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Eli Capilouto bans students from trying to enjoy UK football

Dr. Eli Capilouto just sent out an e-mail to UK students letting them know that there will be no alcohol, bands, or DJs in the student tailgating area on Cooper:

“Colleagues and Students,

Each year, a rite of fall on our campus is tailgating at football games. Fortunately, the vast majority of people who participate in these activities, including our students, celebrate responsibly and appropriately.

That atmosphere – part of what makes our campus so special – is something we all want to promote.

But two weeks ago, before and after the game with Western Kentucky University, a small number of people acted in a manner that seriously threatened the safety of those around them and of police and other safety officials who are there to protect us all.

Such behavior will not be tolerated.

As a result, the following steps are being taken this weekend during the game against the University of South Carolina:

· There will be an increased police, athletics and student affairs presence in the areas that were negatively impacted two weeks ago – the non-reserved tailgate space along Cooper Drive between Sports Center Drive and University Drive.

· No alcohol will be allowed in that area. Police and state alcohol beverage control officials will be citing people who serve or use alcohol in that area.

· No DJs or bands will be allowed to set up in this area as well.

· Individuals or student organizations that promote drinking or that utilize DJs and bands in this area will be subject to disciplinary actions by our Dean of Students Office that could, ultimately, impact their organizational status.

We want people to attend games. We want all of you to tailgate and enjoy each other’s company in a responsible fashion. But we will not allow actions and behaviors that threaten the safety of our students, our fans or of officials who are present to protect everyone.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in ensuring that everyone at our games is assured of a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Eli Capilouto
University of Kentucky”

That area is now a No Fun Zone.

We are UK.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

116 responses to “Eli Capilouto bans students from trying to enjoy UK football”

  1. Blowb

    Wow, glad I graduated.

  2. Pissed Off

    I hate Capilouto. He goes out and bans the only reasons students even go to the games. He also ended a 30 year tradition in the UK marching band. The tubas are no longer alot to do their “snake” at the end of their halftime performace because he didnt like it. #bringbacktodd

  3. JMF

    Sounds awesome! Way to go Eli! Good job getting more people to come to the crappy UK football games!

  4. ukfan89

    They don’t deserve to act like idiots in that area. This is temporary and is a good punishment for them. The rest of the tailgating community will be as normal.

  5. ktmiln2

    Glad I’m graduated as well. The student section will be absolutely pathetic Saturday. I’m going just to see how bad attendance is.

  6. WKU

    Now WKU students can tell Willie taggart they went to wku to experience the best tailgating in the state. (Probably alway was, no holds barred)

  7. CatGrad7072

    It sounds like the police will be on the lookout for bourbon bottles and solo cups.
    They won’t have to confiscate rubber hoses and funnels until the Vols are back here next season.

  8. notplayingthisgame

    Well, KSR, this is a direct result of posting the video of the fight. Love this site and know why you did it, but it kind of guaranteed that changes would be made. Left the administration with no choice.

    Not sure how much attendence they can count on now that they’ve even sucked the fun out of tailgating.

  9. Jones Returns

    Thanks again KSR for posting the fight video…I hold you responsible

  10. todd

    we increase attendance with that one!!, President Cap has done it again

  11. masscat

    Capilouto aside, I think Joker, Sanders et al are the ones banning students from trying to enjoy UK football… not even being black out drunk can make this team look good.

  12. Matty P

    no one will be going to games now. here comes a new record low attendance

  13. KC

    Thanks, CRAPilouto!

  14. I Say

    The area they are reffering to is called “The Bowl.” Its where all of the Fraternitys and Soroitys tailgate. Its mostly Tool Bags and Frat Stars who hang out there. As you could tell from the video of the guy getting beaten up, the frat boys dont like it when you come into their territory.

  15. Jezz

    Is Capilouto himself trying to have Joker fired ? Because if you’re trying to have envel less people in the stands, that’s the way to go.

  16. Blowb

    How many people do you think will go to that game against Samford? Do you think it will get more than 25k? No student tailgating, a team that will have 1 win, and mid November. It is going to be an embarassment.

