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Do the right thing, Kroger.

Our man Vincent Swope (referee guy in the eRUPPtion Zone) knocked down a halfcourt shot for $10,000, and now Kroger, the sponsor of the contest, says the play is under review.

Kroger is considering waving off the basket because his toe was on the line.

What do you think?

I think Kroger needs to cough up the bread or I’ll buy my Lunchables elsewhere.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

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119 responses to “Do the right thing, Kroger.”

  1. KrogerDoesntExist

    This is BS!! Give the kid the money … #KrogerDoesntExist #OccupyKroger

  2. Chad

    if they dont give him the money i will boycott kroger… oh wait I go to the cheaper and better wal-mart… nevermind

  3. Nutter Butter

    Kroger is racist!

  4. chad

    If they don’t pay that I will never shop there again

  5. Ron

    Those cheap bastards better pay up!

  6. Ukato80

    There is no line where his foot is

  7. ksrLine_4

    We all hate referees but come on Kroger, be the bigger man

  8. jrhm

    this guy is a freshman at uk. walking across the stage last year at Henry clay graduation, he threw powder in the air like Lebron James. hilarious kid… could definitely use the money

  9. BS

    That’s BS. If he doesn’t get the money, I’m boycotting. Kroger isn’t the only place to shop for food.

  10. BPsycho

    hahahah No, No, No Kroger… Your foot was on the line!

  11. Ghost of Dolph Lundgren

    If Kroger doesn’t pay.. I will

  12. Bulldawg

    kroger will have a serious backlash if they welch on this bet!!!!!

    John Short does it again!!!!!! Cats by 15 Bigguns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OhComeOn

    If he was behind the line it would be MORE than a half court shot.

  14. Mr5Below

    Does Kroger not understand how bad this will backfire? I will never go back either way!!

  15. Onions McOnion


  16. Brent

    If they don’t pay, I guarantee it will cost them more than 10 grand.

  17. Fat ninja

    This guy is awesome I wish he could do the games instead of kyle wastey

  18. Mike

    Darius Miller might be one of the all time “under achievers” for UK. To be supposedly a senior leader with all that athleticism and to only get 1 rebound and be 1-6 shooting is DISGUSTING.

  19. Cal Purnell here

    ugghhhh Macy is awful on the broadcast! Give him the Money!!!!

  20. Will

    #16 you’re exactly right. Kroger really should do the right thing and pay. Its not like he stepped past the line. He wasn’t even completely on it. Redic for them to consider waving it off.

  21. Your Dog


  22. kdmsf

    um … joking, right????

  23. Hambone

    I for one know for a fact Darius has not been happy about not starting. It has had a negative effect on him throughout much of the season.

  24. Fat ninja

    I wear sleeveless sweaters with my ninja suit I didn’t know mkg was darren horns lil bro kyle macey suuuuuux

  25. Dylan Farnum

    You do realize it isn’t Kroger’s decision, right? The contest was likely underwritten by an insurance company (as most money giveaways are) so it will be their decision. It won’t be Kroger’s decision.

    I would like to think Matt Jones knows this, but being reasonable instead of instigating fake outrage would hurt page clicks and ratings.

  26. Backwoodz

    That is bullshit. That’s why I shop at Kroger.

  27. Andy

    Did they call him for traveling?

  28. strange brew

    I don’t like Kroger. With that said, I hope they don’t pay him. He’s a spoiled brat. Macy stated who his parents are. He has connections and was picked based on he was. The contest was rigged so who cares if they take away the money?

  29. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Krogers will have to pay me the 10000, or I’m boycotting them too.

  30. Caliterry

    There is no line…which is kind of suprising that the NCAA and emmert allow there to be no line there…but Kroger better pay. 25…true but who gets the bad PR????

  31. KentuckyHouse

    25) That may very well be the case, but it’s Kroger’s name that’s attached to the promotion, not the insurance company. It’s Kroger that’s going to suffer the backlash if the insurance company decides not to pay. And it’s Kroger that should step up and pay the kid, even if they insurance company says no.

    They’ve simply delayed the decision until Monday because they think people will forget about it. Not gonna happen.

  32. Calitery

    28…your an A**hole

  33. KentuckyHouse

    28) Are you serious? You might want to read something (like the live blog) before opening that gigantic hole you call a mouth. The bearded guy in the eRupption Zone was chosen first. He worked at Kroger previously and was ineligible. So he picked that kid…on the fly. Where the heck to you see a conspiracy in that? Or is it that he’s a black kid? Racist much?

