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“Do the John Wall now!”

I love Liggins.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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70 responses to ““Do the John Wall now!””

  1. Roger


  2. I can't see the comments

    We should call him The Mouth.

    Dude from Michigan could have gone to the rim instead of shooting this weak floater… Damn. Two close games in which UNC and Duke get lucky? Terrible day.

  3. kycat

    awesome… 🙂

  4. Mark Hamilton

    anyone have Liggins’ facebook account?

  5. UKNation

    what are we looking for?

  6. Mark Hamilton

    Does anyone have Liggins’ facebook account?

  7. SeoulCat

    I love Liggins too, regardless of whether or not that is, in fact, what he’s saying….but if it is, I love him just a little more. Hilarious. Go Cats.

  8. mudcat

    That is great!

  9. mudcreekmark

    Michigan player could have kicked it to the guy under the rim for a dunk.

  10. MikeInLexington

    WOW. Awesome. After he shut him down too, priceless.

  11. Tomas

    That is fantastic. DeAndre just moved into my top 5 all-time favorite Wildcats.

  12. Sid Bream's Leg

    Liggins is the man. Love it

  13. JeffCat

    The Pukies have nothing to be proud about. Coach Rat Face owes those three refs a nice dinner tonight at the very least.

  14. UKIreland

    Liggs is our key to beating OSU.

  15. EW

    Did anyone else notice Flowers do the robot when they announced WVU on the selection show? Would’ve been classic if one of our guys would have done the robot in his face after the game yesterday.

  16. The cat

    5. Your listening to liggins say to the west Virginia players “do the John wall now” i love liggins

  17. Bleedblue

    Wow, at least 5 no call fouls in the Oh St. game already.

  18. Wildcat Singularity

    Liggins confirmed for my favorite all-time Wildcat.

  19. Hello

    I cant tell he’s saying “do the John Wall now”…

  20. btowncatfan

    If anyone can coach down talent it’s Thad Motta.

  21. CatScratchFever

    that’s hilarious, but he really has no idea how to shut up. leggo george mason!

  22. WildcatFan

    Absolutely priceless…Liggins just scored some points with the Big Blue Nation! That is freakin’ hilarious!!!

  23. HillbillyInBC

    Dude from Michigan was intimidated by the complete lack of awesomeness that is Poop Tooth.

  24. BPsycho

    #19 Then you must have aides. Smell pennies after you sneeze?

  25. Winston Bennett LoveMachine

    It was Flowers doing the John Wall dance after they beat UK last year! I was really hoping someone would do it after the game, but hearing Liggins saying this was awesome. When the camera show them doing the line shake after the game Liggs was talking and Flowers snapped back a stare at Liggs after Liggs started saying this!!! Liggins…the new Maglore!!!

  26. Johnny America

    Liggins is a punk. That is all.

  27. tdogg4033011

    26) you’re a punk

  28. Hello

    #24… not pennies, but dimes…

  29. Hello

    @28 TP – You’re a punk…


    I was hoping somebody would refer to that. Way to go Liggins!

  31. Hello

    @27 TP – You’re a punk…

  32. No dancing allowed!

    Liggins has culture on his side…he’s a CAT. A key piece in the UK’s puzzle. A shut-down Defensive player who likes to trash talk
    #26 wonder what the people of Japan say about how we Americans act in crisis situations??

  33. tdogg4033011

    31) sup Derk??

  34. Hello

    @33 how did you know it was me? and dont address me by my real name on here… trying to stay low…

  35. RajonKnows


  36. tdogg4033011

    34) I just figured ….. gotcha man, you watching bball??

  37. blitzedanddazed

    Liggins has a “”Kill the MF’s” attitude. He is a James Lee throw back.

  38. blitzedanddazed

    Let Ohio State get it out of their system today.

  39. Aaron J

    LOL, awesome Liggins. What those guys get for doing the JWall Dance after they upset us last year.

  40. blitzedanddazed

    #26 Answer the damn phone punk! It’s your mommy!!!!