  17. Slobbering Drunk

    Alcohol and sporting events do not mix. If you need liquor to enjoy football (even football as pitiful as UK football), then you don’t enjoy football. You enjoy alcohol. Gregg Doyel wrote an excellent column on the subject: . “Hope you enjoy that beer. Could be the last one of your life.”

  18. UKBlue

    I have a feeling Capiluto isn’t going to be at UK long !! With that said, after that fight broke out, legally Capiluto didn’t have a lot of choose. I don’t think Keeneland allows bands or DJ’s either.

  19. C-Bone

    15, please don’t make such ignorant blanket statements about fraternities and sororities. I’m a “tool bag frat star”, to use your crass vernacular, and take issue with your sentiment. Greek life is not what makes the idiot, the idiot inherent within the person is to blame. There are simpletons in Greek circles and Non-Greek alike.

  20. George

    Well…I guess he won’t like my suggestion of $1 beer night in order to fill the stadium

  21. DoIt

    Tailgate at Maxwell Place. They’ll never expect it.

  22. C-Bone

    Sorry, a comment was removed. My post is now for 14.

  23. I Say

    What if you were the guy that got the shit kicked out of him? something had to be done.

  24. sam

    does anybody know why the fight started?

  25. I Say

    19 Im actually in a Fraternity lol, UK just has a lot of Douchy frat stars ya know?

  26. A$$ Grinder

    Awww Man!!! What am I going to do now??? Where will I find my chubby hos to grind on????

  27. uklagdo

    Dumb and pointless…move across the street kids.

  28. Mr. McFisticuffs

    Not all is lost — He didn’t say we couldn’t still fight there.

  29. Greek Life

    14 your lack of intelligence is astounding. Just stop.

    Why not punish the people who were actually involved in the conflict? Instead make thousands of us suffer for no reason.

  30. A uk student

    Capiluto just killed the football program today. The entire student section Is going to be empty. He doesn’t understand how much money football games make.

  31. ThatsExactlyRight


  32. trouljaboy

    hard times as UK student..

  33. bbmike

    Well-I think those morons messed it up for everyone. blame them not the president.

  34. Keeneland bound

    Nice, 10,000 less season ticket holders. Imagine what our student section will look like in October when Keeneland is open. I hope our students organize a boycott UK football day on 10/20 and lets go to Keeneland. Why do all suffer because of a couple of idiots?

  35. shendo

    eli capiluto OR el capitan? running campus like a banana republic. no music, no libation, no fun for you!

  36. J

    30 – I think he knows EXACTLY how much money the football games make…He’s president of the University. To think he doesnt pay attention to the financial gain of a football game is ridiculous. His hands were tied, and as said before, this is only temporary. If these folks could hold their liquor and not get in fights there wouldnt be such an issue.

  37. KidCody

    I bet both of the people who we planning on going this weekend are really disappointed.

  38. Idiots

    This is a typical example of grade school punishment, where a bunch of idiots screw everything up for the rest of us. Instead of blaming the Principal, why don’t we blame the kids who can’t control themselves and don’t care about the consequences of our actions? You’re supposed to be “adults” after all. Morons.

  39. Bob Loblaw

    23.) How about actually finding the ones who beat the kid up? You know, the ones that are criminally liable for assault? We need to quit punishing groups of people based on the acts of a few individuals. The Penal Code and criminal justice system exist for a reason. Use it

  40. Fight Video

    Can someone re-post the fight video, I didn’t see it, but am now interested.

  41. KidCody

    I’d like to point out there was also a huge fight at UofL’s tailgate the same day, but no one cares. Why? No video of it, no high profile blog giving it publicity and making it a story.

  42. Alan Cutler's mustache

    Somebody needs to slap Capaluto in his good eye. What a turd!

  43. lh74

    This is bullshit. that area is a little out of hand Il admit, but Ive never seen anyone get hurt there before the western game. And oh yeah they were western frat boys who started the whole thing. So not only did their football team ruin our season, their students ruined our student tailgating for the year.

  44. Paducah Patty

    Hey here’s a novel idea! How about holding those who do stupid things when tailgaiting responsible and leave the fans who have fun without fighting and causing property damage alone! Tired of a few idiots being allowed to ruin things for everyone else!

