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Digger does not want today’s podcast.

Someone “accidentally” slipped KSR Digger Phelps’s cell phone number this morning and we spent the majority of the show trying to figure out how to handle it. The first few attempts went straight to voicemail, so Matt and I scripted a bit to leave in a message. When it came time for our big moment, we were surprised when the phone actually rang and then our fear of the FCC took over.

Have a listen after the jump…

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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47 responses to “Digger does not want today’s podcast.”

  1. Sleeveless Vest

    First among garments and in your hearts.

  2. knightynight

    I can’t listen to the podcast…what happened in the call? maybe a dumb question, but what is FCC?

  3. Donnie Brasco

    Digger’s a tool 99% of the time. Also, get those contest pics up fellas!

  4. sunnycat

    2. The only dumb question is the question not asked. Federal Communications Commission.

  5. Barry Obama

    ^FCC is the Federal Communications Commission

  6. 06PCP

    What part of the podcast is the Digger call? Don’t have time to listen to urr-thang…

  7. NJT

    6-Second Hour. Not sure how far into it though.

  8. Digger Stinks

    32:30 mark the second hour

  9. Dee

    32:40 mark


    Did anyone else see Digger on the grammys last night warning Adele to not ruin the night for Taylor?

  11. Ukgad24

    I have a silly question as well. How do I get this podcast to where I can listen daily?

  12. GBB

    Duck Figger

  13. JohnTheBlinkyLightStand

    Where is the vid located?

  14. 7titles-scratchthat-8 titles

    I feel like digger thinks he IS gameday. when in all reality, no one likes him.

  15. Digger Phelps

    I’m a peter puffer…I puff peter.

  16. HoustonWildcat

    FCC is the agency that monitors radio and TV. Federal Communications Commision. They are the ones that set fines for cusing on air, wardrobe malfunctions, etc.

  17. Stevie Ray

    The close-up video of Digger is now labeled “private.” What’s up?

  18. TN Cat

    So is Digger the white Kanye?

  19. sfcats

    i can’t see it i can’t see it!!! where’s the video!!

  20. sfcats

    or audio or whatever!

  21. Flippy23

    Digger would like a video copy of the 1978 UK – Notre Dame game featuring Dwight “The Blur” Anderson

  22. Bob Day

    Honestly, I know you KSR guys don’t want to hear it, but when you finally got the call through to Digger’s line…and then, out of fear, hung up before he answered, it was just as the caller said–you sounded like a bunch of little school girls making a prank call during a sleepover. You did. Nope, don’t make excuses. You did.

  23. Hoosier Wild Cat

    Digger has always been a big puss. He reminds me of my 1st grade teacher giving us warnings before playground time. I bet he spends most of his time in front of a mirror saying ” mirror mirror on the wall how can I be a even bigger puss”

  24. UK Fan

    I’m sorry guys, but I don’t really feel you do very good investigative journalism. Your plan was to mock him if he came on? Next time, consider putting together a good list of hard-hitting questions that helps reveal how what he says only further shows his anti-UK bias. Ask him what the stadium would have been like without UK fans, what the situation was in his mind, if he had every had another rant like that before, why he kept yelling “listen to me!,” where the terrible veteran transition came from, how he planned to respond to the UK nation when he inevitably comes for GameDay next year… not MOCK him.

  25. bad at rhymes


  26. theoledog

    #25 has it…

  27. The champ

    They guy couldnt beat us a coach. Digger all that hate eating you up inside.


    The FCC won’t let me be

  29. catcrawler

    GAME DAY would be so much better if it was just Rece Davis and Bilas.. I’d even settle for adding Greg Anthony or someone from outside of espn.

  30. morgan

    digger is so jealous of THE BIG BLUE NATION he should have been thankful for the UK fans, or he would’nt have had an audience. Shame on Digger for acting like a child. ESPN needs to ground him, for a few games.

  31. soggyUKgrad

    #25 nailed it….digger, what were you thinking when you were shaking your crotchety ‘Skeletor’ finger at our fanbase?!?!

  32. yomomma

    Those who CAN coach, coach. Those who can’t, work for the Worldwide Leader.

  33. grant
  34. Lance McAlister

    @DiggerPhelps there is just something about you that makes me want to just punch you in the face.

  35. Tim in Korea

    I suggest we reach out to UK fans around the country and ask them to attend games where Digger is on the air and yell “Listen to me, Digger!” throughout the game where the TV mikes pick it up. ESPN will not be happy with him at all.

  36. BigBlueBrian

    Digger doesnt exist!!!!!!!!

  37. fly soup

    29- Or let me be me so let me see

  38. Mike Ditka

    Digger, who told you that it is cool to hold a marker in you hand, Bob Dole? “STOP IT”

  39. Jeff Garlin

    If Digger was a grown man, I’d punch him in the face!

  40. Can't fix stupid

    15. LOL. How much peter can a peter puffer puff, if a peter puffer puffs peter?


    Digger was in a bad mode Saturday, he forgot to wear his underwear that matched his tie and highlighter….nice gay trademark Douche

  42. Stupider from Jupiter

    Do you guys know know Digger’s e-mail address @ ESPN, or how one might go about contacting him ?

  43. Big cuz

    Publish the number and blow it like big cuz’s cell. Seems obvious


    #30, I would rather have Corso or Herbstreit than Digger

  45. BK in Scottsville

    Digger couldn’t get it done at Notre Dame. He tried and he tried. Had a little success but failed on the big stage, What did that get him? An analyst job at ESPN where he matches his wits with a white board marker that matches his tie. He tries to talk tough as he acts as if he knows whats going on and (presumably) represents the underdog. For the sake of saying this one more time…Those who know what they are doing coach…How many years now has Digger been an analyst on ESPN? Well, enough said

  46. orlando blue

    I can’t picture Lee Corso doing that kind of crap at a football gameday. I always see fans from both schools (and gear from teams not even playing there) in the crowd behind the stage. I used to tolerate Digger but that was BS.

  47. Rick Pitino

    You are welcome Matt, I got all the cell numbers!!