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Eminem’s Monday News and Views


It was kind of a bummer weekend around the KSR Compound. With the exception of New Zealand getting a tie against the flopping Italians, the World Cup was kind of a bummer. The US Open was an exercise in futility as all the players marched backwards and we were left with a bloke from Northern Ireland who won in a cardigan. I went to Downs after Dark on Friday, which was fun, but the rest of the weekend was basically spent contemplating the future and listening to Adam Carolla podcasts (which are entertaining). During one of the broadcasts, I realized that Eminem has a new album coming out this week. Which got me to thinking, whatever happened to Eminem? Is it just me or did he simply disappear off the map for like five years, and was gone so long that you forgot he even existed. I mean this was the greatest white rapper (leaving aside Powder P of Mo Thugs of course) of all time, and a person that you were certain was going to be in the pantheon of musicians from our generation. But for like six years, he hasnt been seen outside of a methadone clinic and one would have been forgiven if he was farther outside of your brain than Tag Team or Skee-Lo. When his name was brought up, I remembered how much I used to like him, listened to “Stan” and “Cleaning Out the Closet”, and was glad to have some Eminem back in my life. I am sure his new album will stink (rappers not named Jay Z only put out two good albums in their career…its a fact, you can look it up) and maybe he is headed back to the land of “whatever happened to that guy.” But for a day, the good Eminem was rejuvenated on my drive to Middlesboro for a few days of Bell County living. It was a thrilling moment, and took me back to the good old days of college/law school, when music was music and the only reason we knew Justin Beiber was because Billy Clyde was recruiting him. If you get his new album, tell me how it is. I will be over here listening to Conway Twitty.

To the news:

— Its all NBA Draft all the time. This is the week where five former Kentucky Wildcats make their dreams come true on the big stage. The press that will be given to John Wall this week is going to be phenomenal as the kid becomes the FIRST UK basketball player to ever be drafted #1 in the NBA Draft. There will be a lot written about Wall and you should read all of it. But do not miss the article we linked earlier, as this Washington Post piece on Wall is one of the best I have ever read about a player entering the league. It is gripping in parts and showcases a very mature young man who has already overcome a great deal. No John Wall fan should go without reading it, and after finishing the piece you will be even happier to see his success on Thursday.

— Here on KSR, our NBA Draft week is going to be through the roof. Ramel Bradley will be joining us every day, writing a column on the Draft and how he sees the UK players making out. His first column is tomorrow and he will join us all week, leading up to the big day. Then on Thursday, our 4th ANNUAL NBA Live Blog here on KSR will be a huge event. All of the KSR writers, including Beisner, Tomlin, Drew Franklin, Turkey Hunter, Bomani and the others will make an appearance, as well as special guests that we will announce through the week. It should be a fun night and KSR is the place to be….unless you are at the Drake party, which you wont be.

— Are you ready for some controversy? Well follow the plight of Bowling Green’s Chane Behanan, who officially blew up this weekend. The Power Forward was the MVP of the NBA Players Camp and has now seen his national star rise. He got an offer from Indiana to add to his host of offers from other schools and he will likely see his ranking skyrocket on the 2011 lists. He did a number of interviews where he said he wanted UK to recruit him, but as of yet he has no offer and no real interest. Will that change for the first true top-notch in-state kid that Calipari has had a chance to get? And if not, will he go to Louisville instead? The Cats have Micheal Gilchrist at his position, so they dont really need Behanan. But watching how Calipari handles this will be fascinating.

— In case you missed it on Saturday, when I posted my notes from an interview I did with Calipari, the Coach mentioned that UK would play more of a wide open DDO style this season due to the personnel that UK will have on the court. Calipari noted that you would see more wide open play and that the guys would be more up-tempo without as many big guys in the paint. So you know that running that you have wanted to see since like 1999? Well you may get your wish this year, with guys like these two below (and maybe even the third), running the show:


— There are a couple of reports that Demarcus Cousins may have won round one against Derrick Favors during their mutual workouts in Philadelphia. If that is the case, could Cousins slide up into the #2 or #3 slot? The storyline of the week is where Demarcus ends up and anywhere from #2-#7 is possible. I will say this again…if any team outside the top 2 (because a case can be made for Evan Turner) picks anyone but Cousins, they will regret it in the future.

We will have more all day….Ramel will have his first post, there will be some Royce White talk and the beginning of the Blogger contest (hold your applause). It should be a good time had by all. Stay tuned…..

Article written by Matt Jones

29 responses to “Eminem’s Monday News and Views”

  1. tdogg4033011

    Ramel on KSR should be pretty entertaining …

  2. gossie21

    Has Ramel picked up any new interesting hobbies? The one he picked up in Croatia would be an good topic for a post.

  3. JerryTownBlotter

    I had a friend who loved Eminem and listened to his music all the time. He almost died from a brain tumor last year. Coincidence I think not.

  4. tdogg4033011

    I notice the restroom right behind them, wonder if he pissed on his finger and
    wiped it on his shirt

  5. BPsycho


    Your answer to where Eminem has been the last 5 years lies in the song “Oxycotton” (the spelling #wrongonpurpose) by Lil Wyte, another white rapper (from Memphis) but more 1st cousin love triangle looking than Em.

    True story… Dude loved pills…. A lot…..

