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Don’t screw us, selection committee.


Last year’s basketball season was an emotional roller coster. Think about it. Around this very time the Cats were heading to Atlanta to compete in the SEC tournament, hoping to improve their seeding in the NCAAs. Upon arrival Kentucky quickly dismissed early opponents Ole Miss and Alabama, setting up a third game of the season against Florida, the regular season SEC champs. The season series was split until this point, with each team winning a game by a slim margin. This was a statement game for the Wildcats. Kentucky needed to prove they belonged on the same court as some of the elite teams in the nation, and behind an outstanding performance by tournament MVP Darius Miller, they did just that. Kentucky thrashed the Gators 70-54 in the final and Kentucky fans around the country believed that the team had done what they came to Atlanta do, make their road to a national title a little easier. UK was playing as well as any team in the country at that point, and had beaten the “best” team in their conference twice in two weeks. What else did they need to do to get a decent seed? 

A lot, according to the NCAA selection committee. After the elation of reaching the top of the SEC mountain on Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening was very a completely different story for Big Blue Nation:

Kentucky was placed in the toughest bracket imaginable. To make it out alive they would have to take out the number one overall seed and a pretty deep team in UNC. For a team that was ranked #11 in the AP poll heading into the NCAA tournament a four seed in the toughest bracket is completely unfair. Kentucky received the mid-major, not-a-respectable-league-you-just-won treatment. The ultimate slap in the face came when Florida, the team Kentucky had just destroyed a couple of hours prior, was sitting pretty with a two seed. Thankfully, the Cats made it through the bracket and reached the final four. Do we need to expect this treatment this year?

With the Cats playing as well as they are there might not be anything the committee can do to slow them down. Kentucky is playing the best basketball in the country, and has to be the overall number one seed heading into the field of 68. Shouldn’t the number one overall seed have the easiest road to the final four? We’ll see on Sunday what the selection committee has in store. Giving them a tough road this time around would just be unacceptable. Don’t try and screw us, NCAA.


Article written by Rashawn Franklin

97 responses to “Don’t screw us, selection committee.”

  1. Sherman

    Tom Crean is in Pikeville, KY.

  2. HeadBussa

    You should get the easiest path, but the selection committee will say that it is “complicated” process after they have us playing a No.2 seeded North Carolina in the regional final.

  3. Stevie Johnson

    FLy boy coming with a new jam

  4. The Crew

    I think we need to get a donation fund going and pay the committee just like Duke does each year! I hear Coach K delivers his bribe, er donation by limo each year! What do ya think BBN?

  5. Babysitter..

    Quit whining . . . .

  6. DB11

    Duke won in 2010 because they had a joke of a bracket. The #1 overall has had arguably the toughest route the past few years

  7. No static at all!

    Cals comments earlier may fire them up…but maybe not…that would only prove how petty the NCAA really is. The sooner they are gone the better.

  8. manbearpig

    mark it down dude….Duke will not even win the ACC tournament and still be the floor slapping #4 1 seed

  9. bigbluedude

    well, they ARE going to screw us. the only thing that remains to be seen, is how bad!

  10. Typical U of L fan

    Why didn’t UK deserve a 4 seed? By math, shouldn’t # 13-16 get 4 seeds? You were #15. Yeah, you proved them wrong, but it’s hindsight.

  11. Bob

    I remember another overall #1 seed who went undefeated in the SEC, won the SEC tournament and was also playing some of the best basketball in the league going into tournament time. They were placed in the Minneapolis region with Wisconscon and Marquette who had a little known player at the time named Dwayne Wade.

    Need I say more?

  12. That's Live Action!

    A 4 seed is exactly where the 15th best team in the nation should be!

  13. Bob Knight

    KSR has done an excellent job in previous posts covering the members of the selection committee. The NCAA brackets the past few years illustrates what happens when the teams are chosen by people who do not have sufficient knowledge or understanding of college basketball.

  14. LansingCat

    The past two years, after seeing what the NCAA has done with the brackets, I have thrown a temper tantrum that could only be rivaled by a three year old, and that says a lot coming from a grown ass man. They better not do that crap again this year. I’m watching you, NCAA…

  15. SyracuseBoyzBballCamp

    Make duke a 2 seed and put them in our bracket. That would mak #8 a lot more fun!!!

