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First picture of Sting in UK gear

UK Sting


From left to right: a lady, someone else, Sting, some guy, and some other guy

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally got it – evidence of the former ‘world heavyweight champion’ wearing University of Kentucky gear. See above for the first photo of WCW legend Sting sporting UK blue. This amazing collaboration of Wildcat football and professional wrestling comes to us courtesy of Sting’s son, the 6-foot-4, 250-pound Kentucky tight end Steven Borden. Borden signed with UK towards the end of 2012 after attending a Texas JuCo, and we’ve been waiting for this picture ever since then. It seems this father came down for the awesome spring game to see his son’s first action as a Wildcat.

Article written by Chris Thomas

28 responses to “First picture of Sting in UK gear”

  1. L1C4

    BCS Champs – January 2014 – The UL Cardinals!

  2. Smart Person

    Did he point a baseball bat at anyone?

  3. Gorgeous

    My aunt, son and cousins

  4. Austin

    I wonder if Stoops can get him to sport blue and white face faint??

  5. Kevin C.

    For some reason, I was expecting a completely different Sting…and was wondering why in the hell he’d be a UK fan (even though he is FROM the UK).

  6. Big Black

    I would punch sting in the face.

  7. Ed T. Rush


  8. cards fans are sheep

    #1 Your piss water team could go undefeated and not sniff the title game, your schedule doesnt have the strength. Sorry little bro.

  9. Rae

    1. Unless this is the year the playoff system starts (is it?) it is unlikely because you won’t be invited to the game. You might not be invited to the playoffs anyway. The national championship is about voting and you aren’t in a good enough conference to be invited, especially this coming year’s hodgepodge of a former Big East. It doesn’t matter how good you may or may not be; Louisville isn’t relevant enough in football to warrant an invite without playing stellar competition. There are biases to contend with, and you were only invited to the Sugar Bowl on a technicality.

  10. PatMan

    It’s Showtime !!!

  11. KAMHarpersHusband

    #1, nice to know you’re perusing a web-site dedicated the Kentucky’s #1 sports team.

  12. Cal_for_President

    Every time his son catches a pass, the crowd should let out a Stinger shout…

    whoooooooooo !!!!! And that’s not a Flair whoooo either !

  13. Stinger splash


  14. Stunned Student

    Second from left lives across the hall from me in Haggin…

  15. Woooooooooooo!

    Sting is one of all-time favs


  16. woo


  17. Lukasz Obrzut

    Hey. Stop saying wooo unless its for me. WOOOOOO

  18. Paul

    Austin a couple weeks ago he wore blue gloves and blue pants to the ring on the show he wrestle for.

  19. cal Purnell here

    i wanna see Matt demonstrate the scorpion death lock on Drew and Rocker Ryan Lemond!

  20. Grogrous's Lil brother

    Maybe he will continue to hang out with my family and give us free T.N.A. tickets. Lol

  21. Grogrous's Nephew

    He’s the new edition of the family wooooooo

  22. Grogrous's Nephew

    *addition lol

  23. Katfantoo

    stinger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!supeer-hyped to have you in bbn pleeze mingle a all home games and make yourself familiar to ALL OUR FANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YA STINGER !!!!!!!!!!

  24. holler baller

    Hopefully he will put Tennessee fans in the scorpion death lock

  25. ABCD

    Would love to see pics of Sting supporting Blue and White or Blue and Black face paint

  26. JB

    So when we bump into him by accident while rushing the field or whatever, do we say, “Excuse me, Sting”, “Excuse me, Mr. Borden”, or “Hey, aren’t you Steven Borden’s dad?”

  27. Sausage

    Gorgeous, That ain’t nothing…

  28. Gorgeous

    I jus got Belchered on KSR!