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Dukies go down!

Cheer up, little guy.

No. 4 Duke loses at home to Florida State on a last second three by Michael Snaer. Duke was one behind UK for longest home winning streak at 46. That has been snapped, and UK stands alone.

Go Big Blue.

Article written by Rashawn Franklin

82 responses to “Dukies go down!”

  1. Ashley Judd

    Duke makes me puke

  2. Hot Carl


  3. Kort


  4. alaeotus

    Anything bad for Duke is good for humanity.

  5. Callie Cats

    Duke can rot in hell

  6. Sleeveless Vest

    Duke can eat a mile of shinola!

  7. Poopy

    I want to cpllect the tears of fans and sell it to BBN or everyone else that hates Duke

  8. Sleeveless Vest

    Did this kid grow up and play for Duke? Looks like a Dukie. Can’t stand this kid, even though he is wearing a sleeveless vest.

  9. carlos toomer

    Props to FSU. Knocking off villains on a weekly basis.

  10. Lovely

    Such a good day.

  11. rawromgmoo

    FSU is in beast mode

  12. My other brother Darrel

    What’s he doing to Wojo???????

  13. Sleeveless Vest

    Saw another film with Ashley and Morgan Freeman this afternoon on Fox movie channel. Was there somethin’ goin’ on between them two? hmmmmmm

  14. Han

    Duke loses at home to unranked team. They should fall, what, 1, 2 spots? It’ll be justified by FSU waxing UNC.

  15. Mark

    Mike Patrick is in the fetal position under the commentator’s desk and crying. Quite a disturbing scene.

  16. Sleeveless Vest

    Cameltoe alert!!! No my bad FUPA ALERT!

  17. TN Cat

    Are we sure that’s not Polson in the picture? Is he a closet Duke fan?

  18. well done

    8- In some parts of the world that is known as a basketball jersey, in others a sleeveless vest. In other news, fsu is my second favorite team. first a drubbing of unc, now snapping the streak of those clowns. go FSU!

  19. Dane Brammage

    That little fella typifies dook players, coaches K, et al, and their fans: sorry cry babies amd whiners.

    The exception being Jay Bilas, of course.

  20. BigBlueSkyDog

    Somebody had better keep all sharp objects away from Dookie V. If Pitt destroys the Dirty Birds, it will be the perfect Saturday.

  21. Sleeveless Vest

    Kyle Macy once had a vest WITH sleeves.

  22. guest

    Does anyone else find themselves not hating Tennessee like we used to? I was actually pulling for them. Also, props to the future SEC member Missouri Tigers on a big win. SEC’s going to be stout next year.

  23. well done

    short sleeves? or three quarter length?

  24. WKU Hilltopper

    I was just thinking about it. I really like this team. They could beat alomst any team in the nation right now (tough to beat Syracuse), and they’re not anywhere near their potential. The scoring is spread out, and all the guys are unselfish. I really like our chances in March.

  25. Sleeveless Vest

    full length well done. He used them to wipe his sweaty palms on after he got too old to reach his socks.

  26. wicked

    And they will have to mention that uk has the longest streak, lol

  27. guest

    24- I agree. It’ll be tough to lose come March. We’d need to have at least three guys not playing well on the offensive end since we’re so balanced. And you know we’re going to play defense. It’ll take Darius and Doron missing deep shots and a stifling interior defense to take us down.

  28. Sleeveless Vest

    I believe that is a photo of Schyer as a wee one. He vowed that day to lead Duke to a title and be the number 1 pick.

  29. Uk4life

    I like TN since Pearl left and I like the Stokes kid.

  30. strange brew

    The refs tried to give Duke the game.

  31. Sleeveless Vest

    Stokes is a beast. How many pts. and boards did he have today?

  32. Enlightened

    These are some great posts! There is more humor on this board lately…

  33. Bill Curry

    Notre Dame taking it to the Cuse!

  34. Sleeveless Vest

    I agree with Matt Jones that the charge calls a terrible for college basketball. Jumping in front of a guy to get a charge is not the intention of the call. I don’t what the refs are smoking but a foul is not even the same as it was 40 years ago.

  35. BlueMike

    Ranked teams having a tough go of it today, #1 Syracuse without their best player currently down on the road to ND, #3 Baylor lost to #5 Mizzou, #4 Duke had their dreams snatched away at the last second… twice… by the same guy. Michael Snaer with 2 last second 3-pointers to end each half, and #11 UConn couldn’t get it done against them low down dirty snitches in Tennessee. The only way this night gets better is if Pitt takes care of their business at home and demolishes UL – not beat them, but completely destroy them.

  36. ukfan

    so who has the nations second longest home winning streak now?

  37. rhftwo

    I like picking on Duke as much as the next guy, but c’mon this picture was not even from the game today. Surely we could find a shot of Billy Packer in a full on bawl somewhere?

  38. cayts

    not a fan of duke but if they fall below UNC thats crazy.
    UT got another “tourney win” today. uf & uconn. they have 5 more tourney games left in reg season, gotta win at least 2 to think about tourney.
    SEC is clearly a better conf than it was last year & may leap BE when pitt-cuse-wva leave & uconn loses calhoun

  39. horny uk fan


  40. Duh

    looks like the ‘Cuse are going down

  41. cayts

    oh & ND is gettin it in on cuse 35-17. kinda like UK being ranked 2nd-4th though

  42. High Point Cat Fan

    30 – I agree with you about the refs in the Duke game, but FSU missing fts kept it interesting at least. There was one of those block/charge calls in the last minute of the game that Duke got as a block. The announcers noted it should have been a charge after seeing the replay. Typical call that favors the Devils in Cameron, but that last-second three was deftly COLD!!!!!

    GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  43. horny uk fan

    If Cuse lose, am I the only one who doesn’t want to be #1….yet. It’s too soon! Any thoughts???

  44. Duh

    Stokes went 16 and 12 today… kid’s got a bright future

  45. RogerHarden_23

    First beating down UNC and now taking down Duke at Cameron. FSU is now my “other team”.

  46. Hal

    he finally found a dining hall & learned to stretch. #gamechanger

  47. Mr Schwump

    38, please. UT has to win the SEC tourney to get in to the tourney and there’s no way that happens.

  48. Duh

    43- I am kinda with ya… I feel like if we aren’t going to get screwed out of a #1 overall seed in the NCAA Tourney, we have to be convincingly the #1 team. Most, including Matt Jones, thinks this team will drop a couple games in SEC play… but I still have hope we can run the table. This team is special. They can play bad, and still come out with a victory, its been a while since we could say that about a UK team.

  49. Doubting Thomas

    ya refs did try to give it to duke. duke is the only team that does not get the crazy charge calls. Rivers is such a puke i could barely watch the game. man i hate them.

  50. The Bottom Line

    Cuse will not lose to ND, nor do we want to be #1 at this point in season. Every time we slide into #1 slot, we always lose within a week.

  51. cayts

    47-you’re probably right. way to only be a d-bag with your comment this time & not a horrendously arrogant jacka** like all your other posts….

  52. BigBlueSkyDog

    The SEC is looking very good right now. Two of our unranked teams beat ranked Big Least and Big 10 teams. Both are teams we’ve already beaten. The Big 12 and SEC are the two best conferences right now.

  53. Mr Schwump

    51, my comments are accurate and truthful. If I told you what I really think you’d go running in tears to mommy.

  54. Duh

    50- ND will beat cuse

  55. mlvei

    Oh, I do SO hate it when Duke loses one of their seemingly endless supply of home games to an inferior team and inferior group of players (anyone is inferior to the Dukies). I can’t stand it when those rich, spoiled preppie bastards must call daddy for more money to purchase 5 star wine tonite. The world order must seem to be turned upside down. Boo-hoo!

  56. BlueMike

    I don’t want UK ranked numero uno, especially by default because someone else lost. In recent years we’ve never been able to hold onto it and always lose when ranked #1. Let someone else have it, I’m fine and dandy sitting here at #2 in the polls until April 2nd, then we can be ranked #1.

  57. bung

    former uk associate head coach leonard hamilton is doin good!

  58. Nacho Libre

    #51 “Nailed it”



  60. Duh

    You all not wanting the #1 are probably the head cases that believe losing is good for a team. Losing is never good, and being #1 is where its at. We’re UK, we piss excellence. We $hit gold. It’s what we do. It’s all a mental thing.

  61. GapToothDanny

    BlueMike, agree! bad karma when #1 falls and UK inherits top spot especially when our next game is on the road. Go ‘cuse!

  62. barn

    an angel gets it’s wings when a dookie cries

  63. EMG

    We’ve only been #1 twice since in the last 5 years, I wouldn’t consider that enough of a sample to make a conclusion like “we always lose within a week of being #1”. Chill out, cheer for ND, and enjoy being #1 on Monday.

  64. Lol

    Run home and cry to mamma

  65. Han

    Kansas should be in the Top 5 come Monday, continuing to win and helping our SoS.

  66. rodgers

    Fab Melo is far from Cuse’ best player
    and this is UK we want the #1 spot

  67. Hoss

    60- you run an unproven and only once-beaten team of frosh off into the dance and they’ll flame out faster than your take did here.

  68. cayts

    60- 8 of 12 past ncaa champs had at least 2 losses by now.

  69. Duh

    67- I know that… I just like to see you all get worked up, hence my $hit gold sarcasm.

  70. Bob

    ND trying their best to give this game away.

  71. Bob

    Refs bring Cuse back.

  72. Holler Baller

    FSU is my new 2nd favorite team. Love seeing Coach K, his Crazies and especially all of the Plumlees go home sad

  73. CAJ

    So sorry for the little guy’s pain. But as a father
    of 3 sons- grow. up. Kid. Duke Sucks. You
    Should know it by now- your 6 yrs. old. Go
    Clean your room – and stop sucking your
    thumb when you lose coach k.

  74. Shendocats

    Any way to block comments from schwump. The guy is completely useless. NEVER has anything interesting to add to the conversation and is a complete jerk to everyone all the time.

  75. Boyd Crowder

    Puke loses at home to break their streak – Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of fans. Go Cats!

  76. Fattony

    Suck it kid

  77. Rixter

    How bad do you have to be to lose to Louisville at home?
    Pitt is pathetic

  78. Rixter

    Kuric was ‘doubtful’ on Thursday. He’s played every minute since the 18:00 of the first half…with no visible limp.
    Why the constant lies, Ricky P?

  79. Rixter

    Did I mention Pitt SUCKS?

  80. Catsfando

    Pitt is absolutely the poorest excuse for a division 1 Power Conference team I have ever seen. This game was terrible, either one of these teams would have lost to any team in the SEC Tonight.
    Pitt seemed resigned to a loss from the get go and once Louisville got ahead they just laid down.
    So much for two pre – season power houses in the Big Least.


    Is that Kyle Singler ???

  82. empty

    55: you were molested by a well-to-do uncle growing up, weren’t you?