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Fake Gimel returns to KSR


Excitement is high around the KSR Compound as one of our friends has returned home. I’m happy to announce that the man who may or may not actually have a mustache, Fake Gimel, is returning to KSR after months of searching for rates to Cloud City on Orbitz and Priceline.  With his return, KSR can now again be your go-to website for UK-centric Dungeons and Dragons jokes.  Hopefully, it also means more Twitter fights with BTI.  You can expect his first post of significant excellence Wednesday afternoon.  

If this doesn’t work out, we have agreed to move him before the trade deadline to a list of his preferred destinations for prospects, cash and back rubs.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

30 responses to “Fake Gimel returns to KSR”

  1. tenacious_j

    The prodigal Gimel. Welcome back into the fold.

  2. Cal Purnell here

    Hot Damn Summer in the City, Fake Gimel back lookin’ all Pretty uhh nevermind!!!!

  3. Al's IndiCats

    Welcome back home FG.

  4. KentuckyHouse

    Ha, ha, ha…BTI, thank you so much for causing this! Like The Rock returning to WWE, Fake Gimel had to come back to whip up on your sorry butt after the correction you so staunchly refused to issue a few weeks ago.

    Finally…Fake Gimel has come back!!!

  5. A Little In The Dark

    So exactly what is the story behind his
    leaving in the first place? I’ve been around
    here less than a year and this another one of
    those things that are talked about but never
    told about unless I missed it.

    Was the in-depth “history of” archive being
    worked on by the CampbellsvilleU guy and
    never got finished?

    Is there an archived link that would explain
    more about events surrounding the history of
    this FakeGimel you speak of?

    Excuse me now while I go back to my season seven Seinfeld DVD.

  6. HilljakLinbeard

    KSR Square Liveblogs BABY! Bring It!!!!

  7. NotBTI


  8. rhettzi

    rhett butler and ryan erpenbeck are the two greatest Zelda champions of all time… just so its known…

  9. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    Excellent! All snark, all ‘stache all the time.

  10. Al's IndiCats

    WOW…The NCAA pulled another one out their butts yesterday. Here they gave UConn a slap on the wrists for improper recruiting, impermissable phone calls and texts, failure to moniter and promote compliance from the HEAD COACH, and unethical conduct by the former operation director. They also found that a booster was giving improper benefits and banned that booster from any and all athletic functions. Then to top it all a former manager helped guide a recruit to uconn giving him lodging,tranportation and meals and representation. Giving Calhoun a 3 game suspention and they lose a scholly for the next 3 years.
    Now just think if that name been Kentucky instead of UConn acrossd the front, what would’ve been the penalities. Oh wait… was back in the late 80s and we damn near got the death penality.

  11. bartallen

    Best video intro ever!

  12. Maesh

    Love the Legend of Zelda intro. I trust this is because we are only a few days past the 25th anniversary of the invention of the franchise.

    And welcome back, Fake Gimel ^_^

  13. Steve Jobs

    That is a breathtaking graphic.

  14. rcpeck

    I can confirm the existence of fakegimel’s real mustache. And it’s soft. Oh so very soft.

  15. TX_Ryan

    Welcome back fellow nerd! Just reminiscing… I remember talking to TFGM on ASOB before he joined KSR. LALOA

  16. Epps2Shep

    A win for all of us. Welcome back man!

  17. Al's IndiCats

    why isn’t anything showing up today guys?

  18. kyeric

    C’mon, Sexn, everybody knows Deadspin is absolutely unreadable with that new layout!

    Welcome back, Fake!

  19. kyeric

    whhoops…apparently, that was a Sexn Troll!

  20. Rotnei Clark

    Fake Gimel, reveal you identity or I will reveal it for you…mwahahahahahaha

  21. Han

    All right, who rolled 99 on the random encounters chart?

    10) Pearl will get worse (and already has from his school). Sampson got worse.

    Major violations and they put them on probation and cite Calhoun, giving him a paltry 3-game suspension (Which he’s putting on airs about fighting, but that’s just show. He knows he got off easy.).

    What was it, 8 major violations, and this is it for UConn?

  22. broccoli rob

    This is great news. Welcome back fake gimel!

  23. Mborotncatfan

    Welcome back to Candy Mountain Charlie, glad to see the Fake Gimel coming back.

  24. C Blocked

    Excellent news!

  25. SexnNursinHomes

    18- not me- apparently my clone likes to harass BTI about deadspin. I’ve never even been to deadspin site.

  26. Link Ocarena of Time...with visible sadness in his eyes due to the quality of the ending video trailer...says...

    Fake Gimel… I never got an answer from Matty Jones on your whereabouts … but it’s coool to have you back… kinda like cooltv…but for ksr. … lika

  27. The Fake Gimel Martinez

    Thanks for the well-wishes, guys.

    5) I left because I wanted to do my own thing. For a while, “my own thing” meant “not really doing anything except cuss a lot on Twitter.” Then “my own thing” became something else entirely. You can find out more about “my own thing” if you follow my Twitter account.

  28. KentuckyBlue224

    FakeGimel…If Rotnei Clark is back with his girlfriend by Fri, Vargas gets blocked twice, Stacey plays, and Polson hits a three would you please bring back your old profile picture??

  29. SexnNursinHomes

    27- You cuss? buddy, how am I not on your twitter. You’re an effin riot. wished ya had never left.

  30. randymarsh

    love the Zelda clip…hilarious