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Eric Bledsoe Final Report: What Does it All Mean?


It might have been a bit hard to follow since the news kind of leaked out slowly, but here is how the Bledsoe story shakes out:

1. In this report that was released by a law firm paid TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to do it, an investigatory team found that Eric Bledsoe’s grades were changed because of “extra makeup work” that he did in order to raise the grades. The investigatory team determined that this explanation was, to them, “not credible”, but they had no evidence to prove wrongdoing.

2. Faced with that report, the Birmingham Superintendent determined that there would be no change made to Eric Bledsoe’s transcript and he said that he believed the teacher that Bledsoe earned his grades with the extra makeup work. He also however said that changes would be made in the future to make the “makeup work” policies more consistent (which is big news on the “Birmingham Public Schools Makeup Work Policies Radio Blog”)

So there you go. It looks as if the end result is a we dont like what happened, but we cant prove anything wrong was done finding by a lawfirm paid ten grand to produce a document that even Eric C Conn would mock. With the Birmingham School District not changing Bledsoe’s grades, it seems very unlikely the NCAA will do anything and UK is probably in the clear. Mitch Barnhart released this statement:

“We maintain our reliance on the high school, university and NCAA eligibility center for initial eligibility and will continue to do so. At no point was the University of Kentucky under investigation by the NCAA nor had any reason to believe we were ever under investigation.”

This hasnt stopped the original reporters, Pete Thameltoe at the New York Times and the Birmingham News, from not yet reporting the statements that no change to the grades will be made. But at this point with the media, nothing surprises me. The Birmingham News led with the “not credible” language in its headline, the AP led with the “no action will be taken” headline. Thameltoe spun on Twitter but in the end will likely find his two articles all for naught. It is unfathomable to me that a school district can justify the money spent on this investigation and I hope all the ink and television money (OTL, I would be glad to return) covering this story was really worth it. We ended up right back where we started…with a grade that seems odd and potentially suspicious, but no proof of anything.

I really hope Thamel and all the others that spent such a great degree of time investigating an Algebra III grade given to a kid from the projects in Birmingham and then releasing his transcripts in the media so as to paint the picture that he is dumb, really are proud of themselves. Its noble work you fellas do.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Original Googsta


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  3. CatsBy90

    go cats

  4. Robukpt

    Noble indeed. Well-played sir.

  5. Joe

    Thamel, Forde, and Tipton on to the next anti UK story.

  6. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    I mean, this absurdity of this can’t go unnoticed. They hired a professional firm to investigate this matter, which their took over 90 days doing, and their final result literally is, “we don’t believe anything and don’t like it, but we have no proof”.

    That paper and those investigators may as well be Louisville fans. No proof that Cal has ever cheated at all, but they just *know* he has.

    The sad part in this is that while Eric probably wouldn’t have gotten in to Harvard, he did the work it took to raise his grades, and seems to have done nothing wrong, but his reputation in all this is likely damaged forever. All thanks to that miserable sack of s*** Thameltoe and his “on the ball” reporting. Shame so many media types are clearly backing him in this, but what can you do I guess?

    Just glad this issue is dead and buried now. Go Big Blue.

  7. NoJustice
  8. The Source
  9. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    they took*

  10. Teach n Preach

    SUCK IT THAMEL-TOE and FORDE. For the loser who leaked Bledsoes transcript, the wildcats are coming for you!!

  11. Kramer318

    Hopefully Thamel will off himself after Enes gets cleared to play. It feels good to see so many people butthurt about a kid getting his grades up so he could play in college and have the opportunity to provide for himself and his family by playing in the NBA. All the haters can suck a diseased one.

  12. echo 1

    Tipton had the same headline. Like I said, Thamel is the bastard child of Tipton. So far, the Birmingham news has been fair. But, to call something “not credible, but we have no proof” tells me that the paper is, at the very least, disappointed. Thamel and that irrelevant rag NYT are happy as hogs in crap. They get more attention and they can move on to the next “scoop”. It sucks that some “journalists” can completely screw the pooch and actually come out better because of it. Thamel = Paris Hilton. Both are famous for accomplishing absolutely nothing (except drug abuse).

  13. Cats R Back

    Haha, nice write-up Matt. Boom goes the dynamite on your ass Thameltoe!

  14. UK_Teresa

    The last paragraph sums it all up very well. What a shame that a kid had to be publicly humiliated to advance the media’s attempt to finally “get” Cal.

  15. Vincent Vega

    Eric Bledsoe keeps high school grade news services

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The Birmingham school board is letting basketball star Eric Bledsoe keep a grade that helped him gain NCAA eligibility to play at Kentucky.

    Superintendent Craig Witherspoon said Friday a teacher says Bledsoe completed makeup work to justify a higher grade in an algebra course during the 2008-2009 school year. The mark was switched from an “C” to an “A” after the work was done.

    Witherspoon says an investigation found no documentation to justify the improvement. But, he says, an investigation didn’t prove that it was improper, either.

    Questions have been raised about high school grades that allowed Bledsoe to qualify with the NCAA to play at Kentucky. Bledsoe left the Wildcats after one season and is a rookie with the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers.

    “Eric Bledsoe was a part of our normal institutional process, the NCAA’s normal eligibility cycle and a more extensive secondary review by the NCAA eligibility center as well,” Kentucky said in a statement issued Friday night. “We maintain our reliance on the high school, university and NCAA eligibility center for initial eligibility and will continue to do so. At no point was the University of Kentucky under investigation by the NCAA nor had any reason to believe we were ever under investigation.”

    Information from The Associated Press was included in this report.

    That being said, does anyone know what they call a Big Mac in France?

  16. DC4UK

    No action will be taken. That’s all I need to hear. I do feel for Bledsoe, f### Thamel. Anyone want else want to punch him in the face. I’ll drive.

  17. Champ

    2 FREE ENES indeed!

  18. Le Bowling Alley

    Let’s take something positive from this and let’s hope it shows all those who are involved with eligibility at UK that they need to be on top of their game.

  19. matt jizzle

    3 snaps in a z-formation?

  20. uk_124

    I love the Eric C Conn reference. UK2K is still intact

  21. Computer Blue

    I can’t believe the circus around this. Let’s be honest, grades are VERY subjective. And not just for athletes. I took dozens of classes in which there were curves, unplanned opportunities for extra credit, and exceptions made for pretty much every due date. If anything is done further on this it is an absolute witch hunt.

  22. slim

    Well said Matt Jones! Some of these reporters are very sad.

  23. bayoucat

    Sad. The lengths that were taken to publicize this whole thing are so unwarranted. I usually don’t feel this way about people, but I wouldn’t piss on Pete Thamel’s face if his eyebrows were on fire.

  24. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    lol, if you guys have twitters, search for all the replies to Thamel right now. This is like a feeding frenzy.

  25. Original Googsta

    TipTURD leads with Bledsoe Grade Change “Not Credible”. He is the chilli ring of a swamp donkey.

  26. slappy

    This feels as good as a big win! Time to celebrate!


  27. smack that.....

    #23…..but I would if they weren’t!

  28. Cats R Back

    LOL, the comments in this thread are getting better and better by the minute…keep it going guys! (that’s what she said)

  29. John

    I just don’t understand this big o’mess in the first place. The last time I checked, a “C” was still a passing grade, so who cares that Eric ended up with a better “passing grade”. This wasn’t like he had a freakin’ “F” and it got changed to an “A”. It is f**kin hilarious that all these “talking” heads are constantly trying to find something on UK, and now we get to see them try an wiggle themselves out of a story. Congrats to Eric and UK…..Go Big Blue, now it is time to focus on the Gators and Free Enes..

  30. Anarchystic

    From the article:

    Because of the ruling, the NCAA will not get a new transcript from Bledsoe; therefore, it won’t review Bledsoe’s eligibility, which it cleared prior to his freshman season.

    In an e-mail to earlier this week, NCAA director of communication strategy Chuck Wynne wrote: “When a transcript is officially changed, we generally get a copy of the new official transcript because we are on the authorized list of recipients. The same for standardized test scores. There are other occasions when we share new information with the school which they use to make decisions at the campus level.

    Big-picture, whenever we or the involved member school become aware of new academic information that could impact a previous decision, the established process calls for us to work together towards the correct resolution, even if that means changing a previous decision. How that is done depends a great deal on how the new information comes to light.”

