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Duquesne Assistant Says Pete Thamel Misrepresented His Quotes in Kanter Article


By now you have probably read this article by Pete Thamel of the New York Times, in which he quotes a Turkish GM as claiming his team paid Enes Kanter over $100,000 while he was part of their team in Turkey. As part of that article, Thamel goes into some detail on the Kanter issue with his Turkish team, but he also throws in an odd allegation about Max Ergul, suggesting (without evidence) that me may have been an agent that helped bring Kanter over to the United States. As “proof” of this allegation, Thamel contacted Rodney Crawford, a newly appointed Assistant Coach at Duquesne, and the former coach at Mountain State, where Kanter once attended school. Thamel gave quotes from Crawford in the piece:

The former Mountain State coach Rodney Crawford, now an assistant at Duquesne, said Ergul acted as an adviser for Kanter.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking much about him,” Crawford said of Ergul. “I don’t want to be talking about it. He’s a real secretive guy. I don’t feel comfortable talking much about him.”

When asked about Ergul’s role in Kanter’s life, he said: “He’s his adviser. That would be a good way to put it.” He added: “You know, that’s another thing I can’t really speak on. I just took a coaching job at Duquesne; you know how the game is, I can’t afford to say anything.”

The implication of course with those quotes is that Ergul is a shady character and one that even Kanter’s former coach wont speak about. Late last night I spoke with Rodney Crawford and he says that Thamel completely misrepresented his comments and even used quotes not made about Kanter or Ergul in the story. “Max is a great guy and Enes is a great kid,” Crawford said. “Never in a million years would I say something negative about those guys. The thing I was saying was that I dont want to speak on Max or anyone else without talking to them first. There was nothing negative about it, I just was saying he was my friend and I didnt want to talk about him to the press.” Crawford added, “he then took it and made it look negative.”

Even more upsetting however to Crawford was the second quote used by Thamel, in which he quoted Crawford as saying, “You know, that’s another thing I can’t really speak on. I just took a coaching job at Duquesne; you know how the game is, I can’t afford to say anything.”

Crawford says that while he said those words, it was about a situation completely apart from the Enes Kanter story. “He asked me about a totally different guy that I dont want to talk about and it was something that was about a completely different situation. That quote wasnt even about Max or Kanter and he [Pete Thamel] knows that.” Crawford said he was angry at the use of the quote about a different player and the out of context quotes before to somehow paint him as having negative feelings about Ergul or Kanter’s eligibility. “I know for a fact that Max is a friend to Kanter’s family and that nothing against the rules went on with them. But he didnt print any of that.”

So as with the Eric Bledsoe piece, where a Pete Thamel article came out, and later one of the main “sources” claimed to be quoted out of context, it now has happened again, but this time with a Division I college basketball Assistant Coach. One starts to see a pattern.

Article written by Matt Jones

136 responses to “Duquesne Assistant Says Pete Thamel Misrepresented His Quotes in Kanter Article”

  1. RidgeRunner

    Good God…is there ever going to be sports writers without agenda’s? It continues and continues. Being #1 in all of basketball will continually bring out the trash even in high market places. Tag, your it again Pete!

    By the way Matt…this quote from you is what its all about…”That publicity could push a close case in the other direction and might make the NCAA simply decide that ineligibility is the easier decision to justify.” — Thats the bottom line for Thamel and just wish the a@@-hole would admit it instead of hiding.

  2. UKin11

    Give it up man. There are shenanigans everywhere. Why are you taking it out on Calipari?

  3. UKin11

    RidgeRunner – He is not after UK, he is after Cal. UK is caught in the crosshairs in this.

  4. Waitin' on 8

    Thamel is a Class A DOUCHE! He just got busted lying!

  5. duhville cat

    Matt Jones is the pitbull that the Big Blue Nation needs in it’s backyard. Thanks.

  6. Old Man Brooks

    Is this guy just a Tipton wannabe? His end in bringing down Cal justify his means in doing so?

  7. bigjermscats

    Why does this clown at nyt have to grind with the big blue nation???

  8. RidgeRunner

    3..It’s all the same once your married. If he is after 1, he gets the other. Splitting hairs and he don’t care cuz where 1 falls, the other falls.

  9. Waitin' on 8

    Pete Thamel… that’s STRIKE 2. One more and you’re out!

  10. Billy

    F him.

