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Everyone Needs Sunday Morning Links


Hunter Pence made an impressive catch to save Tim Lincecum’s first career no-hitter with 2 outs in the 8th inning last night. Every no-hitter always has at least one great defensive play that saved what looked to be a sure hit, and even though I hate Hunter Pence; he saved the day last night.


“Superteams” are all the rage in the NBA these days, but one person who’s not on the hype train is Rajon Rondo. At his basketball camp yesterday, Rondo announced to the crowd that “I will never play for the Miami Heat”. [THERE’S VIDEO!!]


Happy Gilmore is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I can without a doubt rattle off a solid hour worth of quotes from it, which is why I LOVE this video of PGA and European Tour golfers attempting to do Happy’s famous “crow-hop” golf swing. SPOILER ALERT: Some of them can actually do it.


Quick! Name another sports movie. If you said The Sandlot, then you’ll love this look at what the cast of the movie looks like now, 20 years down the road. Wendy Peppercorn is still a stone cold fox, too.




Article written by Will Totten

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10 responses to “Everyone Needs Sunday Morning Links”

  1. lonnieb

    I like rondo but his comment is funny because he is on the team that really was the beginning of signing great players to play together to try to win a title. When boston signed allen and kg together to play with pierce and rondo they literally bought a championship. Now that other teams have followed the course everybody has something to say about it

  2. Tony

    How can you hate Hunter Pence ? He’s a former Lexington Legend.


    That belly flop is a classic. especially the kid in the background giving the touchdown sign.

  4. Seven Eight Nine

    So you mention Lincecum’s no hitter in San Francisco, but dont talk about Homer Bailey’s second consecutive no hitter a few weeks ago? He even plays for the Cincinnati Reds, the more local(ish) mlb team

  5. Chas

    5. Second consecutive no hitter? He did not have two no hitters in a row…..

  6. RahRah

    Hey, ksr, what about that awesome 2nd half performance by Archie Goodwin last night? Our boy looked good! #BBNforever!

  7. Seven Eight Nine

    #6 Prior to Lincecum’s no hitter, the past 2 no hitters in the mlb belonged to homer bailey

  8. boDAVEcious

    I believe Wendy’s last name is Peffercorn

  9. Wendy Peppercorn? WTF !!!

    Come on KSR! Will, do me a favor and if you aren’t old enough to actually have watched The Sandlot in theaters or at an age older than 7 shortly after it was released please don’t try to reference it on a public forum