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Elston Turner’s Sunday News and Notes


Quiet, haters.


I’m sorry. I really am. Before the game even started, I had the “celebrity birthdays January 13” Google search all pulled up and was spending the pre-game staring dreamily into the eyes of Orlando Bloom, Liam Hemsworth, and Patrick Dempsey, internally debating which one deserved my complimentary prose. But when a guy struts into Rupp Arena and scores the most points for an opposing player in 23 years, you have to hand it to him. Elston Basketball is the new Johnny Football for Texas A&M. Turner, a 6-5 guard, is the son of former Mississippi player and current Phoenix Suns assistant coach and defensive coordinator. Going into TAMU’s first SEC road game, the younger Turner was averaging 15.5 PPG and 3.6 RPG but had never hit a 30 point game during his time at A&M. Corey Nichols warned us in the morning post that Turner was capable of a Devan Downey game, and unfortunately, Turner made Corey look like Nostradamus. With a final stat line of 40 points (15-19 shooting; 6-10 from long range), 6 rebounds, and 4 assists, Turner had a Jodie Meeks-esque game by waltzing into an opposing arena in the SEC and making himself quite comfortable. Turner called it “one of those games I will remember for the rest of my life,” and unfortunately I think BBN will remember it for quite awhile as well.


Regardless of the game’s outcome, it was an impressive performance to say the least, and for that, Elston Turner Jr earns the night post dedication. News, notes. I’m going to try and leave the salt truck parked outside.


 Let’s rip the BandAid off. Kentucky dropped its SEC home opener against Texas A&M with a score of 83-71. TAMU was playing their first ever SEC road game and from the looks of it, they aren’t scared of the SEC at all. With Elston Turner accounting for nearly half of their points, the Aggies gave the Cats all they could handle and then some. With this loss and few chances for quality wins on the rest of the schedule, prepare to hear the phrase “bubble team” an uncomfortable amount of times in the next few weeks.

 Not to say the Cats didn’t have their opportunities to win. They did. By Matt’s count, Kentucky had the momentum in the second-half five times, with five chances to score a game-ending basket. Each time, the University of Elston Turner answered. Call it youth, call it a lack of an aggressive perimeter defender, call it an abundance of blue hairs in Rupp- but the bottom line remains that the Cats don’t know what it takes to make the fat lady sing.

 Hustlin is a habit, get like Nerlens. The big man continued to wow BBN with his relentless effort and, had it not been for Turner, Noel’s near quadruple-double would have been the game’s storyline. Noel had 15 points, 11 rebounds, 7 blocks, 6 assists, 4 steals, and 0 turnovers. Let that sink in for a minute. It was the first time a D-1 player had reached those marks in a single game since the 1996-97 season. Noel had one of the most impressive all-around games in college basketball, and yet Kentucky still lost.

 For what feels like the umpteenth game this season, the Cats got out-rebounded with the final margin being 35-30. That hurts.

 As far as Wiltjer Watch goes, the sophomore shooter was 0-2 from the field (0-1 from three point range) in 19 minutes of play. At times I thought it might be necessary to reload the ESPN3 site, but no, that was actually the speed at which Wiltjer played. Julius Mays and Ryan Harrow both made a couple of three-pointers to keep the Cats alive, and it’s starting to look like that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of the season, especially if…

Harrow continues to play like a Calipari point guard. True, he had five turnovers today (somehow I missed those), but he scored 14 points and looked as confident as we’ve seen him on the court.

 Alex Poythress didn’t quite roar, but it wasn’t a whisper either. Poythress had 12 points and 6 rebounds and apparently felt emboldened enough to talk back to Calipari on the sidelines a few times, prompting quick trips to the bench. I can live with a 12/6 line from Alex, and I think it’s time the rest of BBN settled on that too.

 Willie Cauley-Stein had six points and three rebounds, but Calipari was most proud of him for talking smack to the Aggies. Calipari took the verbal sparring as evidence that Willie was learning how to “stand his ground” rather than regress. If only that had moved from verbal retorts to scoring retorts.

 Class of 2014 point guard Tyus Jones was on hand to witness the Elston Turner show. I’m sorry you had to see that, Tyus.

 Upsides to end with? Calipari likes his team. Elston Turner won’t happen every game. We have Tennessee (currently 0-2 start in the SEC) on the docket. Nerlens Noel is a machine. And more than that, at the post-game presser, Nerlens sounded like he might be ready to step up as the leader of the team. Noel told reporters, “It’s time we take responsibility.  Coach Cal has done a lot for us, but I feel it’s time for us, as a team, to start coming around, clicking, and doing what we have to do… There’s a time, that us as players, have to start taking responsibility and I feel that time is now.” That’s an MKG-esque quote, and one that the Wildcats will hopefully take to heart.

