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Everything you need to know about #OccupyMemorial

The ESPN GameDay crew is coming to town, which means Vandy fans will be extra annoying enthusiastic, with freshly starched collars and an even heavier dose of elitism.

Have no fear: the Nashville UK Alumni Association has a full day of events planned to rain on Vandy’s parade. Starting with invading the morning GameDay segment and ending with what will hopefully be a victory party in Midtown, Kentucky fans who make the trek to Nashville will be surrounded by their Big Blue brethren, united by one mission: #OccupyMemorial.

Here’s the schedule of #OccupyMemorial events so far (all times Central):

Gameday Morning Taping

7:00 a.m. — In the spirit of #OccupyMemorial unity, the Alumni Association is asking fans to gather at the McDonald’s at 2700 West End Avenue, which is four blocks away from the arena, starting at 7:00 a.m. Because it will be early and they’re awesome like that, they are also offering free sausage biscuits to the the first 100 people who arrive.

7:45 a.m. — Kentucky fans will start the march towards Memorial Gymnasium.

While Vanderbilt officials have publicly stated that Kentucky fans are welcome to attend the GameDay tapings, rumors are rumbling that they will escort fans who show up in blue to the upper deck in an attempt to muffle the Big Blue Nation and look better on camera. We all know how well that will work out, right? In order to secure good seating, #OccupyMemorial organizers are encouraging Kentucky fans to cover up their blue with a black sweater or jacket until they reach their seats, or even until the show begins at 9 a.m.

9:00 a.m. — Once the taping starts, it’s on. Rip off your black and join in the chorus of “Go Big Blue” and cat chants.

Pre-Game Party and Game Watch Event

The #OccupyMemorial crowd will head towards the movement’s headquarters at Midtown Corner Pub (2000 Broadway, Nashville, TN) immediately following the taping. Don’t have a ticket? Come join the crowd and be entered into a raffle for two lower-level seats to the game, which will be given out approximately one hour before tip-off. Corner Pub is about six or seven blocks from Memorial Gymnasium, and for those who don’t feel like marching–I mean walking–the Pub will have a shuttle running to and from the arena starting two hours before tip-off.

In addition, Corner Pub is setting up a heated tent in their back parking lot to further accommodate the Big Blue Nation. This will be the place to be on Saturday if you’re a Kentucky fan in the Nashville area, and Matt, Drew, and myself will be there throughout the day. Even if you don’t have a ticket, it’s a great place to watch the game, especially since the Pub will be raffling off a flat-screen TV at some point during the festivities.

The Alumni Association has created #OccupyMemorial group and event on Facebook, which I encourage you all to join. As the resident Nashvillian/Vanderbilt hater on the site, I’ll keep KSR abreast of any updates and troop movements. Spread the word via the #OccupyMemorial hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and even better, word of mouth. If there’s one thing Kentucky fans do well, it’s crash a party.

This is going to be fun.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

70 responses to “Everything you need to know about #OccupyMemorial”

  1. DB11

    I love it, if I had the money i’d be there

  2. barn


  3. KYRealist

    The fact that so many of our fans can get into any SEC arena just shows how pathetic the SEC is. Without us, the SEC is a mid major basketball league.

  4. Gimli

    I can’t describe how much I wish I could be in Nashville this weekend. Great city, always love when the SEC Tourney is held there

  5. Joe Bullen

    Thanks KSR for putting this information out! If we can paint the Colonial Life Arena in South Carolina blue, surely we can do the same, if not better to Memorial Gym in Nashville.

    I also want to give credit to the UK Alumni Association in Nashville for originally coming up with the idea for Occupy Memorial. I found the information on their facebook page which is linked in the article above as the “event”.

    Since the information on their page seemed geared primarily toward UK Alumni, I decided to make a Facebook “group” that targets all UK fans and referenced the information on their event page. If you join the Facebook group linked in the article above, use the “+Add Friends to Group” box on the right side of the page to help get more people involved. Thanks and GBB!!!

  6. Roggensak

    Let’s be heard on college game day BBN!!! I wonder if during commercial they will make the People wearing blue move???

