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Ed Wilson speaks

WKYT scored an interview with Ed Wilson and Charles Taylor, the two elderly men who fought over UK and UofL yesterday at a dialysis clinic. Enjoy.

H/t to Mike Rutherford

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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31 responses to “Ed Wilson speaks”

  1. E. Court

    Can’t we all just get along…lol

  2. Gerkin

    I was picturing frail old people, not behemoths!

  3. Fratdaddy

    I was really surprised by the Louisville fan…

  4. S. Witt

    So. Many. Puns.

  5. Captain Ramius

    You seriously couldn’t script a funnier rivalry story

  6. RYNO

    Does Elizabeth Dorsett get a raise Matt?

  7. Kentucky Gentleman

    The puns in this are unreal.

  8. What I see...

    Two old dudes arguing about a basketball rivalry. The only thing I have to say here is, “Hey, that reporter was a hottie!”

  9. Terry Tate

    3. Funny that you say that. When I sent this video to my UK alumni friend, the only response I got from him was, “Of course the Louisille fan is black”. You two would get along great!

  10. RYNO

    The excessive use of forced basketball analogies were beyond painful- power forward?? Huh? Other than that, and the desk anchor’s jazz hands, that report was just about the best thing I’ve seen all week.

  11. kywildcat


  12. BBN24

    how many puns can you fit in 1:38? geez. i was hoping the UK fan struck first.

  13. SteveM

    File assault and battery against the U of L thug! Where has Elizabeth been??

  14. DTO

    This is greatness

  15. Paul

    how in the world is that guy 71. Black people do not age…

  16. Don

    Evan Daniels ‏ @EvanDanielscout

    “Guys that have stood out this week? Shabazz Muhammad, Alex Poythress, Grant Jerrett, Marcus Smart & Rasheed Sulaimon”

    Good news there!

  17. Scrappy

    Those puns didn’t even make sense. ” They never anticipated a power forward.” What does that mean?

  18. Mudcreekmark

    Watching an old Duke-UK game on ESPN Classic. Duke had:
    Jason Williams
    Chris Duhan
    Dontay Jones
    Carlos Boozer
    Mike Dunleavy
    We Kentucky fans get carried away with saying crazy things about talent level. That is a pretty good starting five for DUKE right there. We had , Prince, Bogans,Hawkins,Estill,Fitch Jules Camara and of all players we had Rasheed Caruth leading us in scoring in this game.

  19. Mudcreekmark

    Lets see, a black man hits a white man that is hooked up on a dialysis machine. If it was the other way around, it would have made CNN and Jesse Jackson would have flown in. Hate crime!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Rockfield,KY

    19. exactly….. but honestly each one was an exact stereotype of what the other fan base would think of a typical old UK or UL fan. I thought it was funny in that aspect. If I still lived in KY, I’d be giving a lot of UL fans the finger.

  21. Connie Lingus

    Perfect fanbase stereotypes. Both of em. Cat city bitch.

  22. Maxbps8

    They are probably best friends, still UK & UofL fans but decided to put on a little show just to see what would happen.

  23. Real Cats Fan

    Yep, not stereotypes with this story! Next thing we’ll hear about is a UK fan intentionally crimping a UL fan’s oxygen tube.

    On another note, that female reporter is pretty easy on the eyes. We need a few like her on the Louisville stations. Sexinnursinghomes post in three…two…tone… 😀

  24. Bob Loblaw

    19 Yeah talk to George Zimmerman about that. Guilty until proven innocent.

  25. Bryan8696

    how many more TERRIBLE puns could she fit in there? hurt my ears…

  26. JB

    Ed should of kicked his ace

  27. ekblueblood

    kick his ass c bass

  28. nextstopeight

    punch a man while he is hooked to a machine….What next will he ask someone to raise his child for him?

  29. MATRIX

    He said DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. RYNO

    24) Holy Shit- You are a true POS aren’t you? The clan meeting’s down the hall MFer-

  31. HB

    The best is the recommended videos afterwards.