 Enough basketball for the night. Let’s talk football. The football recruits visiting this weekend also attended the basketball game, and somewhat surprisingly, a few in the student section took the time to make posters showing the recruits some love. At a basketball game. That’s not something you see very often in Rupp, but maybe we should get used to it now that Stoops is at the helm. Tim Couach was the Y in the basketball game today, a nice little head nod to the football recruits on hand. We’ll be on commitment watch tomorrow.

 In fact, we already got one. Ohio OL Kyle Meadows, a 3 star with offers from Florida St, West Virginia and Louisville, committed to the Cats today. Stoops is making moves in Ohio.

 Speaking of recruits, Asiantii Woulard and Ra’shaad Samples found the time to try on some new UK jerseys. It was a good look for them, one they should strongly consider keeping in vogue for the next few years.

 Mark Stoops completed his first Kentucky staff by officially hiring Tommy Mainord (wide receivers coach) and Derrick Ansley (cornerbacks coach). Mainord comes from Texas Tech, having coached with newly minted OC Neal Brown, while Ansley is a young up-and-comer fresh off a season in Tennessee.

 Stoops also found the time to squeeze in a press conference before attending the basketball game, telling press that he was very excited about the upcoming renovations to Commonwealth Stadium and Nutter Field House and that he believes it will have a great impact on the program. “Everything Mitch and I talked about has come true.” I feel warm and fuzzy just reading that.

 Duke lost. So there’s that.


Let’s end on that note. Andrew Cassady and I will be hanging around tomorrow, and between tonight’s basketball debacle and the football recruiting visits wrapping up, it could end up being a roller coaster of the day. Buckle up, guys.




Article written by Kristen Geil

82 responses to “Elston Turner’s Sunday News and Notes”

  1. NKY_UK_fan

    We all want UK to be great every year in order to keep up with the Jones’s. Sometimes things just don’t click. Glad they got the ‘ship last year for me to get through this year without angst. I’ll support them regardless. UK alum class of 03

  2. Timefor9

    If we lose 10 or 11 games, will we make the NCAAT? Seems like it will be tough with our awful schedule.

  3. oldschool

    I hear Drake is already being fitted for an NIT championship ring.

  4. Vandy Game Ref

    You’re welcome.

  5. STRAF

    Sure wish Alex Oraki went to UK instead of Missouri….senior leader, etc…I cringe now when Polson or Kyle are in the game….4 on 5

  6. Kyle Wiltjer

    I cannot guard a folding chair.

  7. UK Freshmen

    As many accolades you doled out, you would have thought UK won. At least you didn’t compliment Calipari’s coaching.

  8. oldschool

    #9 – Wiltjer is a liability on defense. On a deeper team – he could be more of a weapon – but he simply cannot be counted on for long stretches at a time.

    Polson showed us against Maryland that he can play. When Harrow was gone on his exodus – he played fairly solid and didn’t really hurt the team. What has hurt however, is that since Harrow has returned – Polson has played very little. A couple minuts here, one minute this game, maybe seven or eight another. When your coach shows no confidence in your ability – it’s hard to have confidence in yourself.

    Cal has always failed to develop his bench. Those guys down at the end of the bench are simply not a priority to him. He’s a player’s first coach – but only for certain players. Calipari has told us and we need to believe that his goal is to get a few select players to the NBA. What happens to the other kids on the team – who cares. Draft night is what’s important. Who cares if some of the bench guys could actually help the team – if they’re not capable of playing in the NBA – Cal’s not gonna invest a lot into them.

    Players first!

  9. Ridge Runner

    I’m waiting for Cal to throw a fit and start rolling around on the ground during the game. His antics are comical.

  10. E Cat

    No. 9, spot on. Oriakhi or Anthony Bennett could have made this team a lot better. We just don’t have a true power forward this year. I just hope we improve some and make the tourney this year. Anything they do in the the tourneys is gravy and next year is the year to shine again.

  11. Gbb

    11- “fans” like you are what gives UK a bad name.. You want to let a coach go that has taken us to an Elite 8, Final Four and a National Championship. You sir, are a moron and what they call a “fair weather” fan.

  12. Culver

    Why all the praise for Harrow??? He had five freaking turnovers. Combine his 5 with Goodwin’s 4 and that’s got failure written all over it. People want to bash Polson on here, but at least when he’s in the game he competes and hustles his ass off…and doesn’t flop to the ground and cry like a little b*tch every time someone makes contact with him.
    And what about Goodwin going one on five every damn time down the floor??? Why isn’t anyone pointing that out. He’s all about himself. That street ball crap isn’t going to work at this level of competition. Heck, I wonder if he’s on pace to set the single season turnover mark at UK? I bet he’ll at least make the top 5 by season’s end…and who knows, he might end up owning the most charges as well.

