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Eric Bledsoe to Crash Our Server, 11 a.m.

Title says it all. No matter the outcome, the server will probably crash.

Discuss your glee or scorn as you see fit.

Watch here.

Edit by Fake Gimel: Yup, he’s a Wildcat. Also said that he thought Patterson was coming back. Very interesting!

Double-Secret Probation Edit by Fake Gimel: I like how three of us were waiting for the traffic to die off so we could update the Bledsoe news. Dr. Huxtable would be very proud of our efforts.

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Article written by Evan Hilbert

61 responses to “Eric Bledsoe to Crash Our Server, 11 a.m.”

  1. SlickRick48


  2. ukfanatic


  3. tacukwildcats

    Keep me posted my computer wont do the live stream for some reason… PLEASE!!!

  4. Beauregard Ulysses

    Nice “Welcome to Parker” banner. Someone outdid themselves

  5. belgium

    Don’t crash my car. I learned that lesson from Myron Anthony.

  6. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Someone better be paying off his math teacher to make that B!

  7. Cal Purnell here

    Is that a UK Blue or Memphis blue shirt?

  8. KYStout

    Bledsoe has taken a seat!

  9. belgium

    2- fail. massive fail.

  10. Dunamis

    Lurked this website since BCG was fired. I had to sign up for Bledsoe committing :).

  11. tacukwildcats

    8) keep it coming

  12. tacukwildcats

    8) sorry stupid smily face… keep it coming

  13. Beauregard Ulysses

    EB: How you doing? News girl: HOW YOU DOING? giggle giggle CONGRATULATIONS! Can I handle your mic?

  14. Beauregard Ulysses

    Its official

  15. tacukwildcats

    has he chosen UK blue?

  16. Beauregard Ulysses

    A man of few words. So eloquent!

  17. The Duder

    One point guard signed, one to go. No worries now. Did we hire John Calipari or Nick Nolte from “Blue Chips”?

  18. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    said that he’d come in and be starting PG right away. hmmmm

  19. CalipariSafari

    The UK hat looks good on Bledsoe’s head. I love it!!!

  20. CatsJrod

    hahaha i love listening to him talk with all the awkward silences hahaha

  21. EyewearMan

    He is wearing a UK hat!!! Cats are back baby!

  22. funkadelic

    As Chris Tucker said, “What the hell did you just say”?

  23. Badamike

    BOOM CALIPARI IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!1

  24. UKSoCalCampus

    Says if Wall comes they’ll both play and get Sh*t right, also says PPat is coming back although he hasn’t spoken with Meeks.

  25. EyewearMan

    Server officially CRASHED!

  26. sit law dog now shake

    I’m pretty sure Yao Ming’s English is better than Eric Bledsoe’s.

  27. BigCatDaddy4263

    Welcome to the BIG BLUE NATION Eric Bledsoe

  28. ChuckHayesAward

    Eric Bledsoe just –walked through that door– and appears to be bringing Patterson with him, oh wait? Is that Wall with Meeks…

  29. CalipariSafari

    23: People like you are going to cause the one and only GOD to destroy not only UK, but the world as well. (See Noah’s Ark and The Great Flood for more info.)

    PS: Here’s UK’s new theme song:

  30. Blueyouaway

    He said Patrick said he was coming back but he hasn’t talked to Meeks much…. !

  31. dwp1231

    little over a month in and the future looks bright. Good to see UK on the basketball map again

  32. recruit_a_shooter


  33. crazydave


  34. CatsJrod

    “Pat come back, dit tawk Meek,” said Eric Bledsoe.

  35. CalipariSafari

    Can someone say “TOP CLASS BABY”

    Go get em’ Coach Cal.

  36. tacukwildcats

    Can any one tell me who all hold scholarships except the incoming recruits?

  37. Dribble-Drive High-Five

    It’s over 9000!!

  38. Band Of BlueCats

    Let me say this is great and also whoever provided the tip for the free KFC coupons thank you…I printed like 7 of them…there are about 6 kfc’s in a 7 mile radius here.

  39. TheBigBooyah

    Anyone else hear Bledsoe say, “Its time to get shit right.”

    I think he was answering a question on being able to play with Wall.

    Frankly, I think this should be the new motto for the Calipari Era.

  40. UKSoCalCampus

    37- Old meme is old.

  41. UKSoCalCampus

    39- I think it was we’ll play at the same time and get shit right.

  42. UKSoCalCampus

    Oh and TBK had a brief overload earlier, so much for how he just puts all that subscription money into having great servers… more like he spends it on those frosty tips.


    So does this give us the number one recruiting class this year, without WALL? And if so, where does it put us in all time standings if we do get Wall?

  44. IndyKat

    26. Nice.

  45. crazyweb

    sure hoping meeks and patterson comes back. welcome to the team bledsoe. anyway we can make the earth rotate faster to get the season started lol

  46. Braddy

    anyone know of replay of the press conference?

  47. Jeep-Mom

    Oh my goodness!!! I am not at all surprised that this young man is in trouble academically.
    What happens at UK when first semester grades come out!!!!

  48. bmwuk

    site is back up. Thank goodness for twitter to get the news

  49. TransyWildcat

    Did he really say “Get shit right” or did my ears deceive me?

  50. bballjoker

    very nice 37

  51. TheBigBooyah

    I think you heard him correctly

  52. UKSoCalCampus

    I liked the part when he hit on the girl from the radio station.

  53. BigCatDaddy4263

    You definitely heard him correctly. It’s funny that I have been banned from Memphis Message Boards because they were saying that Coach Cal is going to land Kentucky on probation and I had a question for them….. Never heard a word about Memphis being on probation when he was your coach, but now since he’s moved on to a better place, then all of a sudden he’s dirty and a crook and going to land Kentucky on probation how do you guys explain yourself?

    That shit landed me to be banned from the site

  54. MIDDAY

    Fake – Just call me Heithcliff.

  55. Cals Italian Army

    He will have plenty of tutors to help him get through school if he really wants to get through. He’s probably a 2 and done player anyway. Most project living players spne their time playing basketball anyway. Not studing from books. I think that is the reason Duke recruits mostly white players.

  56. Cals Italian Army

    He is not any different from almost everyone no days. Using language like that is common these days by educated people. You can hear it all the time in just about every movie that is made anymore. Even among children both white and blackand probably among 90-95% of the people who post on this site.

  57. Cals Italian Army

    I was in a resturant one day and a person stopped by to say something to a person sitting with me and said the same word really loud. When I was growing up people never used words like that in public places. A lot of so called Christians use these killnd of words.

  58. Cals Italian Army

    Well the excitement is over until Midnight Madness. Sure will be a long summer.

  59. Cals Italian Army

    Goodbye from CALS ITALIAN ARMY UNTIL NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Cals Italian Army

    One other thing. I will be wearing my UK T-shirts with much pride this coming summer.

  61. KYERIC


    You aren’t going anywhere. See you on here in two weeks for another server crash.