  7. Lovely

    I keep thinking that you all should arrive earlier than 8:00 to ensure close seats. Then I remember that this isn’t Rupp.


    is the gameday event free, no ticket required? when uk had gameday a few yrs ago, it was free but did require a ticket for entry…i know, i know, big blue nation represents thus requiring a ticket for rupp…

  9. ukfan

    I’ll be there on saturday, right behind the goal.. we are leaving from lexington on friday and there are 8 of us going and our seats are all together.. we are going to bring the house down.. so hype

  10. capt. price

    I’m confused. If you have a ticket for lower arena, how can they MAKE you move to upper?

  11. Gimli

    10) The Gameday ticket is general admission (if you even have to have a ticket at Vandy) just to be in the background of the tv camera during the daytime leading up to tipoff. The Gameday crowd will have to clear out before the game starts.

  12. UK # 1

    My wife and I are going. It’s only a hour and a half drive for us. Thx for the info KSR. GBB.

  13. Tboner

    Living in Nashvegas, I have waited for this all season…


    I had an older woman rare back to hit me last year because I kept standing up during the game…Can’t wait to get back!! I Love Nashville

  15. UKFanInCincy

    I will be there. Leaving Cincinnati at 5 on Friday! I can’t wait! This will be my first time to Nashville.

  16. StillBleedBLUE

    Student at Vandy, but a UK diehard… been counting down since the start of the year. GO CATS

  17. Pancreas

    Sigma Chi at Vanderbilt supports UK

  18. cats

    17.) no one likes sig chi

  19. HuntsVegas

    Got Tickets…. We are in.

  20. Mr. Diamond Eye

    #18 – Regardless, you don’t need to bash them. They support UK, let them support instead of making fun them. It just makes you look sensitive.

  21. Ryan

    how can we get tickets?

  22. Hurryin' Hoosier

    May the Vanderbilt fans #OccupyTheFloor at Memorial Gym, much like my kind did earlier this year!

  23. Furry Beaver

    I’m itching with excitement!

  24. b

    February 12, 2008.

    “To have them to stomp us into the ground like that, it’s horrible,” freshman Patrick Patterson said. “They played like men, and we played like boys.”

    How soon they forget.

  25. MonsterMash24

    Dont have a tv for now…wonder if itll be on videotape??It sounds like a true comedy to watch over and over again lol.

  26. 8'sgonnabegreat!

    Think we can get 2 sausage biscuits , if we there early enough . Can’t wait til tipoff .

  27. scooter penn

    that’s awesome! You UK alumni can meet up at McDonald’s, maybe you’ll bump into other UK alumni who now work at Mickey Dee’s. Shows you the type of education you get at the University of Kentucky. Boom!

  28. VandyMan11

    I found out about this site from a Vandy source. Glad we know your game plan. We ‘Dores will be ready for your evil subversive tactics. Prepare to drive back to Lexington with your 1st SEC loss! Conquer & Prevail!

  29. Margie hargett

    MY 2 sisters ,nephew&girlfriend and myself will be there to root the CATS to victory. We will also be at the corner pub for the game as we haven tickets…..yet! This will be an awesome weekend in Nashville.

  30. Kentucky Escapee

    As someone who was raised in KY and left to go to school at Vanderbilt this game reminds me each year of how happy I am to be out of the state and to not have UK on my diploma. It took me years be able to pronounce wire, tire and fire correctly vice war, tar, and far.

  31. Adam

    30) Sounds like you just had bad parents. Don’t blame the whole state.

  32. kramer

    I love reading the comments from other schools fans,it makes me happy to be a UK fan!!! I hope that UK wins but you know it is possible we may lose, but it won’t change the fact that when Vandy comes to Rupp they will get beat.Tomorrows game won’t make UK lose a top seading, it may do them good to be in a hostile enviroment again, see if they handle it better.!!! Go Cats!!