  11. culleypagri

    Who is Pete Thamel? Exactly! Nobody knows! So he’s trying to make a name for himself at Kentucky’s expense.

  12. R. Smith

    and here I thought I wouldn’t find anyone I disliked more than Tipton. Good job on getting this out so quick, KSR

  13. Enes Kanter

    Wow this guy really needs to get off my case. Me want to play!

  14. RidgeRunner

    Lets get the hounds together and take a trip to NY! Sonofa&%&*. Time to introduce some Ky Hillbilly Hospitality.

  15. R. Smith

    its one thing to go after Cal at Memphis. Thamel doesn’t realize that UK fans will find out where he lives.

  16. Petty T.'s small wee wee

    Is that my owner in the picture. I only know what his hand looks like while he tries to nail Cal to the wall.

  17. NYTreporter

    The New York Times is discredited once again. What a rag they have become.

  18. Wildcat Fan

    Pete needs to be beat right upside the head!

  19. Gossie21

    That’s incredibly brave of Thamel to play fast and loose with a quote like that.

    ….wait I think I meant stupid, not brave.

  20. duhville cat

    14) ROAD TRIP! I’m in!

  21. Tobias Funke

    From John Clay’s liveblog:

    [Comment From AlanAlan: ]
    Why don’t you like KSR?

    Tuesday September 7, 2010 9:06
    JohnClay: How much time do you have?

  22. Old South

    If Crawford is telling the truth and those quotes are really that far out of context, I don’t see how the New York Times could continue to employ him. Sometimes quotes are taken a bit out-of-context to make something appear more extreme than it was intended to be (see the Orlando Sentinel reporter that Urban Meyer blew up on). But that’s not the case here. This is using quotes in a context so different as to deliberately mislead the reader and distort what the source said. It’s close to plagiarism. It’s enough to seriously undermine the paper’s reputation as a whole. With as much effort as it takes for a paper like the Times to keep its lofty status, I can’t believe they’d let one idiot in the sports section embarrass them like that again. I thought they had their fill of shysters with the Jayson Blair incident.

  23. RidgeRunner

    Here come the tards & trolls… Geeze! Open the windows & let out the stink for awhile.

  24. Flippy23

    What is it with this Thamel guy……I know a couple of old boys in Hazard I need to introduce him to…..they make the kid playing the banjo on Deliverance look like Rob Lowe……

  25. Brandon

    Way to go Matt!

    Awesome investigating.

    Wonder what will happen now, reguarding Thamel. I seriously doubt he’ll print a retraction… or admit he placed those quotes “out of context” but who knows…..

  26. Tobias Funke

    JohnClay: Sure, I don’t like the fact they take other people’s content/pictures and act like it is their own produced content. I don’t like the way it rarely if ever links, or gives credit. When was the last time you saw KSR give a hat tip to someone else?

  27. catfainchattanooga

    5) haha very nice…

    This post does feel like it belongs on TMZ.

  28. ukchampion

    Matt, thanks for thrashing that clown.

  29. RidgeRunner

    Flippy…I hear ya bud!

  30. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    If the quotes from Crawford were that out-of-context, the whole validity of the article is in question. Who’s to say that the GM wasn’t quoted out-of-context and misrepresented, as well?

  31. HMM

    More than likely he said exactly what he was quoted as saying and didn’t realize how it sounded. He clearly was trying not to talk about it. Just didn’t do a good job.

  32. Grammar

    Not to be all about grammar but you should proof read that once or twice before rushing it out. Especially if it has a chance of going out to more than just UK fans. Like how you used “me” instead of “he”. Makes a post seem more credible if it’s properly written.

  33. right said fred

    #31 Once again leave it to Card fans to lack in comprehension skills. This is a situation with Kanter not Cal. Good grief go celebrate getting UK’s leftovers and coming in second to Big Blue instead of over here obsessing about UK.

  34. Major

    Thamel even took a cheap shot at Enes’ study habits at the end of the piece. That article reads like an opposing fan’s message board post, not real journalism. VERY unprofessional.

  35. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (35) He was also paid in Euros, most likely. Who knows if the GM’s statements already took exchange rates into account.

  36. HMM

    33 I agree this is a Kanter issue. Where did I say otherwise? Frankly I think the Duquesne coach was probably quoted correctly. I just don’t see some great anti-Kentucky conspiracy. Obviously you do.

