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Everyone Celebrates The Cats in Their Own Way

This for instance in this guy’s way:

Article written by Matt Jones

53 responses to “Everyone Celebrates The Cats in Their Own Way”

  1. arch stanton

    He colored is nipples with magic marker? That can’t be safe….

  2. lumberjackcat


  3. wha...

    I’m 12 years old and what is this?

  4. BigBlueWestCoast

    This is so wrong it’s hilarious.

  5. Andrew Cassady

    What the!?

  6. Big cuz

    Disturbing but creative

  7. GoCats2

    I may root for Iowa State after seeing this.
    By the way #1 I love your name.

  8. CaptainRamius


  9. FatGirlsDon'tHaveNames

    Proud to call this man one of my three best friends in the world. Die-hard UK fan.

  10. Ridge Runner

    Umm…this is one of those things you see and quickly change the subject.

  11. barn

    the refs in this murray/marq game should be shot

  12. Mudcreekmark

    Well, that is beautiful. It brings a tear to my eye.

  13. kacey

    On another note….can someone tell me why Lehigh’s coach talks like a robot?

  14. Ridge Runner

    13…He has an engineer background. Case closed.

  15. Ridge Runner

    11…barn, the 3 steps were really the icing on the cake. I hear ya.

  16. REAL BLY

    I did the same thing with my back hair….

  17. Robster

    Dude…Get a life and get help!

  18. Another Perspective

    Can I un-see that?

  19. Drew Franklin's Tongue

    I look for Vandy to get smashed today. I think Wisconsin will take down ‘Cuse in the Sweet 16.

  20. Bankshot

    Shaved a Unibrow on his chest? Smh. Wtf.

  21. Ridge Runner

    Sad part is…Loserville fans are getting turned on with this pic.

  22. da'man

    Big deal, I heard JoAnn Pitino shaved a unibrow down there – yeah, down there!

  23. SteveO85

    Only in Kentucky. Wow.

  24. Hot uk girl


  25. ltylerj

    I hate you for this, Matt Jones.

  26. Rixter

    That disturbs me.

  27. UK8

    oh my

  28. Drew Franklin

    Don’t worry folks, i’ll let you know within 24 hours how you should really feel about this.

  29. Ciggy

    Oh my.

  30. Rixter

    Can you imagine this guy’s boss seeing him like that?
    It’d definitely make you send the guy to HR to set up some psychological testing

  31. Ridge Runner

    Back to some normalcy for a sec…

    Congrats to Lady Cats 68-62 over McNeese St in NCAA Tourney!

  32. Rixter

    UK hoops never plays well in a tournament setting…for some reason

  33. Ridge Runner

    32…I still can’t get used to calling them UK Hoops. Thx. But yeah, I hear ya about the tourney trouble.

  34. Drew Franklin

    #31 – thanks dad.

  35. BigBlueWilly

    This is a perfect example of what makes BBN so special. We come in all different shapes,sizes,and IQ’s. Go Big Blue!

  36. Rixter

    Watching the Murray St game…. the refs called a charge on MSU on a play where the Marquette defender was so late getting there, he literally flung himself into the path of the ball-handler. But the official looked SOO good running out to midcourt where all eyes were on him, his right hand behind his head, his left fist extended outward, emphatically making a terrible call. Bad call, but the ref was stylin’!

    The NCAA has to do something about the block / charge call, it’s missed about 75% of the time, and it’s starting to affect the integrity of the game.

  37. looking for 8

    I know he is single and hasno girlfriend…….. I only hope he is DRUNK!
    Go Big Blue!!!!

  38. Women Everywhere


  39. Walden Schmidt

    After seeing that picture, I may have to sleep with the lights on.

  40. Mudcreekmark

    Congratulations to the women. I know they had a hard time but when you don’t have size and you keep depend on hitting shots and the shots don’t fall, you can never count the other team out. If you have a big team and can pound it inside against a smaller team you can dominate, but when the other team is just like you, small and fast, then this is going to happen.

  41. BigBlueSkyDog

    As a UK fan, I don’t claim this guy. Those kind of antics are more Lousyville worthy.

  42. SeaBlue

    Can we find a female UK fan to do the same thing?

  43. Phigger Delps

    Please delete.

  44. RickSanatorium

    Makes me feel all tingly in my bulbous part.

  45. LehighFatCheerleaders

    He could cheer with us!

  46. ak

    i don’t get it? :/

  47. ak

    that supposed to be coach cal? or one of the players?

  48. cincyguy

    this might go in the locker room riddler

  49. Beth

    So many questions…no answers in this pic.

  50. Preacher Scott

    What would make anyone think this is appropriate material for this site?
    Please ‘editors’, this is not funny, cute, or entertaining. What’s the point
    of posting this picture?? Oh!? This is the editor of this site???? Never mind.

  51. Tampa Satchel

    His belly looks that Munch painting “The Scream”.

  52. CATNTN

    No Comment!

  53. Thisguy'sbosses

    We’ve seen it. It’s not funny and yes there will probably be a trip to HR.