  33. Cal'sBloatedGut

    If Game day wanted to see a bunch of hicks, they would have had the game day at Rupp. Even your fat coach said it was pathetic to invade Vandy. the fact is ESPN doesn’t want to see a bunch of pickup truck driving, moutain dew drinking, no tooth having, sister banging inbreds. You hicks are the same losers that only own UK gear. That’s why when you go on vacation you only see a bunch of hayseeds in uk gear. That’s all they have to wear. They also sport it at weddings, funerals and Church. Just kill yourselves.

  34. Orlando cat

    28) oh no! Alright everyone, they found out, cancel #occupymemorial. Fiddlesticks.

  35. Cobwebs

    17- yep, 18 is right. No one likes sigma chi. No one.

  36. Jake_GOCATS

    30. How does accent have anything to do with level of education of a person? Is it commonplace to inquire a layman’s mental capacity based on his accent? Do we as Americans think less of citizens from foreign nations simply because they lack proper English etiquette? Last time I checked, the state of Kentucky does fairly well with education. Being a high school senior with a 27 ACT Composite and 4.5 weighted GPA, I am generally proud of my state, for we have higher ACT Composite scores than the national average. Don’t bash based on pretentious stereotypes. And as always, C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!

  37. L

    33, isn’t the game in Nashville? Home of county music? Since when did Nashville become New York City or LA? It’s NASHVILLE!!!! At least our coach isn’t bald and whiny!

  38. TampaCat

    33.Sounds like you just had bad parents.

  39. KYRealist

    36) Having a thick accent is a sign of mental weakness. Anyone with a 6th grade education can change the way they speak. I would take classes if necessary to have a normal speaking voice. Bottom line is no one likes to listen to a redneck talk. That’s why Jones’ show is like hands down a chalkboard.

  40. tyrus


  41. Jake_GOCATS

    39. I have to disagree. Having an accent of any kind is a sign of intelligence in my mind. One must note that an accent is as much “ingrained” to a person as circadian rhythm, or even further, traits defined by genetics, such as height, hair/eye color, and skin pigment. I am just pointing out that one’s intelligence is not defined in anyway by accent.

  42. Cobwebs

    33 has so much anger. Considering you are a Vandy nerds, I would expect much better insults. Where does your anger originate? Sexual frustration? Good God, man. Go get a hooker or something.

  43. UK Rifle >>>> WVU Rifle

    At first I was not going, but then I heard FREE Sausage Biscuits, and decided anything to show Enes solidarity was worth the trip!

  44. TampaCat

    42. That there is some funny stuff, I guarantee ya there…. LMAO!

  45. Casey Tackett

    33. Sounds like someone is really really really butt-hurt….

  46. Mr Schwump

    KSR is nothing more than a shill, a pimp,for Nashville businesses. Wow.

  47. MacGruber

    33. You do know Vandy is in the state of Tennessee. Hicks, mudderfreakin Tennessee

  48. like that

    Good one #31………….GBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Snl1960

    Wonder, in their sleep tonight the children are dreaming of storming the floor tomorrow.awakening only to remind themselves they are playing Kentucky tomorrow . Knowing that sh&t ain’t gonna happen. BOOM!!!!!!!

  50. TampaCat

    47. You forgot that they are low down, they dirty and they are some snitches too…

  51. MacGruber

    30 Glad you left before my dog got pregnant

  52. Linda Taylor

    33 If you actually followed basketball you would know that ESPN Game Day has already been in Lexington. They came to Rupp 2 years ago during Cal’s first year at KY. They were amazed that Ky fans filled Rupp to the rafters 24,000 strong in the morning, and when Cal asked the fans who didn’t have tickets to that nights game to stand, the vast majority of the fans stood up. Vandy could never equal that kind of fan support, though, you may not even be a Vandy fan (you don’t sound cultured enough), just some other pathetic hater. I’m not originally from KY but I’ve lived here a long time now and I don’t recognize your description of KY people. I myself have never had a bad opinion of Vandy fans as my father-in-law went there for undergrad and med school and he was a humble, kind, generous man for whom I always had tremendous respect and admiration. He was also a KY fan and would root for KY whenever they weren’t playing Vandy. I wish with all my heart that we still had him with us. He would have been amused by the Occupy Memorial movement and we would have enjoyed making a lot of jokes about it. As it is I’ll watch tomorrow and cheer the Cats and BBN on without him.