  13. sonny lesbos

    14-excellent. analysis. doctor.
    — if only polson played more –> we would have a deeper bench –> win more. weird how cal plays wiltjer knowing he’s a defensive liability even though polson (obviously isnt a defensive liability) doesnt play. cant believe cal cant see that…..
    — curious of your thoughts on who you believe cal is not a players first coach with. and why? (btw, typing “player’s coach” makes no sense unless he was their dad. or actually a player’s first coach)

  14. sonny lesbos

    well, 14 = 8 now.

  15. John Ellis

    A&M came in with only three losses and a star who could and did explode. UK has to win their home games obviously (and Florida and Missouri will be tough beyond what may be many tough games) but Maryland was a quality win and close losses to Duke and Lullville count for something. What’s missing is chemistry and you can’t recruit chemistry, and you can’t force it either. Wiltjer actually played much better on defense today, but he can’t create his own three point shot, there have to be screens, a la Shephard. Pothress will be a monster but he’s not there yet mentally. Nerlans gets hugely better every game. He will have to take charge as the go-to guy late in a game like today. There was none. The FF run of two years ago wiped out all those SEC road losses and how close that team was to a first round knockout; this team is comparable. If you’re a real UK fan you don’t just follow when the team is cruising. This team still has a huge upside, but may be too young to reach it.

  16. Mike

    Every team that now comes into Rupp knows they have a good chance of either making their season or turning around their season because of our soft play and vulnerability. Do u think UT won’t come in fired up and probably with more of a will to win than we have. We are setting ourselves up for a min. of 12 losses this year. This team will continue to erode Cal’s national coaching credentials.

  17. Gbb

    Nevermind…. The trolls have been removed

  18. Buckets

    We are soft and I’ve about had it with guys who aren’t playing hard. If you lose but you play hard, you live with it. If you can’t play hard, get out. This is the University of Kentucky. You have to have enough pride in wearing that jersey that you don’t let some chump come into your house and score 40.

    If you don’t have heart, get out. If you don’t come ready to play every time you step on the floor, get out. If you can’t give your best effort defensively, get out.

  19. huntc1129

    I think we need to check our expectations. North Carolina, who had more experience returning this season than we have are 11-5 right now. I’m not sure if a team this new has ever had such high expectations placed on them. In fact, I believe this is the first of it’s kind. I thought we showed a lot of improvement in the Louisville game and I’m pretty optimistic they can still improve enough to take the SEC tourney by storm. Some of you fans really need to get off their backs.

  20. whodat

    Its time to give up any expectations for this team. This will also take the pressure off the athletes. That way you can sit back relax and enjoy the rest of the season just like the the 2011 squad… and who knows maybe they will then be free to find the magic and make a run… just like the 2011 group did.

  21. Issel's two front teeth

    Goodwin missed more shots, than all but one player took!
    If Nerlens wants to be a leader, the 1st thing he needs to do, is tell Goodwin to stop ball hoggin’.
    Did you see the look on WCS face when Goodwin sailed that half ass lob out of bounds? He was surprised to see Goodwin try to give up the ball. Goodwin is the fly in the ointment.

  22. JustSayin

    oldschool, i win the bet, haha. i bet a bud of mine you’d post within 6 hours of a UK loss or close game. You love Indiana so I’m willing to bet you there aren’t 10 UK fans that would take Crean over Cal. How many IU fans would take Cal over Crean? Ponder that for awhile. Wasn’t the South regional semis great last year? You remember it right?

  23. oldschool

    Congratulations on your win. At least you tasted victory once today.
    I love the way Indiana has built a program- as opposed to simply assembling a team every eight months.

    But I was born and raised a UK fan adn once Cal’s gone – I’ll be back. I simply won’t sell out my integrity and root for a “college” basketball coach who shows so little interest in the “college” part of it.

    And lets’ look at IU and UK in three years. Five years ago they were in the same boat – programs at a low-point. Crean came in and rebuilt the Hoosiers in a slow and steady way. Calipari came in with World Wide Wes and took the quick fix. Cal has had instant success – but now he’s struggling. Meanwhile – up in Bloomington, IU is a top 5 team built around experienced players.

    Let’s revisit this topic in three years and see where both programs are. Kentucky will continue to build teams around 18-year-old kids. IU will have more experienced, game-tested players.