  31. Teach n Preach

    Lets flood thamels twitter so he will never tweet again!!

  32. dustaroo

    Here is the ESPN headline… I’m actually impressed.

    “Ruling: Bledsoe keeps grade, was eligible at UK”

  33. Eric G. Conn

    Nice shout out to the “Conn Man” 😉

  34. "Inside Info"

    21 you are right about the witch hunt. I dont believe the witch hunt will ever stop as long as UK is on the top. GO BIG BLUE

  35. Uk All Day

    For God sakes, I’ve had college professors let students grade our own midterms and finals. Our education system sucks in this country. This is nothing new. Go Cats! Go Bledsoe! Free Enes! F*** the Gaytors!

  36. Concerned

    I hope this ends this, but I think there are too many haters out there — of Kentucky and then especially, Calipari. It’s going to be like this until finally a Fed-X box filled with money pops open. I’m concerned that even they can’t find anything, we will be setup at some point. Remember, everyone likes the heat on someone else — takes the focus on their activities. The media (Thameltoe, Forde) are out to make a name for themselves. I’m convinced they will stop at nothing to continue this path. Obviously, they can say anything in the media and there are no reprecussions. Unfortunately, most of the public (outside of UK fans) like to believe only what is written or said and will not dig to get correct information –everybody loves to hate a bad guy (even if not bad guy). Again, I hope this one is over, but I expect this type of scrutiny on our program forever …

  37. Eric Bledsoe

    Now that the Warren Commission is finsihed, can someone please tell me where to go to get my reputation back?

  38. Vincent Vega

    Bledsoe got s…t right!

  39. F.U.Thamel

    Better bring Kryptonite next time!!!!

  40. Anarchystic

    37 – Well said…You should start with an attorney at Pete Thameltoe’s front door.

  41. Sawyer


  42. mattcat68

    Okay Media people, now would be the appropriate time to focus on who leaked Bledsoe’s transcripts! Beating a dead horse will not change Bledsoe’s grade, so think constructively if you want to continue feeding this frenzy.

  43. Michael Scott

    This is a witch hunt. This is like the Blair Witch Hunt project

  44. dsparklender

    someone interupt the threesome that is going on in Louisville and let tipton,thamel & Forde know what came out.

  45. Vincent Vega
  46. GoCats2

    This doesnt seem that much different than normal high school stuff to me. I remember doing poorly on a test and asking if I could do something to make up for it. THe teacher had me right an essay on the topic the test was over and I improved my grade. I wasnt up for any college scholarships. IS THIS NOT NORMAL?? AM I GOING TO HAVE TO SEND BACK MY DIPLOMA?

  47. TJ

    If you want to get back at these reporters–don’t read their publications, twitters or visit their blogs. Make them irrelevant, like they are.

  48. Teach n Preach

    Lets find out who leaked Bledsoes transcript. Can the NCAA do anything about leaking a students transcript that protected by privacy laws?



  50. josh

    bluekarma1965 on TBK. anyone know the chick in his sig?

  51. F.U.Thamel

    Free Enes! Free Enes! Free Enes!

  52. BigBlueKyHokie

    The “really” sad story here when you look at the big picture .. is that a local WordPress blog reporting on “the most followed breaking news item in our fine State” .. servers begging for forgiveness (forget about the 3rd largest sporting event in the world kicking off tonight), shows more “credibility” than the freakin’ New York Times!

    Good job boys.

  53. UofL Fan

    Cal is a serial cheater!

  54. CalifCatFan


  55. BlueKel

    #29 Yes a “C” and “A” are both passing, but based on a “C”, his overall academic profile (GPA & ACT/SAT score) would have made him ineligibile. Without that A, he would have had to sit out, or go to a prep school or something.

  56. That's what She

    #15 – “Le Big Mac.”

    But they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France a “royale with cheese”.

  57. BlueKel

    #48 – I’m with you. I am trying to get a national reporter to look into it. We all know where that paper trail leads.

  58. Original Googsta

    53.) He didn’t cheat yo momma. He blew in her face and made her swallow!

  59. Slim

    #48 Thats easy, it was Steve Masiello who leaked them to Forde. He got them from Rick Jr. I am not sure Rick Sr was totaly behind this though. Matt Jones, care to comment on this one?

  60. KYStout

    This case is CLOSED:

    “Because of the ruling, the NCAA will not get a new transcript from Bledsoe; therefore, it won’t review Bledsoe’s eligibility, which it cleared prior to his freshman season.”

    (from ESPN)

    It’s DONE. OVER. FINISHED. Some people can’t seem to get that into their heads.


    Lach just said bad breaking news for UK football…. UH oh im thinking injury

  62. MtnCat

    Can’t wait for the next hit piece. This is pretty entertaining to watch these professional journalists weave these conspiracies.


    Danny Trevathan (spellinG) on Facebook hes saying hes suspended from 1st quarter for UF game. Off field issue

  64. deer boss

    43….the blair witch project cost less to produce

  65. John

    wait…..we have a football team

    jk lol

  66. upinya25

    Please everyone rip on Thamels twitter

  67. mlvei

    Let me see if I can get this straight: the NCAA clearinghouse certifies Bledsoe is eligible to play Division 1 ball; Forde, Tipton, and Thamel drag a poor kid and his supposedly private grade transcripts thru their personal, private mudbath inspite of his work in college. Shame on you guys! And I say this understanding you probably have no shame in the moral and ethical sense of the word! If you have any semblence of fairness and decency, all of you three will immediately apologize to Bledsoe for your misdeeds, but I know not to expect such such advanced behavior from those who are so quick to look down their noses at this kid who was just trying to improve his life! Shame, Shame, Shame!

  68. peyton

    This just proves these media types like Thameltoe and Fordeseconds have no problem throwing people (even kids) under the bus to get ahead in their careers. But isn’t that what they accuse Calipari of doing?

  69. ukchampion

    Thameltoe should make this his next investigation (yeah right).

  70. UK2K

    Awesome job KSR.

    Now lets….

    FREE ENES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Blasphemy

    Thamel….. CAN SUCK IT!!! JUST, SUCK IT THAMEL!!!

  72. All Blue

    Run and tell that….homeboy

  73. Blasphemy

    Suck it long, suck it strong, suck it like you ain’t got a slong!

  74. underkanter

    put me in the octagon with thamel… joke im serious bet he wouldnt show up

  75. truehling

    what a piece of crock the BN headline was – why not “bledsoe grades upheld by independent investigation” – thanks mj and all of you at ksr for such excellent coverage 24/7 on all the sports of the bbn – as a former, and i mean former, follower of tcp i truly appreciate your efforts and energies…

  76. BlueTexan

    Thanks Matt, however, the NYT will not give up…we all know that. As Bacon said “Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true.” Regardless of the findings and the humiliation of participants, Thamel/Forde will continue their quest…but, there’s no point in showing silent films to the blind.

  77. ClayCountyCat

    I’m happy with the result and thankful nothing will happen to Eric or UK. With that said,it’s obvious the teacher and his boss are simply keeping their mouths shut. Why would they admit wrongdoing? They would face losing their jobs if they did.Eric had 10 out of 14 grades changed. Even the biggest UK homer (I consider myself a huge uk fan and a realist), would have to admit that the school pushed Bledsoe through and he likely did not earn his grades.

  78. BlueTexan

    Thanks Matt – been waiting to hear the news (from KSR-not LHL)…however, Thamel/Forde’s quest reminds me of a Bacon quote – “Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true.” Thus, all the rhetoric, investigations, etc. prove that they have no interest in facts so, there’s no point in showing silent films to the blind. Thanks again.

  79. BlueTexan

    damn lag

  80. Kauffman, Stigger & Hughes

    Wow, we could have done a lot worse job than that law firm, and just to “practice law for your peace of mind.” No whut I’m, sayin?

  81. Winters &Yonker

    80. That’s just wrong. We are the champions!!!

  82. classics reader

    wow bluetexan all those quotes from kevin bacon in “footloose” are cool…

  83. catty

    The teacher may have given Bledsoe a grade higher than what another teacher would have given. But, from personal experience, teachers will give students a grade that will help them. When I was in hs many years ago, I took AP English. I hated to write, so I only turned in about 60-75% of the papers due. My teacher told me I needed an 80 on my final to graduate. Otherwise it was gonna be summer school re-writing all those papers. At my graduation ceremony I went up to my teacher and asked him if I passed. He said yes. I asked him what grade I had received- He asked me what was it you needed- I said 80. He said “that’s what you got.” I was bummed. I thought my critical analysis of the 40 poem was awesome.

