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Feel Free to Hate this Guy

Here is a UNC fan…he is chilling by the pool, hat on backwards, shorts drooping a bit, doing his best “white boy being a “G”” impression for all the world to see. He makes a 2 minute video, 20 seconds of which is a snazzy intro, in which he decides to diss the Cats. While he does seem to enjoy the word “irony” (while not using it correctly), he also seems to be comfortable in front of the camera in a very “I dont need this, I have a basketball goal in my pool” style. It is worth the watch, if only for the ability to realize that strange people making videos is not just a Kentucky phenomenon.

Article written by Matt Jones

24 responses to “Feel Free to Hate this Guy”

  1. dhighdrated

    wow. how mad for no reason did I get just now?
    i think his use of irony has a case of the anorexic.

  2. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    I’d like to super kick him straight into that pool.

  3. nybrasky

    Why are we even giving that douche views? Kige even thinks he’s a hack.

  4. asdfasdf

    what a clown, couldnt tell when his lips were moving bc of the acne/herpes dominating his facial area

  5. WildcatsOne

    This is what happens when cousins marry.

  6. Jonah Hex

    I was reminded of the scene from Anchorman “When in Rome….. I dont think thats what that means…”

    The irony.

  7. Dennis

    I think this dude is still a bit upset that UK went into his backyard and left with John Wall! Get over it North Carolina, CJ Leslie is next!

  8. Cman

    The skillet is hot and the beans are jumping! I didn’t know NC was projected to be bad this year, hey, thanks for the info!

  9. Hambone721

    what a dummy. i hope he makes more.

  10. WildcatDJ

    “Is that irony or are you all just being stupid?”

  11. Big Blue KY

    #5 That actually made me laugh!

  12. Gogh Big Bleu

    Wow. My eyes have been opened to the genious that is this kid. What a pioneer.

  13. Indycatfan

    Here’s the “irony” of this stupid kid. I was notified about three weeks ago that I’ve been selected to recieve the two Final Four Tickets for this year, “Ironically” they won’t be distributed until late Jan or Feb. All the kid has is a ticket for a double Crow sandwich with CHEESE after we kick that ignorant, sperm dribble smile off his face…Lookie Paw lil Elmer’s by the SEEEMENT pond. I honestly believe he was a part of triplets, his brother and sister sucked off of Ma….while he had to go suck Pa………..IMO

  14. larry the cable guy

    He has been flooded with comments from UK fans since this was posted. lol

  15. tyleryoungjj

    I’m surprised at the response here – I kind of liked him. He had a nice slow, deliberate delivery like if Tom Brokaw were in I Am Sam. He used his hands well, and the black and white effect had a neat, beginning-of-Wizard-of-Oz touch. He sure did have an opinion, and by golly, he’s sticking to it.

    It just goes to show that North Carolina is really making great strides in its education system.

  16. soaringeagle22

    Haha, redneck state….

    Has he been to the rest of NC? You know, outside of the “hood” he lives in? And by hood, I mean gated community outside of Charlotte where rich white boys pretend to be another race because they’ve been so sheltered their whole life they wouldn’t know the world around them if it shot them in the ass.

    The State of North Carolina is no better or worse than the State of Kentucky, and they have just as many rednecks there as we do here. Also, 7 (championships) is more than 5, even us rednecks know that…

  17. HanOfTheBluegrass

    You know what? Home slice needs to recognize that he looks and acts just like a lot of the people he’s trying to lay low.

    Much better video, albeit one not connected to sports:

    A doctor raps about Swine Flu, yo.

  18. cardhatinsob

    They start them off as douche bags at an early age in NC

  19. UK-Basketball-Freak

    Oh well, what are we going to do? This kid is obviously smarter, cooler and better educated than all of us, and he can mix Easy-E into a self shot video! He also has a really cool pool with a hot tub and basketball net. People we just cant compete here, he is way ahead of us. Although I would like to see his face when we kick NC’s ass next year.

  20. bogeyboy99

    12 – no doubt.
    The old adage has been updated:
    “Better to be silent and thought a fool than make an absolutely humiliating video on YouTube and remove all doubt”

    That pool hoop in the background is priceless. Must be where he got all his ‘skeels’.

  21. SWATS

    I would like to watch him take his last breath wearing that shirt as I hold him under water.

  22. FlashOfBlue

    This video was made out of fear. He can hear the thunder coming over the mountains.

  23. Waitin' on 8

    He seriously deleted ALL of the UK fan comments. He blocked us from commenting… LAME!

  24. Rolling Moses

    True 22. I can’t wait until we beat UNC!