  37. FredBread

    His quotes were not really taken out of context. He basically said what this guy said he said. We simply implied that he meant something negative about it. ITS ALL GOOD!

  38. All Leftists are Evil

    Thamel = leftist
    All leftists = liars and evil enemies of the United States
    NYT = leftist rag
    Therefore, no one should be surprised by what Thamel does, nor that the NYT pays him to do it.

  39. BlueDNA

    32. Very ironic and amusing that you continue to criticize others for not “proof reading” when that is actually one word. Proofread. Carry on.

  40. Plain Truth

    This is obviously some one who was has taken movies like Glory Road, as true history. This should give every one on this site to pause and think about everything that comes out of Hollywood and the motivation behind. This writer is out to right in his mind a wrong, Kentucky is a cheating, lying program that try’s to circumvent the 1964 Civil Rights act every chance it gets. I am sure where he works the N.Y.T. everyone knows and believes this, just like the sun coming up in the east, it is a stereotypical fact. This shrinking newspaper has an agenda and everything is written from a point of view, unfortunately for U.K. they fit in real well, with the rest of the prejudice conclusions. But you know it must be true, it was it in the movies.

  41. Lizards

    Fred Bread is that you?

    I’m not sure you said what you thought you said. Unless you didn’t mean to say it or something. Maybe that’s not what you meant to say.

    I bet Pete Thamel is hiding outside Cals house, digging thru Cals trash once a week, looking for his next “big story”

  42. Kudos2PlainTruth

    41, you nailed ’em. As Reagan said, “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant; rather, it is that they know so much that isn’t so.”
    Thamel KNOWS Kentucky is rotten. He’s just wrong about that.

  43. luke_the_drifter

    Is there a lower occupation in American society than being a member of the press? It seems Journalism teaches them to have an agenda and destroy people’s lives.

  44. Heshi – Mass appeal
    Aug 21, 2002 … Pete Thamel is a frequent contributor to ESPN The Magazine. E-mail him at …… – Options

  45. BigBlueDiehard

    Clay and Tipton want to discount Matt’s work because he isn’t a real journalist. Where are they while MJ is getting the scoop on this? I thought I would miss the Herald-Leader when I dropped my longtime subscription after Tipton’s last anti-UK article, but I haven’t – at all.

  46. Royale with Cheese

    Whata CHOAD this guy is.

  47. Heshi
  48. tdogg4033011

    FREE ENES !!!!

  49. Big Bad Boogie Daddy

    39.) Lets leave politics out of this.. shall we?

  50. Tim Tebow is down.

    Sounds like Thamel is a stalker. Always asking about Uk players, checking their baxkgrounds and trying to discredit them so they can only go back to my ex girlfriends cabin where she watched me sleep. Run Enes run!!!

  51. Waitaminute

    He aint playing, does not matter what is said or done. Lets go Jorts!!

  52. john

    Apparently this Pete Thamel thing doesn’t just apply to UK and Kanter. Just google his name. He was getting on UT as well with football recruiting. lol follows the Florida Gators on his twitter lol

  53. Reality

    The sad thing is, there will be no ramifications. There never are. If the CST didn’t get in hot water over their ridiculous articles/ allegations, it’s apparent you can accuse anyone of anything in print without sources, and it will just pass away as time goes on.

  54. Heshi

    Call for Pete

    (212) 556-1234

  55. tdogg4033011

    52) “he aint playing” YET ….. soon to be tearin up the SEC though …. no doubts

  56. tdogg4033011

    56) where ya get ya figures???

  57. john

    At this rate, I’m not sure how anyone could give a percentage

    We have no clue

    Better to wait 10-14 days

  58. duhville cat

    53) good catch. Liitle peter is a gator fan huh? Kinda like the tard that works for the sun times.

  59. echo 1

    Something tells me that Turkish GM’s quotes aren’t exactly correct. Call it a hunch.

  60. tdogg4033011

    Duhville Cat IN DA HOUSE BOYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!

  61. calipariismyhero

    There must have been legs behind the Bledsoe article or the Birmingham school board wouldn’t be
    investigating.We will see shortly.

  62. BobBarker

    CATS fans are SSSSALTY!!!!