  16. Bob Knight

    Basketball people should choose the teams to play in basketball tournament.

  17. Cats R Back

    We were #11 in the AP poll going into the tournament…

  18. Typical U of L fan

    11 – that’s the reason uk didn’t advance? I thought maybe it was the nba hall of famer on Marquette. Also, if Marquette was so good then how come they lost the next game? And since when does the venue matter? I thought uk had the best traveling fans in the nation. Excuses…start dreaming them up for this year.

  19. ???

    If our bracket was the toughest last year, then the #1 overall (Ohio State) was also placed in the toughest bracket. So, the committee wasn’t just against us last year. I say bring the heat. I’d rather beat the toughest teams than get a paddle boat ride like Duke does every year. You scared?


    I will now name my #1 seeds: Texas Tech, Indiana, Duke, and anyone but Kentucky. Now come here and I will throw a chair at you and choke you into repecting me. I might shoot your house if your not a fan of what I say or think. I’m Always right!!

  21. Han

    18) People also leave out that our best player, Bogans, was nursing a bum ankle, and Daniels was still a little hampered by a groin pull during the SEC tourney. Those plus the coming out party of one of the best 5 players in the NBA did us in.


    Oh yeah I am a dumbass!!! and my best friends Digger Phelps and Billy Packer will get my back.

  23. areweserious?

    We are UK we will be put in the toughest bracket possible. I saw one of Joes brackets not too long ago and it was an absolute nightmare. But we are ready, an one of the guys on around the horn said UK hasnt played enough tough games down the stretch to prepare them for the NCAA I about drove to where that show is produced just to slap him. Did they not see us down double digits to miss st? Fight over Vandy twice and completely crush UF twice? I wonder how some of these people have jobs sometimes.

  24. Justin

    10 -We were #15 before the SEC tournament started. We dominated that tournament and after the tournament we were ranked 11th. We should have had a three seed in an easy bracket.

  25. BW

    This year the committee will be publishing seeding 1-68 (the full S curve) so that makes it harder to get away with screwy stuff – or at least blaming it on geography will only get them so far.

  26. ltylerj

    I can see it now. Syracuse loses to Depaul or some other weak team, they drop to a number 2 seed somehow, and gets placed in Kentucky’s bracket. Or or, for the first time ever, all number one seeds in the same bracket in hopes to slow down Kentucky. If you can’t beat em…cheat. Duke would get all the 13-16 seeds.

    …Seems legit.

  27. JustBeingHonest

    Sadly, I have to agree with #9. I firmly believe that it’s not *if* they screw us, it’s *how*. And we’ll know that soon enough. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me to see us end up as the 4th #1 seed by the time this selection committee has done its “work”.

  28. MKG

    15 – Im with you. Been saying all season this is the year to play duke in the tourney. Bring em on. MKG will make rivers his b*tch

  29. BigBlueJohnson

    Doesn’t matter what our bracket looks like. We are the best team in the nation so we should beat anyone in our way. Besides, its the NCAA tourny, eventually we will have to play a really good team.

  30. areweserious?

    18) So who is your national champion?

  31. Jerry Tipton

    This does not bode well for the Cats. The Cats have won just 7 titles and lost every one of the other seasons. Each time, it had nothing to do with the Cats’ skill level or execution, but rested solely on the committee screwing them. Refs too. Therefore, by my calculations, UK is screwed this season. Yes, they may be #1, but the committee will determine their fate as always.

  32. HeadBussa

    19 — To be quite frank, yes I am legitimately scared about every NCAA tournament game UK plays. I always have been. That’s not saying I am not totally confident in this team. I just want the easiest road possible — at least to the Final 4 and then obviously the boys will have to play good teams.

  33. Typical U of L fan

    30 – Cuse.

  34. BBN

    For some reason I dont want to see UNC again. Go ahead and win the ACC tourney and give them a 1 seed

  35. Litig8tr

    This is going to be no different than any other year. If the committee cannot avoid giving us a #1 seed, they will load up our region with good teams. Regardless of its seed, Duke will be in the easiest region. Of course, it is a given each year that Duke and/or UNC play the first games in Charlotte or Greensboro.

