. Han

    Many rival fans, especially UL, will be out in force pretending today. Lying is the only thing most other schools can do to beat UK.

  86. Chris

    Final thought we know recruiting is somewhat a shady business and if u think these posts could hurt kentucky recruiting,, then wouldnt it be logical that people who are rivals of UK might figure out that these kind of posts could hurt UKs recruiting.. Just a thought

  87. bigbluebear

    This should not be further dispersed. Reposting an idiots comments, even derogatory, is bad form and makes those of us w/some class look foolish as well. By posting such trash only brings negative attention to the whole program and ammunition, although blanks, to our enemies. I hope you don’t truly believe we all are so classless. Hormonally overdriven umderclassmen should not be used as the poster boys of all the BBN. Is this and all the nonstop tard updates the future of this site?As they have certainly be the dominant topics outside ‘Wigout’ lately. Bottom line we already have enough mouth breathing haters full of lies/rumors to deal w/anyway w/o pouring jet fuel on top. Every twit that tweets should not be deemed post worthy for hits if the hits help ksr and hurt our program. If this is the future blueprint for this site prepare to lose those of us Alumnus w/not only a degree but a sense of class/loyalty to our Alma Mater. I hope this trend is not anything more or you have lost track of your original mission statement. Outing idiot students is certainly not helping our cause.GBB!!!

  88. Crean#1fan

    I agree with all of those tweets

  89. Otis

    I clearly love to troll UK related news becuase UL really isn’t that interesting

  90. statman

    This idiots were probably born in Louisville.

  91. StillTimeFor9

    We shouldn’t blame him for choosing Kansas. They never lose, they just run out of time.

  92. Ryne

    Who is this Andrew Wiggins guy? If he isn’t UK I could care less. Julius Randle #1 draft pick next year WRITE IT DOWN!!!

  93. Go cats

    #73. Just read basically the same thing in a Kansas article. Makes sense.

  94. Otis

    I still wear a Pervis Ellison jersey and think it’s why Chris Jones committed to UL

  95. John

    Good post Drew-just gives other coaches and fans ammo-

  96. Ryne

    I hope Kansas gets hit with that recruiting violation now…

  97. ajh


  98. Otis

    Kentucky has 8 national titles..Louisville has 3 national titles…which is better?

  99. BBN fan

    #73 heard same thing. Sounds about right.

  100. Diehardcatfan

    Take this crap down; makes us look bad!!

  101. Chris

    Lol who is Chris Jones ? Oh is he one of those juco studs that never live up to the hype?

  102. LouisvilleFanbase

    I followed the recruitment of Wiggins closer than when UL signed #48 Anton Gill & #75 Akoy Agau

  103. Cats fan

    # 73

    Saw that earlier also. Fox sports said something about his brother said he wanted to go to UK but parents wouldn’t let him.

  104. True fan

    I’m as big of a UK fan as there is, but that small percentage of idiots that we have is really embarrassing.

  105. CATS

    Anybody else hearing that wiggins wanted to go to UK but his parents wouldn’t allow it?

  106. LouisvilleFanbase

    If you haven’t heard, I will reiterate…Chris Jones is better than Chris Paul RIGHT NOW!

  107. LouisvilleFanbase

    back tattoos truly embody success

  108. bigbluebear

    More than likely our rivals fans no doubt. Which then makes this reposting even worse by giving them not only more recognition but also a much wider platform for spewing this garbage supplied by their most hated enemy. And actually gives more validity to their lies.Truly sad that ya’ll have been Machiovellied by a db fan.

  109. Andrew Wiggins

    Cal (I mean you) couldn’t pay me to play basketball in Lexington. What would I do in my free time in a lame city like lexington?

  110. Chris

    Uh oh If his parents really forbid him to go to UK thats crazy,Ive not heard of that before parents influence, but usually always let the kid decide even if they dont approve.. If this is true lol bound to be lots more trolls to post lol

  111. Beau leoanrd

    Comments like this are just gross. We have a lot to be happy about and should be happy for Wiggins too. Hell, I’m just glad to move past it! Good luck Wiggins!

