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Fat Guy From Lost’s Monday Notes


The cultural phenomenon of the weekend was tonight’s finale of a show I had never seen one moment of before tonight, “Lost.” The show is allegedly a huge hit and revolutionary television, even though it (a) gets mediocre ratings and (b) has never been a topic of conversation in any circle I have ever been a part of. Having not seen a moment of the show, I thought myself to be quite qualified to judge the finale by watching the final 40 minutes of the last episode after the Lakers-Suns game. Those 40 minutes of course made no sense to me and the Turkey Hunter and I instead spent the time trying to figure out who amongst the characters is most dreading the end of the Lost franchise. Since the show basically seems to only have Matthew Fox, a couple of people I recognize from other middling tv shows and the bald guy who always comes to the Kentucky Derby, the selection was thin. But after much debate, we decided that the fat guy has to be the most bummed. He was clearly the most recognizable of the cast and now that it ends, he has to find other work in the business…not the easiest thing for a guy that is very overweight and has long frizzy hair. So tonight as you are judging the merits of the finale (I think it stunk but then again, I kept waiting for the Cookie Monster to show up), keep our man above in your thoughts. The next few years will be difficult.

Gotta do this quick, so lets go:

— This was the weekend of Kenny Payne in Lexington, with the most talked about potential Assistant Coach since Scott “I told you I would bring European recruits but instead I just brought an amazingly slow 10k time” Rigot arrived in the Bluegrass. Payne visited the campus and he and the coaches had two nights of visible public appearances, with trips to Bakers 360 on Saturday and Sal’s on Sunday (by the way, I love those of you who send me such information…it is the “US Weekly” part of KSR and I am a fan). It is expected that Payne could be announced as coach as early as Monday, and if so, we will get to see if the recruiting forte we hear so much about, is actually true.

— John Calipari has made a number of public statements that there is still one recruit left to nab in this class. I was told this weekend by a good source that the top choice is Arnett Moultrie, the transfer from UTEP with pro potential. Arnett is big, strong and would be able to immediately come in and start, although not next season due to his transfer year. There are a couple of other players in the pipeline as backup plans, but Moultrie is the focus this week. I would expect he will make his decision rather quickly and it will either be Kentucky or Texas.

— If you didnt read it hear earlier this weekend, Kentucky will play Portland in November at the Rose Garden in Portland, what surely will be one of the stranger road games the Cats have played. Kentucky wanted to play one game on the West Coast as part of their trip to Maui, and initially there had been some speculation that it could be either Stanford or Cal-Berkeley. But the commitment of Terrence Jones changed the thinking and now if the Oregon newspaper report is correct, Jones will get a game in front of his friends and family in the Portland area. One has to think this was part of the recruiting sell to Jones and is yet another example of smart thinking from the UK coaches and administrators.

— There may be another Calipari book coming soon. It will likely chronicle the early parts of the UK experience and while it is not finalized, I am told it is in the works. So get your Papa Johns coupons ready and save up your appetite for another delicious pizza-words combination for dinner this fall.

— Thanks to the folks at the Childrens Adovacy Center who put on the Bachelor auction on Friday night. We taped our podcast there (and it is linked below and worth a listen) and had a great time with Dave Baker, Matthew Mitchell, Drew, Will and Hubby. I was bought by the great star of owner of, who bit the bullet and spent cash on the KLAW. Thanks to her and everyone else at the event for a great night, including two of KSR’s favorites, Kristen Pflum and Ryan Lemond on the microphone.

— Did anyone but me notice that Marv Albert’s hair is blond now? The piece on his head during his interview with Obama was almost unfathomable. Go get em Marv!

Rajon Rondo is really good…even when he isnt on his game, he is now really good. Amazing to see his dramatic improvement this year.

We have more coming all day, including Kenny Payne, a look at the recruiting class versus last year and some thoughts on what the Canada trip this summer might look like. Stay tuned….

Article written by Matt Jones

36 responses to “Fat Guy From Lost’s Monday Notes”

  1. UKfaninWV

    About time you got a girl, Jones

  2. bluenwhite

    so if we get Arnett Moultrie, do we still go after Chandler with limited scholarships for 2011?

  3. bnoe

    It’s quiet ’round these parts tonight.

  4. CalifCatFan

    Matt, as with any series, you have to start with Season One, then you will understand “Lost,” and why it is great.

    Dave Baker was hilarious on the podcast. Hope you have him on more often.

    Sad to hear that UK will not play Stanford or Cal. It would have made my day. I detest both schools. UK fans here would have packed either place.

  5. lambchops

    look at doron lamb’s profile picture on facebook..

  6. Steve Jobs

    Matt Jones on Lost #wrongonpurpose

  7. bballjoker

    7 – nailed it

  8. CalifCatFan

    Matt, will you be doing a live blog on your date with Kim?

  9. Secretariat

    Love the podcast! Baker is my new favorite non-KSR reporter and I’m looking to find a way to Lex from Chi for a UKHoops game!

  10. thefakeppat

    Up to date roster:

    Guards: Knight, Lamb, Polson

    Wings: Miller, Liggins, Jones, Hood, Poole, Dodson

    Big Men: Kanter, Harrellson, Vargas

    We’ll probably add Moultrie but he won’t be eligible til 2011

    What do you guys think our starting lineup will be??

