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Eric C Conn and Raven Riley?


To suggest that I find Eric C. Conn intriguing may be an understatement. Since our first picture of Conn’s ladies at a Journey concert in Pikeville, Conn stories have consumed the lives of the KSR crew over the last few days. One story that didnt seem to be to be possibly real was the story that many emailed me that Conn used to date porn star Raven Riley. I thought that it was impossible that an SSI attorney in Pike and Floyd Counties would even meet a porn star, much less date her. But according to some various websites, I was wrong. Here is an example “press release” that was published on a couple of sites.

Raven Riley Gets Dumped by Multimillionaire Attorney Boyfriend Conn
Still though, I was skeptical. Anyone can put anything on the internet right? But then I was told about Raven Riley’s video about Conn. The below video (which is definitely NSFW due to curse words) is her “telling off” of Eric C Conn as she breaks up with him:

Wow….what can you say. The Eric C Conn story grows by the day….

Article written by Matt Jones

29 responses to “Eric C Conn and Raven Riley?”

  1. slappy

    I’ve watched more porno today than most people will in their lifetimes, and I’ve never heard of Raven Riley.

  2. bballjoker

    Not the video link I was hoping for Matt….

  3. Jack Bauer

    I’m so intrigued by Eric C. Conn now. We have to get an interview with this guy.

  4. dough122

    I am from Floyd County and heard a story last night after talking about yesterday’s posting. The local high school basketball team plays in a dome. He offered the county $25,000 to change the name to “The Conn Dome”. I called the person telling the story a liar. That is funny but I did not believe it. She is an retired employee of the school district and had benn told it was true by a higher up. That same school hosted the district tournament and he sponsered it and had life size cutouts of himself standing along the railing in the upper section all around the stadium. Matt this part is for you. The guy runs a quick SSI business. You can see a docter, meet with him and have your hearing all in his office. He has made millions on SSI cases.

  5. JMBlue

    Something tells me this guy would be fun to party with.

  6. Dennis

    She sounds like a winner. Why would he keep that on the DL? HA

  7. Jack Bauer

    He has a mysterious aura about him.

  8. drmarc

    You can pay a Ho to say anything…..what do they say these days “Any publicity is good publicity”….

  9. TheWaitFor8

    So I’m assuming she was the nurse/assistant at his office?

  10. mgcat

    .. and such a classy young lady.

  11. CliffHawkins

    Why are we spending so much time on this Eric C Conn guy? Is MM on vacation?

  12. krebscalledmeagirl

    Didnt BTI date Ron Jeremy?

  13. dennisfeltonsmustache

    I’m from Paintsville, and I remember hearing a funny story about this clown. Apparently, a couple years ago, someone stole one of the life-size statues of him that sits on top of his billboards. He is so attached to his manne-conns that he offered a $10K reward for information on its whereabouts. I think they finally ended up finding it sitting on the bank of the big sandy holding a fishing pole. What a choad.

  14. Dennis

    #13 Ha

  15. Loyal_UK_Fan

    Now I’m pissed! Raven Riley has a great body and is always naked, but she dated this guy? Now I’m cancelling my membership! 🙂

  16. JMBlue

    13- That’s mean. Hilarious, but mean.

  17. CalifCatFan

    Raven, call me.

  18. HanOfTheBluegrass

    Odds dude just paid her to have a fake relationship with him?

    1) If you have watched that porn online, then you are a liar. You don’t have to watch a lot of porn to have heard of her.

  19. NotTheSlickistRick

    Raven is smoking & the things she does with her tongue. OMG

  20. HackRichards

    Matt Jones I don’t know what to say. he is pretty much a laughing stock attorney here in the mountains. No one would hire him except to get on welfare. Sure does not take much to intrigue you does it? Why don’t you contact him and partner up?

  21. _Blackhawk_

    That might be the best ‘acting’ a porn star ever did. I almost believed she was on the phone. Almost.

  22. kyartist

    AND… we’re to care about this crap,…..why? Get back to basketball!!!

  23. Carlisle1974

    I can pretty much guarantee that Raven Riley did not date this fella. I know Raven (her real name is Sarah and her nickname in high school was “A-rab”) because she graduated from my wife’s school just outside of Middletown, OH a few years back. I was in the wedding of the guy that took her to her senior prom. She used to date a guy in a local band, but dumped him after she found out he was stealing her money. I think she also used to date a guy that appeared in her videos. Believe it or not, she’s a nice girl…not too smart, but pretty nice.

  24. jc

    they did date. the local papers here were all over yes they dated

  25. urmyboymu

    She really commanded that scene. Almost felt like I was Mr. C. Conn and I was gonna have 2 raise my pimp hand. Old dude seems like a real D-bag but an extremely lucky D-bag.

  26. urmyboymu

    I know of another Kentuckian who would sweep Miss Riley rite off her feet. Kige do work brother! Ur instructional dating Youtube video allowed me 2 score my current girlfriend.

  27. UKmeister

    Wow. This is a weird story…SSI lawyer from E. Ky had a well-known porn star as his shorty? This confirms that anything is possible. Matt, we need more info about this guy–is he originally from Prestonsburg/Pikeville?

  28. kyfan01

    Why is this so hard to believe? He’s a well known attorney that has so much going for him. I beleive they did date! It was in all the newspapers!!!