  45. ShawnP

    Hello below 40K attendance. Vote with your feet students and blow off the game.

  46. Greg

    Total bullshit…also glad this didn’t happen while I was a student. Definition of tailgaitimg is grilling and drinking

  47. lh74

    Actually I would say 80-90% of the students who are tailgating/partying in the bowl never make it into the game anyways.

  48. Dumbledore

    “While a bummer, this wasn’t gameday’s main appeal, not with a team as great as ours,” said no UK student ever.

  49. 3cats

    He said a small group of people had a fight… so all of you will pay. So, no money for football and no fun for students to go. How a bout this, If you fight you go to jail.. if you are out of your mind you go to jail.He needs to re- think this one. Capaluto has shown that he doesn’t care about sports, remember telling the students they cannot go to NCAAs? A turd is right.

  50. SteveM

    Boycott UK football. There is absolutely no reason to go to a UK game.

  51. Dumbledore

    Rest easy, guys. Keeneland’s only 8 days away.

  52. BlueTexan

    Just another reason to not attend…ridiculous memo.

  53. jared in stl

    President Buzz Killington

  54. Dave

    Leave it to a bunch of fraggits to ruin it for everybody else.

  55. bigbluethroughandthrough

    Wow! I bet that area will be PACKED out this week! haha

  56. What a shame

    Why did you post this video KSR? You made a mountain out of a mole hill. The entire student section should be pissed off at you!

  57. Ridge Runner

    Ya bunch of drunks… hiccup, excuse me.

  58. Biglaw Dawgin'

    How are you going to end that depressing message with “We are UK”? Old people acting like party poopers, “we are UK.” Police arresting students, “we are UK.” What’s next? Student turned serial killer loose on campus, “we are UK”?

  59. BingleJells

    I miss Hal Mumme.

  60. Common Sense

    Well when people act like idiots, punishment will ensue. This better be temporary b/c this being permanent seems ridiculous.

  61. Common Sense

    No we have foot stabber’s not serial killers.

  62. schwing

    1- shut up.
    2- grow up.
    3- get a job and become a productive member of society and the economy.
    4- buy a house/condo/townhouse or rent an apartment/house/condo/townhouse.
    5- have a party there after inviting only those you know & trust.
    6- enjoy your civilized gathering.

  63. FireJoker

    To quote the head coach in the move The Program, “hey Capiluoto, stick that bowtie up your ass.”

  64. ajhank2

    UK has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol anyway, right? So what’s the fuss? If you believe you can’t have a good time without alcohol (you’re wrong by the way) just move to a different tailgate spot.

  65. scwhing is right

    #62 is spot on. to the rest: quit banging on about your perceived lack of respect in regards to the no alcohol policy. you deserve it.

  66. mores

    Fights happen at every tailgate for every major sporting event, but I’ve never heard of a university president stepping in and overreacting like this. Capiluoto has done no good for UK or Kentucky, but lots of bad. He needs to go.

  67. Triple-D

    62 is definitely a GDI. You were obviously never welcome at tailgates, so now you have your own.

  68. UKEngr

    Technically, hasn’t alcohol always been prohibited on campus?

  69. Dirt McGirt

    Im not mad about it since I never actually went to the bowl, but Capilouto is horrid. Thank God im a senior and actually did get to experience Dr. Lee Todd. Since the new president has taken over the whole social scene at UK is trash, unless you’re in a frat(no disrespect to them). 09-10 the police presence on the State, University, Waller area was alot more lax compared to what it is now. Might as well move all the student tailgating to Waller and call it a day. El Cap is no fun…and doesnt understand the concept of what makes a school great. Its not just academics, its the total experience. Next thing u know he’ll be trying to get rid of the eRRuption zone.

  70. Celticben

    Alcohol is banned from campus except in the Faculty Center & the luxury boxes at CWS. Enforce the law and cite all tailgaters with having an open container. Targeting students is a huge mistake. Attendance is going to be bad enough as it is. Now it is only going to get worse. This guy doesn’t have a clue. Without people being able to drink, they wouldn’t be able to fill Memorial for a football game. Good grief!