    So yes, teachers will give you a grade you need if they think you are trying.(Or if they don’t want you in their summer school class)

  84. No Neck

    Gee, 80 and 81, I’m hurt. The Birmingham school boars should have called 1-800-I’m a zero, I’m a zero. They needed a hero.

  85. Patrick

    Just another steaming pile of dog-squeeze from the haters.

    Man it sure feels good to be relevant again….did anyone give a shyt sandwich when BCG was here about us? I think not…. Thank you Coach Cal for helping us be awesome again!! Coach Rupp would be proud.


  86. F.U.Thamel

    Calipari should invite Pete thamel to big blue madness! Just kidding. Lol

  87. name

    @ ClayCountyCat: Isn’t that how you made it through Clay County High School!

  88. Gary Parrish

    Here is what I said about Kanter in my blog today:

    3. Kentucky’s John Calipari said Thursday that, in his mind, Enes Kanter is an amateur. Thoughts?

    I don’t doubt Calipari believes that in his mind, and if you listen to him long enough you’ll start to believe it in your mind, too. As I’ve said many times, there’s not a more convincing talker in college basketball than the man who led five first-round picks to 35 wins last season. The guy is unreal, gifted beyond belief. He is capable of convincing himself and anybody else of pretty much anything, and I mean that as the ultimate compliment.

    4. Is that a nice way of saying Kanter isn’t an amateur in your mind?

    All I can tell you is that Calipari is the only coach I know who believes Kanter is an amateur. I’ve had coaches tell me they declined to recruit Kanter because they determined it would be “impossible” to get him eligible, had one coach tell me Kanter should be “ruled ineligible for life” because the 6-foot-11 center is clearly a professional (at least in that coach’s mind). There is no gray area. Calipari is on one side of this issue, every other coach is on the other. And before you suggest this is just the latest massive conspiracy against Calipari by jealous colleagues, understand that some of these conversations I’ve had about Kanter date to well before Kanter was committed to Kentucky, date to well before Kanter was even considering Kentucky.

    In other words, the general manager of a Turkish club telling the New York Times that Kanter was compensated like a professional jibes with everything else I’ve ever heard, and my guess — and I admit, it’s merely a guess because I’ve never seen any contracts or cancelled checks, nor has any other media member in this country, far as I know — is that it’s probably true. And yes, I realize the general manager has a motive to lie because the Turkish club stands to make money if Kanter plays in Europe rather than the SEC. I get that. But somebody having a motive to lie doesn’t mean they aren’t telling the truth. And it should be noted, it’s not like Calipari lacks a similar motive given that he gets paid millions to win games, and it’s easier to win games with Kanter than without him, but I digress.

    Either way, my point is this: Discounting the general manager’s comments strictly because of a perceived motive is just as foolish as taking his comments at face value, but I’m not here to blindly vouch for the guy. All I’m saying is that what the general manager said falls in line with everything else I’ve heard, and what Calipari thinks does not. As always, take that for what it’s worth.

    5. So you completely disagree with Calipari?

    Actually, no. The lead quote in the wire story on this subject is as follows: “The kid, in my mind, is an amateur. He never signed anything. He played on a club over in Europe. But how they rule that thing out, I have no idea.”

    I agree with Calipari on the last part.

    I have no idea how the NCAA will, as he put it, “rule that thing out.”

    What I do know is that it could determine who wins the SEC and, perhaps, the national title.

  89. F.U.Thamel

    I just cancelled my subscription to the nyt!!

  90. BlueWorldOrder

    Megan Calipari has been refreshing KSR for the last 15 minutes.
    4 hours ago · Comment · UnlikeLike

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  91. upinya25

    I want Tipton and Thamels college transcripts to see their grades in Journalism 101, i think there was obviously a mistake

  92. BlueWorldOrder

    Megan Calipari I’d totally pay for a KSR iPhone app.
    4 hours ago · Like

  93. catfan68

    The New York Times needs to get rid of Thameltoe. This guy is a complete idiot! I want to start an investigation into his transcripts because he could not have passed Journalism 101. This clown just makes up crap, no sources, no proof just accusations. When he does have a source, he misquotes him or takes stuff out of context. Unbelievable! By the way, did anyone else here the Bowling Green Village Idiot named Howie Lidsey on the radio this afternoon? Gary Gupton asked Darrel Bird and Howie “Tard” Lindsey how they thought the Bledsoe investigation would turn out…Lindsey said he thought UK was guilty of not looking at the kids transcripts well enough or even at all. Bird said he knows Sandy Bell and she is very thorough and he felt UK did inspect the transcript thoroughly. Lindsey then accused UK of having a talented kid and playing him eventhough he was not eligible. What a tool! He should be more concerned with the UofL Tard players that Rick Porcino recruits that turn out not to be eligible. GO BIG BLUE.

  94. UKownsU

    Just read the report.
    So the firm hired to investigate doesn’t think the grade change was credible, but the folks who hired the firm don’t care. Is that right?

  95. themickmoo

    Nothing like the smell of fresh hate.

  96. UKTrueBlue22

    Could any of this impact Bledsoe or UK:

    “Prior to the release of the Bledsoe report, NCAA spokesman Chuck Wynne wrote by e-mail that the NCAA reserves the right to change the eligibility status of a player if “new and correct” information comes to light that was not previously available.

    “The entire process relies on the integrity of information no matter when it is provided/discovered, and who is providing it,” Wynne wrote. “If there are questions about the integrity of the information, the institution and the NCAA work together to determine what happened.

    “In the end, it’s the NCAA’s responsibility to get certificiation right even if it means changing an earlier decision. If the institution knew there was inaccurate information, it becomes an enforcement issue.”

    The PSA review that Kentucky has mentioned generally examines whether identified course work completed by the recruit constitutes a core course. That can include asking for information from the high school regarding those courses.

    Wynne said triggers for such a review can include taking out-of-sequence courses, an abnormal jump in standardized test scores and transcripts that don’t match.

    If the Bledsoe case goes forward to the NCAA, there would be no option for a second PSA review, according to Wynne.

    “Any new information about grades that becomes available would be used by the NCAA Eligibility Center to determine if the original certification decision still stands,” Wynne wrote.”

  97. Mark Liptak

    I see where Tipton’s headline was changed into a more reasonable one (Bledsoe investigation finds no evidence of academic fraud) yet he still hasn’t removed ‘the NCAA could still invalidate results from last year’ even after the story.

    Mark Liptak

  98. CRD

    83 – I think you make a truly great point. Let’s say for a moment that the teacher did give Eric the grade necessary for him to become eligible. The teacher would have obviously seen that Eric had an immense God-given talent on the basketball court. A teacher’s goal is to unleash the potential in a student. Would the teacher have better served the student by giving him the grade he deserved? A lesson in working hard in the classroom could have been taught, but Eric surely showed a good work ethic on the court and in the gym. By giving him the grade he needed, the teacher cleared the way for a career in the NBA where he can make millions and be a hero to kids. Think of the good he will do when he donates money to a great cause in Alabama or Kentucky. If the teacher knew the ramifications of the grade choice, I would bet that the higher grade would be chosen time and again. Eric’s talent may not have been solving for x in a second order equation. His potential was on the basketball court, and the teacher may have knowingly made the decision to raise the grade to unleash that potential.

  99. UK

    FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  100. awluiuc212

    Check this article out on espn
    Read the last three paragraphs…all seems well again in BBN

  101. likmybalzthamel

    You have a huge blue target on your thamel toe and I hope you are fired and have to become roommates with Pitino and Jerry Tipton.

  102. bluebayou

    teachers let my son makeup and do extra work all the time to bring up his grade unfortunately he knows this so he always turns in stuff late

  103. Hard Hittin' CAT

    My 2 cents. We just got a big smile and haters just got more reason to hate. I’m laughin’ for real. What a waste of money, time, my time, your time, NY times and web space. Thanks KSR for keeping it REAL.


  104. JPS

    88 – regarding Gary Parrish’s comments about rival coaches treating Kanter as if he were a pro etc. before he was recruited by UK. That may well have been true but that was BEFORE the NCAA changed their rules regarding eligibility of players from foreign countries who play with professionals.

