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Edgar Sosa’s leg is completely broken

The Dominican Republic team was winding down its 24-point win over Panama when Edgar Sosa went down with the nastiest injury I’ve ever seen. Sosa’s leg snapped with just 40 seconds left in the game. It is called a “complete break” of the leg – and it’s hard to look at it. Players from both sides looked on in shock; some were even crying for Sosa after watching the severe injury take place.

We wish Sosa the best and hope that the young man can make it back to basketball after this one.

Click below to see the photo of the break. Proceed with caution; it’s not pretty. You’ve been warned. I’m serious. It’s that bad.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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59 responses to “Edgar Sosa’s leg is completely broken”

  1. KSR Spy

    Wow…that’s nasty. Seen some nasty compound fractures like it before. Definitely keeping him in our prayers. He will be off of it for several months…then it will be several months of rehab to get his leg muscles built back up even with his other leg. Not to mention getting out of shape from not being able to do cardio. If he is dedicated he will get back to the game. Expect him to be off a solid year though.

  2. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Poor kid. Thoughts are with you

  3. Rothchild

    That’s a tough break for the young man.

  4. Enes

    Never EVER want to see this happen to anybody. Prayers for the former Card. His career is likely done.

  5. Buckets

    Man. That’s awful. Ugggh. Poor guy.

  6. Cleveland Brown

    That’s nasty.

  7. tdogg4033011

    my goodness, we wish him the best in recovery. BBN keep him in your prayers !!!

  8. coelslaw3

    How did it happen?

  9. Madtex

    Remember Joe Theisman of the Washington Redskins years ago?

  10. robby

    Gillispie would’ve ask him to play through it

  11. Urincatland

    Wishing Sosa the best of luck!! Thoughts and prayers are with him.

  12. Bundy

    Damn, that makes my stomach turn. Reminds me of the Tyrone Prothro break a few years ago..

  13. nepalibabu

    one can definitely come back from that injury. if surgeries and rehab goes well, he should be in running condition in about a year. i have seen worse leg fractures in soccer that players have come through. if people want to see, google, aaron ramsey and eduardo da silva of arsenal. those definitely arent pretty.
    warning, these arent for the faint of heart! – eduardo – ramsey

  14. BleedingBlue79

    Yikes, really wish I could unsee that. Hope he’s able to make a full recovery.

  15. nepalibabu

    if all goes well in surgery and rehab he should be back in about a year. there have been worse injuries in soccer. two recent examples are aaron ramsey and eduardo of arsenal, both of whom came back to play.

    warning these arent for the faint of heart – ramsey – eduardo

  16. Cat Fan in Kazakhstan
  17. Cat Fan in Kazakhstan
  18. SeoulCat

    Steve Zakuani laughs at that fracture.
    If you truly want to see nasty, check out the break from the sliding tackle on the Seattle Sounders man:

  19. FED UP

    Heart goes out to him hope he recovers soon but next question is why was in a game well in hand?

  20. Paducah Patty

    My heart goes out to Edgar! I hope everything goes well for him with his recovery.

  21. catcrawler

    It looks like he has a 2nd knee on one leg…. ouch. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  22. Somervillain

    Poor guy. I did the exact same thing in college, but I was playing paintball. Nasty injury, but absolutely bouncebackable (trademark Cal). Knock on wood, mine has been pretty much good as new for 20 years now. Hate to see it, but if the damage is limited to the bone and the breaks are relatively clean, I can say from experience that he will be okay.

    Good luck, Edgar.

  23. WildcatsOne

    Broken bones heal. Chicks dig scars, and the glory lasts forever.

    Get well soon Edgar.

  24. UL is Miami's little brother.

    19. Pretty sure he is the back up point guard.

  25. catman

    Never thought I’d feel this degree of empathy for Edgar Sosa… Get healthy young man.

  26. Darryl Isaac

    Prayers are with the guy. I remember this happening to Sid Vicious when he was jumping off the top rope at a WCW event. Disgusting injury!

  27. adam

    Hate to see that! Get well soon! He’s a tough kid I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him….

  28. Peter north

    the BBN supports Sosa get well soon

  29. really

    I knew some clown would question Cal for javing him in the game. surprise it took 20 posts

  30. sosa leg.
  31. WildcatFan

    Wow! That is terribly sad, Sosa is in my thoughts and prayers!