  63. Waitaminute

    We do have a clue? Lets be logical. It seems every recruit we get has some question about him? Lets forget about UL for a minute, does Duke or NC have a question mark on all recruits? Yes, they have issues, but nothing like our guys? Why would we take a chance on this and risk a whole season. With everything that has happened since he has been here and all these close calls, do you really think the NCAA will clear him? Do you realize the backlash they will get if they clear a kid after the info that has come out.

    ANd also, I agree with poster above. 100k is not much here, but in Turkey, you are living large…
    You can fight it all day, but I am tired of putting ourselves in these situations. It is every week it seems like, it is getting old.

  64. Jack Nicklaus

    I have zero respect for guys like that. They obviously have an agenda and try to portray themselves as “journalists”. What a load of crap.

  65. echo 1

    “Lets be logical. It seems every recruit we get has some question about him?” – Your second sentence just completely contradicted your first sentence.

  66. ukbballdoinwork


  67. Goode

    61 – question I have. if the GMs quotes are correct, then why would the Kanter’s go through this? I dont understand why a parent would lie, and bring their kids in on their lie. If Kanter got paid a lot of money, I do not see how the parents think they can get him eligible.

    Just seems weird to think that the Kanters are all just lying about not taking a lot of money.

  68. BigCatDaddy4263

    I just emailed this no good prick. I provided him with my name and address. Also, I’m from Hazard and I know of several coal sludge ponds where he would NEVER be discovered….

  69. philly cat

    the average cost of living in Turkey is not the same as the average cost of living in Istanbul. That’s like saying it costs the same to live in Illinois as it does in Chicago. Istanbul is a very expensive place to live, so if they’re supporting him and his family (including residence) it could easily cost $100,000.

    BUT we have to see Enes as a luxury. If he can’t play we still have Jones, Vargas and Jorts. Remember that Duke won the title with an immobile ogre as a center.

  70. duhville cat

    Tdogg my ****a ! Just fightin off the trolls son!

  71. SkyAntoine

    Will the countless sports writers that congratulated Thamel on Twitter last night change their tune now? Gregg Doyle is the only one that calls it like he sees it. Keep running this down, Matt.

  72. slappy

    Thamel is a piece of trash.

  73. UK College of Alcohol


  74. UK MOM

    If the ppl involved would sue this out of control journalist and the NY Times, they would stop printing his stories. You have to hit them where it hurts, the pocket book. Anyway it’s a sad commentary on the media today. I feel for these kids and their families. Where’s their chance to put their side of the story out there? Do you think this guy would be going after Kanter if he had gone to Washington?

  75. slappy

    Yeah 73, I’ll be looking for Seth Davis’ “Ka Boom” to this bit of news….. You can’t spell DIAF without Davis, Forde, and Thamel.

  76. Newtintheville

    65) and to all the others that think it’s cheap to live in Istanbul… it’s NOT. It is one of the most expensive cities in all of Europe – it’s enormous and incredibly cosmopolitan. One of the most glamorous cities in Europe as well. The rest of Turkey is another story but Istanbul is expensive.

    I wish people would stop freaking the hell out about this. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when Enes is cleared to play by the NCAA.

  77. RidgeRunner

    65…I am certainly ok with a maverick coach like Cal who goes after what he wants to make the team and program better. It’s who he is. A innovator and one who does not shy away from the possibilities. Granted, that comes with nay-sayers and people who charge him with wrongdoing because he is shows initiative where others are afraid. Its a thin line that many seem to think is low or he seems to be cheating. No…he is a “doer” and until the day that these so-called charges are proven, he is the best coach out there who can take hits because the hits are jealous unclaimed hits.

    Cal is a difference maker and he scares the hell out of other coaches and the NCAA because he does not back down.

  78. tdogg4033011

    72) I read the comments on the posts from last night about Kanter, the trolls
    were out in full force last night man. What?? they jealous cause Cobb & Locke
    spanked dat ass this past weekend?? hahahaha … you goin this Sat??

  79. Reality

    65) I agree, and I’m in the same boat. All the allegations, rumors, and backlash at Cal is already old. For me, and I assume many fans, it really takes away from enjoying basketball. I hope he doesn’t do something to get us in trouble, but I honestly have trouble believing he won’t as much as I hate to say it.

    I think he is under such a microscope by the NCAA and sportswriters that even if we aren’t doing anything worse than other schools, they’ll end up getting him on something eventually – if for no other reason than they really want to see him go down.