    So basically whatever some random coach who was afraid to recruit Kanter because he didn’t think he would be eligible is largely irrelevant. One would hope that professional writers in the media would be in the business of educating their readers, not misleading them with half-baked innuendo. Unfortunately, Parrish has never really made that step up.


  105. Just so you know

    94. Not exactly. Depends on how you want it to sound.

    The firm could find nothing that supported the grade change and, therefore, cannot consider it credible. The folks who hired them are given no evidence to make them think the grade wasn’t deserved. They are left to believe the teacher.

    See how that works?

  106. Jackson

    I would argue that there is nothing noble about accepting a kid like this into your university for what everyone knew was a one semester of mercenary classwork. Bledsoe used the system, Calipari used Bledsoe and at the end of the day the real black eye is with the University of Kentucky that is supposedly a place of higher learning. Bledsoe was a number one draft pick in the NBA after one year of college and had what, two D-1 scholarship offers despite not making a college decision until late in his senior season? All of this, “Oh! The NCAA cleared him!!” talk is so bogus when this kid’s transcript had nothing but red flags. 99% of NCAA programs said no thanks when they learned what was going on in Birmingham and knew that the entire situation stunk to high heaven. I love how people trot out how Sandy Bell is so great and does every bit of due diligence when it comes to getting kids accepted. Doesn’t it say a lot that Sandy Bell is the only compliance officer at any D-1 school that people know by name? It’s equivalent to how American only knows the lawyers who represent OJ Simpson. You only need a great attorney or compliance officer when you are bumping right up against legal and ethical boundaries on a consistent basis. And really, what is there to blame Pete Thamel for? Was he really off base with this report? I didn’t see this independent review turning up information that Bledsoe actually got a 1450 on the SAT and was a model student. Taking classes out of sequence, undocumented makeup work, transferring schools with a month left in the school year and a ridiclously suspicious rise in his GPA. There is more smoke than the Chicago fire here. But Thamel is the one who somehow isn’t noble in this situation. Not the university whose standard is that no matter how shady or obvious it is that this kid shouldn’t qualify, as long as the NCAA can’t prove they don’t belong and he can play basketball, we will take him. Yeah, that makes sense.

    Kentucky is a proud and storied program. You guys can do better than having to wait until September 23rd before you actually know if last year’s season will count or if it will be taken away due to the grades of a kid who had absolutely no business ever being on your campus. There is absolutely nothing noble about your program right now.

  107. Sid Bream's Leg

    Now that Thamel has lost all credibility, my guess is he will stop at nothing to make up more outlandish crap about the Cats, Cal, or anyone connected with them. The only thing is, no one will take his bait. And as we know, he is a master baiter.

  108. truehling
  109. shadowboxer

    Blah blah blah. You actually spent your time talking about something you have no idea about? You are King Troll. Bledsoe was never considered a one and done by anyone when he entered college. No one thought that. I didn’t read the rest of your jibberish because you lost all credibility there. Anyone who takes the time to type that crap is a complete idiot who has never felt anything that resembled a woman in his life.

  110. themickmoo

    @ Jackson – Bledsoe was not the ‘number draft pick’…and keep it coming…your hate smells fantastic.

  111. themickmoo


  112. shadowboxer

    That comment was intended for king troll “Jackson” – the biggest fool who has posted here today. Seriously, why spend that much time on something you clearly know nothing about? Moron.

  113. Blasphemy

    106) We need more haters like you, you can suck it and hate on. Good day to you sir.

  114. Impressed

    Great write up Matt- I can always count on KSR- Even more impressive is that I saw you with Carolyn Halbleib at the tip off dinner- very nice.

  115. Rev Al Sharpton

    If this was a white snowflake from the surburbs there would be nothing said! Pick on the poor black kid from the south!! Kentucky FOREVER Duke ugly white boys NEVER

  116. Blasphemy

    108) Thamel can SUCK IT. JUST SUCK IT.

  117. Blasphemy

    haha, forgot to post my video, hehe.

  118. jman3715

    I live in Louisville and I think the Ohio River might be officially clogged up due to all the UofL fans jumping from bridges. I think their heads are just going to explode they are so angry and I love it.

  119. Lcat

    I agree with #106. Our Compliance group did a bad job on this one. We need to be more careful about the type of student athlete we recruit, Also this whole issue may not be over if the NCAA determines that Erics family received money improperly donated. I hope the NCAA just gives up on this. It does not sound to me that Eric did anything personally wrong.
    There are a lot of Eric Bledsoes out there who need a break-if anyone deserved a break, it was Eric and his family. Unfortunately, UK may not be able to take a chance on this type of kid again. The Officie of UK Compliance really needs to get its act together and not depend on the NCAA clearing a student. UK clearance has to be the gold standard. The media will continue to investigate the UK program in the future so we better be prepared

  120. BravoBigBlue

    106 – Jackson – Holier than thou much?

  121. JPS

    108 – Noteworthy in Thamel’s yellow journalism ‘article’. He makes great mention of the grade change being ‘improbable’ and ‘not credible’ etc. He also throws in the speculation that it could have put Kentucky’s 2009-10 season in jeopardy etc.

    One missing piece of information, was an actual explanation of WHY the grade was changed. I.e. that the teacher claimed Bledsoe did extra work to earn his grade and that he stands behind the grade that was given.

    I’ve said this before and will continue to say this. The media should start REPORTING the news rather than jumping headfirst into SPECULATING about the news. This is exactly what Thamel did, he was so interested in putting his spin on things he forgot to include the most critical part of the entire story.

    I can hear speculation from anyone. But if the media continues to forget to actually report the facts and can’t be trusted to perform that job credibly, there’s really no need for them IMO.

  122. 106isreallysenorefrominsidetheville

    Go back to itv and add to your 40,000 posts of hate against uk. Make up some more facts as you go along.

    Also – 40,000plus posts on a ul smack board? Really? Go get a family. Go get a life. Loser.

  123. DA

    I read this website almost daily and always enjoy the content, because as advertised, it delivers the news in the most rediculous manner possible, which I find entertaining. But, with this story, I find myself just mad. Not because of Matt’s reporting of it, but what I just read on Tipton’s blog. Really? I do try to give the man some credit, he does work for a living like myself, and maybe has a mortgage or other debts to pay, and needs to make a living, if for nothing else to afford the nice things of life. But again, REALLY? His blog piece on this story, and by the way I have read his blog stuff a few times and generally find it basically dull and amateur, smells of yellow journalism. You know, National Enquirer stuff, like some asking what if aliens landed? And someone infers that aliens have landed and we should prepare for the end of world. Geez. I hope Coach Cal does not finally get sick of this from local and national media and says “Hey, I have had enough”. Do not know the man, but the last year with him as coach has been a blast, not just the basketball but all the great things he does on behalf of his players and humanitarian efforts.

  124. Lolcats

    106 – You gave an intelligent post without relying on typical “Cheatapari” wording, so I’ll dignify your post with a rebuttal:

    What you’re basically doing with your argument is saying that UK is ultimately responsible for accepting Bledsoe despite the “red flags”. Whether the red flags are apparent or not, if a basketball coach like Calipari sees a kid with skill that can supplement the UK program well, then it is within not only his right, but his responsibility to go out there and see if he’s eligible – which is exactly what was done. Twice.

    Let’s put it into an analogy… If I have a physician that I have been seeing since I was a little boy (let’s say he was the only physician in the area – so he is my only option for health advice) and I see on TV a commercial for a medication that I think will benefit my health. I ask that physician if it would be a good idea to try the medicine and he tells me yes. I’m still a little skeptical so I ask him if he is 100% certain and he tells me yes, then I am going to start taking the medicine. If the physician is the only credible source I have, then how can you fault me? Sure, “being skeptical should have told you to just leave it alone”, but if I am truly interested in improving my health, and my physician tells me TWICE it’s okay, then I don’t see what the problem is.

    Despite all the smoke surrounding this issue, more than one source (and a lot of money) have been searching for literally three months for fire and found nothing. I’m truly not sure what else can be done to just let this issue drop.

    Sometimes when there is smoke, and enough people that want to see fire are present, one gets made. I think that’s what is going to happen here.

    Just remember – UK did everything they were supposed to do in this situation. Thanks to Sandy Bell. And for the record I don’t care if everyone in Greenland knows who Sandy Bell is and what she does… as long as she gets the job done (i.e. making sure we do everything by the book), then may her name spread far and wide.