  32. Get Well Edgar

    GET WELL SOON EDGAR. I can’t stand Louisville Basketball, but it’s at times like this that we realize just how meaningless basketball really is. GOD Bless you son and you are in my prayers.

  33. NBA league pass

    That sucks, you don’t like to see anybody get hurt like that. I expect you will start seeing fewer and fewer NBA players playing in these types of exhibition games because of stuff like this.

  34. bmt22033

    OMG. That’s awful. I hope he heals well and is able to return to basketball in time. UL or not, I hate to see that happen. 🙁

  35. FU of L


  36. IluvUK

    Prayers going up for Edgar Sosa!

  37. wildcatcpa

    Oh snap!!

  38. fakinnomah

    Hope you can recover soon Edgar.

  39. SagaciousMind

    12, I remember watchin that game when Prothro broke his leg, it was this nasty or if not worse. Poor guy. I hope he can come back from it cuz if I’m not mistaken, Prothro’s career ended and he was a damn good player. Sucks for the DR team though, they really need him. Best of luck to Sosa and the team.

  40. katmancsm

    Hoping for the best and quickest recovery possible.

  41. Morgan Newton SUCKS!!!

    WOW, that’s ugly. Thank God we have highly skilled surgeons. Get well soon Sosa.

  42. Cats R Back

    Here’s the question….WHY IS HE IN THE GAME, A BLOWOUT WIN, WITH 40 SECONDS LEFT??? Sounds familiar….like 2011 SEC Tournament. Cal has got to stop leaving his best players in games that are in hand…

  43. GoesTo11

    Like somebody said previously, he should be full strength in about a year. Tib/fib breaks take a while to heal, but usually come back 100%. This is a very common injury in the motocross world.

  44. RidgeRunner

    Hope the kid heals with no lingering issues. Damn, I hate to see that for him or any1…

  45. Hopkinsville Shawn

    No offense to the posters comparing this to an injury that happened In soccer or baseball. But, you dont have to jump at a high level In those sports. I pray he can come back I really do. If he does Ill be impressed and will forever be a E. Sosa fan.

  46. mdd34

    @42 – Give me a break. Let’s not the players practice either… cant risk that!

  47. RP_McMurphy

    Wasn’t he talking about beating UK a few weeks ago.

  48. GAKAT

    Damn, hate to see that happen. Hope he can recover

  49. Kenny H

    I never liked him at UL but I did respect him. I hope he has a full recovery.

  50. rainman

    Wish him the best, never like to see anyone get injured!!


    It’s hard to like anyone that wore a Card jersey but it saddens me to see this and would not wish that on anyone. Horrible. I was very impressed with his play in the versus Pros games. Prayers for you young man! Hope to see you make a full recovery and return to the court.

  52. x-ray tech

    Complete break of the tib/fib he’s in extreme pain. Would like to see the films. I’ve only seen 1 complete break in 2years it was a femur.

  53. Doctor

    it’s broken.

  54. Dennis Weaver

    Nothing but prayers for this young man.

  55. crackerhillbilly

    Complete tib-fib. Hopefully, no serious vascular or nerve damage. In some ways, a tib-fib can be better than breaking just one of the lower leg bones as it is somewhat easier to manipulate and align both bones during surgery. Still, gonna be a long rehab and he should take his time and not try to rush back a la Michael Bush (though he had an NFL contract as motivator). Wishing him the best.

  56. middlesborojoe

    that reminds me of how Sam Bowie’s leg looked… All the rivalry stuff aside…I really feel for the guy. Hope he recovers ok.

  57. Dude

    Funny that the UK site has news about Edgar with most UK fans wishing him well and the UL site has NOTHING about it at all. Where you at Card fans?

  58. BigCatsFan

    Thoughts and prayers are with you Edgar…!!!

  59. Megan

    I still haven’t recovered from Theisman’s. The thing I remember most about that – apart, of course, from his leg bending 90 degrees in a place that had no previous joint – was the reaction of the opposing players. Grown-ass men, mind you. Large, violent professional football players, putting their hands on their heads (like the photo above), covering their mouths in shock and desperately imploring the Redskins’ sideline to come onto the field. No, I have no desire to see this injury in motion, thank you very much.

    Sending some get well kisses your way, Edgar. xxx