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Doron Lamb has been sent to the D-League

We might as well get all of the bad news out of the way in this 24-hour span, right? A loss at home to Texas A&M? Check. The two dreadful words “bubble team” starting to be muttered about this 5-loss Kentucky team? Check. Doron Lamb being sent to the D-League? Go ahead and add that to the list. Check. I’m not trying to pile on with the bad news, but we might as well get it all out now and hope that after the star-studded football recruiting visits this weekend–we wake up to some better news tomorrow.

Doron Lamb was part of a 6-member Kentucky NBA draft class last year. Earlier today the news broke that he was the 3rd member of Kentucky’s national championship team to be sent to the NBA’s Developmental League. The Milwaukee Bucks sent Lamb down to the D-League’s Fort Wayne Mad Ants today. Lamb joins Terrence Jones and Darius Miller as two former Cats who have spent time in the D-League this season. Lamb was the No. 42 overall pick in last year’s draft to the Bucks. Lamb has played in 23 games thus far for the Bucks, averaging 3.4 points and 12.2 minutes. He scored 8 points on four occasions this season.

“Wake me up, when this weekend ends…” 

Article written by Ally Tucker

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59 responses to “Doron Lamb has been sent to the D-League”

  1. Not Surprised

    If you are surprised by this news you have issues. Follow him on Twitter and you will learn very easily that he is too immature to be in the NBA. He is more concerned about beating someone at an XBox game than he is on actually working on his game to get better. Sound familiar?

    Also, what do Lamb, Teague, and Terrance Jones have in common?

    They’ve all been sent to the D-League and they all should still be at UK. They’d all be first rounders if they would have came back. CBB is terrible weak this year and they would have dominated!

  2. spookykim

    Ouch! That hurts worse than when Darius & TJ got sent to the D-League. I hate that for him! Fight your way back, Doron!!!

  3. ciggy

    fort wayne isn’t too far, wonder if d league basketball is as bad as it sounds. From a spectator point of view i mean.

  4. wildcat

    they should have stayed i hope this crop of one and dones learn from this lesson but i do not guess they will

  5. blueaville

    this is interesting….what Lamb really ready for the NBA? I worry that some of our players will feel the pressure to keep up with previous one and done Wildcats and leave when they really are not ready.

    Hate to see this for Doron he should have stayed. But that is not the BBN way anymore. It’s one year and you are gone.

  6. just cause i went

    Doesn’t mean I was ready.

  7. ky first

    Maybe the NBA will finally realize that they and the players would be better served without the one and done rule. I wonder how many wish they would have stayed in school for another year.

  8. Facts

    #5 Lamb played two years.

  9. Get8in2014

    Lamb always reminded me of Taquan Dean that played for uofl. He never made it in the nba. Lamb was surrounded by a bunch of talent and was why he was drafted.

  10. Facts

    #5 He wasn’t a one and done. Lamb played two years.

  11. blueaville

    #8 I realize that….but I still don’t think he was ready. I’m more worried about some of our current crop though. I think they feel they need to leave early because everyone else did. Hope I’m wrong. None of our guys minus Nerlins is ready

  12. players first program

    Get used to seeing Cats in Da league. I know Lamb wasn’t one, but one and done players and Cal’s philosophy is predicated on a revolving door of players. This won’t work out well for the program in the end when there isn’t the needed depth.

  13. UKRay

    11) I think Cal will push them out. If he doesn’t, next year could be a cluster. We would be loaded. But there will be a bunch of p@ssed off players sitting on the bench. Coald be a soap opera if they come back.

  14. blue reality

    You forgot Patterson being in D league this season also

  15. Shelbyjoe

    If the nba is willing to pay you truckloads of money, you go-its a no-brainier. Even in the d league he’s taking care of his family more than he could if he’d have stayed in school. Also, he can work on his game a lot more in the d league than he can in college. Would love to have doron on this year’s team, but if he needed to leave to make money …

  16. Isaac in Long Beach

    11) I’m just gonna assume you’re a troll because you didn’t know that Lamb played two years and you don’t know that Nerlens’ name is not spelled “Nerlins”.

  17. i cant read

    fact says…..#5 never said lamb was a one and done. so post your comment a third time….it’s the charm. but u will still be wrong.

  18. Isaac in Long Beach

    17) “Hate to see this for Doron he should have stayed. But that is not the BBN way anymore. It’s one year and you are gone.”

    If “the BBN way” is “one year and you are gone”, and you’re mentioning Lamb not staying in the same breath, you’re implying that you believe Lamb was a one year player.

  19. Ap

    Called this. Doron is not 2 guard nba material. He is a minor minutes guy at best.

  20. BigBlue


    We’ll have no lack of depth next year. We’ll have the five 5 stars we have so far, potentially 1-3 more, Derick Willis, plus harrow, plus wiltjer, plus hood. And that still leaves the possibility of having WCS, Noel, Poythress or Goodwin coming back.

    So at minimum, we go 9 deep, and that’s if none of the last 4 stay and we don’t get Gordon, Wiggins or Randle.