  36. A1FAN

    How could any Kentucky fan believes that the selection committee will give UK the same treatment they would give Duke or Syracuse or Carolina when those teams are the number one overall pick? The committee wil do everything in its power to make sure UK does not reach the final four. They tried last year and I am sure that this year will be even worse. For that matter, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Syracuse get the number one seed and either Kansas or North Carolina as the number two.

  37. Explorer

    Ohio State got the shaft more than we did. UK was much better than a 4 seed and everyone knew it. If we get seeded anywhere else, OSU probably wins the title.

  38. Ahole

    Dont matter, were gonna kick all their asses..

  39. areweserious?

    33- you think they can really match UK’s top athletic talent at every position? And that they can score on UK? They have to sneak past everybody including UofL who not being biased is really overrated this year.They scored what like 51 points against uofl? not a threat in my eyes UNC would smash Cuse too.

  40. DavisMVP

    Rumors going around that Yahoo is going to release a UK artile next. doubt that’s true. But if it is, I have no doubt it will be relesed right before the NCAAT.

  41. Typical U of L fan

    39- the big east is the best conf in the country. It’s more difficult to make it through that schedule with 1 loss than anything else. UK just has talent and no coaching. Boeheim coaches circles around Recruiter Cal. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of 1st rounders as a consolation. Sec was weak and didn’t expose UK

  42. lumberjackcat

    I didn’t take the time to read all the above comments, but wonder how Ohio St. felt last year they should have had the easiest rode and they had the hardest. So who knows what the committee might throw at us this year.

  43. Paducah Fan

    10 & 12 so do you agree Murray State should be a #3 seed? They are #9 in the polls.

  44. areweserious?

    41- People seem to forget about the L’s North Carolina, Kansas, UOFL took also and the only blemish on the schedule had to be a 1 point loss buzzerbeater from IU not to mention we played UNC right before IU No coaching but the senior of the program and a freshman have been as clutch as anybody in the nation during late games on the biggest stages. But we will see Uofl will be lucky to make it out of the first round again and Cuse wont make it out of the second and just like every year the completely overrated Big East will slowly fall out of the tournament and the SEC will continue to get 2 teams in the final four somehow.

  45. UKGrad04

    Just put UNC and Syracuse on the other side of the bracket, and I’m good. There are other teams that can definitely beat us, but it would take a 2010 WVU perfect storm type of game (I’m thinking Wisconsinesque team, Kansas, Sparty before the big injury).

    In all actuality, I don’t think it matters. I contend the tougher bracket was a motivator last year. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have made the Final Four from Florida’s cush 2 spot, but definitely a little more glory knocking off OSU and UNC on the way to the Final Four.

    Bottom line: I don’t really care where we are as long as it’s far, far away from UNC (way too under the radar for my liking somehow) and Syracuse (whose real problem for us isn’t the 2-3 but the transition offense).

    Bottom bottom line: I wish this tournament started tomorrow.

  46. BBN

    please see following link U of L fan.. its amazing, going to a UL site and actually taking time to comment on blogs would never even cross my mind. Haha. Just sad really.. UL will be relevant again someday. Ahh who am I kidding, I cant even say that lie with a straight face…

  47. areweserious?

    43- where was st.joes rated the year they went undefeated? I believe a two. so three seed sounds right to me.

  48. Blue Jesus

    Like Matt Hays said earlier, I hope they give us Indiana, Louisville, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke and Syracuse!!!

  49. BBN

    yes read it twice the past 6 season, SIX, UL fan. God get ur shit straight

  50. UKBlue

    Ever since CM left the committee, we have always gotten screwed. If they can find a way to screw us they will.

  51. snoopaloop

    46) You do realize that is “against the spread” records and not actual win-loss records, right? Two completely different things.

  52. areweserious?

    46- wow never seen that article but it finally explains what I have been saying for sooo long. The big east gets all these teams in bc for some reason they are all ranked in the top 10 lose 7 games in the big east and are still in the top 15. Its a joke they get 9 teams in and rarely win a national title and are somehow branded the best conference ever.

