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Excited Arkansas Fans say “Listen to KSR 6-7 PM Live and Alive”

This is how Bobby Petrino informed his team of his new job….nice job my man. Neverthless, Arkansas fans could not be more excited about their new coach and the prospects of having him in Fayetteville for at least the next 6 months or so. He joins the ranks of Spurrier, Saban, Miles, Tuberville, Fulmer, Richt and Meyer to form quite possibly the best group of coaches in a conference in history. We will talk about that and…

1. the return of Derrick Jasper
2. the return of Mike Davis
3. the return of the Coury, Carter and Krebs gang

The latter needs a name, so call us at 1-800-510-ESPN and let us have it….and listen at the link below.

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Article written by Matt Jones

36 responses to “Excited Arkansas Fans say “Listen to KSR 6-7 PM Live and Alive””

  1. Marshall in Virginia

    The SEC is ridiculous… I think the natl championship was already played.

  2. KWICD

    #3 Caucasian Crips!

  3. deWildcats

    The C, C $ K gang plus the Alpha Dog terrorize the UK campus

  4. radcliffcat

    Lets call Carter, Coury and Krebs balls and nuts!

  5. UKfaninAlabama

    2- I like that. You know Crips are Kentucky fans, thats why they wear Blue all the time.

  6. ukcatsfan2

    I’m not going to call in, but how about


  7. UKfaninAlabama

    Coury, Carter, and Krebs= Rosco, Enis, and Boss Hog(Krebs of course)

  8. 10, 2, and 4

    Point 2 leaves me smacking my head. Walk away. Walk away, Mike.

  9. funkadelic

    Three blind cats

  10. junior08

    The starter, the farter, and the departer.

    Or even better:

    The starter, the farter named carter, and the departer.

  11. CrunkieBrewster

    Krebs purse snatched my scrotum.

  12. deWildcats

    There’s a fowl smell in the air around Tucson, AZ … the local sporting news agency has determined it is Bobby Petrino heading west.

  13. Intern

    If Mark Krebs is reading this: it wasn’t me who stole your old man’s carburetor. Please don’t cut off my shirt buttons with a switch blade again.

  14. drdrizze

    The Honkeestadors

  15. drdrizze

    The Bench Mob

  16. sugarbowlwildcats

    The Pale Bench Riders

  17. drdrizze

    The Nut Crackers

  18. drdrizze

    The Division Two Crew

  19. Mr Schwump

    So when’s the long awaited part three on the football redshirts coming?

  20. drdrizze

    Krebs told PPat that boogers taste like Cotton Candy.

  21. drdrizze

    Krebs put Lunesta in AJ’s Coffee

  22. deWildcats

    drdrizze – LMFAO

  23. drdrizze

    Krebs told BCG that players can get 5 fouls per half.

  24. asdfasdf

    Mark “Alex” Krebs and his Droogs…..nothing like a little ultra-violence to get the season going!

  25. kyfan31

    lawyer milloy is the man. matt, any word on college pick em prizing?

  26. Mr. Boombastic Fantastic Lover

    Call them the Vanilla Scrotoms.

  27. T-Club



  28. cbcgillispie

    Attention Shaun Bridwell:
    Can a brotha get the redshirt report part 4 please. I have been waiting on it for a while and i have been looking forward to reading it. The previous 3 were great and I throughly enjoyed them. Now hurry and post the damn thing. Go Cats!

  29. crew24

    put a link up to download the show Id like to hear it

  30. ukcatfan88

    OK…Artose Pinner cut today by Atlanta…Who cut him??

  31. Japrick

    Must have been a GM or president but makes you think that Petrino was the only reason Pinner was there in the first place.

  32. Japrick

    Arkansas also has Louisville’s old womens basketball coach, Tom Collen.

  33. Japrick

    Not to mention that their mens head coach John Pelphrey used to play under Rick Pitino who is now the head coach at Louisville.

  34. Harlanhick

    Using a letter to grown men. Petrino is something else.

  35. UKfansNKY

    You guy’s posting these comments about Carter,Coury and Kreb’s, don’t you think it’s time to get your head out of your a- _ and start posting someting positive!! What recruit is going to want to come to Kentucky with all your negitive BS!After all the guy’s where offered scholarships!! Kreb’s came on as a walk-on for the practice team and was OFFERED a scholarship At this point of the season it may do some good for these guy’s to get some PT. After all what has Porter done?? As well as a few other’s on the team!!! What is it going to hurt!! GO CATS!!!! “Are you ready for some football” GO CATS!!

  36. drdrizze

    Krebs got on UKfansNKY’s Login and recommended that he get some PT.