  6. bgpurples57

    It’s Chane not chase and he won’t go to louisville if he didn’t get offered by uk he would go to wvu. And yes I know because he’s one of my really good freinds in school had chemistry with him.

  7. manu1433

    eminem destroyed jay-z on his own shit…HOV isn’t even a top 5 rapper

    1. 2pac
    2. Andre 3k
    3. Eminem
    4. Nas
    5. Lupe Fiasco (2 classic albums right out the gate)

  8. SexnNursinHomes

    I swear eminem is looking more like ellen degeneres everyday

  9. butlerdelt

    Matt, does Michael Gilchrist know he plays Power Forward? My understanding was that he was a SG/SF combo. Perhaps what you meant to say was that Behanan plays the same position as several other higher profile recruits being recruited by Kentucky–Quincy Miller and Johnny O’Bryant. And I think it’s also worth keeping in perspective that while Behanan is playing high school basketball in Kentucky, he is not a Kentucky kid. That being said, based on what I’ve read about him, dude sounds like he can ball.

  10. 101blue

    Matt – more up-tempo?

    You meant to say “more fast paste”.

  11. bluebayou

    That is a good article on Wall I’m still trying to wrap my head around some reporter just blabbing all that stuff about his dad like he was talking about the weather

  12. love_dem_cats

    FYI, this week ESPNU is showing a lot of UK games from this past season. I’ve already set my DVR for the UConn, at Miss. State, and SEC Championship games.

  13. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Ramel “sees the UK players making out”???? I don’t want to hear about that…

  14. FabulousFive

    I thought it was a great weekend. Watching Tiger choke all over himself is becoming the norm. The mystique was gone even before the scandal, with YE Yang blowing it up last August. Graeme McDowell hit the clutch shots and made the clutch putts to win. A well deserving champion.

  15. dave_in_oldham

    16) Tiger did choke. But, he’s also getting better every week. Enjoy this slump if you’re a Tiger hater. It won’t last much longer. I like McDowell. He is deserving. Oh, and Eminem sucks. Also has, always will.

  16. buk

    Matt, I’ve always had the impression that you have good music taste, and have always been impressed with your musical references. However, I was disappointed in your reference of Eminem as “the good ol days, when music was music.” I respectfully disagree.

  17. Indycatfan

    I think the dude in the picture had ‘GFammy” on his hands when he found out those two were in the resturant, THEN wiped it on his shirt!

  18. duhville cat

    10) HA. He does!

  19. bigpapijugg

    Eminem has had one bad album and that was his Relapse album, which i still loved. He didn’t fall off the map as he had “when im gone”, “3am”, “Beautiful”, etc. He quit making music for a bit to help his Shady records label after one of his best friends got shot. But in the days of illegal music downloads and iTunes his new album is being hailed the best and has a great shot to go platinum. His new song “Im not afraid” made #1 on every song list in like the first week. if you’ve not listened to his “im not afraid” song look it up on youtube, its the shat.

  20. bigpapijugg

    10, 20- that pic is from 10 years ago.

  21. shadesofblue85

    I know that guy hes from frankfort. oh yeah eminem and jay z are gay so are all of 9.’s list

  22. Daggumit Larry

    As long as we have had to endure the “Sam Bowie is the worst draft pick ever” comments, justice could finally be served if some of these teams pass on Boogie. A few years down the road there could be some unemployed NBA GMs for making a huge draft mistake.

  23. RockfieldKY

    Chane Behanan got dominated by George Fant in 3 out of 4 of their matchups this year vs Warren Central and George has gotten ZERO publicity. He plays for a better coach who knows how to develop big men (Tim Riley) and dominated Chane as soon as he transferred in this year. Chane is at best 6’7″ and is a power forward. I’d say he may be a backup plan at best to Quincy Miller. He would have had to improve drastically over the last few months for me the believe he is high D1 talent. If it werent for free throws, he wouldn’t even average double figures in scoring.

  24. Smalls66

    I’ve actually heard a big chunk of the new Eminem album and it reminds me of his first two or three. I’ll give it to you, the Relapse album was insane and made me think he was losing it. However, the new one returns to his old form with things like. “I gave Bruce Wayne a valium and said settle your f’n ass down I’m ready for combat man, get it calm Batman…..” Definitley worth a listen.

  25. BPsycho

    #26 “I’m ready for combat man, get it calm Batman..”


  26. Lil Whoa

    Eminem’s new album is possibly his best yet. It has already been mentioned by many reviewers as “an instant classic”. While his last album Relapse wasn’t his greatest, it did have a couple great songs like “Beautiful” and “Deja Vu”. Even though you didn’t keep up, his last album was the highest selling rap album in 2009. He was also the highest selling artist of any genre in this past decade.

    His new album is great and I’m willing to bet it will be the highest selling album of the year regardless of genre. He’s in discussion as the greatest rapper ever – the “white” part is irrelevant in that topic.

    Further proof of this argument from Wikipedia: “In 2008, the readers of Vibe Magazine voted him “The Best Rapper Alive”. He was also named “Best Rapper Ever” taking down all opponents very easily in a poll which was conducted by music fans on the Vibe website.”

  27. bgpurples57

    Rockfield ky ur an idiot… In all of are games vs Warren central chane had 20 points and over 15 rebounds George barely had 10 Points and they were perimeter shots so yeah ur an idot