  34. Jacked Up

    This is some BS! Give that kid his money!!

  35. Mike Meijers

    Going to enjoy getting the rush of new customers

  36. barn

    kroger better not pay him. as a loyal kroger customer that payout would only cause the cost of my groceries to rise, not to mention the negative effect it would have on my fuel points. we all have to play by the rules

  37. Gab Daddi

    #28 I guess that’s proof that it pays to know people.

    …..well, kind of. Only if Kroger pays the kid.

  38. kiky Morris

    thats some straight BS I’m sitting here watching the tape !!! he MADE a half court shot !! of yall didn’t want to give away the money should have never had the contest !!! #OccupyKroger

  39. dude

    @33 what does him saying he dont deserve it have to do with him being a black kid the guy never said anything about his race. Stop being a self righteous white person.

  40. alaeotus

    Kid earned the cash. Don’t act like lawyers, Kroger.

  41. BPsycho

    #28 Your link post coming in 3, 2,

    #36 Lol It’s $10k…… not 10 million

    #37 It’s proof that haters gone hate.

  42. Booyakasha!

    25) That’s false. There’s no way in the world you buy insurance for a $10,000 shot when you’re the size of Kroger. Companies to it all the time when they’re putting up big time money like the $100k or more. $10,000 isn’t crap to Kroger. They spent more than that to be in the Sunday addition of the Herald-Leader.

  43. strange brew

    The guy who made the shot parents are big shots, like his mother, who works for one of Lexington’s tv stations. Who gets to shoot next week, Calipari’s daughter?

  44. bmt22033

    Relax everybody. It’s the weekend so I’m the Kroger PR lackey is the only person around for comment. He/she is probably just applying some CYA until the suits have a chance to be consulted. This way, they have an out. Despite what the #Occupy movement might want you to believe, not all of corporate America is bad. I’m sure the people who make the decisions are smart enough to realize how much bad PR they’d get from doing something like this. I’d be willing to bet that the kid gets paid (as he should).

  45. best1978

    I spend close to $4,000 per year at Kroger. I can just as easily go to WalMart.

  46. barn

    33)(39)-my first visual impression was that he is actually melungeon. i’m part melungeon and i would certainly hate to think any of my fellow UK fans are biased against my people.

  47. blitzedanddazed

    KROGER is the worst corporate citizen in Lexington.

  48. dude

    @46 u must be color blind then.

  49. DB11

    Seriously? I knew Kroger was garbage but this is absurd.

  50. UK64

    19 you are exactly right. Those guys just talked to each other all day. You had no idea who had the ball are who had just scored. I recorded it with captions and unless you know the guys numbers you wouldnt have any what was going on.

  51. UK64

    Upon further review, the ball was behind the line( at least where the line might be).

  52. kfund

    Krogers needs to pay up or they’ll lose far more business than $10k. Ours for one.

  53. The Other Matt

    That’s some bs!!!! Time to nut up or shut up Kroger…

  54. strange brew

    On a funny note, Louisville just lost to Notre Dame in double overtime, 67-65. What a high power offense. Guess the refs cheated again. Can Louisville fans finally admit their cards aren’t top ten material?

  55. kentuckycarter

    Is this real? Is Kroger seriously not wanting to pay Referee Guy the 10K cause his toe was on the line? Or is this a good old fashioned KSR leg-pullin??

  56. Czech KY Fan

    Deadspin just picked this up.

  57. strange brew

    Maybe Kroger should give money to Louisville’s recruiting efforts.

  58. yessir

    If Kroger waves this off I will wave them off. that would have the exact opposite effect that they do this whole thing for anyway. what jerks.

  59. Dylan Farnum

    42) You’ve obviously never done a cash give away. Doesn’t matter how big the company is. They are always insured.

  60. barn

    speaking of kroger, there frozen easy-peel shrimp is really affordable right now

  61. Tyler Durden

    This is corporate fascist horseshit.

    Vote Ron Paul and get rid of the crooks.

  62. Jay

    What is that line called? Lets see the half court line. So thats from half court its not past the line.

  63. strange brew

    Louisville fans will blame this on Rupp’s racism. I’m guessing some of their message boards already have made this claim.

  64. Hitmen69

    C’mon Kroger…..don’t be the Flint Tropics!!

  65. The Realist

    Simple, if they made it clear that he must be behind the line- he does not get it, If they did not make it clear- he keeps it

  66. Han

    I was there and I thought when he shot it that he might have been over the “line,” but if you’re going to be anal about it, Kroger, you need to have had it marked clearly out there.