    I didn’t grow up a IU, Butler, Creighton, Duke, Mich. State, etc. fan. But I do appreciate and respect those schools that play college basketball the college way.

  24. SeaCat

    Cal, give up on these guys.
    Save yourself for next year.

  25. Sheeeeeiiit

    Old School – You will always be a Cal hater so who cares what you think. You have a biased, grumpy and negative position on UK because you hate Cal. But just for the record I remember all your BS posts in 2010-2011 about how Cal can’t win with one and dones and blah blah. Then Cal proved you wrong and went to the final four that year. Then of course last year happened. Great team and great players that were special people on and off the court plus we got #8. They proved you wrong again, big time. But Now we are having a down year and your back trying to drum up support for your lame opinions. Every time I see you post I will remind everyone that you have been saying the same crap all along and can’t admit that your wrong. Cal’s one and done system is not working as good this year. So what. We still may end up pretty good at the end of the year like that Brandon Knight team. Or not. I just know if we end up with a dissapointment this year it still won’t make you right. Think of it this way, it could be worse…we could be UNC right now. They are sucking too but they are coming off a year where they should have won a NC but didn’t. Because we did.

  26. ukfaninohio

    The college part of it is uk having the highest gpa in the sec.You wanna be an indiana fan great but stay there we don’t want your kind as fans your not true blue.You think if the harrison twins wanted to go to indiana crean wouldn’t be all over them?Indiana went the 4 year player route because they had no other choice.Now they have a top 5 class coming in and will get there share of one and dones.You gonna find another team to root for when that happens?I know many people who switch teams more than i do women i always wonder how you can even get excited about the game like that.GO.BIG.BLUE.

  27. ukfaninohio

    Maybe the top 3 programs of all time unc uk and ucla all unranked it’s not just us.

  28. Syrin

    Well, it’s time to face a few realities.

    Nerlens is as good as was advertised
    Goodwin is a poor outside shooter and forces too many shots
    Willie Cauley Stein has some of the worst hands I’ve ever seen from a big man. The ball bounces off his hands like a ping pong. WR? How?
    Poythress is a project player who one day will likely be awesome, but not this year
    Wiltjer has regressed
    Harrow has improved tremendously
    Mays is average at best

    So we have only one consistent shooter in Harrow, one hustle guy and stat stuffer in Nerlens, then a lot of guys with potential who may or may not show it on any given night. That’s to be expected from a young team. If this team stayed at UK three years, they’d be the best team in the country. Won’t happen. Hopefully those who haven’t reached their potential will put in the time in the off season to get there.

  29. Buckets

    The funny thing is that even guys who claim to hate the one-and-done system are lying (the recent quotes from Jahlil Okafor about Rick Pitino are further proof). Every coach wants the best players. Most can’t get them so those who can’t do, complain.

    Thou doth protest too much.

    And then idiots with no lives go on message boards and the comment sections of KSR to troll and troll and troll, espousing their ridiculous opinions. Crawl back into your hole, trolls. Stop inundating the rest of us with your pointless drivel. You are wrong and virtually no one else agrees with you. So why press your issue? That’s OK, you go be wrong in your hole by yourself. Let the rest of the world be.

  30. Syrin

    oldschool – yes let’s compare. We’ve had an elite eight, a final four and a national championship. IU has had NONE of those, and I have serious doubts about this year as well. So you can “admire” what they are TRYING to do, the rest of us will admire what we’ve ACHIEVED. You say you’re a fan, but you aren’t. You’d CELEBRATE the fact that we are the defending national champs. We improved EVERY year under Cal, until now. Where else was there to go but down. You CANNOT win without talent. Ask Tubby who just got whacked yet again today. My god, you talk about building slowly and over time, but act like the most impatient little baby because this year we’re unlikely to win the championship. That’s the epitome of hypocrisy. We’ve had PLENTY of high school all Americans come through UK that never lived up to their hype be it Roddrick Rhodes, Bogans or whomever. Not every kid reaches their potential like Anthony Davis, some do but take time, and some are there from the minute they arrive. This year we have one great and several good players. Next year we’ll get even more talent and be better, much to your chagrin. I honestly believe someone like you would be MUCH happier with a bunch of 3 and 4 star white players, losing 5-12 games a year, and reaching the Sweet Sixteen every couple of years. That’s your version of “success”.

    Seriously, we don’t need “fans” like you. Yeah, it’s a down year. It was BOUND to happen at some point. Next year’s team will be better, and you’ll hate every minute of it. So buy a Golden Gophers jersey and a Big Ten package and cheer for average talent which has no chance to ever win anything of merit, but they lose the “right way”. Meanwhile, our flash in the pan studs that you hate so much will continue to put up banners, continue to make us the standard by which all teams our judged, and you’ll steam every minute of the way. Maybe you can find a team running the four corners offense, and you’ll be in heaven.