  71. Jon Hadley

    # 19 you say you are not a frat tool bag/ douche. Your name is c-bone. You just contradicted yourself.

  72. UKEngr

    The title of this article is exactly the attitude that causes problems like this.

    1) I am pretty sure students and everyone who is on campus is not allowed to consume alcohol on the premises, so the University needs to be responsible and enforce these rules at all times equally, not just after something bad happens.

    2) Enjoying a football game != drinking alcohol. If alcohol allows you to enjoy a game, I would have to ask you, what are you really enjoying?

    3) Drew, you can thank yourself for this by posting the video a couple of weeks ago. This is a high profile site with lots of traffic and anything that gets posted will get attention especially if it is controversial. What do you expect Capilouto to do? He has to make a stand against violence and the perceived cause of it. If he didn’t do anything, even more people would be upset with him (not the students).

    4) A students right to have a good time is only respected when the students don’t harm other people. I wish that the university would enforce its own rules at EVERY game/event in order to prevent things of this nature to happen.

  73. uk student

    way to go KSR…morons

  74. James K

    Is this the official Capilouto Sucks moments? Have we officially moved into that territory? I feel like we gave him the benefit of the doubt for so long.

  75. Yo Momma

    All of you all bagging on people for drinking and tailgating need to drink a beer and chill out, in fact, you can come drink all you want at my place on state street

  76. Mr. Mackey

    alcohol is bad. . . mkay.

  77. Aja

    Enjoying UK football requires imbibments.

  78. Conservative

    The fact that “civilized” humans still partake in such poisoning of their bodies for recreational purposes is dumbfounding.

  79. ukdave

    My wife and had the misfortune of walking through that area before WKU game due to where we had to park our car. All I can say is “Thank you1″ to Dr. Capilouto! Sad when you can onnly have .”fun” by manufactured means of mind-altering substances.

  80. kyle heavy

    Drew can sort of take the blame for this by making the video go viral.

  81. Southern Gentlemen

    Wow so a GDI ruins an event for everyone. I hope he learns his lesson not to come in a fraternity tailgate and run his mouth. I will not allow him to wear his Jorts when his working for me or another fraternity guy one day. That goes for the rest of the GDI slugs. If you don’t like go cry a river in the side pocket of your cargo shorts. Or go rally for Obama when you dot even know his views.

  82. kyle heavy

    6- youre crazy. WKU tailgating sucks so bad.

  83. Buckets

    Well, glad I graduated a few years ago. I said this the other day and I’ll say it again, fire Capaluto’s ass. Fire him yesterday. What a curmudgeon. Great job, douchebag.

  84. jaws2

    Soooooo, a couple of idiots get in a ‘fight’, and everyone else who have nothing to do with it gets punished? Welcome to the new USA!

  85. Southern Gentlemen

    This should explain it all

  86. bob

    This all comes down to one thing:

    The never ending war between GDIs and Greeks.

    Two solutions:

    1. Greeks, stop having such a good time.

    2. GDIs, stop trying to latch on to Greek fun. Go make your own fun.

    Problem solved.

  87. FrateousBBN

    @82, you are so frat. If you try any harder, we wont be able to tell.

    Viral posting of a video leads to emotional decision made by the president.

    All this means is that cops wont be able to contain the debauchery that tailgating and college kids, and especially our greek system, will still unleash. unfortunately, it may be in lots with families, in rented homes on state street.

    Any way terrible decision, if he was trying to contain the tailgating and drinking situation

  88. tangledupinblue

    was eli the preacher in the movie footloose ?

  89. James K

    @82, you’re a loser. I bet you couldn’t float a piece of popcorn on the shallowness that fills up you and your loser friends. Elitism is what you build your ego up with when you have no idea what actually makes you happy. Dumb ass.

  90. cmon now

    this does sound temporary and that area has been needing some clean up for a long time. If this weekend goes smoothly, I would say they will bring back the old rules of ignoring the no alcohol policy on university grounds.

  91. James K

    @82, but if that’s a parody — genius. Otherwise, dumb ass.