  67. The Realist

    Also, he must have his card.

  68. BlueNotes

    The fact appears to be…. he was over the line and he deserves NOTHING. So, why do so many people think that he does? OR that the “right” thing for Kroger to do, is give him money he doesn’t deserve?

  69. the line

    He did step on me and almost crossed me.

  70. Eric Crawford

    Maybe the line doesn’t exist. Now you mean UK fans know how it feels.

  71. BlueNotes

    Kroger will offer the kid $1,000 if he signs an agreement to remain silent about the whole thing OR they’ll tell him he get’s nothing, because his toe was on the line. The kid will take the $1,000 in a heartbeat, because EVEN if Kroger was to suffer more than $10,000 in bad publicity – the kid would still have NOTHING.

    PS I hope you all stop shopping at Kroger, because its too busy whenever I go there.

  72. Jerry Tipton

    His foot is clearly on the line. If this kid wants $10 grand, he should work hard and find a job. People want everything for nothing these days.

  73. Brad

    Leave your comments for Krogers here

  74. moosem102

    This is kind of like Will Ferrell not paying that hippie in Semi-Pro for hitting the half court shot. They should just give him a giant check and tell him to cash it.

  75. Section 133

    Most of these things are underwritten by an insurance company called “Hole In One Insurance Company.” For real. If Hole In One balks on paying, I suspect Kroger will pay out of its own corporate pocketbook. Its $10,000.00, not $1,000,000.00.

  76. PuP

    #25 you are crazy, I go to ball games all of the time and I still play ball where I’m a senior in high school in KY and EVERY time I’m at a game where a company gives away money, there is ALWAYS a representative from the company to personally hand them the money.

  77. Ares

    There is not a clear line give him the money.

  78. Rixter719

    I sometimes wonder if Macy is even in the arena watching the game, or does he do the games by phone while listening to the radio broadcast. Many times, he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Case in point: today, second half during a rebounding battle at UK’s basket, the ref clearly made the ‘basket good’ sign as it was being volleyed around above the rim.
    Goal-tending on USC, obviously. Macy reported that it had been called offensive goal-tending, and even stated that ‘the basket is waved off’ (the ball never went thru the basket).
    I wonder how he came to that conclusion.. ball never went in, ref signals basket good, his first thought is offensive goal-tending, basket waved off. WOW

  79. Not fat or a ninja

    #17 you probably are fat, and sitting there bagging on a legend. Really get off the couch!!

  80. Sammy

    He’s black. He deserves the money

  81. Strange Brew

    At #78, who are you to call Macey out? He was an All-American and former NBA player. Guessing you rode the bench in 5th grade. Fans like you make me sick. You’re the type who believes you can run the point better than Teague.

  82. George

    WHAS is reporting jesse jackson and Al Sharpton are flying in at this moment to straighten all this out.


    If i had once chance to make a basket from beyond halfcourt, rule #1 would be make to make sure i didn’t cross the line. A rule is a rule.

  84. The Realist

    Everyone needs to watch replay in high def. There is a line in plain view and it is little more than just a toe. Just saying.

  85. The Realist

    Macy is very good. I can find a “mistake” in every game with every announcer. Macy brings up things during the game most do not.

  86. barn

    why don’t we just drop it and get back to UK basketball. he was obviously cheating and got caught.

  87. KY Republican

    Its that damn Obamas fault. He tuk our jubs and made us broke!

    Damn Socialist Bastard!

  88. jpgott

    Wow, I want to know who heads their promotions department, because they will lose a lot more then $10k in customer loyalty, if the screw over some college kid that could use the money, and who made an incredible shot.

  89. jpgott

    Also, technically that is half-court! His foot is on the half-court line, which establishes half-court. If you measure it, I bet it comes out to 50-50, from the toe of his foot.

    I saw a hockey team try and do this to a kid that made a half-court shot, threw a tiny puck sized hole in the goal.

  90. gacatfan

    I reviewed the tape and agree he should not get the money. He took 10 steps before releasing the ball. Folks, that is traveling with the basketball and results in a turn over

    Just kidding We don’t have Kroger where I live anyway. Publix rules

  91. KY Democrat

    If they don’t give him the money, they will effectively be killing at least approximately ~35 children every other month than would have not been killed otherwise!!!

  92. Bob

    You guys realize how bad this is going to look on UK letting refs shoot for the 10k. Other fanbases already think we get too much home cookin’ as it is.