  31. Syrin

    oldschool – and by the way, I think Claipari has his flaws. I think he’s too hard on these young kids. When a player like Elston is hot, NOTHING can stop them. We saw it with Lebron, Kobe, MJ, etc. It happens. I think he’s gotten “meaner” for a lack of better terminology since he’s arrived. His rage fests on the sideline should be stopped. It’s unprofessional AND unproductive. The kids are trying, they need guidance. I think Poythress’s problem is that he’s too gifted athletically. All he had to do in high school was step on the court, and he could dominate without a ton of effort. Now, players are his size and strength, and he needs to work to take it to the next level, but he’s never HAD to work, so he looks confused to me. We saw it with Terence Jones. BUT, without the raw athletic ability, he would NEVER have a chance to be an All American. You have to have the studs then develop their skills. Unfortunately, his motto now seems to be “The beatings will continue until moral improves”. That doesn’t work for young guys already facing confidence issues.

  32. SeaCat

    Everything Syrin said is correct
    In every post

  33. Bird in Kentucky

    Can’t believe some of you fans, if you are fans that is. Lets see UK went to the final 8, then final 4, then National Championship and people say Cal can’t coach. Do you want Billy G or Tubby back?
    Do I blame Cal for the loss? Not at all. These kids need to wanna play hard its up to them how far they want to go. It seems right now Noels is the only one who gets it. They are just going to have to learn how to play better as a team instead of one on one. It will come together and if you already gave up on them then quit watching them and go cheer for another team.

  34. cats11

    Screw Elston. News and Notes should’ve gone to JOHN WALL for his debut performance.

  35. Buckets

    Things no one says, ever:

    I’m with you, oldschool!
    You got that right, oldschool!
    Oldschool, I couldn’t have said it better myself!
    Oldschool has a point.
    Oldschool’s right!
    You the man, oldschool!
    Big party coming up, let’s call oldschool!
    We need a fresh perspective, let’s call oldschool!
    Even oldschool nailed her.
    Oldschool’s cool.
    Let’s see if oldschool wants to hang out.
    I better check with oldschool first.
    Let’s see what oldschool thinks.

  36. wny cats

    Well said syrin. Watching some of those early season games…and rupp sounds like a morgue….all you hear through the broadcasters mics is Cal screaming. I love cal’s passion and energy, but it does seem like it goes a little over-the-top with the screaming during the offensive set.

    I kind of wish he would try taking five game mins to sit down and let them play…no quick hooks, no barking…but its not in his DNA…

  37. The Rise

    #9 do u know who Josh Harrelson is?
    And old school, IU won’t be $hit next year
    Next year’s class has has more what I like to call “gym rats” than this year’s class so tht will be the big difference

  38. Disgruntled fan

    I’m done with this team. There’s not one kid that cares. And don’t give me the bullshit about them being freshman. Any NBA team that drafts them is wasting coin!

  39. ukfaninohio

    Ok come back next year when were good again u son are a true fan

  40. wny cats

    Buckets- please give us more of those. I was loving them. I like the one you snuck in the middle. Hilarious

  41. winning

    Three of those guys who got drafted last year have been sent to the D league. LOL! Yeah, they were ready.

  42. Charlie Sheen

    This is the exact opposite of winning.

  43. Jpo

    42. Buckets- he’s a contrarian. Likes to be different for attention. It might be bearable if he switched up the schtick every now and then but no. He’d rather have Tommy Cream and will let you know twice on every thread after a loss for 24 hours.

    More things no one says, ever:

    Hey oldschool, you should use more hyphens.

  44. Kyle from Wildcat blue Nation Podcast

    Hey guys…now I know I’m a UK football guy so I obviously have a pretty miserable life, but yall should leave James from Wildcat Blue Nation Podcast alone. He can’t help it he’s a hateful blankedyblank with daddy issues and anger problems. He was born that way. He was an angry baby.

  45. Paul Jordan's Armpit Cheese

    Does anyone else think Paul Jordan sounds like he’s gargling on his own mucus when he talks?

  46. JBR

    The ideal is, as in politics and many other things, somewhere in the middle of all you guys and your dispositions. It is like on these boards, you have to be radical in one direction or the other…either love Cal or hate him…he is the greatest ever or the worst ever, etc. Look, we are what we are…and like it or not, Cal’s system has very high high’s, and when they occur, pretty low low’s. Oldschool does make some good and true points. We are seeing that this year. We saw the good part of Cal last year.