  112. WOW

    I would HIGHLY recommend you pull that post!!!!! I’m shocked Matt ok’d this…..he is an attorney,right?

    Go Cats.

    Clean it up All!!

  113. NotWorthIt

    I am ashamed and embarrassed. I was going to post something to these so-called fans and after checking 3 of them out on twitter – they aren’t worth it. Just some trashy kids. Lets move on…..

  114. True Blue For Life

    Morons your bus is leaving….

  115. True Blue For Life

    to all you loserville trolls: Guess who wasn’t even on the list–YOU Better enjoy it while you can–even in winning… losers
    That is all

  116. Al/in/Indy

    Our boat is fuller than Noah’s ark. With AW we could’ve been in the search for a perfect season, without him we’ll still cut the nets down in Dallas. I wish AW well as his career at KU. It’s rather sad to see that a few could ruin it for so many. If they truely wish him harm, well I don’t wish bad things to happen to them but Karma does have a way of coming back on those who do.

    GO CATS!!!!!!!!!

  117. Corey

    If they are KY fans, they’re disgusting! My guess is they’re fake accounts of rival fans! Well, that’s my HOPE anyway! Congrats to Wiggins and Kansas.

  118. Past Tense of Forbid

    Is forbade. Jeez.

  119. pastor charles

    please tell me why you would post such negative ‘tweets’? Why not post a few of the positive ‘tweets’ wishing him well. Comments and posts like this on this site show the bad side of BBN and will make other potential recruits want to go elsewhere. Poor taste and poor selection of content.

  120. BluBigots

    So where was the FK Wiggins Vine from last week Drew? BBN just following their recruits lead.

  121. tncatfan

    I’ve seen 6 people say the story about his parents not wanting him to go to UK. How about you link it for the rest of us?

  122. Mattcat68

    I’m not buying that all these tweets were from UK fans. A couple of them look rather suspicious to me. I suppose anything is possible and if they are from genuine UK fans then they are very, very stupid.

  123. greg

    embarrassing, truely dispicable

  124. rick

    Every one that says they are Ky fans may not be.

  125. PB3

    Please keep posting these tweets. It will have an effect like Crime Times, and if you know you will be called out and shown as an ignorant UK fan then you will not do it.

  126. kelkat

    Every UK fan should harass these ass holes and ones like them that send hate messages to 18 yr. old kids. I am for posting all the names of all these pathetic people and try to weed them out of our fan base. They do nothing for our program. I suspect several of them are not even UK fans but UL fans posing as UK fans to try to make UK look bad…whatever…

    This kind of stuff is a negative and doesn’t represent any UK fan that I associate with on a regular basis… Go Cats !!!

  127. Catscats

    Please someone post the story about wiggins parents forbading him from coming to UK, I have a hard time believing it but would not be surprised at the same time.

  128. theWilkman

    There are people like this everywhere. Who cares? You won’t stop them, and I highly doubt these tweets do anything at all to the psyche of these athletes. Whether they are true UK fans or not, I highly doubt a top recruit would turn away because some anonymous troll sent them a hate tweet. And if so, they aren’t ready to wear the blue.

    I’m not condoning these idiots at all, just saying the world is full of trash like this, get used to it.

  129. Jeremy

    OK, so does KSR know that two of the people listed are fake UK fans? I happen to know that for a fact, because I know them personally. I love KSR, but get your facts straight before you post that! And what good is it doing by posting that, you gave it more press attention. Kinda makes KSR just as bad as those who posted that!

  130. Mike Phillips

    The ones that tweeted that crap to Wiggins aint nothin but damn punk ass kids. I bet they wouldnt say that to his face. Wait, they probably would, they’re just that stupid.

  131. We won the 2013 National Championship while you lost to Robert Morris in the NIT!!!!!

    #52, Take your meds, Buddy! You are clearly dillusional!!!! If you think U of L fans say worse things about UK Players, Coach Cal and his Family then you have been living in a cave…. The hatred spewed by UK Fans and the writers of this web site has been over the top nasty. I have never heard a U of L fan say anything about Cal’s Family, but you people say some of the most vile things about Coach Pitino’s wife and kids. You idiots never stop your negative comments about our coach, personally and professionally. And you constantly call our players hateful names and celebrate their injuries!! BBN is full of the most hateful, uneducated bunch of cry baby losers ever.