    Calipari gets a bad wrap because he’s not afraid to take risks on these big name recruits. He gets the recruits and sometimes his name gets dragged through the mud. If anything, now that we know we are constantly going to be under a microscope, we are just going to be even more of a staple rule-following program, because we all know a) what’s at stake and b) who the haters are (everyone else).

    Free Enes.

  125. Jackson

    Honestly guys, I don’t hate Kentucky. I respect the history, tradition and passion of Kentucky basketball. You have lots to be proud of and are great fans. The problem is that your coach epitomizes everything that is wrong with college basketball. And that is sad for you.

    I also think it speaks volumes that no one has anything of substance to say in reply to my comments. Only stuff about me hating, me not getting laid, etc. That’s the most sure sign of a lost argument. You all know Bledsoe’s academic history is as shady as your coach.

  126. bangsalot

    Not so fast all you big blew blow hards.

    “NCAA’s Chuck Wynne tells C-J’s Brett Dawson and the Birmingham News that it will look into the Bledsoe report”.

  127. themickmoo

    @ Jackson – The lost argument is Thamel’s and yours.

  128. jman3715

    126) Anything to keep the hope alive you idiots. Good lord, go worry about your own team. If I was you I would be seriously worried.

  129. Just so you know

    106 and 119

    Uk’s mission is to make people successful in a chosen profession.

    Eric’s considerable basketball talents and will to become a professional were enhanced by the University and Coach Cal.

    In one years time, Eric has joined others at the top of his profession.

    You think that UK is supposed to be ashamed of that?

  130. Richard Pitino

    I’m just glad my name wasn’t mentioned in the report, I was getting nervous for there for awhile

  131. Richard Pitino

    I wish they stop looking into this whole thing and just drop it


    hide your kids, hide your wife cause Pitino’s coming to rape you. Tell that homeboy

  133. mattcat68

    NCAA to review Bledsoe findings. This isn’t over yet.

  134. Jackson

    @124 – Thanks for the reply. The issue with your analogy is that Bledsoe was never UK’s only option. There are literally hundreds of other kids who actually did their classwork and would have taken that scholarship. Why take the kid who has so many red flags academically when there are so many options including banking the scholarship. Note that this is the approach virtually every other school took.

    I also there is a big difference in proving he did the work and not being able to prove he didn’t. Much like a Turkish GM, these Birmingham teachers had a lot of incentive to not cooperate nor acknowledge any wrongdoing here. You think they were going to say, “oh yeah, I gave the kid an A even though he didn’t deserve it. Sorry about that.”

    The bottom line is if this independent group HAD determined he should have never received and then became ineligible, the NCAA absolutely should have taken the grade away regardless of clearing him earlier. That is the price UK would have paid for taking a guy that they knew damn well had some shady stuff going on with his academics. You don’t want to vacate wins from a season? Don’t take the Derrick Rose’s and Eric Bledsoe’s onto your team. It’s really that simple.

  135. Just saying

    Of course they will review the findings, you bunch of chicken littles. This report has not offically hit anyone’s desk yet. When it does, and when it’s “reviewed” by the NCAA, then it will be dropped.

  136. mattcat68

    It was my understanding that the NCAA would have to receive a changed transcript on a student before they could review anything. Apparently not.

  137. JPS

    #126 Do you have a link to the Chuck Wynne claim? I’ve seen the earlier mention today from Wynne that the NCAA would look into things if ‘new and correct’ information comes to light, i.e. if the transcript the NCAA currently has is not correct and a new transcript is corrected and made available (which is moot since the transcript which was sent earlier remains valid.)

    If what you claim is true and the NCAA still pursues this even after the teacher and the school superintendent have vouched for the grade and transcript, then there’s absolutely no denying that this whole thing is a complete and utter witchhunt. Even the NCAA isn’t that stupid, I don’t think.


    mattcat give it up. its over.

  139. mattcat68

    135, I’m not a chicken little, I’m a realist. If that ruffles your feathers then go sit on a tack. 🙂

  140. mattcat68

    WTF, just passing on some info. Take it or leave it. I have no agenda other than the truth.

  141. ColoradoWildcat

    #104 – Let us presume your first paragraph is correct, and I agree with you as to your reasoning, and also believe that to be true.

    What you are really saying then, is that there are only two coaches in the country that are smart enough to keep up with the NCAA rules, the one at Washington, and the one at UK.

    Doesn’t say much for the coaches at Dook, Unc,or Looserville, now does it. Why would anybody want to play for a coach that does not keep a recruiting edge.

    Do they get a good player on occasion? Of course, but then…”even a blind hog will find an acorn on occasion…”

  142. BravoBigBlue

    134 – How many kids has Quick Prick Pitino recruited to UL that ended up not making the grades? Too many to count. Hell, there are 2 in the last month. Nobody gives a damn about your opinion of UK basketball. How about UL’s athletes killing on another and no charges being filed? It’s being swept under the rug. Redneck from PRP with no carry permit shoots an unarmed black from Nicholsville who was using his fists against redneck’s 32 year old brother who had called him the N word earlier in the night. Want to talk about that, Jackson?

  143. Jackson

    Honest question.

    Why do you guys wholeheartedly believe Bledsoe’s teacher and superintendent but not Kanter’s GM in Turkey? Aren’t there big incentives for both to stick to one story?

    Just sayin…

  144. BigBlue1976

    Of course they will “review” the report. That could literally be as simple as they will read it. In the end though, this story is over. FREE ENES!!!!!!!!!

  145. themickmoo

    @ Jackson – It doesn’t matter what we believe (re: Bledsoe), it matters what the school board says.

  146. Jackson

    I honestly don’t know the answer to any of your questions and am not a UofL fan. If guys don’t make the grades, they shouldn’t play. If guys get arrested/convicted, they shouldn’t play or at least should serve a suspension depending on the crime. I am sure that Pitino’s kitchen isn’t clean. Especially if Karen Syphers ate there. 🙂

  147. BigBlue1976

    Hey Jackson, believing Bledsoe’s teacher and superintendent’s word is not the issue. Their word is the final say so on his grades and their say so is that the grade stands. That’s all we need to know.

  148. Tom

    134) One issue with your logic is the requirements to be admitted into the University of Kentucky. It only takes a 2.0 GPA to be admitted. Even with his Algebra III grade, he was more than smart enough to be admitted. Almost any university besides the prestigious ones will take any student, provided they can pay…

  149. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    U of L is a paragon of academic and moral integrity. you guys are shady!!!!

  150. Han

    From a “reporting the news” perspective, the ESPN and others’ headline that Bledsoe’s grade wouldn’t change is the most appropriate. It makes the main point evident and you can read more for details.

    Tipton, Thamel etc instead chose to focus on a negative and lesser aspect of the story, that the report found the circumstances suspicious. They further specifically neglected to also highlight that the school board was sticking by the teacher. If you just heard the headline, Tipton readers would be panicking. That’s sensationalism right there. It’s petty and deceptive and betrays bias.

    46) Yup. It’s the teacher’s job to try to give the student an understanding of the subject. The grades are supposed to exhibit a scale of that understanding so as to motivate the student and his/her stakeholders to work harder. It’s not about winning with certain grades, but about learning. The fact that there are so many high school graduates with basic to no literacy goes to show just how well the system actually functions.

    83) I was a National Merit Scholar and I went to Transy (I kill standardized tests but quit caring about many classes sometime in middle school) and I know there were times teacher’s helped me out because they saw potential in me. I also know that there are subtle ways to get better grades than you deserve. One sure fire way is to always be the last to pick/be assigned a topic for a project or paper. Then ask the teacher what they would like to see/wish someone had picked. Do even a half-hearted job and they will appreciate it more than many of the other projects (does run the risk of them having higher expectations for their pet subject, though). Likewise, I also presented last by avoiding direct eye contact with the teacher without looking down or away. Subtle but effective ways to improve how my day and grades turned out. There’s more to learning than pure intelligence.

    88) How many of those other coaches base their assumption that he’s not an amateur on discussions with people, like the Turkish honcho, that benefit from Kanter not playing college ball?

    94) Nah, the firm couldn’t find proof, so the school super put an end to it and said no more.

    97) Does he acknowledge the edit?