  11. bballjoker

    knight, lamb, miller, kanter, vargas
    first subs will be jones, liggins, dodson, with harrelson, hood and poole sneaking time when possible/needed

  12. Culver

    This is one time, other than UK basketball of course, that I agree with Jones. LOST has to be the most screwed up hit series of all time! Last time I really watched the show…1st season, a dinosaur or something was attacking the crashed plane. I thought the show was going to spin off has some Jurassic Park themed series. But from hearing from friends, and tuning in on some occasions, the show took a bizarre direction. I remember briefly tuning in on a few occasions…saw a black voo doo cloud or something in the jungle, and saw some guy get shot in a bunker. WTH does this have to do with Jurassic Park folks! LOST totally LOST me over the yrs!!! But “V” is freaking awesome!!!

  13. bballjoker

    the smoke monster was what was attacking the plane, not a dinosaur

  14. voyagerlaw

    Don’t be so quick to judge LOST. It’s just like watching UK basketball. You wouldn’t pass judgment on the whole UK season just by watching the last game of the year (when we sucked). Same with LOST. Some of the characters matured over time (like Cousins), others left the show too early (like Wall), some didn’t make any sense all (Orton), but overall you learned to appreciate the ensemble. Give it a chance. Start from season 1 and you’ll be hooked – just like this years Cats hooked us all.

  15. Nizerifin

    Let’s not start dogging on Lost, especially if you’ve only seen the second from last episode. Watch all of it first then criticize. I personally loved it but it’s not for everybody, especially those who cannot follow a (complicated) narrative.

  16. KyleMacysSocks

    Lost was just a terrible show, now Prison Break on the other hand was awesome

  17. adaircam4

    LOST is a great show…the finale was great. Brilliant writing and great characters. You have to watch it from the very beginning to understand. I still have a ton of unanswered questions, but I think it was meant to be like that. It is probably my favorite show of all time….only Deadwood could rival it.

  18. SexnNursinHomes

    Looks like the fat guy needs to hook up with Mr. T- they both looking for some work fool.

  19. BravoBigBlue

    Lost fan from day one. The finale did the show justice. I agree it’s not for everyone, but no TV show is.

  20. BlueBloodedGirl

    LOST is epic TV brilliance. There’s no way you can have a clue what’s going on by watching an episode or two this season. Very intelligent television, I highly recommend watching from the pilot episode. The finale was wonderful.

  21. BA40

    Jones, some minds just aren’t quite intelligent enough to comprehend the storyline of Lost. Looks like you may be another one of those people.

  22. tyson

    matt, as you know, kim soper has the best legs in lexington. make sure to take her to a patio on a very warm night so she is forced to wear her short shorts. you wont be disappointed. and yes, as mentioned earlier, we do expect a live blog.

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    22- Lost blows, I am working on a show right now, it’s called “Jersey Corpse”- young new jersey 20 somethings live in a house a together with necrophilia addiction. The show centers around their relationships, and the relationships with the dead as well. It’s explosive, lot’s of sex( necrophilia if you can hack it). look for it right after the re-runs to Lost.

  24. cdc_uky

    15-silly comparison but I applaud the effort. lost was convoluted but had an ability to grab your attention that most shows do not. my favorite hidden gem right now is fringe…every episode watches like a movie.

  25. CA

    What is wrong with the ‘twitters’ today?

  26. LeBowlingAlley

    John Wall will be on Washington, DC’s ESPN 980 today at 12:20

  27. GoCats2010

    15. TURRIBLE, just turrible

  28. bogeyboy99

    I got the first two seasons on Netflix and loved it. Started watching the third and I fell off the wagon fast…just too much going on and it got confusing and bogged down so I haven’t seen it since.
    Sounds like Lost fans are satisfied. Did they at least partially explain what was going on the whole time?

    The Simpsons made a reference to it last night. During the intro when Bart is writing lines on the chalkboard he writes that Lost was just a dog’s dream.

  29. CAnTuckeeBoi

    Brown Fired …. Let the talk begin!!!!!!

  30. Indycatfan

    Watched each and every episode of Lost (wife’s favorite show). I didn’t mind it so much because you actually had to watch every week to not get LOST. But the main reason is because she kept the fire out of the den one night while the Cats were playing, you hafta love a wife that would do that for you. Great ending, I’m was just happy to find out that Lock didn’t shoot JR, or Hurley didn’t EAT the island.

  31. Indycatfan

    OHHHHHHHH shit #30, the heads will be yakking their collective asses off now

  32. crazydave4

    Heard the LOST finale had a bunch of unanswered questions…figures. I guess that’s the trend of series enders. Myabe the movie in a couple of years will finally tie everything together.

  33. bbmaverick

    I understand Arnett Moultrie would be a great addition to the team, but Cal’s comments led me to believe he was planning on adding someone that would be eligible to play this year. But… what do I know?

  34. scotthammer

    Matt, stick to what you know, sports, and quit trying to anal (uh, analyze) one of televisions GREATEST shows of all time. The “fat guys” name is Hurley bro. There have been HUNDREDS of actors on LOST besides Matthew Fox. I have been a huge fan of the show for the last 6 years and it’s complexity is not easliy understood unless you have watched it in it’s entirety.

  35. Bubba in Glenpool

    Matt, I’m hoping you were trying to be sarcastic with the “Payne could be announced as early as today” news. Cause I was thinking that he could be announced as early as yesterday (sarcasm intended)!

    With the Lost thing, never watched it either and thankfully I can finally stop hearing my co-worker talk about all the things she found out about Lost last night!