  132. Chris

    PLEASE PAT ATTENTION : it now seems like 4 of the 5 tweets are not UK fans !!! GET THIS INTO YOUR HEAD A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THE UK TWEETS AND BLOGS THAT ARE CRAZY AND MAKE UK FANS APPEAR HATEFUL, RACIST, MEAN SPIRITED OR JUST DOWN RIGHT IDIOTIC ARE NOT UK FANS not saying that all these people are fake Kentucky fans but i believe the percentage is high enough that we can never know .. Lots of people post under fake names just as easy to make a fake uk handle watch….

  133. Uof L Chris

    I admit its true all UofL fans have small pee-pees and smell worse then a shrimp boat see lol its easy all though these are true so not a great example

  134. Gay Muslim

    dumbest fanbase in America

  135. UKBlue

    This type of thing brings out the stupid members of the BBN; yea that’s smart, bad mouth a kid, and hurt our ability to recruit kids in the future. Short sided stupidity just shows some people are too stupid to get out of their own way. Thanks a lot you morons.

    #131 You are the one that needs meds. You should thank God college basketball was so bad last year or UL wouldn’t have won. UL was the cleanest dirtiest shirt left of the all the dirty shirts.

  136. Otis

    I eat my own poop.

  137. Good luck Wiggins

    Time to revok some BBN cards. Since when is arguably the best recruiting class of all time not enough

  138. Chris

    #134 wow clearly Arkansas , Louisville , Indiana , Florida and Tennessee make the top 5 dumbest impossible to break into!!

  139. Jerkstore

    UKBlue – you should thank God the NBA has the one-year rule or UK wouldn’t have won in 2012. How come you have to overload on kids who would have otherwise already been in the League in order to win it all? Can’t do it with normal players or a real coach?

  140. Truth #BBN

    Couldn’t agree with these tweets more.

  141. Kidnut

    With great passion comes great responsibility

  142. just a girl

    As an HR professional, I’d like to assure these gentlemen that such comments do show up when I research job applicants and that said comments are attached to their resumes.

    It doesn’t matter what fan base you claim or to whom you send such messages, doing so shows a distinct lack of maturity and absence of impulse control. Both are qualities your future employers will require and will find in other applicants.

  143. kyrobman

    That is just down right disrespectful to a Kid, Yeah we were all bummed out but if he didn’t want to play here then that’s his decision to make. We want the guys that want to play for UK because they want to play, not because of any pressure from outside influences. Good Lucks Wigs.

  144. Chicago Chris

    Why republish this crap on KSR?!?!?

  145. BigBlueCardsFan

    Wow surprised anyone at KSR condemned these clowns actions. Perhaps this place is maturing slowly.

  146. Chris

    LOL 99% of the people on here always condemn hate like that!! the things that we dont agree on are 1. are these real UK fans or Trolls? 2. Should we post these examples or all the examples of positive things #BBN said to Wiggins..

  147. BigBlueCardsFan

    99% of the people on here are trolls. I am the 1 %.

  148. 2blue4u

    Classles young punks like that are what give UK a bad rep! The funny part is NONE of them woudl say a word to his face. Ahh the bravery of the internet.
    BBN as a whole is awesome. Let’s show some class.

  149. Smoov

    it pains me thinking about these types pro creating smh

  150. TwinsDidIt
  151. miked

    #142 you really think these mental giants would be looking for work. more likely puzzled by which shoe on which foot. can’t find job hunting clothes to fit those hairy knuckle scraping arms and mitts.

  152. kale

    some people are abolutely ridiiculous

  153. Bbn4life

    Freaking trailer park dumpster pieces of trash!!! Who in the hell would say this to an 18 year old kid because the boy picked a school these idiots didnt cheer for TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!

  154. Bigslap

    How are you going to stop UL people doing this? You can’t.

  155. bleedblue

    Well looks like a good group of classless idiots for BBN to drop a real nice twitter bomb on. Idiots like this need to know that true UK fans are not this way. Good luck AW hope you finish second with Kansas, we are getting #9!!