    104) Excellent point (one most national writers will ignore — try emailing Bilas or Doyel, though). Cal actually made a big deal out of the rule change when he went after Kanter. It’s no secret Cal wants to expand recruiting overseas, tongue-in-cheek 7′ Chinese point guard or otherwise.

    106) I can address many of those points, but am already ridiculously long here. Suffice it to say that Thamel is catching so much flack not because he is trying to bring down a corrupt system, but because he, like Forde, focus on bringing down Cal and/or UK, often to the exclusion of more obvious or equal footing examples at other institutions. It’s a witch hunt. Deserving of further scrutiny or not, Bledsoe was unfairly targeted because a dishonorable cadre of sports reporters trying to increase their own fame went after a higher profile target. Not to bring down a corrupt system, but to get more appearances on ESPN and more articles and more face time for them.

  151. kykiller

    where is a list of KSR writers email addys??? there used to be one. cant get response for my funny as hell photoshop stuff from Matt anymore! LOL

  152. Todd Tackett

    My question is, how the hell does a law firm work on something for 90 days and only bill $10k? The attorney rates must suck in Birmingham cause that’s about 3 days worth of an attorney’s time where I’m from. How much do you bill an hour there, Jones? I bet people would be shocked.

  153. Jackson

    So I guess you aren’t denying the fact that they have incentives to not be forthcoming with the investigation and to make sure the grade sticks.

    Maybe I’m mistaken, I thought that if his grade was truly a ‘C’, Bledsoe would be ineligible due to the sliding scale that requires a GPA higher than 2.0 if his ACT was low.

    “Almost any university besides the prestigious ones will take any student, provided they can pay…”
    Maybe UK should make this the official school motto.

  154. booboo

    No good deed goes unpunished

  155. buddylove


    word word and word.

    Your post must be reposted, retweeted, and otherwise reiterated until all see the light.

  156. KYStout

    125 – no one here is obligated to reply to you. No one here is likely very interested in replying to you. Here’s why: You’re a bore. Much of what you said is inaccurate and of course slanted badly toward your red lense viewpoint.

    The first thing you are wrong about is UK taking a chance on Bledsoe. I applaud them for it. Worked out great for everyone involved, a good kid with a very difficult background has realized his dream and is now a millionare first-round draft pick. A true rags-to-riches success story. Good for UK!!!

    The second thing is your obvious ignorance about the offers on the table for Eric Bledsoe during his recruitment. You wrongly try to mislead by saying he only had two offers, that schools were passing on him. They weren’t. Eric had offers on the table from (among others) Duke, Florida, Memphis and UK. Those were simply the four schools Eric himself had narrowed his list down to, but there were several more offers on the table.

    The third thing you are obviously and willingly ignorant about is Sandy Bell – primarily her standing with the NCAA, as well as her role in the compliance process with Eric Bledsoe. She is VERY highly regarded by the NCAA for reasons I won’t waste my time pointing out to you. The reason everyone knows her name is because she is probably the best compliance officer in the nation, and she works with the winningest basketball program in NCAA history. AFTER Bledsoe’s transcript was cleared by the NCAA, it was SENT BACK to them after Sandy Bell reviewed it. That is where the second, and more stringent review began to take place. Eric was cleared TWICE.

    Here’s the fourth thing you are completely wrong about: Pete Thamel and journalistic integrity. PLEASE! You conveniently ignore the FACT that Bledsoe’a transcript was leaked ILLEGALLY. And yet, you have the audacity and stupidity to ask where Thamel is all wrong in this? REALLY?

    Your “sense of justice” seems to be pretty damn selective there, doesn’t it?

    In conclusion, please don’t drag yourslef over here from your ul board and try to talk to us about nobility. You cheer for one of the most bigoted athletic departments in the nation, a program that has suffered through what must have been one of the most emberassing and humiliating years I could imagine any going through.

    Now, please – GTFO

  157. themickmoo

    @ Jackson – What was his ACT score?

  158. Bigbluecatfan

    It looks like the very liberal New York Times got another story completely wrong…again! Won’t those dummies ever learn?

  159. kykiller
    ALSO Im glad this is the end of this Bledsoe crap!! If they woulda found anything we would NEVER heard the end of it and the NCAA would have HAD to take last years wins or Memphis would burn to the ground like the LA riots! Like its been said a million times, IF THE NCAA CLEARS a player they should not be able to go back and deem him a illegal player AFTER the student has left school. As bad as I have ALWAYS hated Memphis, they where wronged and should appeal and sue the NCAA as many times as it takes to win. Rose shows up, NCAA clears him and it Cals fault? PULEAZE! Old arguement for a diff day. NCAA dropped the ball on that ruling!! But now with this behind us lets have FUN FUN FUN!!!! Look at my “Fake” U of L page those fools! lol

  160. KYStout

    Hey 133 – mattcat68 – you can post links to that twitter all you want, but it doesn’t (nor is it ever going to) say that the NCAA is going to look into this.

    Now run along.

  161. JPS

    148 – Even the prestigious universities can and do take any student they wish. For example, it’s known that Duke basketball doesn’t even go through the University’s admissions office. If they meet the NCAA’s minimal requirements, they can be admitted if Coach K wants them badly enough. (not that this scenario happens often but it has been done, see Dockery, Sean)

    Most schools (even in the Ivy league) give some consideration to athletes in terms of their admission standards.

  162. Couchcat

    Where is the tolly ho being moved to??? And have there ever been a uk b-ball player named Wendell??? Mr. Wendell, yeah

  163. BigBlue1976

    Hey Jackson, why don’t you have the balls to just come out and say you think they were paid/encouraged/threatened?(by UK people I’m sure!) to give Bledsoe his grade instead of implying it with sly remarks and trying to get one of us to say it? Yeah they had incentive to keep the grade the same. How about their own jobs and the integrity of the school district. (I’m positive you find it lacking).

    You know what? The grade stands. UK2K stands. SUCK BBN’s ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

    FREE ENES!!!! That will really piss the haters off!

  164. UKAndrew

    162. Corner of South Broadway and Bolivar. In the building where Hart’s Dry Cleaning use to be.

  165. Linda Taylor

    KYStout- Bravo on your rebuttal of Jackson.
    Somehow someone has got to find out and be able to prove who the dirtbag was who leaked Eric’s transcripts and then they need to be made to pay dearly for what they have done. In my opinion the immorality of that act far exceeds any immorality of a teacher boosting a grade because a kid needed a break and did extra credit to earn it.
    As far as all these other people considering Enes a pro, remember, from the very beginning, Enes has said that there is a lot of incorrect information about him out there. The college experience was very beneficial for last year’s “one and dones” even though it was short. Hopefully Enes will have that opportunity too. FREE ENES!

  166. GoCats2

    All this is drama is taking away from the fact that the Cats are going to stomp all over the Gators tomorrow!


  167. Jackson

    You are using ends justify the means logic on this. Why have any standards at all and just admit every student that ever applies? And it’s a university still, right? Is it really a success when a kid takes classes for one semester. I disagree with you there.

    You may be right on more schools offering Bledsoe, which is why I phrased it as a question in the first place. Florida and Memphis might have offered as well. Duke definitely did not offer Bledsoe a scholarship though so maybe you could use a fact check lesson yourself.

    You completely prove my point on Sandy Bell. Schools with ethical coaches don’t need to have the best compliance officer around because the job is pretty easy when you aren’t trying to admit guys that barely spell their own names. I don’t need a good lawyer to get out of a traffic ticket but I definitely need a good one when I’m caught red handed committing a double murder.

    Thamel didn’t do anything illegal as far as I know. Was he going around with a flashlight in the Birmingham school district in the middle of the night? I think this is a clear case of hating messenger instead of seeing the very obvious message.

    And again, not a UofL fan. I don’t care for Louisville’s program much either but I’d put Rick Pitino slightly ahead of Calipari on the ladder of ethics. Both are somewhere behind Art Schlichter and the guys who ran Enron.

  168. Stickman

    If the New York Times got rid of every dishonest reporter that works there they’d have to close up shop. This paper, and anyone who regularly relies on it for factual reporting, is a joke. No thinking, intelligent individual takes it seriously. The paper has a history of intentionally twisting the facts to fit their stories, from politics to now the sports page.

  169. Bleedblue

    Jackson, go play hide the hotdog with your boyfriend.

  170. Stickman

    Hey Jackson, Sandy Bell was around before Calipari, you ignorant low-brow mouth breather.