  21. blueaville

    16 you can call me whatever you want. I’m on here everyday. Show me where I said Doron was a ONE and done. I didn’t. My point is I fear these kids are being pressured to leave early….not by Cal or anyone in particular but just based on recent history. Be it after 1 or 2 years. I don’t think some of them are or will be ready.

    As far as spelling Nerlens name….forgive me Vanna White for not getting all the letters correct. Geeesh

  22. Isaac in Long Beach

    21) That’s a fair point. I don’t really think you’re a troll, I’m just ribbing you a little. It does drive me crazy when our fans can’t spell our players’ names right though.

  23. blueaville

    16 you can sit here and worship Cal all you want. I love the success he’s had so far. But it’s okay to question the philosophy at times. I don’t have to turn in my BBN card if I question the great and powerful Cal. That doesn’t mean I’m a “troll” as you say. I’ll keep my season ticks of 17 years and continue to question things and support other things. If that makes me a “troll” then so be it.

  24. blueaville

    22…don’t have a weird name like Nerlens then. Maybe if it was Tom or Jimmy we would be able to spell it! 😉

  25. VinDatuk

    #1: Jones and Teague were first rounders so yeah there’s that. You don’t turn down NBA first round money to come back to school. Lamb is another story…there were questions of his dedication when he was at UK.

  26. ukfaninohio

    Man we have the best recruiting class maybe in the history of college basketball comin in coming off a national championship and fans are complaining about players leaving one and dones calipari and who knows what else.After cal leaves and the one and dones stop coming we will have plenty to complain about.Right now we have everything in the world going for us stop complaing about players that won a championship going to the d league.

  27. Say What

    Best of luck to Lamb working his way back to the NBA.

    He was a great asset shooting the 3 last year and would be again this year had he stayed but it’s tough to pass up the money and even as a D league player he’s making more than being in school.

    Not sure his draft stock would have improved any more than it was last year either so it was the right time to make the jump…

  28. i need remedial reading

    because….i am isaac in long beach. #5 was talking about the pressure to keep up with previous to leave like the other one and dones. if kids play ball in college for more than two years they aren’t considered good players.

  29. blueaville

    26…i pay TOO much money to wait until next year. I will cheer or gripe about the product I pay to see. I’ll worry about next year’s “40-0” team as Matt Jones says next year.

  30. Isaac in Long Beach

    Attempting to insult my reading comprehension does not help your weak argument, #28.

  31. Second thoughts.....

    My post was deleted cuz I told these kids they need to stay and mature and grow up…… KSR police out in full force…….

  32. VinDatuk

    #29: Here’s an internet hug for you. Step off the ledge.

  33. James K

    I personally feel like Doron got drafted into a crappy situation in Milwaukee. They have a log jam at his position, and it is definitely not a culture of winning. I hope he ends up somewhere else.

  34. just saying

    when will all the recruits realize the majority of Cals one and done’s are D-league at best players. Teague, Lamb, Jones, Miller all have been put in the Dleague this year. I KNOW Lamb and Jones were not “one and done” but it was because of a NBA lock-out otherwise they would have left EVEN ANOTHER YEAR EARLIER

  35. VinDatuk

    34: Cal’s “one and dones”: Miller: 4 year player, Patterson 4 year player, Jones/Lamb two year players. Davis/MKG/Knight/Wall/Kanter/Cousins/Bledsoe all one and done. How they doing? FAIL!

  36. Louisville Fan

    Don’t get down cats, this time last year we were suppossed to be NIT bound then we ended up in the Final 4 and winning the Big East. That was with our two top scorers being walk-ons. Your coach will get these guys to produce.

  37. VinDatuk

    Oh and he put Liggins and Harrleson in the NBA. Get your facts straight guys.

  38. Dwoos

    23 what is there to question, he is the most successful coach in the last 3 years, no one has been better, enjoy it

  39. ukfaninohio

    A.Stop recruiting one and done players
    B.Recruit them but convince them to pass on being a first round for most pick
    C.Get rid of calipari
    D.We don’t have the answers but will continue to complain because we pay money and are fans

    Circle one…GO.BIG.BLUE.

  40. Uk

    I agree, let’s not recruit the 5 star players that every other school in the nation is recruiting. Let them have the 5 stars. Let’s recruit 3 and 4 stars and develop them for 4 yrs and have a slim chance at making the tourney and a deep run for the natl championship when they are seniors. We will SUCK the first 3 yrs, but gosh darnit, we may have a shot when these 3 and 4 star recruits are seniors with EXPERIENCE,,,let’s pass on the Harrison twins, James Young, Lee, Johnson, Randle, Gordon, Wiggins…..who needs them! We can make a run in 4 yrs with KY in-state recruits who will be seniors just like the Unforgettables…

  41. Rae

    36. I had forgotten how dire your situation was. At least none of our losses were by 30, like UNC last year. Remind your fellow fans of this, eh?