  41. UKeith26

    I love liggins. Go Cats!

  42. barn

    we’ve been missing an attitude like liggins’ ever since jamaal magliore

  43. ares

    when i heard he said some smack in the line i was bent out of shape but i have absolutely no problem with him telling them to do the john wall dance now. they earned that comment.

  44. Jimmy Buffett


  45. Carl

    Go Liggins !! WV players were acting like punks last year 26, where were you then? This team as been winning because of DeAndre Liggin’s attitude. Even Brandon Knight gives him credit for influencing the behavior of the others…so punk that !
    GO CATS !

  46. JVice

    5 – I don’t hear it either.
    16 – are you just assuming that’s what is on the tape, or are you sure?

  47. WildcatsOne

    Liggins gets it.

  48. Jack

    I love it!!!! As my son tells me, it isn’t about winning, it’s about total domination!

  49. rich

    considering the way WVU acted after last years game, today i am very proud to be a UK fan. I think the players showed great restraint and maturity. Liggins comment was well deserved and funny and certainly doesnt cross any lines IMO.

  50. Bringith

    42) Agreed! He is our modern day Magliore. He just needs to knock the crap out of the Buckeye mascot at halftime on Friday on his way in at halftime

  51. indahouse

    The WVU players didn’t say a thing back either, they just kinda looked on cuz they remember.

  52. Bringith

    42) Agreed…Liggins is our modern day Magliore. He just needs to knock the crap out of the Buckeye mascot on his way in at halftime

  53. Bringith

    sorry for the repeat

  54. Jason

    I love Liggins. He just needs to put an OSU player in a backbreaker in the Sweet 16.

  55. Go Deep

    46 – turn the volume up all the way on the video and on your pc, you can hear very clearly twice.

  56. Matt from Hodgenville

    Love it! Liggins shut that midget down and then told him about it. Liggins’ attitude is a big part of this team’s success.

  57. JVice

    55 – got it. I’m on a laptop, so I had to crank it all the way.

  58. Liggins = Jules Winfield

    Always and I mean always good to have an enforcer. Please don’t bring that stuff that we don’t act that way at UK. We are not Duke, don’t wanta be Duke. I will trade 2 Technicals a year for one bad —— ——. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” My man Dre’.

  59. stegbrent

    I love the energy and defense Liggins brings but I do NOT like him talking trash in the handshake line.Maybe he just watched the classless Fab Five documentary.

  60. .

    I love Liggins, he’s such a badass. He needs to be careful though or he might get in trouble.

  61. I knew it

    I thought I heard this yesterday. Thanks!

  62. Art Vandalay

    59) bet you would like to see short shorts and chuck taylors make a comeback too… wouldn’t you?

    I’m sure you also make a call to a sports talk show once a week to ask why Jon Hood doesn’t get more playing time.

    I love a player with a long memory and a little bit of attitude. Especially as leadership for the kids we have this year. They can use all the fire and swagger they can get.

  63. Magliore

    It was awsome when I would goal tend shots after the whistle. Used to make Matt Walsh so mad he almost didn’t want to date men.

  64. CatlantaCatFan

    The phrase “it’s just a game” means nothing to Deandre. Wish every player had some of his fire. Give em hell Deandre. Let’s go get some Buckeyes!

  65. Don Capers

    62) That was awesome haha

  66. Han

    For those that can’t hear it, Liggins is emphatically saying “Do the John Wall now!” over and over. You can hear him at 2-3 seconds, and as he’s passing away from the camera, you can barely hear him continuing.

  67. Han

    If we keep winning, we need a shirt that has Liggins on it and the text “Do the John Wall now!”

    Shooters forget, but defenders never do.

  68. Charles Barkley

    Deandre is the new Bill Lambeer.

  69. indiana uk fan

    that was awesome liggins is my new favorite player!

  70. Rick Flair

    Some fans amaze me.. Over half of you use to HATE Liggens, now all you all want to do is blow him..