  53. Typical U of L fan

    We’ll see Cayts fans! If nothing else, you have an ass beating awaiting you at papa johns late this summer. L yeah! Strong > The Joke

  54. UKSpunk

    #25, is that true? Because if they did that last year, and put the whole S-Curve we would have been the 16th best team!!! That means they thought the following were better than us: OSU, Duke, Kansas, Pitt, San Diego State, UNC, Notre Dame, Florida, UConn, BYU, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas, Wisconsin, and LOUISVILLE! Seriously, at the time, I couldn’t believe that Florida and UK weren’t pulling each other toward a 3 seed (LET ALONE GIVING US THE WORST 4 SEED!!! UNC the worst 2 seed as well), but why don’t they just do the S curve, and set it up with only the #1 seeds in mind for Geography?

    If there is ever a case to make for College Basketball being corrupt with greed, it’s last year’s bracket. WE FREAKING TRAVEL TO HAWAII! There should literally be zero consideration for geography when you think about UK. IT SHOULD ACTUALLY BE THE REVERSE! Where won’t we fill seats? Santa Fe? BOOM! Throw UK there. SOLD OUT!


  55. Typical U of L fan

    BBN making us all look like geniuses. Go Yew Kay Cayts! Let me link an article I don’t read/understand

  56. The NCAA

    You silly fans. Don’t worry about seeding…if Cal does win a NC, we will be sure to vacate it in a few years. Just waiting on Tipton to dig up some dirt for us.

  57. UKBlue

    BBN Says: After this year it isn’t going to matter about the Big East anymore since everyone or everyone any good is leaving, then idiots like UL Fan will have to find some other excuse. The Big East is so great everyone worth anything is leaving. Only a bunch of idiots would pay a coach like Pitino all that money & get those results on & off the court; too bad the Yum Center will be taken over by the bond holders soon !!

  58. HeadBussa

    Well Kentucky beat another tournament team — Loyola Maryland is now dancin’.

  59. Typical is right

    41_ I have never in my life, and have absolutely no desire to, go onto a L-ville fan site. I actually, honestly, cannot fathom having so little self esteem that I need to go to the fan site of another team and try to stir up arguments. I dont even know if such fan sites exist for other teams! I suppose they do, but I have never bothered looking.

    To me it says a lot about the “Typical U of L fan” that you are on a UK site, actually, adding comments! Fact is, U of L has very little relevance in BBall at this point and, except for a few years under Crum, you never really have had any relevance. And, so, you have to try to find pleasure by trash talking on the fan site for another team. It is sad, actually.

    Honestly, I would be fine if UK dropped U of L from the schedule and we picked up Syracuse or Duke or UCONN or someone else. To me it is “slumming” to play U of L anyway. We should improve our out of conference schedule…dropping UL would be a good step in that direction.

    As to us not being “exposed” we played UNC (won) and Kansas (won) who are likely to be #1 seeds! If you think UK is over-rated this year you just have not watched the games.

    Moreover, if you think Cal cant coach, you likewise, have not watched the games.

    UK is the best, or nearly the best team statistically in the country on both offense and defense. Our offense is extremely efficient. We get good shots almost every possession and our opponents practically never get good shots. What is a better indication of coaching than efficiency on offense and defense? We pass the ball a ton, there is practically no “one-on-one” play unless it comes out of a set. You have no data, no real insight, just jealousy…just like the Typical Louisville Fan you represent.

  60. gcat4496

    O they will. We will get UNC the First round. If we win that then Syracuse. If we win that then the Lakers at the Staples center. IF we win that then the Heat in Miami. Then the final four we will get the Mavs in Dallas. And finally when we reach the title game we will play the NBA all stars and the ref who allowed 6 players on the floor will allow the all starts to have and extra player on the floor the entire game while calling chippy fouls on Davis. Mark it down.

  61. Jon Slone

    Well said Mr. Franklin…well said!

  62. Typical U of L fan

    Easy there, Wildcat. Geography is not UK’s friend. Remember when you had to play Marq and Wisconsin in Minneapolis and lost? I wonder which tourney will get more pub…sec or big east? UK better not lose to another big east team this year like always. Who’s turn is it? I think Cuse, but you won’t make it that far. I say you lose to us somewhere along the way. You BARELY beat us at Rupp this year.