  156. not a chance

    I love how some of you always say its people pretending to be uk fans. Gtfoh! Im a die hard uk fan, but if some of you don’t really believe we have some of the most classless fans ( the minority) you’re delusional. Just go read some comments on here after a loss this past season. It was pathetic. I’ve been reading this site since the tubby years. The comment section use to be a good discussion forum. Now it is filled with a lot of internet tough guys.

  157. Wildcatsteeler

    Truly sickening but this is what you get when you drag out the process for months and get the hopes up of borderline disturbed people. I’m sure if you searched you could find UNC and FS fans saying similar things. He knew his choice was down to KU and FS but still kept the other schools hanging. I certainly don’t condone childish comments like those but I don’t feel sorry for Wiggins either.

  158. leedee

    They all look like snotty-nosed kids looking for attention, and dumb enough to use thier names.

  159. Harry

    low-life losers

  160. matt

    hmmm….this is odd. I thought you guys acted like only UL fans act like this? The year of sour grapes for UK continues…

  161. James

    Good point earlier – KSR enables and encourages some of this crap. One of your writers referred to Kennedy Meeks as being fat the other day, I’ve seen other barbs at 18 year old kids. None of this stuff should be tolerated

  162. Dee W.

    I hope these guys aren’t expecting to find work in the future – this sort of thing would easily come up on a background check for an internet / social media search.

  163. Dee W.

    This behavior by these tweeters is high treason to the BBN – it sure doesn’t encourage future recruits to pick UK with this kind of vitriol.

  164. Mark

    Good job Drew. These punks should be ashamed and should not be allowed on twitter. BBN doesn’t need this trash. Good luck at Kansas Andrew. This Kentucky fan wishes you nothing but the best.

  165. TheColoradoWildcat

    Otis: Looking at you post @ #65…UK is far better. With only 5% bad fans, as compared to Loservilles 20% bad [your math, not mine] UK wins that argument hands down.

  166. uk9698

    WHY? Why even put these comments on?

  167. Ronnie

    Saw one post that said these were UL fans. I dont think so. I remember reading an article in the Lex paper around football signing day about the QB from lex that went through alot of the same. We may have idiots here in Louisville but not even close to the number that post on here. The difference in our idiots and yours? Simple, our idiots dont open their mouths and remove all doubts most of the time.

  168. Bigcat

    Matt and Ryan fan this flame. This is the only sight that these idiots get a free venue to spout this crap. Charge a fee to use twitter and KSR and it will vanish. I remember Chris from Richmond called the post game show.Matt wouldnt talk to him. Said he didnt feel like listening to his crap. Chris said Ryan asked him to call..So there you go. lemond is a shit stirring goof ball. He should be band from any UK events

  169. Lex4TheBirds

    That’s DEFINITELY not the only 5 people that said Terrible things about Wiggins and his decision….i’ve seen over 100 of posts just as bad, if not worse, from UK fans….BBN is classless, this is just a very small sample size of the things K fans have said over the past 25 hours…but thats how they do it in Losington. Maybe they should hop on the Ville’s train!! A team/program that’s been/going somewhere!! No one and doners money handed under the table here,..we’re a FAMILY and we JUST WON IT ALL!! #L1C4 #NationalChampions #FBBN #StayClassyUK

  170. Don

    What if these idiots are really fans of another team and are just trying to make Kentucky Fans look terrible? Can anyone verify that they are really Kentucky fans?

  171. haha

    haha. theyre def. uk fans. no need trying to make it seem otherwise. no one needs to make some uk fans look terrible. they do that themselves

  172. world wide wesley

    i can’t believe wiggins didn’t accept my check..i am the one and done king.

  173. jeremy

    didn’t uk fans do the same to anthonny bennet when he chose unlv?

  174. bigbluelife

    Simply cannot imagine just what kind of life these people live

  175. BBN FAN!

    Seriously there are people like this everywhere but they aren’t the true BBN fans. Get a life!!! I respect the choice the kid made and wish him the best of luck. Go Cats!