  53. Mudcreekmark

    Thats right, I’m from a place called Mudcreek and damn proud of it. Do I have an accent, damn right and proud of it. It is the same accent I’ve had for 52 years. I also am a hillbilly and damn proud of it. I don’t drive a pick up truck,I don’t drink Mountain Dew, I do have teeth, I don’t have a sister, so you may have been right about that one. I also have traveled quite a bit and have noticed that we are not the only ones that talk a little bit funny. I guess everyone in the New England area are idiots also because they don’t pronounce their r’s at all. People from Louisiana are just dumb because I cannot understand anything that some of them say. North Dakota, you ever watch Fargo? Come on, those people probably cannot spell their own names.

  54. Snl1960

    50. That’s mainly that inside of a pupmkin puke orange.i hate that color too

  55. Matt'sMom

    I tell you one thing. i’m sick and tired of Matt Occupying his ding dong in my basement. He needs a girlfriend or a hooker or something. I’m surprised his hand hasn’t fallen off. UK is all he has. Someone help.

  56. Blind Man

    Vandy girls are hot!

  57. Raazoul

    33 is a UK fan that’s just trolling everyone. He’s sitting in front of his computer in all UK gear, hand in his pants, enjoying any attention he gets. Vandy has no fans. They get a grade for going to the games and acting dumb. To get an ‘A’ they have to paint themselves black, in order to show some racial diversity in their school!

  58. HaHa

    Seth Greenberg was on Jim Rome and said this about Calipari: “This whole Big Blue Nation thing, he plays them like a violin.”

  59. Linda Taylor

    58 We’re getting what we want, the no.1 team in the country playing the most exciting basketball in the country. And, Sandy Bell is making sure we’ll keep any accomplishments we have. So, ha ha to you. Jealousy is so unbecoming.

  60. poopoo

    55- who the phuck is Seth Greenberg? You suckin that diiiiaaaak? Haters gonna hate. Happens when you are the best. Phuck off bitch.

  61. Raazoul

    Greenberg was NOT hating on UK fans. In context he was saying that Calipari is perfect for UK because he interacts with fans and embraces them. But he can handle the pressure and he knows how to handle us fans. It was bad wording but it’s clear he wasn’t hating.

  62. Real Cats Fan

    #24, March 5, 2003, Kentucky 106, Vandy 44. ‘Nuff said…

    BTW, the game Vandy won was the year UK was in the throes of the Billy Gillispie disaster. The game in 2003 was when Vandy had their current coach – Stallings, at the helm. Think he still remembers that epic ass-whoopin’? Think that is why he whines so much about Kentucky getting “favoritism”?

  63. Real Cats Fan

    #33, a little tidbit of info for you:

    Feb. 13 – #12 Tennessee Volunteers at #2 Kentucky Wildcats (22,144-Largest Attendance at a “GameDay” morning show)

    Previous record was 8159 set by Kansas two weeks earlier.

    Need I say more?

  64. Dae Brammage

    Stallings is an arrogant, herpetic, balding and bi-polar, female reproductive organ.

  65. Once Again

    Once again, anyone in blue at any point during Gameday will be moved up to the third level.

  66. csb087

    #33 needs an ass kickin

  67. Michael

    33 I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew. I’ll come at you like a spider monkey. Besides the not having teeth and sister banging parts, you’re close to describing me, but I also like wearing flannel. If I could find UK gear in flannel, I’d be set.

  68. Hoss

    Dear Vandy fan- My wife screws me harder simply b/c I can change my own flat tire.

    She’s into real men like that.

  69. Kitty

    I work with people who went to Vandy, I went to WKU but a diehard UK fan, I guess that makes them losers too for bringing in over 100K a year! Quit being so superior Vandy, get over yourselves!

  70. Adam

    33 is going to have a fit when he/she sees me on 60 Minutes in a UK pullover. 33 clearly doesn’t understand UK fans don’t miss a chance to show their pride, especially when traveling through TN!