  80. Gimel Martinez

    Why is the NY Times out to get us? They probably do this cause they need our hits on their webspage. This has got to be an axe to grind. Our coach has never been involved in anything shady. More jealousy out of NYC. NY Times is a hack paper any way. They’re just looking to get us in trouble.

  81. RidgeRunner

    70…We need to get together and kick some arse. I hear ya!

  82. Indycatfan

    The old adage goes, Why waste a good story with the truth? Evidently this guy has an axe to grind and he’s not going to let up until something is found. This could be the thing that might declare Kanter’s eligibility non-existent for UK. It just DOES rather strange that he seems to be at the “EXACT” place and time for something to go against UK. If Thamels story has any type of reflection or question of Enes eligibility, I’m afraid that we as the BBN will not witness his play this year. I AM sure that Sandy Bell and all her resources will cross every T and DOT Thamel’s EYE!…….GO CATS!!!!!!!

  83. edgehoops

    MJ, good work! No matter what Petey does or writes about, the NCAA will tell the story of Kanter and his status. We await…

  84. duhville cat

    80) naw. Workin. Goin to the Auburn game!

  85. john

    81…see I dont know. For me, it really doesn’t take ANY of the enjoyment out of the season. Last year was one of the best years IMO watching UK basketball…35-3.

    Should something actually come out of these allegations then prehaps it would start taking the fun out of the bball but right now they are just allegations of which its quite possible nothing will come out of them.

    Another thing people have to realize……Kanter was going to be ruled eligble or ineligle whether this article was written or not. IOW, people are getting upset over Thamel and rightly so but its not going to have ANY effect on the ruling. If the NCAA has the evidence Thamel says the Turkey GM gave them, then they have it. His article while pissing alot of UK fans off, wont make a difference in the end.

  86. PeteThamelisadouche

    I guess Thamel has watched Blue Chips way too many times. He has a hard on for the character Ed.

  87. mocha

    From John Clay himself on his Kanter article comment section:

    John Clay
    September 8, 2010 at 10:04 am
    KSR is a UK cheerleader site that tries to pass itself off as a news site. What the Duquense assistant said or did not say is of little consequence to the main news in the story — the Turkish manager claiming that Kanter was paid.

  88. tdogg4033011

    86) any extras?? LOL

  89. Goode

    Hey John Clay – how about you try and knock the story down!!! Lexington Herald hass talked to no one. It takes the balls of the UK Cheerleader (KSR) to pick a side and stick with it.

    Herald Leader and its writers are washed up all farts who thinnk stories are made from their basements rather than by actually interviewing and reaching out to the world. I wish my job was as easy as the writers at the Herald Leader.

  90. Brandon

    John Clay sounds like a bitter, jealous person. Its clear that LHL has had many a board meeting discussing the evils of KSR. He has all the party lines down to a T.

  91. Reality

    87) I’m with you, once the season starts I’m sure my mindset will be more positive. But this constant barrage does get really old. Like I said earlier, the sad thing is that we all know nothing will happen to Thamel, or anyone who prints wild & unfounded allegations about Cal. Journalism is a joke and the underpinning of that is the lack of accountability. Truth burns at the altar of sensationalism.

  92. Rick Fifteeno

    John Clay just gave everyone an example as to why the LHL is a joke.

    A main source in the Thamel article claims that his words were twisted in order to frame a negative implication of Kanter and this is NOT of any concern to them simply because KSR is who reported it?

  93. Big Bad Boogie Daddy

    Is the Calipari / Kentucky combo TOO big?

    If Kanter had stayed at Washington… is this a story?

  94. gameday

    #89 John Clay is crazy like #87 said the NCAA already knows what the Turkish GM did or didn’t do because they gave them the bank statements. THE story is Thamel’s journalistic integrity, and apparently he doesn’t have any.

  95. RidgeRunner

    Why don’t many of us just get together, fire up the grill, drink your favorite beverage, show UK video’s, shoot at Thamel targets, and just relax. Hell, we deserve it.

  96. duhville cat

    90) goin with some friends. I’ll check.

  97. RidgeRunner

    Of course…the hounds in the back of the trucks along with some Hillbilly love being shown up in NY is an option we can keep on the table…

  98. FredBread

    95- Sorry, but yes, this would still be a story. When he originally commited to UW, stories abounded that UW was the only big time school that would take him b/c most thought he would be ruled ineligible.

