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Episode 19 is On the Air


After taking a few weeks to refresh ourselves, we are back at it with Episode 19 of the KSR podcast. On this edition, Drew, Turkey Hunter, Hubby and I reflect on a number of topics:

— The Marquis Teague commitment and what it means
— Rick Pitino jokes
— Names that could be worse than the KFC Yum Center!
— A reflection on the UK season
— The best attributes of the UK recruits, Brandon Knight, Enes Kanter and Stacey Poole
— We go into detail on the Samantha Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy issues
— Some future KSR endeavors
— Life on the road with the local media

This was one of two podcasts that we taped on Saturday, this one more normal and the other at 3 am after a night out. The latter might end up in a special “uncensored” podcast available only to our iTunes subscribers, but we will let you know. For now, click below and listen to KSR podcasts returning:


Article written by Matt Jones

38 responses to “Episode 19 is On the Air”

  1. Just wondering

    I wonder what the “bog thing” was that Larry Brown and Calipari were discussing?

  2. John's Cougar

    Check out Mike Gilchrist.

  3. echo 1

    1 – Loser

    Uh… We are big boys here. We can take the drunken podcast. Let it rip.

  4. Pete

    Repetition isn’t necessary

  5. Re Pete

    Repetition isn’t necessary.

  6. Zach

    It sucks u can’t listen on ur iPhone and it not on iTunes yet….

  7. John's Cougar


    This Enes “Bull” Kanter video is epic. Please put it on your page.

  8. Keith

    Count my vote in favor of the uncensored version! Big KSR fan here…

  9. Sink

    Just think if Big A$$ Fans would have bought the rights, it would have been the Big A$$ Arena. lol. Worse or better? Food for thought.

  10. Tdogg40330

    2) You sure do have alot of time on your hands.

  11. For god's sake

    2. Quit pimpin your website. You have posted it on every comment section. Nobody cares!

  12. CoachCal'sYourDaddyRickyP

    The new Louisville arena looks like a big camping trailer as you drive by it.

  13. Tdogg40330

    lol Im as big of a UK fan as the next guy ….. the Mike Gilchrist video is
    pretty lame though

  14. Rich

    2 and 7 those videos are absolutely retarted please stop wasting out time and yours!

  15. Mork from Ork

    Where can I go into Samantha Ryan?

  16. GoCats2010

    No sir, i don’t bite my thumb at you, but i bite my thumb, sir

  17. Mork from Ork

    Dan Shaughnessy blows mountain goats!

  18. TokyoLovesUK

    12) The new arena should be named “The Trailer” so the UL fans would feel right at home.

  19. Tony Wroten


    I gotta question for the BBN. Since indiana is da border state is some of the uk fans gone come watch me play and put on a show?lol #curious

  20. TokyoLovesUK

    If Cal signs Jones or both Jones & Leslie, UK will enjoy major buzz going into the summer. In order to have a real chance at repeating the success the team had during the 2009-2010 regular season, Cal needs to add Jones. Add Jones
    to the flock and you are looking at another 30+ win season.

  21. echo 1

    19 – Tony, commit to UK and we’ll talk.

  22. The Poop Center

    I’m starting a campaign to raise $15 million in an effort to outbid YUM! and name the new UL arena the Karen Sypher Center or something similar. $15 million sounds like a lot, but when we can pool together the entire Big Blue Nation, along with possibly some of ULs rivals in the Big East, I think it can be done. Let’s go UK fans, we’ve shown our power before, and this is the best cause yet. Let’s do it.

  23. Tdogg40330

    Why is Tony Wroten playing in Indiana?? anyone ….

  24. blitzedanddazed

    Hey Matt,
    John Wall best at UK period.

  25. mocha

    Please please make the uncensored podcast available asap.

  26. Bassackwards

    How about the “F.L.G.A.K. Center”? (As in Finger Licking Good A$$ Kicking Center).

  27. yea

    i love UK as much as anyone but how can we rip on UL for the Samardo mix up? UK released Patterson going to the draft before he declared. similar mix-up.

  28. AC

    The podcast won’t appear on iTunes

  29. CatFan

    27.) Not a similar mix-up at all. Rick holds a press conference and says all his guys are returning. An hour later, SaMardo lets it be known he is going to the NBA. On UK’s side, Patrick was clearly leaving for the NBA, no matter what he or his mother said, so Cal made it public for recuiting purposes. I know Patrick wanted to do it his why but at the end of the day, he left for the NBA, just like Cal and UK said he was. Pitino thought SaMardo was returning and he is not.

  30. Weiner Snitzel

    23- I think it’s some AAU tourney or something.

  31. Tdogg40330

    cool, he said if enough UK fans show up him & Teague had a surprise

  32. Wereallbigboysandgirls

    We want the other podcast!

  33. Doron Lamb

    Um… what about me guys?

  34. UKAndrew

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

    Never saw Doyel at McDonald’s though. Dude totally scares me =P

  35. Greg

    Wow hartline is the starter?! FAIL LOL

  36. KNIGHT_blu

    If Hartline is the starting QB, I’m boycotting UK Football this year!

  37. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

    Billy Gillispe to ISU

  38. Laker Cat 18

    “Butler gets knocked out in the 2nd round next year, mark it down.”

    That’s reliable. (See Washington Huskies)