    Cal appears to be what he is labeled…a great recruiter, and a “roll the balls out and let’em play” coach. That is not an insult necessarily…as every couple of years in that system we should contend for a title. But, it is also obvious that Cal has to rebuild teams in one year (which is not always ideal, but works enough)…AND that Cal has absolutely no idea how to coach THIS team. He has no idea how to motivate these specific guys this year. He is a little stubborn to mix things up on defense with zones for a team that is out-manned in many games. Oldschool is correct…not developing his bench more has bitten him this year…hard.

    So, ok, I criticized Cal for this year. He deserves it, as he has done a bad job. Now, am I saying that I hate him? No. Am I saying that I don’t want him as our coach? No. That I am not a UK fan? No.

    All it is is conversation and opinion. Cal needs to step it up and learn some new tricks with this team. That doesn’t mean we should fire him, or the world will end or anything else. We don’t all always have to be “all or nothing” in on one side or the other.

    Yes, I will take a championship caliber team every other year and #1 recruiting classes every year, and I may not like, but will accept these off years. But the points that oldschool makes are relevent…I will take this because I think Cal will overall succeed with it…but I also see reality and know that when Cal does decide to retire, we will be left at square one again with nothing to build on…but again, it is worth the price.

  47. Wayne Turner's Jock Strap

    @Cheese: Dude, totally! Up top!

  48. Paul Jordan's Armpit Cheese

    @JBR: But, but, what about Paul Jordan gargling mucus, huh? Seriously, have you heard that podcast, it’s terrible. They’re all conference calling, and Paul goes, gargling “How’s everybody doin’ this morning.” Now, first of all, when recording a podcast, you shouldn’t say anything to indicate time of day because people will listen to it at many different times. Second of all, don’t ask a general question to a group of people on the phone. Same thing every time…five seconds of awkward silence then two people talk at the same time and say “good””fine.”

  49. Jules Camara

    Yall know where I can get some crack?

  50. T.J. Jones

    Shit yall, Ima go to this elementary school to talk to some kids about football. Where can I get a new gun?

  51. Vandy Game Ref

    That handy from Ashley Judd felt pretty awesome in the lockerroom before the game.

  52. NIT


  53. Rick Crum

    Why can’t ole Cal come out at the press conference, and just say we got beat by a better team, instead of one excuse after another. He should have staged another laying of roses at Adolph’s grave as he did the first year. Bobby Knight has no idea why he is allowed to coach Div 1 basketball after all his final four appearances were vacated and he has cheated everywhere he’s been. And you can bet Ashley Judd’s bloomers that alumni paid all those guys whose names noone can remember that won a title last year. Cal will get caught here too.

  54. Buckets

    Things no one says, ever:

    What would oldschool do?
    Oldschool knows what’s up.
    Oldschool’s a straight-up OG.
    Oldschool should replace Cal!
    Screw Barnhart, oldschool for AD!
    Oldschool for alumni club president!
    Oldschool should speak at Big Blue Madness!
    Oldschool should have his own radio and TV shows!
    Oldschool should have his own website!
    I wish oldschool would weigh in on this.
    Who you gonna call? Oldschool.
    Can you smell what oldschool’s cookin?
    Oldschool 3:16 says Crean is the greatest thing since Bobby Knight.
    Kentucky fans should be more like oldschool.
    Oldschool is a Kentucky fan.

  55. BPsycho

    #67 “I got cr’nack, yeah, I got cr’nack
    Got that cr’nack, yeah, I got cr’nack
    Started from the trap, now I rap
    No matter where I’m at, I got crack”

  56. Michelangelo

    Sculpting is an art and the finished product is all that matters….it’s still January and we have time to create a masterpiece!

  57. FatBlueKid

    We will throttle UT on Tuesday bank on it. Let’s go Wolverines, can’t fathom the possibility of UaVel being 1 tomorrow. THanks Duke! That being said, for you UaVel trolls, go ahead. You are going to get yours this week. You will get hammered against a much improved UCONN club who is not going to tourney, this will be their NC. Then you get Cuse next week. SEE YA!! After this week, we may not hear much from you for awhile. Maybe I want u to be 1 for 4 hours. UCONN will beat you by 20, right it down

  58. BurnerTurner5

    So I see where the team UK was lucky to get by with a win against,Vandy scored 33 points against Arkansas yesterday. I hate to say it but the Cats are not making the tournament this year. They will have a losing record in the shitty SEC yet will lose three or four players early to the NBA draft. WHAT A JOKE!

