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Enes and Doron gettin’ their pedicure on


Because everyone knows you can’t go into an NCAA appeal with nasty feet.

Free Enes.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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54 responses to “Enes and Doron gettin’ their pedicure on”

  1. The fake Calipari

    I bet those are the biggest toes she’s ever worked on!

  2. blueballs14

    I could have done without that.

  3. Gilly
  4. Lincoln Park

    haha, hilarious. Good to see they’re comfortable with their feminine sides…

  5. bigshaun

    You have to be kiddin me lol?

  6. Bundy

    Someone should have introduced Joe C. to these ladies a few years ago…

  7. Just Sayin'

    Real men are comfortable enough with themselves to do this.

  8. mudcat

    Don’t knock it til you try it!

  9. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Think this is bad? You should see what the Dukies do

  10. bigshaun

    #7 real men can be comfortable enough to do that,
    but REAL MAN DON’T WANT TO DO THAT! LOL I don’t have a
    problem with it, it’s just weird.

  11. blue cat

    carvin down the calluses, used to do it all the time, helps avoid blisters

  12. bigshaun

    okay, i meant to say, “men”. that made my statement seem even more cave man like lol.

    real man dont want do that! lol

  13. Oh Snap

    Men don’t get pedicures. It’s not like they’re going out on the town in sexy open toe shoes….or are they??

  14. biggie smalls

    No need to miss any game action due to an ingrown nails.

  15. Cuatro Crazy

    Those will be the money makers some day. Gotta keep ’em in good condition.

  16. Free Enes

    after wearing gym shoes all the time, nothing’s better than a nice foot rub. don’t knock it til ya try it.

  17. bigshaun

    #9 They get the Brazilian wax lol

  18. Jonah Hex

    If this were any other school we would be hammering them. This is pretty fricking embarrassing.

  19. BPsycho

    I can hear Doron now, ala Bernie Mac ” GD woman!, gental! “

  20. ShagOnSports

    This comment was posted by Dsche1 on Yahoo after the game…

    “The Wildkitties played as lifless in the 1st half as Calapari’s mother…”

    His name is Dominic Schembari, lives in Louisville (imagine that)…

    Per the white pages on google… Send him a card or give the A$$hole a call…

    SCHEMBARI Dominic 8008 Trillium Dr Lsvl ————————- 742-2567

  21. Not Afraid Of A Pedicure

    I had a pedicure done at knockouts in Lexington, KY and it was great!!! Nothing beats a smoking hot lady rubbing you feet!!

  22. Aidanpryde18

    I feel sorry for those ladies, I bet that looks something similar to the scene from Dumb and Dumber if they don’t get them regularly.

  23. bigcat76

    If your gonna have “those puppies set when you get off the bus” why not do it with style?

  24. BPsycho

    #20 Oh snap a phone #!

    Ya know people do bad things these days on skype, with, phone, numbers, like that one…………..

    : ]

  25. Philthy Phil

    Is a pedicure considered an “expense” in Turkey?

  26. Dave_in_Oldham

    20 – That address is in PRP. Red neck land in Louisville. Apologies to UK fans in PRP. But, you know it’s true.

  27. bigcat76

    Look at the industrial size toilet scrubber in her tool chest, ha ha ha. That’s nasty!!!

  28. Bruce Pearl/Jesus

    The feet take a beating playing basketball. Lots of players do this.

  29. NKY_UK_fan

    The lady in the picture is just glad it’s not Joe Crawford getting his feet done.

  30. Dave_in_Oldham

    20 – And here is the idiot’s facebook page. Let him have it BBN.!/profile.php?id=1317928247

  31. toejam

    It never works fellas!

  32. Harley Wells

    Wow, they chugged on over to mamby pamby land.

  33. toejam

    HAPPY ENDING????????

  34. SexnNursinHomes

    I wonder if they will get a Yuko Systems done? (pubic hair straightneing). cuz that is want I am going to get. I want my crotch hair to look like Jennifer Anniston’s head.

  35. Just Sayin'

    10) What’s weird about it? Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself.

  36. Cuatro Crazy

    Well, 2Pat just tweeted that he’s at the massage parlor. Guessing all comments back are re: happy ending.

  37. Hella Wasted

    LOL @ 25

  38. Skinman

    Just called Dominic, he isn’t home, his son answered.

  39. Skinman

    Someone needs to let Dominic’s wife know what a classy guy he is.

  40. droppedpasses

    Homegirl is looking for her belt sander.

    I’ll speak up…if you’ve never had one your missing out…many perfectly good excuses to get one too. However, man code strictly states you must be in the company of female(s) and not a buddy. Man code excludes stud athletes & future pro’s. Man code would frown upon two douche buddies wearing their favorite NFL players jersey engaging in this same behavior, so all of you NKY folks please refrain from emulating this.

  41. Princess AT

    Nothing is wrong with men getting a pedicure! You should take care of yourself and “manscape” while you’re at it!

  42. Sherwood44

    Think about how women view your feet. Do you think they want your nasty, hard, scaly cheese grater feet anywhere near them? Gross. It shows you actually care about yourself and her for that matter. No one is asking you get your toenails painted, but there’s also no excuse for anyone to have cavemen feet anymore.

  43. Cat Balls

    How the hell does the NCAA rule that Cam Newton is allowed to grab $180K but Enes can’t play?

    I’m normally a peacefull guy but now I want to drive to PRP and kick Dominic’s ass because I don’t know where the NCAA lives.

  44. enes

    Trying to shine up guys, in case the NCAA rules in my favor.

  45. Jules Winfield

    I’m the foot fuc*** master.

  46. ReverendBlue

    Pedicures? No wonder Coach Cal says we’ve got to get tougher.


    hair done, nails done, everything did.

  48. bigbluelush

    Man, that is pathetic. I hope nobody else in the SEC gets that pic, if so every student section will have a poster when we go on the road.

  49. bigward

    20. i live on trillium dr to in louisville ky imma beat his bitch ass

  50. GhostofBearBryant

    Boy that Craft Center sure is fancy. I always had my boys do it with a sureform behind the shed.

  51. Princess AT

    Randall Cobb got a pedicure today too! Do you think he’s girly in any way? I think not!

  52. BlueChristmas

    Check out Randal Cobb’s twitter. Looks like he does the exact same thing at the same exact place!

  53. BowelMovement

    There is a good chance those 2 like the ding dong and taking it in the can.

  54. bigshaun

    #35 You’re a woman obviously so you wouldn’t understand