  171. Gayle Nienabor

    I am so glad that all of this over. High school teachers are known for helping students, who have a particular “talent” and or dream, to succeed; especially when another year of high school would not help that student. IT’s done all of the time. As for Thamel, he broke the law when he released Bledsoe’s grades. How he obtained them was also illegal. No student’s grade is EVER allowed to be released to anyone but the parents of that student or the student himself/herself.

  172. catinthahat

    This is the perfect start to a perfect weekend!
    Bledsoe free—-check
    Beat the Gaytors—–Future check
    Free Enes—-Future check

  173. magoo

    an art schlichter reference, the dude’s a buckeye…

  174. Jackson

    I wasn’t implying anything other than what you are saying. They needed to keep their stories straight to keep their jobs and prevent the Birmingham school district from being a complete laughingstock less than it already clearly is through this situation. I don’t think there’s any big conspiracy theory around it involving UK.

    The only time anyone has ever been upset about their grades being leaked is when they had something to hide or cover up. I’m not saying whoever leaked them was justified in doing it but trying to deflect attention to that is just a way to remove attention from how shady this whole situation was in Birmingham.

  175. secretagent0014

    I did a search of NYT articles on UK. The only bball related articles Thameltoe wrote about UK bball before the Cornell game were “Tubby goes to Minn” and “UK hires Calipari”. Then after the Cornell game he has written at least 7 articles. So from March 2007 to April 2009 two articles. Then nothing until March 2010 till now 8 articles.

  176. Gayle Nienabor

    Jackson, let me get this straight. “I’d put Rick Pitino slightly ahead of Calipari on the ladder of ethics”. WH AAAAAAT!. Why don’t you ask Pitino’s wife just how ethical he is? Dear God…you are derranged.

  177. WesleytheNikewhore

    Put down the crack pipes. They changed the grades to make him eligible.


    I just got back from the concert in downtown Lexington in front of the NEW courthouse. That is the place to be if you like like live concerts. 5,000 people plus. Big WEG party is rolling for the next 16 days. Plenty of beer and Kentucky bourbon, and live music… When I returned home, the first website I hit was KSR!

  179. GoCats2010

    176. But Pitino thinks it wasn’t his child…WHAT IS WORSE??? Aborting your child, or aborting someone else’s child…haaa

  180. BCO

    I got a C in college chemistry by giving the teacher a handle bottle of Crown. I’m not giving my diploma back either.

  181. Flyingfishman

    In a year of shame and busted dreams for [email protected] fans, today may have pushed them over the edge into the deep abyss. Their obsession and jealousy of everything UK makes them all look like whiney little school girls. Let us feel sorry for them. Their coach is a lying scum bag cheater who embarrassed them this summer. Their AD sexually harasses women coaches. Their football team is the weakest team in the weakest conference in America. All of this while UK is skyrocketing. I will say a prayer for them tonight. If you are a [email protected] fan just remember this… there is no shame in suicide.

  182. Jackson

    Alright guys and gals, I’m out. I can see my critical look at your program’s ethics is ruffling some feathers. Plus, I gotta play hide the hot dog or something with my boyfriend.

    After Calipari is long gone and you pay for his transgressions, I hope your program will regain the respect it deserves. Until then remember, cheaters never prosper and even if you win the next five national titles, no one will believe you did it the right way. For now, you are the Barry Bonds of college basketball. Pleasant dreams.

  183. Indycat

    Eat my a$$ Thameltoe

  184. magoo

    my wife is a public high school math teacher and shortly before the last grading period before x-mas last year she got a visit from the principal telling her (not asking) that she needed to change the grade of a star freshman basketball player from failing to passing. she didn’t question the “demand”, she did what she was told. don’t forget, teachers aren’t paid alot of money and rocking the boat when you don’t have tenure just does not fly in these economic times. it was just in time for king of the bluegrass i believe….

  185. beachball

    Speaking of ethics, this may have been brought up before, but I haven’t read all of the posts. So, being a former educator, I don’t understand how the media gained access to his high school transcript. There’s such a thing as FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

    As written on the U.S. Department of Education’s website, “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.-Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a student’s education record. However, FERPA allows schools to disclose those records, without consent, to the following parties or under the following conditions (34 CFR § 99.31):

    â—¦School officials with legitimate educational interest;
    â—¦Other schools to which a student is transferring;
    â—¦Specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes;
    â—¦Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student;
    â—¦Organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school;
    â—¦Accrediting organizations;
    â—¦To comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena;
    â—¦Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies; and
    â—¦State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system, pursuant to specific State law.”

    Since Thamel doesn’t seem to fit any of those categories, how did he get Bledsoe’s transcript? Did he get a court order? Or did someone leak it?

    Just wondering.

  186. tubby

    maybe we should go dig up fransico garcia’s high school transcripts. UofL might not be eligible to keep their final four

  187. Flyingfishman

    “Since Thamel doesn’t seem to fit any of those categories, how did he get Bledsoe’s transcript? Did he get a court order? Or did someone leak it?”

    Steve Massiello- The human douche bag

  188. Flyingfishman

    Since Thamel doesn’t seem to fit any of those categories, how did he get Bledsoe’s transcript? Did he get a court order? Or did someone leak it?

    Steve Massiello

  189. Linda Taylor

    Secretagent0014: Don’t forget, all the Bledsoe stories started to appear just as everything was starting to gear up for Ricky P’s girlfriend’s extortion trial. Coincidence? Hmn, I wonder.



  191. Petee Thameltoe

    Matt must have a girlfriend, because he is missing the late night early morning post…He must be in loovve. Ahhh how sweet. Alright back to reality, Matt…girls are like red sand in a cold desert on a noon day with a rose and onion rings.

  192. takmashfan

    Thametoe actually has written an article saying that grade wasn’t changed. Of course he lists al of the negatives about the report but he does mention in the headline that Bledsoe’s grade will not be changed. Don’t know how to link it plus I don’t really want to promote his crap

  193. Han

    167) Two things: 1, have you met Eric Bledsoe in person or read anything he’s written? Or do you base your assessment of his intelligence on how he reacts when interviewed? As someone who has done many interviews and who goes over court transcripts for part of my living, I will say that everyone except lawyers sound like idiots when they talk, and lawyers sounds like weasels when they talk. 2, which high and mighty coaches with morals are you talking about that don’t take risks? I betcha can’t find one that’s still working. Every coach takes risks on players, and a lot of those players never qualify, or crap out. Look at the transfers off of teams. Most of those kids transfer for academic reasons or because the coach didn’t improve their basketball skills to their liking, which basically means the coach failed to live up to their promise to the young man.

    As for Thamel, he went on a witchhunt. He accepted and used private information that someone else illegally leaked. Even if he didn’t break any laws (by the way, recruiting questionable players isn’t illegal, either), but he for damn sure behaved unethically.

    174) I assume you wouldn’t mind your internet history being published, then, of course. Just because it’s private, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be published. Caring that it was published surely means you’ve done bad things, right?

    176) And when Slick Rick was here, everyone said he was the biggest cheater, worse even than his predecessor. How else could he win so well? And when Tubby was here, even he was accused of cheating, or have we all forgotten the Fax? Since then Tubby has had countless issues at Minnesota (the failed hire of a previous Minny assistant linked to violations, player after player issue, etc), but he’s seen as a shining beacon of a good coach. Leaving UK immediately makes coaches look shinier.

  194. takmashfan

    185 Can you say ricky three stacks jr.

  195. Petee Thameltoe

    Seriously man, roll off of it and write the dang blog…Its the sorghum festival and I been drankin me moonshine all evenin’ and I flip the ole puter on to check your blog when I get in and i was a bit disappointed to see no posst since 7:30. Your alright Matt…stay cool. Rock on. See you on the flip side.

  196. Blasphemy

    Mr. Jackson, would you like some fries with your haterade?

  197. mattcat68

    Yes, 191, Matt is missing the fact that this story is not quite over with. Apparently the NCAA is going to get involved. I would really like to here his take on this. This is late news and it seems to be getting drowned out with the initial news of the findings. Brett Dawson and Aaron have tweeted about the NCAA getting involved but I can’t find anything else related to this. Is anyone else seeing anything about the NCAA getting involved?

  198. takmashfan

    197 no. grade wasn’t changed so no new transcript so no new investigation. NCAA has to have new transcript to investigate so case closed.