  59. CatFan4444

    If Elston the wonder boy does that again this season, put up 40 in a game, which he won’t, I’ll buy the dude a steak dinner at the local of his choice. I simply don’t understand UK’s inability to guard the 3 point shot. Where’s the freakin defense you 5 star primas?? Play some defense and quit being slow, uninspired and lazy. I agree with a poster from above. Cal needs to develop the end of the bench and let them contribute in their own way. I mean someone gave Camron Mills the ball in game and look what happened. I just don’t understand how these Texas teams give UK fits. But Elston, you had the game of your career. Against UK, of course, it won’t happen again. Superbowl was yesterday.

  60. RICKY P

    When you have one player scoring half the points for the other team, doesn’t a good coach set up like a box-n-one or some other type of deny defense. I mean middle school teams know how to do that!

  61. Wow

    ESPN just said A@M got beat down at home by Southern a week ago. Also, Vandy dropped 33 points on an awful Arkansas team. We must be brutal.

  62. Jim Methang

    This one & done garbage is a joke.

  63. William Braskey

    First off, anyone bitching about the coaches can SHATTUP! You had no problems the last 3 years with the winning, don’t be ingrates when things don’t work out in a given season. The one constant the last 3-1/2 years is the coaches, which means a sweet16, Final4, and a title were achieved due to them, not inspite of them. Say what you will about Cal’s coaching ability, but you take the good with the bad. No one wins without talent. I’ll take a coach who is a 70 out of 100 on the coaching scale if he recruits at a 95 out of 100.

    which leads to the roster….

    The non-constant is the roster, and that is on Cal since he is the coach and general manager. We’ve been lucky the last 3 years to have not only talent, but also great chemistry and will to win. Just think if Teague had been the point guard two years ago instead of Knight, wouldn’t have been a pretty year. The pieces have seemed to fall into place seamlessly before this year. It’s just one of those things we are going to have to accept, one and dones means it’s high stakes poker.

    Unfortunately we are getting cleaned out at the table this year. Our roster is like a 1997 Honda Accord, the car as a whole isn’t worth a 1/4 of the individual parts by themselves. We have great talent that just doesn’t seem to mesh into a cohesive unit. There is no dominant offensive player to turn to and the majority of the roster is passive.

  64. James K

    Man, you really wish we had won that game with all those football recruits there.

  65. kingrex

    #8 That is all that needs to be said. Cal cannot keep track of more than 6 or 7 players, so there is absolutely no point in him having a bench. It is not bad; that is just who he is as a coach. Pitino is the complete opposite. I do not know if I am the only one who feels this way, but every single time Cal says this is a “players first” program I throw up a little in my mouth. Having 5 children drafted in the first round of the NBA draft was absolutely NOT the pinnacle of Kentucky basketball. That was an ignorant statement and it still makes me sick. This is not a good team, but if only three of the freshmen were playing big roles on this team and we had two or three real contributors returning then we would have something going this year. You cannot encourage these 19 yr old children to leave every single year. I am all for them reaching their dreams, but what about selling the fact that they are having one of the most unique and special experiences a college kid can have by playing basketball for the University of Kentucky. What is the point in every single player leaving after one or two years? For some this is the wrong move. Now what I do see is for some guys the longer they play the more holes are revealed in their games and so their draft position falls, but the alternative is they are revealed as not ready and go back and forth from the D-League for their first few years. Meeks, Patterson, Cousins, Teague and Lamb should have returned and possibly Jones. I think it is reaching the point of peer pressure and self-consciousness when some of these kids leave. Cousins honestly needed three or four years and I think he would not be having the behavior issues he has been having since entering the league.

  66. Lcat

    I believe there are a lot of really good and experienced teams out there. Those teams that are in the top 10, for the most part, have juniors and seniors starting. Yes, we won last year with freshmen and sophs, but that is unusual. This year we have no real experienced players. We are getting physically outmatched and in addition outsmarted. I do not think this team lacks courage, but lack stamina. Next year when we have some experience we will be back on a par with previous UK teams. We may loose 2 guys to the pros. Nerlens for sure.But I do not think we have any other first rounders. These guys are just too raw. We need WCS to return.We have what we have and lets just cheer for these guys and hope for the best. I just hope we can improve enough to make the NCAA tournament. If we do, we are one and out.

  67. tdogg40330

    41) them 3 players are still makin alot more money than you ….

  68. kingrex

    The saddest part is at the end of the game yesterday I felt we had seriously played as well as this team is capable of playing for an entire game. It was at home against a bad team and we lost going away. That is not a good sign. I also want to say, I still love UK and Cal, but if Cal is screaming at them every single day then it seems we as fans can talk about the difficulties this team is having. They do not stop anyone and somehow even with Poythress and the twin towers we got out rebounded again.