  99. NYT Sports Desk

    O.K. Pete, we’re going to have to let you go. We overlooked the crumbs stuck in your teeth. We overlooked the braided underarms. We overlooked that pesky kiddie stuff we found on your computer. Heck, we even overlooked you wearing the white socks with the gay penny loafers. But enough is enough.

  100. Petey Thamel Is a douche

    is a Syracuse grad. Syracuse=Jim Boeheim=Ricky 3 Stacks………….Just sayin’.

  101. RidgeRunner

    101…However UK & Cal separates the two stories like from page 1 to page 30. Thats the real issueI think he was getting at.

  102. Kiosk Guy

    ESPN now has a link to the story on the front page of

  103. KYStout

    If John Clay really says the Duquesne assisstant’s assertion that Pete Thamel misrepresented his quotes doesn’t mean anything then he is an idiot, plain and simple.
    John Clay: I Know you read this site, so here is a soft ball for you and I’ll type real slow: Rodney Crawford throws Thamel’s entire article into doubt. THAT’S WHY IT MATTERS.

    Another thing you are wrong about John: KSR hardly tries to pass itself off as a news site and since you pay such close attention you should know that.

  104. tru blu

    Here we go again i dont see what good any of this does.Fact is guys like thamel can pretty much do whatever they want.We may not like it it might not be right but who’s gonna do something about it??All any of this does is get more people to know who pete thamel is and that for him is a good thing.

  105. Cal_is_Clean

    Every time I see a post from someone implying that UK took a “risk” with Cal because of some perceived malfeasance, I get frustrated.
    Get it straight: Cal has NEVER had a single ALLEGATION by the NCAA of any rule violation.
    “There is nothing so absurd but if you repeat it often enough, people will start to believe it.” (This philosophy was actually used to inculcate the notion of “separation of Church and State” into the American consciousness, but applies with the “Cal must be dirty” mantra as well. Shameful idiocy.)

  106. tru blu

    So pretty much im done getting worked up everytime i see something here about tipton forde or thamel it isn’t worth it

  107. Until_it's_Not

    108, …until it is not. Thamel will reap the whirlwind. Justice will come to him.

  108. RidgeRunner

    109…u sir are on target.

  109. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    Matt – When is the risk with Kanter just too great? The NCAA has proven over and over again that theyre willing to go back and retroactively punish a school on a whim, even where they previously cleared a player to play. I think that’s what theyll do here if Kanter gets on the court. One new allegation or speck of evidence comes up from Forde or Thamel or Bruce Webber and theyll vacate our 2010 season in a flash and jepordize the HUGE 2011 class. If there’s even a hint of something to any of this crap, we shouldnt risk it. Ill take 25 wins and a sweet 16 in 2010 without Kanter if it means our 2011 monster class is in the clear.

    (of course Im sure the next Thamel/Forde story in the pipeline will be about Gilchrist taking money from Worldwide Wes, or Cal slipping Teague a bag of blow, so maybe we can’t win anywhere)

  110. Lizards

    101) no…. this really isn’t the story. If the turkish team turned over documentation to the NCAA to this effect, then Thamel isn’t really letting the NCAA in on a secret, now is he. At best, he’s trying to break a story publically that the NCAA is already aware of.

    Nothing to panic about here. If they could verify claims of payment, they would have already. They may pay salaries in goat milk in Turkey, but most employers use checks, not cash (or goats milk). Unless payment can be verified, it didn’t happen.

  111. Guest

    Pete wants ur feedback 413-967-3908

  112. john

    113 If Cal thought the risk was too high he wouldn’t have recruited Kanter in the first place.

    Cal and UK have always said they were confident Kanter would be eligble.

    There isn’t a risk here. Either he’s eligble or he’s not lol

  113. RidgeRunner

    110…Yes, overall we have to keep it fact based (He will or won’t play) and we haven’t did anything wrong. But it is fun to throw darts at people like Thamel who doesn’t mind throwing them our way to fit his agenda. Two issues really.

    I just have a hard time not punching back in here at him and others who are slime infested. The other issue is where we have been when Cal first got a commit from Kanter. Nothing changed there except time.

  114. KYStout

    Thamel is trying to make a name for himself, pure and simple. Bending a quote here and there or completely misrepresenting what someone actually says is clearly not beneath him.