  199. Han

    182) Ask John Wooden if anybody believes he won his titles the right way.

    Heck, go back in time and ask Jimmy V if he thought he’d one day be seen as a hero and saint.

    Time erases a lot of doubt, especially the unfounded doubt. Maybe Cal will always be seen as cheat regardless of proof, but that says infinitely more about those of you judging him based on rumor and prejudice than about him. You see, most of the people calling Cal and Bledsoe cheats were going to say it no matter what the report said. They would have just accused more people of lying or being bought off. To fans and reporters like you, everyone cheats that you think cheats. Know what that reminds me a lot of?

    In Iran, a case of suspected adultery has made international headlines when a ruling and sentence of execution was handed down for a woman based strictly on the “feeling” that she was guilty. No proof was required. So if they went in thinking she was guilty, guess what, she was guilty.

    Undeniably the worst judicial system since Lancelot was allowed to be Guinevere’s champion.

  200. Petee Thameltoe

    Eric Bledsoe seems like a good guy, he would let us know if his grades were changed. I don’t see why there was any question. Has anybody just ask him if there was any shady business going on? Booyeah…chalk one up for Petee!

  201. BigBlue1976

    Hey 195, Petee Thameltoe – you must be drunk cause the Sorghum Festival went out of existence a few years back. It’s replacement doesn’t happen till next weekend, lol. Keep rockin for the BIg Blue tho. Free Enes!!!

  202. Petee Thameltoe


  203. KYStout

    167 – Jackson, seriously – in addition to a bore, you are also a bit of a windbag it seems.

    On and on about the same thing, without adding any real substance to your original opinionated, but factually inaccurate post. Do you have anything at all of importance to add? Other than the exact same opinionated bluster we get from rival trolls here every day?

    Who said anything at all about just accepting anyone into school? No one did, that’s just you playing daft, isn’t it? Does just any student get offered a multi-million dollar contract guarantee after one semester in college Jackson? What would you do Jackson? Turn down the GUARANTEED millions because you are oh so focused on your grades? Good idea. Turn it down and enjoy that $42,000 dollar per year job after your senior year in college when that B- average you carry impresses NO ONE.

    Here’s another clue, Jackson:

    UK didn’t invent the “one and done” rule. Calipari doesn’t even like it and would like to see the system change, as he has repeated multiple times. To bad folks like yourself don’t want to listen. UK fans to the man would love to see it go away.

    But we do the best we can with the flawed system that is in place. Got it?

    Now, as far as your claptrap about Sandy Bell: You are just expressing what YOU want to be true. Regardless of the truth, which I do not believe you have any interest in on the matter. If you think schools don’t need great compliance officers in this day and age, you are, frankly, stupid.

    Thamel didn’t do anything illegal? Not directly, it seems. But that is a confidential document that is ILLEGAL to release without consent. That is a fact without question. A point that seems to be lost on people like you. Your bias allows you to feign outrage over one supposed wrong, while ignoring another definite wrong.

    Again, don’t try to come over here and talk to us about nobility as it doesn’t seem to be one of your stronger subjects.

  204. dcgirl

    mattcat68 — I’m not sure it’s unexpected that the NCAA would look into it – they’d get a lot of criticism if they didn’t. Seems like it would be hard for them to look at the law firms report and come to a different conclusion, maybe they’d look at it and say more investigation needs to be done — but then again they already investigated. The logical conclusion (not that logic applies) would be for them to look at the report and say how they (the NCAA) and its member schools will have to take steps to avoid such situations in the future.

  205. Mark Liptak


    I looked at the link you posted earlier and found no tweets at all about the NCAA saying they are going to look into this.

    It may have been there earlier when you referenced it, but it’s not there now.

    Take it for what that’s worth to you.

    Mark Liptak

  206. Petee Thameltoe

    well, why is the street shut down and a big tent have the with quilts and candy booths inside? Anyway, i may be drunk but i had bowl of beans at the bean booth too. Trust me, there was a lot of people wearing overalls there. Free Enes! He would blend in great at the sorghum festival. BTW cats will win by 13 tomorrow.

  207. T

    Jackson, every high level program has taken suspect recruits. Name one that hasn’t, your move.

  208. catfan68

    WOW, Just got back on and I am glad Jackson is gone…smells better now!!!

  209. BigBlue1976

    Petee, your drunk a** must be in Lebanon at Ham Days or something. Like I said, the Sorghum Festival does NOT exist anymore. If it did, it would be NEXT week in Springfield. They do have the Harvest Festival tho. Come on over and get drunk again and then claim to be at the Apple Festival in Liberty! 🙂

  210. Petee Thameltoe

    Final post for the evening…I call it Petee’s Food For Thought Before The Hangover…Don’t make really long posts because most people don’t like to read that much at once and it get skipped. Especially this late on Friday. KSR is cool…Peace out.

  211. It'soverjustnotasfastasmePitino

    From the AP as posted on NY Times website: Kentucky spokesman DeWayne Peevy told AP the school considered the matter closed.

  212. Dark Helmet

    Cheers to Bledsoe for getting an A. No wonder his biceps were so huge he was carrying his Algebra III book and his extra credit work to night class. Seriously it’s borderline racist, anti-south, elitist, maybe neocon for Pete Thameltoe to come down to AL to do a story on a kid that did nothing but work his 6’1″ butt off to become hugely succesful. Pick on Urban Meyer and Bruce Pearl Thameltoe there’s much more smoke there. Bruce Pearl might not be the white whale – but that’s only because he wears bronzer.

  213. upinya25

    106 jackson…would you be crying the same river if bledsoe went to Lunchbox University? No you wouldnt. And if its so bad, why isn’t anything being your name really “jackson” or is it Pete Thamel. But I suppose you never did extra credit or anything in school did you. I suppose according to you we should keep players like Bledsoe in the projects poor and not wanting to be able to use the skills god has given them to make a living, according to you he should be your grocery bagger. You sir, are pathetic, and I love to hear your hate story. And whats wrong with Pete Thamel, do you believe Bledsoe is the only case out of all division 1 athletes this has occured to?,no, so where is Thamels big time Journalism coming in on the other athletes. It takes such a gutsy man to pull a minor’s private information and smear is reputation doesnt it. should now post under JackOFF

  214. StuffMeSidewaysWithALargeMexicanCactus

    I’m going to Jackson….

    Hey, Jackson. Your tome-like posts really lost my readership when you equated, debated, compared and/or contrasted admitting Bledsoe to the university (an act that all paperwork supported, and still does btw) to a DOUBLE HOMICIDE. SENDING A STUDENT TO COLLEGE = MURDERING TWO PEOPLE??

    PS: This isn’t really related, but since you brought it up: Cheating on your wife is more ethical than recruiting a student whose papers pass muster? If you were a tool (which I am somehow strongly suspecting), you’d be a compass that only points in the cardinal directions.

  215. KyFan 2000

    Matt, your last paragraph says it all.

  216. yes sir

    Eric C. Conn! Best shoutout ever!

  217. Stickman

    Uhh Dark Helmet maybe you should check out what a neocon is before you use it in a sentence. I think the word you were looking for was “HowardDean”

  218. bobolla

    who cares if his grade may have been fudged a little? happens all the time. he took alg 3 before alg 2 because he could and pass as long as he gave some effort. it was a teacher helping out a kid who was sleeping in a car at times. the teacher is not going to admit anything so what proof do you have? its a joke to say the ncaa cares about elite athletes as students anyway. they make money off of people watching them. who really cares about the grades? NO ONE. JUST PUT DOWN WHATEVER THEY NEED TO SEE AND PLAY BALL

  219. bobolla

    who cares if a teacher fudged his grades to get him to play ball? the ncaa does not really care. they want a good product on the floor. the teacher is not going to admit anything either. just put down the grade the kid needs and lets play ball

  220. billy

    To Jackson at 106. Sorry that you are so jealous. I guess U of Washington is not an honest University becasue they wanted Kanter. Even though Parrish said that other coaches wouldn’t recruit him.
    Do you see that only jealously is the cause of your belief?

  221. billy

    Evidently JACKSON doesn”t know that not many of the athletes in college really make their grades. Ask someone in college who has to study to earn their grades if they know that ball players usually don’t make their grades.
    Of all the athletes that are in college what is the percentage of them that actually graduate and get high paying jobs? Not very high for sure.