  69. fatcat

    They always get out rebounded! No team chemistry will keep you out of position to get rebounds. this team hasn’t shown any improvement from day 1 as a team and will not make the tournament. mark my word. N.I.t bound. SUCKS!

  70. oldstool

    we should model our program after indiana. after all they did win a nc back in ’87. i remember it well. no matter that since then UK has been to 6 final fours and won 3 nc’s. it’s just not as rewarding as slowly building a program like tom crean & his predecessor hrh, gen. robert knight.

  71. jim jim

    I told you we kind of sort of suck !

  72. Big Whoop

    Unless he’s left Wildcatnation as I did, you can get more of oldschool wisdom there as oldschooljps. My only faults with regard to Cal is that the cupboard was left bare this year. He can’t coach the uncoachable and he has no bench to draw upon. When all we have is Wiltjer and May as our interchangeable sixth and seventh man(men), we’ve seen the price to paid for sending six players to the NBA. I feel bad for Nerlins as he has no help except for Harrow who is still learning. Cal made this bed with the recruits brought in and he has to take ownership. I think he has. Next year will be a different story from this year and I am willing to pay the price for this year because of next year. This was definitely not a #1 recruiting class except on paper. Sometimes things just don’t work out as expected.

  73. jim tom

    sound logic and reasoning. is there really a place for that kind of stuff on this forum?

  74. Computer Blue

    I think Cal will get them figuring it out eventually, but these guys are still playing like they’re in high school at the moment.

  75. Nathan

    I dont care who the damn coach is hes not gonna do much with these young kids cuz they are simply to young and we have no veterans to help them out on the floor. AND WTF IF WRONG WITH YOU??..CAL IS TO ANGRY AND MEAN?? WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE A COACH HIDING ON THE BENCH WITH HIS THUMB IN HIS MOUTH WAITING FOR THE GAME TO END?? I love cal’s anger and fire i just wish our team would develop some…. hell i wouldn’t mind to see em throw some elbows n brake a nose or to hell anything sept being pussies like we are shit. thats just me tho.I know most of you little sissy metros on here wouldn’t agree i mean for the most part your more worried how the media n everyone els looks at us but guess what THERE GONNA STILL HATE KENTUCKY N TALK TRASH EVEN IF WE WAS THE PRIME EXAMPLE FOR CLASS IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL….so FUCC EM N GO CATS

  76. Cards

    I wouldn’t be too concerned. Remember how UL finished the regular season last year? They got it all together and made a solid tournament run. You all will be fine.

  77. Sammydog

    Cal rarely does anything without a purpose behind it. His sideline behavior with this team has a purpose. There is no “coach on the floor” as in years past so he has to all but suit up and put on his sneakers to guide his team. He is trying different approaches to push buttons. He may or may not find the solution for this team but anyone who thinks Cal “just rolls the ball out” is a total idiot. No coach spends more energy on coaching his team, not only in basketball, but in life. No coach does as much for his state, university, and community as Cal. Cal is a dreamer with big ideas and wants to attempt things that have never been done before. Some will work and some won’t but he is going to challenge the status quo. We don’t have a traditional coach and shouldn’t expect him to fit in that mold.

  78. BravoBigBlue

    77 – I’m with you. What I expect to come from this season is that Cal will adjust/change/tweak his approach some. Obviously, a team needs veteran experience and leadership to reach its goals. How much is yet to be detertmined. This team has none. But as a program, we’ll be just fine.

  79. Matt Jones' ballsack

    I get all itchy when Matt’s heated like this. Also, we’re out of pizza flavoured combos.

  80. trueblue screw you

    You guys are probably going to the NIT. No shame in that. Plenty of great teams go to the NIT. Like, um, er, uh, well someone anyway. Oh, and no one cares about your four banners proudly gathering dust from a time before the advent of the three-pointer, shotclock, and admission of African Aericans to the game. Seriosly, you all critique your coaches to death. You were pissed at Coach P after getting runnr-up to AZ in 97 after having the greatest team in history the year before. So he left. Before that you drove Suttin to the bottle. Really, what have you had, like five coaches since Coach K started at Duke? No one wants to stay behind the Blue Curtain. Cal won’t get fired. He’ll just get fed up in about three-five years and move to UNLV where he’ll develop a gambling/hooker problem and have his whole career vacated.

  81. The Harrison Twins

    We is regrettin’ what we had said about commin’ tuh Kentucky Universary.

  82. LOL

    I think it’s funny how many UL fans get on here and spend so much time ranting about us (#80). Little brother can be so pathetic.