  115. Major

    Even in the worst case, how can UK be in any trouble here? I mean, worst case is Kanter never gets eligible. If that happens, it would suck, but UK and Cal wouldn’t have done anything wrong. But the Old Media want to paint UK as crooks.

  116. Indycatfan

    Lies and rumors are like wild brush fires, they do alot of damage and are extreamly hard to put down quickly.

  117. RidgeRunner

    119…Yes, thats the issue that has came out post after post in here since the story broke. That is a given as they say.

    Its time to move past “no wrongdoing” as it’s a non issue.

  118. N2theBlue

    “KSR is a UK cheerleader site that tries to pass itself off as a news site.” LHL has been trying to pass itself off as a news site since its inception.

  119. FlippinSweet

    Give John Clay a break, he is just mad because ad revenue is dwindling and he’ll be out of a gig soon. No more media passes and free food.

  120. Richard Gazinya

    Am I the only one who thinks this kid got paid? If Thamel’s article never existed I’d still tell you I think Kanter lost his amateur status long ago.

    He’s being considered one of the best young big men in the world and we’re all naive enough to think that while playing “professionally” in Turkey his team didn’t try to protect their interests by giving him money or goods at some point? The NCAA has been following the smoke leading to this fire long before Thamel decided to start typing. Discrediting two quotes from Duquesne’s assistant coach, no matter their context or intent, is just an attempt to ignore the bigger picture here.

  121. obe.jason

    John Clay should suck on this journalism.

  122. WhiskerBiscuit

    I’m surprised thamel hasn’t moved next door to Palin………I mean Calipari, and started writing a book while looking into his back yard.

  123. JMFATZ47

    John Clay and Jerry Tipton are old thus they shoot blanks

  124. ukcatsfan2

    With all this mud, true or not, I don’t see any way the NCAA Free’s Enes!

  125. Jimmy

    Everyone should send Pete a message on facebook and let him know how much you appreciate his journalistic integrity…!/profile.php?id=719572750&ref=ts

  126. Jimmy
  127. Jimmy

    Pete wants ur feedback 413-967-3908

  128. Jimmy

    Guess who is one of Pete Thamel’s friends on facebook…. JOHN CLAY


  129. You guys

    Everyone who has EVER been quoted in an article that could potentially have negative repercussions for themselves or someone else says that they were misquoted or that it was “taken out of context.” You fools act like this makes the whole story bogus, but most of the time, the journalist ain’t lying–the guy trying to cover his ass for saying something to the journalist IS lying. Wake up.

  130. ukfaningatorland

    109, understand the logic but do we really want to start down the road of letting hack reporters decide in the court of public display who we recruit and play?

    Really not much you can do they hide behind the first amendment, Cal brings heat, as long as he’s bringing in top classes someone somewhere is going to start a rumor….

  131. Hartline

    to 26) KSR gives credit literally every day when something major is announced.

  132. Maggard

    From TBK:

    Don’t be worried…. It’s allowable for players to be paid for EXPENSES….which is what Turkey paid for….. a SALARY is not allowed…..100k over 3 years is about what a prep kid gets for scholarships…..nothing out of the ordinary on that. Brandon Knight got that over his 4 years in private school in Fr. Lauderdale.

    Mr. Kanter kept incredible records showing how all the money they took in was only for expenses……it’s all well documented. Nothing new to see.


  133. ky1der

    Awesome!!! To those of you that don’t like the attention Cal and his recruits bring and have thin skins when someone is pointing fingers at UK. You must not have been fans in the 50s,60s and 70s. For years, everyone claimed Rupp was a cheat and that UK paid players. As for Calipari being dirty, Rupp was supposedly dirty, too. Get used to it. When you are on top, the enemy has to play whatever card they can to stop you.

  134. BigNick

    How does this prick still have a job? I guess as long as you write for a news paper, its okay to make shit up.

  135. Why

    Thamel has already said that he has this guys interview on tape. So, it can be easily checked. Looks like the guy from Duquesne didn’t want to be part of the article.

  136. sharjoe

    The Messenger-Inquirer in Owensboro frequently ran Tipton stories in the sports section. I emailed them after his Patterson/New Truck hatchet job and threatened to cancel if they ever ran another Tipton story. They may have ran content written by him, but his name never appears in the byline since then. Making noise does matter. Keep complaining about the H-L and their writers.