  63. Typical U of L fan

    UK…3 titles since 1960. Not bad, but not great. Try not to lose to another Big East team this time…now I’ll let you go and slurp on your self-inflated hype.

  64. NOLA Bound

    Off topic…anyone recall the name of the bar that Matt said he was broadcasting from in New Orleans this week?

  65. Hunter12

    Great article spot on. And it is 100% impossible to refute.

  66. nick

    #45 You’re right UNC is who scares me most, however I can’t shake the feeling we will get UCONN as a number 8 or 9, they have sucked at times this year but they r still talented…

  67. Mr. Obvious

    No worries about the selection committee. UK has the ability to beat any team in the country.

  68. Mr. Obvious

    UNC plays no defense. Fear not.

  69. Mudcreekmark

    Why is it that every year there are all kinds of up sets and some of the number one seeds almost has a cakewalk, but our bracket never plays out that way.

  70. Mudcreekmark

    Big East should win the NCAA every year considering they have half the teams.

  71. The Tain't

    #62 & 63: Morehead

  72. Dr. Wildcat

    We will get screwed, and it is not because the NCAA is out to get us. It will be because they set the brackets based on geography, not strength of the team. It just so happens that most of the good teams are in the same part of the country, so they are all grouped together. The top 1 seed could very well end up with the top 4, the top 3 seed, and the top 2 seed.

  73. Sheeeeiiit

    59 – Nice. You said it all there. It is sad that U of L fans brag about the Big East. When they are new there and two of their best teams are leaving. Lets see how that shakes out for Line Beard Nation. The Big East is on its way down starting in 2012-2013 and UL will go along for the ride.
    As a fan who has watched everyone of UK’s games this year and plenty of other teams including a few of the funny UL losses. I know we are well coached and are a great team. Yes we can be beat. But not near as fast as UL. I watched the dummy UL poster child-so called point guard blow game after game for UL this year. CINCY and Syracuse were two of the worst for the fool with the line beard. Having him leading a team would push any fan to a rival site to stir crap up. You would have to deflect the embarrassing reality some way. Because you know that even when UL is playing a close game against a good team the odds are Siva will try some idiotic over penetrating goofy play to blow it.

  74. Wildcat Willie

    Keith Bogans was hurt the year Wade beat us.

  75. Wildcat Willie

    Then Kansas dumped on Marquette.

  76. Big dog

    What your ranked isn’t the big thing in seeding because they take the season as a whole not when you lose.we did get seeded to low last year we beat UF twice in 2 weeks and still were seeded lower.#63 it’s easy to to pick and choose your teams instead of taking your own team which hasn’t really been to completive lately

  77. JMFATZ47

    I want Duke as the #2 in our bracket. Just because I think we dominate them at each position. Could get really ugly for Duke if we see them.

  78. gcat4496

    But then on the other hand, we have Anthony Davis the best player in College BB. The kid is a beast and he is going to make big time plays that impact the game over 40 mins. He did when we throttled soon to be #1 seed Kansas, and he did when we snuck by UNC and ended the game with the spectacular block of John Henson. Great players win NC, and we have Davis and a great support cast around him.

  79. barn

    i’m just afraid they will really screw us and put us somewhere other than the south region (1st 2 gmes in duhvil and then to catlanta) where we belong.

  80. Big dog

    I think it’s a no brainer to duke with us geography works out plus would be good for tv ratings. However we would be a terrible match up for them and their small guards so I see no way the committee will allow it to happen same thing as 2010

  81. theSkinny81

    Typical U of L fan: who’s coattails are ya gonna ride after Syracuse heads off to the ACC, and Calhoun retires? Memphis? South Florida? lol…… Cincy?

  82. Bulldawg

    IMO it does not matter who Kentucky plays. The ONLY team that can beat UK is UK!!!!!! The Cats will win the title this year, mark it down!!!Position by position UK is simply better than anyone else and that includes the 6th and 7th man. Not to mention Cal is one of the best motivators and potential pushers in the game today. That is a perfect recipe for 8 pie!!! The brow is watching…

  83. steady

    63. This year try to beat an OVC team.

  84. xcoach

    Everyone slow down and remember we have an SEC tournament this week. We don’t need to give up any ground on anyone. Enjoy the whole ride because years like this don’t happen all the time. Go Cats!