  42. Rae

    40. Exactly. I’d rather have one down year in every four than one brilliant year in every four.

  43. Lakesidecatsfan

    36) there are good ones like you out there. You are exactly right and it amazes me how you come here with optimism for us and some of us can’t be! Thanks and come again!

  44. big cat

    What a bunch of crybabies!!! Go big blue!!”

  45. big cat

    @40, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 3cats

    They get paid for a few years, if they have stayed they would have a better chance to make it in the NBA. This years Cats should look at the players in the D league and understand they might not be ready.

  47. BNClay

    Going to the D League is not a bad thing. especially for young guys, getting 0-10 mins a game. They can go to the Dleague get some real clock. Going pro and getting the cash is almost always the right choice. There are 2 times staying in college might be the right choice for one of these guys. 1 they can improve from undrafted or 2nd round to first round, to get the guaranteed contract. 2. Their family already has “set for life” money.

  48. ukfaninohio

    #40.LOL that’s what im sayin i don’t know what uk fans are wanting.Complain about this team not lamb jones and the 5 star one and dones that we recruit.They are the reason we are the envy of college basketball and now half the fan base is mad at em unreal.

  49. UK

    46. I’m in healthcare and make about 50K per yr. if you told me I could go to the next level and sign a contract for 1.2 Million, but may not have a job next Yr, you better be DAMN straight I’d take it. If after a Yr, I was out of work, or demoted to the “D” league, I’d be OK with that. Have you ever had 1 million dollars to build a foundation on.? It’s a good start.

  50. Mike

    With many of last year’s crop of draftees being sent down to D league and with Cal’s visible inability to coach up this year’s team, is it not reasonable that some of the coaches competing for 2013 talent won’t use this against Cal. All of these recruits have stated that they were coming or looking at us because of his ability to develop and transfer talent to NBA.

  51. Culver

    35) Patterson was not a 4yr player. He left after his junior season =’s 3. Get your sh*it straight!

  52. Parker

    Im going down the list at these comments.. And it seems like all everyone doing is arguing with each other! It’s all sweet when we win.. But when we have a down year its all “hey post # whatever.. Your an idiot and blah blah blah” honestly. And sure you can bitch all you want about the “product” on the court that you pay for, but damn.. Their kids. They can very easily read all the mean shit some of you post. The BBN is a great support when we win. But when we loose some of the BBN is the worst. And lastly ..I wouldn’t worry too much on “loosing” recruits. Their gunna be “one&done” somewhere els if not at UK.

  53. JHG

    Some of you people have lost your minds. Last time I checked Tubby recruited a lot of 3 and 4 star recruits and never got back to a final four with his recruits. In fact, it about got him fired. Thank god he left before they had to fire him. And don’t forget, we did just win a National Championship,,, with 3 freshmen, 2 sophmores, and a senior. I love my brethren bbn but come on guys, some years are going to be slow. It’s called rebuilding for a reason. We returned no significant from 2012.

  54. Bo Lanater

    The league is going to quit taking chances with players like these who come out not ready for the pro game or who are not going to ever play much. Lamb and Jones would have been legends had they stayed all four years and they could have used it!

  55. Amaze Pants

    Just to put something in perspective for all you folks trying to find a hole in Cal’s philosophy: there have been TEN first round picks from the 2012 draft — that’s ONE THIRD of the first round picks — who’ve been sent to the D-League (per draft order):

    #12 Jeremy Lamb (UConn)
    #13 Kendall Marshall (UNC)
    #16 Royce White (Iowa State)
    #18 Terrence Jones (UK)
    #22 Fab Melo (Syracuse)
    #23 John Jenkins (Vanderbilt)
    #24 Jared Cunningham (Oregon State)
    #25 Tony Wroten (Washington)
    #26 Miles Plumlee (Duke)
    #28 Perry Jones III (Baylor)

    That’s right, Teague was never sent to the D-League. So that means out of the 4 former UK players who were picked in the first round, only Jones has been sent to the D-League — and you can argue that if the Rockets weren’t completely logjammed at the forward spots he might have stuck around.

    Second rounders? They get sent to the D-League all the time. (In this case, those would be Miller and Lamb.)

    I don’t see anyone complaining about Davis or MKG leaving early. So why is Cal’s system a “problem” all of a sudden when 1 of our 4 first rounders was temporarily assigned to the D-League mainly due to personnel problems at his specific team?

    Cal’s teams have gone to the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and won a National Championship. So, no, you idiots, his system is not flawed. We just have a down year.


  56. Jerk


  57. Jerk

    What happened to freedom of speech, my comment is awaiting moderation, what a bunch of communist aholes, need to moderate all you write on this duke graduate’s site! Can you believe that?A guy who claims to love UK, but graduate’s from duke law school, really?

  58. Jerk

    #55 they are going to the elite NIT this year, we need TUBBY back!!!!!! Love to ruffle some feathers!

  59. regman53

    Let this be a lesson to some of the players that want to leave early. We (Kentucky) could use Lamb this year as our outside shooter and he could be enjoying his college carrier as we as fans could be enjoying seeing him hit the 3 and putting up the 3-goggles!