  92. BuD LiGhT

    I hate to say it, but not a single student should attend the game or even show up to tailgate. Make our tailgate area look like a deserted island. It goes without saying, Capilouto is out of touch.

  93. Really#43?

    43 – You are really gonna blame this on WKU students? I’ve seen the video and all I see are blue shirts and blue hats punching and kicking the kid in the UK tshirt. But, it’s WKU’s fault I see? Interesting…what an idiot you are. I’m upset about the ban too, but the blame falls on our own idiots, not their’s.

  94. Bruce Pearl

    Alcohol enemas 5 minutes before kickoff. Problem solved.

  95. Will S

    Calipari for UK president?

  96. Pot n Beer

    The football players can smoke pot, but the students are banned from drinking beer! Student section will be empty this Saturday, and no doubt during Keeneland. Any comments on the three football players smoking pot Mr. President?

  97. Chucky's brother

    Eli is an Alabama boy, so you’d think he’d understand the revenue generated from a big time SEC college football program.

  98. Adults

    You students hardly attend the games anyway. Most of you can’t handle your liquor. Just leave the drinking to the professionals.

  99. CATS

    Not sure why people are talking about money in this post. Most student tickets are bought well ahead of time. Thus, the money has already been made.

  100. Slobbering Drunk

    If you need alcohol to have fun, you have a problem.

  101. RealCatsFan

    Well, with the crappy product that takes the field every week, the fans need a few drinks to take the edge off of our pain and make the game tolerable. At least it doesn’t seem as bad watching our ineptitude on the field getting crushed week after week if we have a little buzz going. That being said, if you don’t have the maturity to know your limit and keep from making a fool of yourself, get in a fight, or destroy property, then you need to sit at home and watch the game on TV. I like to knock down a few cold ones, but I don’t turn into a raging asshole when I get a buzz. To those who are pissed about the situation, don’t blame Capulito – he had no choice. Don’t blame KSR either. Blame the dumbasses that I described above.

  102. Designated Driver

    99 – Do you really think adults are great drinkers? I’ve seen way too many grown adults who are normally nice decent people turn into completely obnoxious human beings after drinking. The problem is they have no idea how alcohol changes them and how much they embarrass themselves.

  103. Drew the problem

    Drew, you banned all of my friends and me from ever posting on the website about 1 month ago. All are still banned. Your were on your period one Friday night I guess. Now you post a video on KSR that goes viral and no students are allowed to party. I hope that others join me and twitter around to ban UK football for one game and get you banned from KSR forever!!!!

  104. Drew the problem

    I have an idea. How about Matt Jones and Drew broadcast from the former UK party zone. Brilliant KSR, brilliant.

  105. bob wiley

    Appears that several people may be subject to “double secret probation”.

  106. thenamerobdigity


    I want the team to win, and deterring students/ the home crowd from the game is going to hurt Kentucky football.

  107. Bluegrass Jimmy

    Dr. Capilouto, I’m sure glad I graduated years ago! If you want to destroy Kentucky Football, YOU and JOKER are doing a fine job! Keep it up buddy, when you have 20,000 people in the stadium you will wake up! It just might be too late then, it will take YEARS to get that fan base back!

  108. johnwaynelives

    Nice comment #97…

  109. Bulldawg

    @62 Little boxes on the hillside,
    little boxes made of ticky tacky
    little boxes on the hillside
    and they all look just the same.

  110. Invisible Obama

    zero. point. zero.

  111. Invisible Obama

    2 words: Jello Shots!

  112. My Blue Heaven

    Put Capilouto, Joker, Barnhart, and the fighters on a bus bound for Bloomington…add them to the freak show up there

  113. Calipartytime

    In related news :

    Students are also being banned from eating while studying in the library because a couple students decided to stab others in the foot with a fork & ruin it for the others.Students will be arrested if they are spotted with a fork or knife. Spoons will be allowed,but not sporks. Also,students must wear tennis shoes,although steel toed shoes are recommended. Barefoot students or students in sandals will NOT be admitted.

  114. jetblue

    Sorry Eli, UK football keeps me from enjoying UK football.

  115. MHFaulkner

    The best way to teach responsibility is to take away all rights.