  85. Wall2Cousins

    If anyone should be whining about that bracket last year,not us but Ohio State.

  86. Big dog

    SEC tourney means nothing as we found out last year most of the seeding is done before the games are over the only thing it means to us is fine tuning for the NCAA I.e.Wiljer gaining more confidence and hoping no one gets hurt

  87. kaliforniaKat

    the $1,600,000 yearly salary paid to the chief idiot honcho of the NCAA makes it a certainty they will screw UK. That egotistical maniac
    hates UK . The NCAA has more power off the court than UK has on it – so we have to live with these biased maniacs.

  88. soggyUKgrad

    #11…two words Kirk Penny. that is what kept us from beating Marquette….Keith Bogan’s sprained ankle was the only thin that stopped us…#59, I totally agree!!! only ULittle brother’s fans troll on other team’s websites…”Typical Jealous Fan”

  89. BigBlueSkyDog

    My predictions on how the NCAA will screw us and prop up the Pukies.

    ST Louis region 1. UK 2 UNC 3 Missouri 4 Michigan

    Atl region 1 Duke 2 Marquette 3 Baylor 4 Murray St.

    Don’t laugh. Watch it happen, especially if the Pukies beat UNC.

  90. HighandTight

    Last year I was a little upset with UK’s #4 seed. Then I started thinking, “If I was an Ohio State fan, I would be super pissed that Kentucky was a #4 seed and in my bracket.” Suddenly, the seeding didn’t bother me anymore. It’s March; Just Bring It!

  91. Beavis

    Typical U of L fan,,,,,you got that right,,, you are a Typical U of L fan,,,,,LOL

  92. CB FOO

    I REALLY hope they get to play in Louisville the 1st 2 games. I got ALOT of money vested in this…..

  93. Digger Phelps

    Listen to me. Listen to ME! They will send UK to St Louis and give them Missouri as the 2. Look at what they did to Calipari in 2008. Memphis the 1 and Texas the 2… In Dallas.

  94. plowboy

    We will probally get Michiga st. ohio st and north carolina in our bracket. Duke will get a #1 seed and play little sisters of the poor and several others like them in their bracket. There are 2 things for certain. Duke will not be put in our bracket and they will have the easiest route to the final four.

  95. jp15

    93- St. Louis is closer to Lexington than Atlanta is. I hope they put us as the #1 in the Midwest. Missouri cannot beat us.
    What is wrong with playing in Louisville and then heading to St. Louis? Heck, Paducah is less than a 3 hour drive to St. Louis. We would fill that place up. I hope that it breaks down like this- East- Syracuse South- UNC Midwest- Big Blue West- Kansas

    I have to add 1 disclaimer- I live in St. Louis, so this would be the perfect scenario.

  96. Buckeye40

    Being an OSU fan, I expected the team to grab the #1 overall seed and was excited about the teams chances in last year’s tournament. That feeling changed quickly when they displayed the Bucks region. George Mason/Villanova was not an easy 2nd round matchup (it proved to be later). Then looking at the sweet 16, I knew it would be Kentucky waiting there for us and that was not something I was ready for. Having just seen Kentucky dispose of the Gators that afternoon, I knew that this would be a difficult task and unfortunately, it was. This would turn out to be one of the tournaments best games but even if we had slipped by UK, how can they explain UNC as our #2 and Cuse #3? Washington was playing very well and had just won the PAC 10 and were as 7? I understand that it’s more about geography sometimes but how can you justify the overall #1’s the past 3 years having tougher regions than the 3rd or 4th number 1 seed?? The year Duke won was an absolute joke of a path to get there. I can only hope that OSU is a 2 seed anywhere but with UK or Syracuse. We will see in less than a week and that’s why this is the best time of the year.

  97. Laura

    I think Ohio State had every bit the beef we did last year. It earns the overall number 1 seed and gets in a braket with us (UK) as an underseeded 4 and North Carolina as the 2? They had to have wondered who they pissed off, as did UK…..

    Hopefully the committee will do a better job this year.