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Eloy notches a double-double, leads Reach USA to win


Eloy Vargas continues to do work on his tour of China, as he posted 10 points and 12 rebounds and added three blocks in a 79-72 win over Lithuania earlier today. It was the second double-double for the UK big man on the tour, and he’s led the team in rebounding in three of the four games they’ve played, averaging just under nine boards through four games. In much the same way that Josh Harrellson developed on the tour over the summer last year, Vargas seems to be using the court time to get better at handling things underneath the basket, especially on the glass. Having another serviceable big man will be important for the Cats this season, as inside depth is the only real question mark for the team. Hopefully Eloy’s experience with the Sports Reach tour will help him to be able to fill that role.

Here’s the box score from their latest game:


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Article written by Hunter Campbell

34 responses to “Eloy notches a double-double, leads Reach USA to win”

  1. eat my jorts

    Great training event, get it Eloy

  2. eat my jorts

    oh and UL sucks

  3. AKA cold buckets

    So we all agree that the starting line up is Teague, Miller, Gilchrist, Jones, Davis? Lamb 6th man, Wiltjer 7th.

  4. Manchester

    In the box score, what does BS stand for ?

  5. Manchester


  6. Jason

    Not buying it. Harrelson didnt improve in china or because of china. Harrelson didn’t make his improvement until he made the commitment to work harder after the Twitter incident. The competition they must play in those games in china must be truly awful. Vargas can do it, but really doubt his stat lines in these games mean anything at all.

  7. Blue Virus

    4- bologna sandwhich

  8. Harry Beavers

    Eloy = Beast

  9. Alan "Groucho" Cutler

    Blocked shots

  10. lribookend

    The bad news in those stats is that he fouled out and only hit 5/12 shots. For a big man, that is not a good percentage. If he can rebound effectively, he will see minutes. We have plenty of other people who can score.
    I think BS is Blocked Shots…..

  11. Manchester

    #4, funny, #9, thank you.

  12. Mr Schwump

    BS means he was the victim of bullshit calls, just getting ready for the SEC season.

  13. jevin karnett

    There is no one else of significance on that team, and their competition must be fairly flaccid. However, it is way better than him playing pick up ball on campus. It is a good temporary confidence boost maybe to help him stay in shape over the summer. If anything had “clicked” recently, then he would be getting better numbers on such a team. Still, Go Eloy!!! Hope you can turn the corner.

  14. UK2001Grad

    If Cal signs the wife beater, that means he thinks Eloy is garbage. The only way you take a thug like woods is if you think you have no other options at center. Even the lowly tards recruited him as a walk-on for his first year.

  15. Musehobo

    The whole team only shot like 35%…pretty bad

  16. bus puppies

    do they only play Lithuania?

  17. Jimmy Buffett

    13: Don’t say flaccid or you’ll get SexN worked up!

  18. catcrawler

    Unleash Eloy next year !!!!

  19. SeoulCat

    #13, to be fair to Eloy, Jorts averaged 13 & 9 (pts & rb) during the Reach tour last year in China. If Eloy can put up similar numbers–and it appears that he is, then (knowing the sort of senior season that Josh had after the summer tour) I feel pretty good about Eloy’s performance.

  20. Bill Victor

    21 foals on us. 7 on them.

  21. Bill Victor

    fouls, not foals

  22. jevin karnett

    20, I hope so. But as another poster mentioned above, it is way more likely that what lit a fire under Josh is not his decent/good numbers in CHina, but Twittergate and the extra work and conditioning it brought. He never mentioned China all season as being a contributing factor. Through pre-season and the first few games, he was not anywhere near the level he played at after Twittergate and the Louisville game. Plus, he had way better tools (shooting, hands, strength) than Eloy currently has. Still, GO ELOY, you can do it!

  23. BigAbes4UK

    I got a good feeling about this young man- think he will surprise next season. I’m rootin for him!

  24. invisibleink

    2011-12 : the rise of eloy

  25. Jimmy Buffett

    wastin’ away …….

  26. Steve

    This past year Eloy played like he was on dope… no disrespect. Maybe he’s playing clean now, who knows??

  27. KD

    Great pic of Eloy..sure, you go to China to play the series with Lithuania on a neutral court….another
    one of those wacky international rules, “No team shall play within 5000 miles of their own soil.” Too bad NCAA rules don’t make this much sense.
    #7…good one! you may be a youngster , just so ya knows, nobody had more bologna sandwiches than the Big Dipper, Mel Turpin

  28. tyrus

    #27-remember when Coach Hall banned him from going to the McD’s by the old book store.

  29. cracka

    wouldn’t it be wild if there were video of said basketball games … weird idea? not sure if i believe eloy had a double double without video … and it better not be some shoddy video work like that clip that was supposed to lead us to believe we landed on the moon

  30. Helvete

    Let’s not get too excited, he fouled out getting these numbers.

  31. 7aintenough

    5-12 from the field? I like that hes getting boards, but he’s got to finish better, after all he only shoots it 5 feet from the basket.

  32. Mikey

    Can you’all get some video of Vargas in China and put it on here?

  33. Nutwrap

    He needs to cut out those turnovers and work on his hands before he’s going to into a Jorts. But I think if he could average half of those stats next season we become the most dominating front court in many years.

  34. Wow

    we should red shirt him so he can actually contribute another year.