  93. Former Ref

    I don’t know how the contest rules were written, but unless a portion of his foot completely crossed the half court line and touched beyond the line, he is still considered to be in the back court. In my opinion, the shot counts.

  94. fake eva longoria

    Rules are rules. If he is on the line then he is on the line. What a great opportunity for Kroger to show the spirtit of giving and confirm a made shot and in addition donate an additional 10,000 to to those children of Ky in need of glasses or eye exams. Give him the money

  95. CATNTN

    #91 – Funny!

  96. Jim

    Macy is a terrific color commentator; he brings a wealth of experience to the table and does not, like so many analysts, spend the game talking about where they had lunch earlier in the day. Find someone else for your cheap shots and lay off Kyle!

  97. Beau R

    No #42, you’re wrong. Why would Kroger not spend the $300 dollars to hedge possibly losing $10,000? It happens all the time in these types of things. See hole in one challenges win a car, etc. I am an insurance agent, this happens.

  98. BanjoBeard

    Mark it an 8 dude

  99. Ricky P

    #23..Miller needs to cry a river..Hey Darius Man up..You don’t deserve to start ..MKG is way better..accept your roll and help the team…

  100. hunter1249

    #28 the thing being rigged is bs. I sit next to the IMG rep that put this on for Kroger and I can tell you that is total bs. The kid got picked before the game and had no time to prepare. He hit the shot and insurance will ultimately pay this price and needs to be paid. Period.

  101. Wren

    There is no line.

  102. Va Kat

    If they don’t pay then the half court heave as we know it should be done away with. This is beyond ridiculous. That was one heck of a shot. Man up and fork over 10 grand!!

  103. KYeffect

    There is a line btw. It’s small but it is there. The line must be present as it is a NCAA dictated rule.

  104. The Realist

    Again, THERE IS A LINE IN CLEAR VIEW ON THE COURT. You can see it on a hi-def TV.#93 he was cross the line.

  105. Right Store..Right PriceBM

    Came across this article. Thought it applied in this conversation.
    The Most Generous: Kroger

    2010 Giving: $64,000,000

    Percentage of 2009 Profits: 10.9%

  106. jt

    Sorry he was over the line you were wrong.

  107. Eddie

    He was clearly over the line … glad he’s getting the money, but if taken to arbitration, he would lose.

  108. Warren

    yea yea yea,half the people, or more bitching and complaining that he might not get the money would b singing a completely different story. Most of you posting would strip an ATM dry if it was broken. Most of you yell and scream in an effort to keep the QB from getting out his call, most of you wave all kinds of crap when a player is trying to make a free throw hoping to make him miss. Most of you play by your own rules and the rules said, “stay behind the freaking damn line”, so sthu. I’ll buy double the groceries at Kroger to make up for your stupidity and refusal to accept rules and regulations in life.

  109. Steph

    If he was ON the line, then he was exactly at half court. It’s not NCAA rules, it’s a contest for publicity. I’m all for playing by the rules, but goodness all this arguing really is a HUGE FUNSUCKER. It was for fun/publicity not for the NCAA Championship – ugh.

  110. marylee trevino

    omg if kroger dose not give him the money thats gana make a lot of people mad and its gana look bad on kroger cuse know people wont trust them

  111. Randall

    His foot is on the line, not over the line. Do the right thing and pay the man. The store got what it wanted and that is advertising. Pay up! If you don’t, social media can cause you more harm then the $10,000.00

  112. TOM


  113. 112

    comment #28 that was quite appropriate! I agree with you!

  114. filbert

    Pay the man already!!! #112 you caps lock is on!!! b%#&^h!

  115. Jon

    Rediculous!! The next guy should do a lay-up and see if they give him the money. My Roman Noodles better not go up $.1 to make up the difference. And the most ironic thing is the guy is wearing a referee outfit while breaking the rules. All 10,000 people bitching should each give him $1.

  116. Doni Putra

    Kroger: “this was suppose to be fun… damnit”

  117. Jeremy Davis

    I for one will no longer shop at the local Fred Meyers (Owned by Kroger) WinCo is where my wallet is.

  118. ihatepeople

    I don’t know why you people think you know the rules when they were never told to any of you. he was told the rules and the argument they are having is not about him stepping on the line. it is mainly about where he released it! so for all of you that are arguing it get your facts together! he doesn’t even really know if he gets the money til tomorrow! so tune into your radios and see what happens!

  119. Morgan

    nice shot he was on the line still good give him the money!!!!!